Go! I would advice on navigating the Front end market. I feel like im missing something essential. |

I would advice on navigating the Front end market. I feel like im missing something essential.

2021.04.18 12:54 Physical-Sweet2669 I would advice on navigating the Front end market. I feel like im missing something essential.

TL;DR: What are some must-haves for a self-taught Bootcamp-lacking applicant who has a fairly good front-end skillset: React, NextJS, Material UI, Apollo Client (not highly skilled in all of them)? What's an area or technology I should study? Do I need a certification? If so, how can I get it? Where are people finding their first experience?
Some background: I’m self-taught. I started learning as a hobby until I realized I loved it enough for it to be my full-time career. However, for the past year and a half, I've been applying to jobs and I only had one intervw! I actually got really far too. They even said I passed the technical interview and my next step was to meet the team but they ghosted me for months before telling me I didn't get the job.
Anyway, the point is what am I doing wrong? I always hear “Apply apply! Use technical intervws as practice”. But how can I do this when I can't even land an intervw!
I’ve built React applications independently and one as a collaboration. I'm familiar with TypeScript, NextJS, Apollo Client, Material-UI, Git, some react testing, etc. But the thing is, I didn't go to school for Computer Science (I took courses on Data Structure & Algorithms) or attend a Bootcamp. Do I need some sort of certification?
I feel like I'm navigating the world of the Front end wrong. Why am I not getting to the intervw level? What am I doing wrong? Do I need certification? Where do people find their first experience? Where are the entry-level pos?
I hope this is the right subreddit for this post.
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2021.04.18 12:54 Zenyth__ I think i found a new Pokemon: LazarBeam!

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2021.04.18 12:54 YoucefBel99 23M what do you think?

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2021.04.18 12:54 strawberrysorbett I hate my birthday

I don’t know why I went out with friends to celebrate it. I just feel so alone
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2021.04.18 12:54 Rekel11234 Yo what

Where did the communities go
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2021.04.18 12:54 Mantori The Beginning of my Necron Army

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2021.04.18 12:54 kavanagh42 Who to play next to Kante?

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2021.04.18 12:54 off-and-on Are any Power Play allegiance rewards actually worth grinding towards, besides the prismatic shields and pack-hounds?

From what I've picked up the only Power Play rewards ever mentioned is the prismatic shield generator and the pack-hounds.
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2021.04.18 12:54 kwin_the_eskimo James Bond also likes his drinks not stirred

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2021.04.18 12:54 _lll_lll_lll_ Dockerizing Spotify

I want to run Spotify in docker, I found this container, it uses Xorg. I'm willing to make my own container but wanna know if it's possible to get it run under Wayland. I also believe that the container also should run wayland in order for the host to share the display. Any help is appreciated.

Stay safe people
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2021.04.18 12:54 Klenganschwuchtel123 DXXM2 MVs

I think we all can agree that there won’t be any new D2 visuals and he moved on to ATV2.
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2021.04.18 12:54 cloctor 胡锡进宣传中共疫苗用力过猛 泄露特权机密急删帖

胡锡进宣传中共疫苗用力过猛 泄露特权机密急删帖

万维读者网 2021/04/17 万维视频
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2021.04.18 12:54 fucknaro Grandpa waiting for the food delivery

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2021.04.18 12:54 Vinkca_san24 Asirpa wip

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2021.04.18 12:54 just_wanna_say_sorry Finally found someone who likes me... then realized I don't like her back

First of, I know there are things in life apart from sex and relationships, but spending almost a quart of a century without connecting with someone is quite depressing. It became specially harsh two or three years ago, when I fell in love for the first time, and I realized I was missing such an important part of life. So I decided it was time to change. I started working on myself, doing some exercise, going out more often, the whole pack you know. I recently met someone at work who really liked me, we dated a few times, everybody at work said she was really in love with me... but I just didn't feel it, and I broke up as soon as I realized it. She's a great person and like her as a friend, but that's it. And now loneliness is kicking hard. I get this feeling that I missed my one chance. The one time I connected with someone, it was one sided. Then someone connects with me, and it's one sided again. Ah fucking fuck.
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2021.04.18 12:54 MadMax10123 why when i connect prongs to each other in 1000uF shows this capacitance?

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2021.04.18 12:54 Sama-_-Sama Make An E

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2021.04.18 12:54 NotSyphus- Can we make this happen?

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2021.04.18 12:54 kereimovida Er Ki-Keeeei (pero mas reventao de lo normá y enmarcao)

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2021.04.18 12:54 msg5253 Filter Your Movie by Country

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2021.04.18 12:54 F3D3_D3M4 Guys help me plss

I bought an used nintendo 2DS xl fron ebay,and two days ago it stopped responding to the touch commands and most of the buttons,later that i discovered that the left bottom corner touched himself not one time it long pressed.What do i do,i can't spend any money.
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2021.04.18 12:54 PheasantPlucker89 2.5 weeks of immediate NC and I’m struggling

My ex dumped me out of the blue after 3.5 years together saying their was something missing and it couldn’t be worked on. Said I was the best bf she could’ve asked for and that she don’t know why she was feeling like that.
I was (and still am) devastated but went immediate no contact. It’s been 2.5 weeks since she dumped me and last spoke. I’m shocked she hasn’t reached out to me because we literally spoke 24/7 whether it be on call or messages, which leads me to suspect there might be someone else.
She’s been suffering from depression about having alopecia and I don’t know if that’s why she’s pushed me away, even though I’ve always been so supportive so I thought she would’ve needed me more.
I wanna speak to her and tell her that I want to be with her and not give up on us. I’m fully aware that I might not get the answer I want to hear, but I feel like I just want to lay my cards on the table and have no regrets.
What do people think? Should I reach out now?
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2021.04.18 12:54 kayvee2810 Learning about Granular Synthesis.

I want to use more granular synthesis in my tracks but how do i go about it. Usually i use it with pianos to add a bit of texture/ambiance or some other artifacts but how do i use it with almost every element of my track and not just for ambience?
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2021.04.18 12:54 Famous_Recording_632 How can somebody stop feeling bad about their positive character traits being exploited and abused? What is the point of life, if becoming strong means to become agressive? What should someone do, if they find every advice they are given either useless or unpractical in real life?

Edit-I do not understand how ''walking away'' works for everyone but me. When I hear people's stories somehow when they left the room, their abuse magically disappeared, but for me, my abusers followed me around, so when someone says- ignore them, walk away-I feel like they're joking with me and are giving me useless advice. I sometimes feel like none of the peaceful solutions work for me, but the violent ones either cause more problems, or I am too weak to do them, because real life isn't like in the movie - Karate kid. Also life is not like in America where you can call the police for any minor inconvience you might have. Our police doesn't care even if you get hit by a car, so f off with your - report to the police if you're bullied. Why do I feel like no matter what advice I get I am always abused and I can't escape the abuse unless I leave the place (School or another place) and go no contact because abusers don't change but leaving the place is extremely hard so you are left to tolerate it?
I can't take my positive sides seriously because things like niceness,kindness,gentleness and softness are exploited by a-holes and narcs and bully types. Predators in general. So I always have to keep my guard up, not be my self since my self is taken advantag of. And have to be constantly forced to be cold so people on the street, or bus or in a building don't take me as an easy prey and start bothering me and making me feel threatened. I just stopped having hope in humanity and hate this eye for an eye approach since I am not a violent person in nature and very rarely insult others and even rarely touch them to protect my self. You must be ultra a-hole for me to hit you and run away, this is how much I avoid self defence. I do not want to sound edgy, like the 13 year olds on here, since they are cringy but just...knowing about cases like Junko Furuta's death and so many like her....why would anyone decide to remain alive is the world is for the ''strong'' or should I say, the most agressive and violent and sadistic because they ruin everyone around them and later boast about how manly they are about abusing a person. I am really afraid and wonder how am I supposed to continue on living?
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