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This world shall know pain.top right

2021.04.18 13:23 Rex_Solo This world shall know pain.top right

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2021.04.18 13:23 busterkeatonsoc Queries about Buster Keaton’s film locations often come up in comments, and the definitive guide to those locations has to be John Bengtson’s book, “Silent Echoes” – we know when, now discover where!


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2021.04.18 13:23 acidface_real Thanks reddit

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2021.04.18 13:23 platgamers تحميل لعبة كرة السلة NBA 2019 للكمبيوتر ميديا فاير كاملة ومضغوطة و تورنت

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2021.04.18 13:23 LogicalOstrich529 Made 20K in 1 wk off DOGE with $0

I signed up for Robinhood Gold, took a $5K advance invested it all in DOGE and in one wk made $20K by selling my $25K shares. Thank you universe. It’s been a pleasure manifesting with you.
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2021.04.18 13:23 xSilver9500x RLCS: Different modes or tournaments from Psyonix to mix things up

So with no LAN and a lot of RLCS X, things are starting to become a bit stale for the community and the pro players because it's a lot of the same. I mean, I love Rocket League as much as the next guy but watching the pros do the same thing and face the same opponents weekly gets old. Anyways, I was wondering if there may be a way for Psyonix to spice things up while we have no LANs.
So on the Mudcat GXT(on the driver's side of the car), one of the holographic decals on the car says RLCS Rumble. This car was released with Rocket Pass 4 in August of 2019. It was put on the car as an Easter Egg so I believe that it's safe to assume that Psyonix had plans to experiment with an all Rumble Season of RLCS. Now, the idea obviously got tossed for unknown reasons but I believe Psyonix may have been on to something with this idea if it was implemented in a good way.
Currently, we are seeing different formats of the same thing, which is standard 3v3. I think the community and the pros may possibly be interested in competing in a different/shorter RLCS season or even just smaller Psyonix tournaments using the other game modes such as Hockey, Hoops, Rumble, Dropshot, Football, Heatseeker, ect.
I personally would love to see how the pros competitively adapt to different situations in the other game modes because they require different playstyles, mechanics, and rotations than standard 3v3. Perhaps we could see new creativity from pros because they'd have to adapt to different circumstances and physics.
Heck, when LANs come back there could be different types of LAN Champion events/titles like "RLCS Hoops World Champion" or "RLCS Dropshot World Champion." It could open the door for new talent and shed new light on the scene. This would also keep the scene fresh and stop burnout from repetitiveness. I don't know, I'm just throwing out ideas but I'm curious to know what you all think. What's everyone's take on this?
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2021.04.18 13:23 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: Milan 2-1 Genoa - All Goals and Highlights 18/04/2021

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2021.04.18 13:23 ORA_ORA88 Miles Morales's father saves spiderman

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2021.04.18 13:23 zavier86 FairSnow PRE-SALE SOLD OUT IN 10SEC, FAIR SALE

Well, today is the day boys! Maybe you are sick of hearing about FireSnow. This token sold out after 10 SEC in pre-sale
I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.
No mint function or proxy in contract for code changing
Presale on DxSale, a platform who locks liquidity for us AUTOMATICALLY so even we want, we can't rug*\*
No hidden team tokens, everything will be burnt.
🚨 𝐓𝐎𝐊𝐄𝐍 𝐀𝐃𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐒: 0x13adade1c3cbe344140aabf3fbfc1b695e73ac31
Pancakeswap and Chart would be available after Dxsale presale ends:
Slippage for pancakeswap 12% aprox
🥧 𝐏𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐀𝐊𝐄𝐒𝐖𝐀𝐏 : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=BNB&outputCurrency=0x13adade1c3cbe344140aabf3fbfc1b695e73ac31
📍 DXSALE : https://dxsale.app/app/pages/defipresale?saleID=1299&chain=BSC
📈 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐓 : https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x13adade1c3cbe344140aabf3fbfc1b695e73ac31
✉️ Telegram : https://t.me/FairSnow
✉️ Website : https://www.fairsnow.net/
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2021.04.18 13:23 RepeatAfterMe- Make a change: Make Nests great again.

Every nest I do is mostly the same. Run to the flowery thing and shoot. Like I've done 15 nests already and still probably need to destroy 25 of them to finish my campaign. I already know with 99% certainty that the next nests will be the same stuff. Why is this so? Why nobody put a time to create these in a way that you wouldn’t know what to expect and they would be needed to be done differently? This actually would convince me that playing next 20 Nests mission will be more interesting and unexpected. Why put a rule that Hatching Sentinel had to be destroyed in all Nests the same. These makes them too predictable. We have a map that is not fully utilized only because someone put a rule that Nest are with Hatching Sentinels only.
Like you need to do more different nests than more of them only. I don’t want 30 exact same nests. This map is awesome. Its potential is wasted currently. Do Mist Foggers and force me to play each nest in a different way. Or at least so it would not feel repetitive.
Make different levels of nests, so one would be much harder than the other. You would not be able to attack all of them with basically any squad. You would need to choose and possibly leave stronger ones undisturbed.
Do 10% spawns with each soldier on different corrner of the nest. Probably these would have more eggs but less enemies. Finding balance would be needed.
Change egg mechanic. They need to awake based on you shooting an egg next to that egg and on greater distances. They need to awake rarely on their own and do their thing on your turn. They need to appear in clusters. This is mostly not milked mechanic. Do preparing thing rarely not always. They need to not awake always when you move next to them in a way that you can always predict and plan. It would introduce risk / reward and unpredictability. You would need to go inside the nest and risk these things awaken all at once behind your back. But it would happen only from time to time. Make that shooting any sentinel would have 2-3% (or lower because we need to include bursts) risk of awakening eggs in random numbers on the map between 10%-100%. No like is now when they're preparing and you know. It's too safe.. Make it more nasty but only sometimes. It would induce fear in players.
Make upgraded worms appear sometimes which explode and do their thing (poison, acid, shock, etc) but on death in radius 4x4. Make so they'd do some melee damage and not explode on their own. Like you need to take them down from distance and not club them to death every time.
Make nest variant with massive amounts of eggs.
Make nest variant with civilians with mind fraggers already on and you're rescuing them to the exit.
Make nest variant where you spawn in different corrnes.
Make nest variant with terror sentinels and mist sentinels.
Make nest variant when you spawn in the center and trying to get out.
Make nest variant with goo spawning.
Make nest variant affected by different Mist Foggers affecting one specific game mechanic, like you lose proficiency for certain weapons, forcing certain weapons, reducing significanlty certain abilities, reducing perception by 80%, reducing movement, wearing cappacity.
Only please don't make me play one variant 30 times in a campaign like I currently do.
Hundreds of them we can brainstorm and choose the best ones. This is not very hard to do. We can make Nests great again.
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2021.04.18 13:23 CTwoThree Pfitz: Recommended Paces vs. HR Ranges

Main Question: What should you pay more attention to, Pfitz's recommended workout paces or HR ranges? Which should take priority in terms of training effect, injury prevention etc.?

Background: 25M, 45km/week (26mi) building back to previous peak of 65+km/week (40mi) after relatively minor ankle injury cut my mileage for ~4weeks. All clear from physio. Using Pfitz's Base Building guide in Faster Road Racing (all easy miles so far with some strides) with the intention of doing a Pfitz 5k plan soon(ish).
Pfitz's Faster Road Racing has two methods of calculating paces: Recommended paces based off PBs/PRs, and Heart Rate Ranges based off HRR.
Based off my 5k time of ~21mins Pfitz would recommend my long run (Endurance) pace to be 5:15-5:49min/km (8:26-9:21min/mi).
Based off his ranges for HRR my HR Range would be 143-162bpm. These don't seem to match for me.
e.g Today's "long" "endurance" run was: 14km @ avg. 154bpm (using Polar H10 chest strap) @ avg. pace of 4:52min/km (7:50min/mi).
This was a fairly comfortable pace, I could have held a decent conversation, I wasn't really out of breath at the end, and I could have kept running. Obviously this is comfortably within range for BPM but quite a bit faster than the recommended paces.
For faster workout paces my HR and recommended paces tend to match (tempo/intervals etc.) so this mismatch only occurs on slower runs, I think this is because my cardio fitness is better than my legs as I have only been running for 1 year.
I am tempted to find a middle ground and try and slow to around 5:10min/km (which would be the bottom of the HR range Pfitz recommends and probably stay <150bpm for the whole run) but I would be interested to hear if others have had this issue, and if slowing would diminish the training effect.
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2021.04.18 13:23 xDeopionx [A3] [EU/NA] [Semi-Serious] [RECRUITING] [Starsim] The 37th Assault Company is recruiting!

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2021.04.18 13:23 JPMoney81 Are you a Care Bear?

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2021.04.18 13:23 halucionagen-0-Matik Doing some rope scopes

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2021.04.18 13:23 Embarrassed-Friend59 Sleepy doggo and cat

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2021.04.18 13:23 ShackintheWood What time do you think Reddit will crash this Sunday morning and why?

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2021.04.18 13:23 Independent_Fan_1332 LS Major looking for advice

Year 1 student here majoring in Life Sciences without any background in Biology. I am constantly struggling to understanding the concepts and it's endless waves of new terms to me with every single lecture. The bridging module I took back in LSM1301 in my first semester doesn't help much since they only briefly touched and go? This semester I am taking 5 core modules (LSM1102, LSM1106, LSM1105, CM1401 and ST1232) and I am so stressed out.
I struggle to understand all the massive tons of terms thrown at me, let alone do well in exams (especially 1102, the recent closed book CA2 fucked me up so bad because I just can't remember all those molecular terms) and in CA3 I can't even do any question at all and it is 100 marks, fml).
Any advice from seniors.... I have a feeling I will fail my modules and have to retake and I am starting to think LS is really not my path at all... I haven't learnt much shit in lectures because 99% of the time I am just fucking confused and it's not like I didn't put in the effort to study hard, I just cannot get all those crap into my head. =( Everyone in LSM seems to know what they are doing and they are often able to answer the profs so quickly and it's like I'm an outcast in this major.... Honestly LSM really fucking sucks for me.
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2021.04.18 13:23 BROSIE2008 YOUR LEAVING

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2021.04.18 13:23 WeyWegiger 16+ hii! ive recently made a server to make friends! we’re mainly girls but guys are welcome too , we have gamers (our own server exclusive MC realms and streaming vcs and bots), artists, weebs and really chill people! we all have a wide range of interests and would be really happy if you join!

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2021.04.18 13:23 isk8forHim Roller Skating- Sequence I call the Oklahoma Hop, Skip, & a Jump (with a photobomb from my KiKi)

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2021.04.18 13:23 decool14 Yugioh meme:how red eyes dark dragoon will be banned

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2021.04.18 13:23 LiquidNuke Lucio Fulci sampler with interviews - The Italian cult master is one of the countries most important directors, & one of the most copied directors ever

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2021.04.18 13:23 Fremdschamerzeuger Suppressor recommendations? (9mm + 22lr)

So I've recently thought about buying a new suppressor, either for a 9mm or for a 22lr. But it is quite difficult to find valid, believable information on the db ratings of the cans, and I'm not sure if I can believe the manufacturers informations. So can someone here give me suggestions for the quietest 9mm and 22lr suppressors you can think of or that you own? It would help me a lot...
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2021.04.18 13:23 BobGnarlie Mini 2 - flight software to program flight patterns - drone link not supported for Mini 2

Like the title says, I am trying to find a flight app alternative to DJI that supports the ability to program a grid pattern flight for land surveying. Drone Link supports this for the original Mini but not Mini 2, which is frustrating because the 2 has been out for some time.
Does anyone know of a flight app that works with the Mini 2? Or when Drone Link plans to update their software to the Mini2?
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2021.04.18 13:23 throwawaynswoqos Weird stuff on dad's phone

Hey, I'd try to keep this really short, I came downstairs and my dads phone was ringing, so instinctively I come over to make sure it wasn't anyone important calling. Turns out it wasn't, but anyway, he had tiktok open, and on the screen was a girl twerking. I didn't think this was too odd at first as I know people can get random suggestions. However, to verify I checked his profile, and he was following over 1000 random women.
I was a bit shocked, am I stressing for nothing? Is this porn? Sorry if my typing isn't very structured, I'm just a bit shocked. Also if I talk to my dad about this it would be so weird, idk what to do, help please
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