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It's funny because it's true

2021.04.18 13:28 Mahatma-Gary It's funny because it's true

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2021.04.18 13:28 AdventRisingRules No, it's fine

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2021.04.18 13:28 NumerousSpread9665 I'm developing a Linux furry operating system

I'm developing a Linux furry operating system Ive been thinking of working on a project were I would make a linux distro specifically designed for furrys.
I think I'll base it of Arch Linux. And some spinoff KDE.
Please comment:
  • If you would use it
  • What the name should be
  • What distro should I base it of
  • Special features
  • How the desktop should look
  • Any other recommendations and questions
  • If you would help developing this project
  • Linux is not just for nerds
  • most applications run on linux
  • If the app is not compatible you can emulate it
  • There is very good drawing software (GIMP, Krita, Inkscape)
  • Linux gaming is a real thing
  • It is not hard to use
  • Did you know that if Tux (the penguin) would not be mascot it would be a furry fox named Xenia
If I will start working on this I'll share the progress on github: https://github.com/aleksander-K/Furry-os
I will be making this under the GPL license so its free and anyone can distribute and modify it.
I'll also probably make a discord server for this.
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2021.04.18 13:28 KurttheAstronaut BNB still not available on Trustwallet

Good morning and good day to everyone, I woke up today and decided I wanted to buy more safemoon in the dip, but when I went to go buy more Binance Coin, to swap to Smartchain, both currencies say that they are not available.. For me it is frustrating but I wanted to turn to my fellow safemooners and see if anyone else is having this issue??
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2021.04.18 13:28 Darkstrategy 2nd shot of Pfizer 2 days ago, pretty bad side effects

Even having gone through this, I'm still glad I'm vaccinated and would still encourage others to get vaccinated. I've spoken to medical professionals and my reaction to it was a bit on the extreme end, but within tolerance and not unheard of.
First shot the next day I had a low grade fever, some bodyaches, and a headache. Went away within 24 hours.
Second shot hit me like a truck, I'm still not fully recovered but doing much better right now. 12 hours after I got the shot I started getting violent shakes, chills, bodyaches, fatigue, and a headache developed. I went to sleep for a few hours and woke up with a 103 fever, instantly vomited out whatever I had in my stomach, felt very dizzy and whoozy, headache was much worse, plus all the other symptoms cranked up. And so began 24 hours of total hell as I watched the minutes tick away one by one mostly spent in my bathroom either puking, or almost comatose from the pain in my head and fever.
It was a miserable experience, and I haven't been that sick in decades. That being said it was only for one day, and I can't imagine being that sick or worse with covid for 2 weeks. From what I've read they really jam packed this shot with antigens to provoke a strong response since they didn't have the time to fine tune it, and they wanted to go for max efficacy over discomfort considering the seriousness of covid. I must have a strong immune system, because it kicked my ass.
Think I'll go shower and take a nap. Hope everyone is well, and this post is to show a reaction like this is normal, not to dissuade people from being vaccinated or going for their 2nd shot.
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2021.04.18 13:28 iloskull Really proud and honored to be here

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2021.04.18 13:28 SeparateEffective275 Please open BETH/USDT pair

When market dumps, BETH/ETH is the only way for BETH to get out, that changed the balance between BETH and ETH. Please open BETH/USDT and let BETH to get out easily.
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2021.04.18 13:28 Father_Of_Wolves Problem with Xbox Elite Controler 2

Hi all, I'm noticing something with my Elite controller 2. There seems to be a tactile bump in the Right Trigger but it's absent from the Left Trigger. Is that normal? or do I have a problem with my unit?
Thanks in advance
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2021.04.18 13:28 GSXRRIDING Showdown issue

So i was playing the team affinity showdown and i won and it kicked me out of diamond dynasty when i exited and then when i loaded back it in said i didnt complete it and didnt give me the vouchers, this was extremely frustrating seeing that i wasted 2 hours before that losing them, do you think contacting sds will help?
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2021.04.18 13:28 TheGodOfDestruction Fried Shrimp EMA | Art by t_6x6_k

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2021.04.18 13:28 Matiasytterland found balls, no regret xD

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2021.04.18 13:28 Firefighter-Salt [DC/Marvel] If the one above all and the presence were to give their powers to a character for one day, which would be the best character to receive their powers?

Let's say one day the presence and the one above all decide to give a character from their respective realities their powers for one day. Which is the best character to receive them in your view and what would they do with the powers in one day
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2021.04.18 13:28 TastelessDonut Dirty Floof requires a bath (progression)

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2021.04.18 13:28 TheWhiskaz [Tournament] [NA] [EU] [PC] [1v1] Sundog Gaming invites you to a 1v1 tournament!

Hey there, TheWhiskaz from Sundog Gaming here!
We're hosting a 1v1 tournament today at 4pm CEST/10am ET, using Rocket League's ingame tournament mode! You can find the tournament under the name "discordgg/sundog" ingame, and join us at https://www.twitch.tv/sundog_gaming to watch the events unfold!
What mode? 1v1
Region? Both
Do I need to be a specific rank? Not at all! It's open to all ranks, so come along and show us what you can do!
Prizes? A special role on our discord so you can brag to your friends.
Join the discord! https://discord.gg/sundog
Hope to see you there, Rocketeers!
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2021.04.18 13:28 GleeFan666 do you like to drink black tea?

black tea - tea without milk or sugar
View Poll
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2021.04.18 13:28 ckkuban Кто пробил голову неуважаемому суду?! В незабвенном романе И. Ильфа и Е. Петрова герой попадает под лошадь, отделавшись легким испугом. На днях в Краснодаре произошла более драматичная и запутанная история с известным судьей И. Мищенко, отделавшегося тяжкими последствиями (смерть)...

Кто пробил голову неуважаемому суду?! В незабвенном романе И. Ильфа и Е. Петрова герой попадает под лошадь, отделавшись легким испугом. На днях в Краснодаре произошла более драматичная и запутанная история с известным судьей И. Мищенко, отделавшегося тяжкими последствиями (смерть)... submitted by ckkuban to NoLawRus [link] [comments]

2021.04.18 13:28 Techo2021 Learning the Qur’an comes before learning Aqeeda

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2021.04.18 13:28 InfraredDuck LPT: When using download wizards where you have to click next, ALWAYS do it slow and read the checkboxes and uncheck weird stuff.

Those who make the download wizard know that most people just spam click next, and don't bother reading anything. Because of this many checkboxes are already checked, and if you don't uncheck them you may agree to download some weird stuff. This can include "antiviruses" which are actually viruses, or just bad. Always read the checkboxes!
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2021.04.18 13:28 pearljammmmm Jennifer Christie

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2021.04.18 13:28 Redditisforlame-os What is the function of the Gb chord in "Higher Love" by Kygo?

This song has been stuck in my head so I tried to analyze the chord progression. I found that the scale is in Ab major.
The particular chord that confused me was the Gb in the verse. I believe this is the only chord used that is not in the scale.
This is the first chord progression in the verse as I understand it:
Db (IV) - G# (I) - Gb (?!?) - G# (I)
Can any functional harmony veterans help a relative beginner understand why this chord works in this progression?
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2021.04.18 13:28 JaclynLilla 👨‍🎓🏫 Are you gonna miss Student Coin (STC) ICO? Only 5 rounds left!! 🔥🔥 Get 5% bonus

STC Launchpad website: https://studentcoin.app/
ICO Period: February 1 - April 30 Ticker: STC Stage of ICO: Round 145 of 150 Actual ICO Price: $0.0216 ICO End Price: $0.0221 Token Standard: ERC20 Platform: Ethereum, Waves Total supply: Tags: Personal Tokens, DeFi, NFT, Staking, Exchange, ICO, Startups
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What is Student Coin
The Student Coin its an example of how blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance could revolutionize the world.
The main function in my opinion is the STC Terminal, a crypto platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, start-up, NFT, and DeFi tokens.
Also they already develop a supporting wallet and an exchange system where users can swap coins and tokens are coming soon.
The most groundbreaking idea of Student Coin is to empower students to issue their own individual tokens that people can buy to invest in their education and thus finance the rising cost of tuition. In this case the investors will, in turn, gain a percentage of the future earnings of the student’s career. Main Features
STC Terminal The most interesting function in my opinion. as explained above it will basically allow users to easily design, create, and manage personal, start-up, NFT, and DeFi tokens.
STC Exchange This function will provide the possibility to exchange the coins that will be launched using STC Terminal and also existing crypto or tokens. STC DeFi / Stacking I don’t have much information about this but they will provide some options for stacking or even participate in liquidity pools.
STC Crowdfunding Possibility to join crowdfunding in university-based startups or students.
STC Wallet The wallet is already available for download at App Store or Google Play. For now it’s an earlier version with no functions like exchange, deposit, withdraw.
Tokens Coming soon in STC Platform Oxford Student Token (OXF/STC) Melbourne Student Token (MLB/STC) STC LP Token (It seems to be for liquidity pools) Smart Marketing Greenfield LeanTrix Smart Software
Exchange Listings calendar:
07 May - Major Asian Exchange Listing 12 May - Coinsbit - https://coinsbit.io/ 14 May - Major European Exchange Listing 13 May - P2PB2B - https://p2pb2b.io 15 May - Probit - https://www.probit.com/ 20 May - Major Global Exchange Listing 28 May - Major Global Exchange Listing II
Team and Advisory Board - 8% Partnerships - 8% Universities and Faculty Distribution - 2% Strategic Development - 24% Marketing - 8% Token Sale - 50%
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5% bonus Link: https://studentcoin.app/?ref=Sx1smylhz1
Wallet App
Google Play - https://apps.apple.com/pl/app/student-coin/id1559718559 App Store - https://apps.apple.com/pl/app/student-coin/id1559718559
Whitepapper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UKSIOBBUROckuemkQhPM21F3aKdto9JN/preview
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/Studentcoin/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/student.coin.world/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studentcoin.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/studentcoinorg Telegram: https://t.me/studentcoin Discord: https://discord.gg/Nx65dMZcMt
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2021.04.18 13:28 FromOutoftheShadows ANK

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2021.04.18 13:28 tandyyman Homeowners of Reddit, what advice would you give to a first time homebuyer that you wish someone would’ve given you your first time around?

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2021.04.18 13:28 SDFFDS1 I can't find love😣💔💔

Life sucks without love.Any f your advicé would be appreciated😣
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2021.04.18 13:28 Begairat guilty

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