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Joe and Francis’ Catholic convergence

2021.04.18 13:19 SoftFee Joe and Francis’ Catholic convergence

After John F. Kennedy became the first Catholic president of the U.S., on the heels of John XXIII ascending to the papacy, the phrase “The Two Johns” was spoken often.
Many Catholic homes had photos of both Johns hanging on their walls.
For the pope, it was his opening of the windows to let fresh air into the church. And Kennedy’s Camelot ushered in a youthful optimism for the country’s future. Both dazzled their constituencies.
The Second Vatican Council allowed the church to break through its triumphalism and retrieve the humble origins of a Christ-centered community. Kennedy’s style won over the American psyche.
Fast forward to today to two more larger-than-life figures who dominate the world scene.
A surprise pick for pope, Francis has won over the hearts of virtually the world. Steeped in tradition, he shifted the focus of church from dogma to doing. And he leads the way.
Then, Joe Biden became the second Catholic president of this country. Biden practices his faith, and his actions reflect the social justice lessons he learned from attending Sunday Mass regularly and often going to daily Mass. He speaks as if his call to political life is his vocation so that doing good and promoting justice are his goals.
Unlike the age disparity of Pope John and Kennedy, Francis and Biden are six years apart. They arrived on their respective scenes as the right person at the right time.
Francis was a close runner-up to his predecessor in Rome, Benedict, in the 2005 enclave after the long papacy of John Paul II. After Benedict resigned, Jorge Bergoglio did not appear on most handicappers’ short list. His speech during the interregnum, when cardinals size up each other, won over many cardinals not only by his ideas but the simple style of life he lived in Buenos Aires.
Out of the archbishop’s palace, he lived frugally, took public transportation and could identify with the day-to-day struggles of his flock. No wonder his first acts after his election were to pay his own hotel bill and call his Argentinian newsstand to cancel his subscription.
Since then, he has lived in the Vatican guest house and dines daily with the gardeners and workers.
Biden’s four decades as a member of Congress did not change the humble roots his Pennsylvania upbringing afforded him. Overcoming his stutter, he empathized not only with other people who struggled with infirmities but also devoted his career to lift people up. Commuting between Delaware and D.C. by Amtrak enabled him to see his constituents in a way a limousine drive does not afford.
Failing twice before in Democratic primaries, Biden’s seasoned career is the right antidote to the recklessness of his predecessor, who never knew how or desired to govern. Biden receiving the most votes of any president in history showed how hungry Americans are for someone to tackle the problems we face, especially in a devastating pandemic.
And Biden stepped up to the plate.
Instead of politicizing COVID, he publicly remembered the half million Americans who lost their lives at that point in the pandemic. He ramped up vaccinations and set goals and led instead of just displaying the callous ignorance of Trump. His massive financial rescue plan was the exact amount of Trump’s tax cut for the rich -- except now it will help the middle class and poor with rent and tax credits as well as lifting cities and states whose taxes have plummeted.
Biden talked about addressing food insecurity and promised small businesses aid to stay open. Empathy, not insult, is his way of relating to people he feels called to serve.
Francis’ first trip outside the Vatican was to the Mediterranean island Lampedusa so he could comfort the refugees trying to find safe harbor in Europe. He installed showers for the homeless around the Vatican and Rome and opened up the Sistine Chapel for them to appreciate the beauty of art. Amid all the high Vatican liturgy is a man who seems like a humble priest instead of a power broker. And that’s how people relate to him.
He recent traveled to Iraq, which most advisers warned against, showed his fearlessness, not only in COVID, but facing the terrorism that had virtually destroyed the ancient Christian communities there. He went to Our Lady of Salvation Cathedral, where on Oct. 31, 2010, extremists gunned down worshippers in an attack that left 58 people dead. He honored “the martyrs” and urged religious tolerance.
And that quality has seemed to eclipse Joe and Francis’s detractors. The president of the U.S. Catholic bishops revealed a fissure in the group by releasing a letter criticizing some of Biden’s life stands. Almost as many Catholics who tolerated an immoral apostate in the White House for four years have turned their backs on a devout practicing Catholic. Instead of building on common values, some bishops urge confrontation.
The same for some, including cardinals and bishops, in the church who doubt Francis’ legitimacy and publicly criticize him. Francis has called out hypocrisy and clericalism displayed by many in the hierarchy, who plot against him with little support from the faithful.
Tried and tested in leadership and identical in the ways they stay true to themselves, Biden and Francis may not always succeed. They do, however, instill hope in a better world and lead by example to show how we can walk with them. In that way, they are equally respected and admired.
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2021.04.18 13:19 ObiWanKenobi123321 [TASK] Create a logo for me, for $3 in litecoin

Hello, if you are interested in this please message me via reddit and I will give further details. You must have discord as it is where I do everything like this, and it is a great way to share files. I do not have much of an idea, so within reason, it is totally up to you for what to do.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I will make sure to contact you regardless of whether you made an offer too late, so you know that you do not have the job.
Make sure to comment $bid below so I know you are not on a scammer list. Thanks!
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2021.04.18 13:19 jooyaao PayID not generating for new user

Just signed up and try to deposit money using PayID. But when I try to deposit, the PayID line (where a long email address should show up) is blank....so I have no idea how to deposit the money...
Any one can help out?
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2021.04.18 13:19 mfbulut Yes, Water

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2021.04.18 13:19 Dodojug2 Deathadder elite v2 , LMB and RMB problems

Hello, I got my v2 a few days ago and while i was playing around with it I noticed that LMB is really loose and that there is a weird clicking sound when the LMB is fully pressed down and I move my fingers, I did not have this on my old deathadder elite. Can someone please verify is this a problem with my mouse or with all v2's. Thanks! clip of me testing and showing it : https://streamable.com/ccns1e
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2021.04.18 13:19 TheXypris Tried color swapping with my 3d printer, what do you think?

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2021.04.18 13:19 nyanbinary_tubes I had an interesting dream...

In my dream, I was outed as an enby by one of my irl friends. I thought my school would hate me but they actually thought of me as valid. I learned that other people there are enby, trans, etc and it felt really nice.
Then I woke up...
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2021.04.18 13:19 platgamers تحميل لعبة Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends للكمبيوتر من ميديا فاير بحجم صغير كاملة

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2021.04.18 13:19 ErikMTL ROG Strix G713QM display issue

I got the above laptop yesterday, and aside from some frustrations with Armoury Crate, everything seems to be working well. Except that the display turns red into orange.
Some shades of red are fine, mostly darker ones. But for 255-0-0 reds and those in that neighbourhood they're all orange.
I've updated every driver and firmware possible, and tried messing with any colour calibration settings that I can find.
Also, I don't know if this means anything, but Windows is listing the display as having 8-bit depth. Which doesn't seem right, but I could be mistaken about that and conflating it with something else.
Anything else I can try, or did I get a bum unit?
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2021.04.18 13:19 e_j_h_s The fact that Leone exists at T5 is proof that we can have 8-gun Cossack at T6.

In the last patchnotes a saw that the T5 Italian destroyer Leone is going to be entering the game, and in the update stream on Friday we saw some gameplay of the ship.
Leone is notable, not just for being the first Italian destroyer in game, but for having 8 guns - a trait that's normally been exclusive to high tier destroyers such as Akizuki and Khabarovsk.
On PC, Cossack is a T8 (normally equivalent to our T7) destroyer with 8 guns in 4 turrets. On console, however, Cossack has been put down to T6, and has lost one turret in the process (the 'lost' turret is technically a secondary, but it's practically useless).
If I remember correctly, the dev's reasoning behind this decision was that 8 guns on a destroyer would be too powerful at T6; but this logic falls apart with the introduction of Leone at T5. Yes, she does have a very long reload (and hilarious gun arcs), but the point is that there's a destroyer with 8 guns below T7.
Cossack did receive a buff in a recent update, but many still find her underwhelming - I think adding her 4th turret would really help her out, and it wouldn't even be that difficult to implement (in terms of balancing) when done correctly!
Cossack's HE DPM is 136,000 (13.3 salvos/minute x 10200 damage/salvo) and adding another turret would increase her damage per salvo to 13,600. Her current reload is 4.5 seconds, and nerfing this to 6 seconds when adding another turret would mean that her DPM is exactly the same in both configurations (10 salvos/minute x 13,600 damage/salvo).
So my idea isn't really a nerf or a buff, but more of a side-grade to the existing Cossack. Her 3 gun configuration doesn't even have to be removed, that could be the stock version of Cossack and her 4 gun version could come in the form of an additional upgrade slot, similar to Sims' two 'styles' of torpedo.
I know there's been many requests to add Cossack's fourth turret in game, or even bump her up to T7 with the extra gun, but I really think this idea would work well and make her much more appealing to buy despite not being a direct buff.
I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and if you have any other ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them.
I'll tag one of the devs just for visibility: u/TheSailingRobin.
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2021.04.18 13:19 valky974 [POOT] parfume maker and blue Essence

hi i have the maker for make parfume and i can make red essence with flower, yellow essence with fruit but the blue one i dont know i try many things like savage flower, rice, or other but no one doing anything someone can help me on saying what item is ok for blue Essence ? thx a lot and sorry for my bad englis^
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2021.04.18 13:19 Yagiz7 🤯

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2021.04.18 13:19 throwaway799245 I haven’t seen my family in years and after accidentally meeting my sister, they now want back into my life.

Tl;dr I’ve recently moved back to my hometown and had no contact with my bio-family since I was about 21 (now 33). My sisters want back into my life and my family’s life. I was diagnosed with Aspergers and this might have affected the relationship I have with them. I’m not sure if I should give it a try or not.
My dad passed away when I was 10 years old and my sisters were 15, 17 and 21 (now 38, 40 and 44). I’ve never had a brilliant relationship with them, I was never a girly girl that liked make-up or dressing up at all. They used to call me the beach bum of the family as I have always enjoyed my own company rather than there’s. I had no aspirations of going to university to be a doctor or a lawyer. My sisters have all gone on to be business women or lawyers.
When I was 19 I moved away and later realised I hadn’t talked to any of them for years. There was no big fight or falling out, we just stopped talking. Just after moving away I was diagnosed with Aspergers. My mother was under the impression that I should just try harder and that would solve the issue.
I eventually married and we now have 2 kids (8m and 6f). My mum and sisters never came to my wedding and have never met my kids. Housing is cheaper in my hometown and my husband and I were looking at buying a house, so we decided to move back here to be closer to his family.
Well I took the kids to the park to blow off some steam and I bumped into my oldest sister. Well she introduced herself to my kids “Hi, I’m your auntie Cathy(not her real name)” both kids looked at her strange and said we don’t have an auntie Cathy and ran back off to play. Well she looked devastated and walked away. I could hear her crying as she left.
I told my husband when we got home and he thinks we should have told them about my family. I think we should just carry on as normal. They have met some of my aunts, uncles and cousins, so it’s not like I have no family for them to bond with. My husband thinks that my idea may be clouded by my Aspergers, social interaction has never been my strong point and I strongly dislike change.
My sisters (not my mother) have all been reaching out to me since “the incident” wanting to organise family BBQ or going out for the day with the kids. I’m not sure what to do, my husband thinks that I should have a sit down talk with my sisters as they might not be away of my diagnosis. He thinks that they honestly want a relationship with me and my Aspergers is most probably the reason I never bonded with them when I was younger.
I’m not sure what to do!
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2021.04.18 13:19 A_Nice_Cup_Of_Coffee How does the hotbar work?

In a tutorial of the beta version the guy just dragged a tile onto the hotbar thingy and he had it there. I'm in the early access version on steam and I understand it may be a bit different; but there is nothing in game or online on how to add something and dragging it doesn't work.
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2021.04.18 13:19 Swennygoat Not sure what I'm dealing with

Had a horrifying experience with an edible last year. Started taking antidepressants and doing therapy a few months after. My panic and depression has been much worse since trying different medications and I just cannot seem to feel like I'm ever really present. I have had really bad derealization for a couple weeks now, but have been dealing with it almost daily for months. I just ruminate so hard on whether I'm going to suddenly black out and just be somewhere else. I have a huge fear of death because of all that has gone on in the past year. I am getting off of Trintellix because I was told to, I have been on the for a few months now and I stopped taking my Lamictal all together, I was only on it for like a week. No idea if any of the meds helped at all. I just want my life back, but the way I see things out of my own eyes is just so weird. Most of the time I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep forever. Though I can hardly sleep because of how bad my anxiety is.
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2021.04.18 13:19 RedArmyball Death to Ech0

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2021.04.18 13:19 stupidbabydoll how to overcome poopy diaper squeamishness?

i have a three year old baby sister and i have never been able to change one of her poopy diapers without gagging so hard i almost puke. im not squeamish when it comes to animal poop or baby pee but for some reason baby poop just makes me instantly nauseous. how can i get over this? my mom says if i gag and cry every time i have to change her diaper im gonna give her some kind of complex and she’ll be ashamed or embarrassed or something whenever she poops
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2021.04.18 13:19 Old_Yam2058 Is it possible to withdraw from a school after the 2nd deposit?

I am on so many waitlists. If I hear back from one of my other choices in like August, is it okay to drop the school I committed to now? After putting down 2 deposits?? (I know I will not get my money back)
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2021.04.18 13:19 The_CoryFan As Rey once said, THE BOTS ARE BECOMING BETTER!!!

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2021.04.18 13:19 Seannj222 Discord community chat!

Hey folks!
I just set up a community chatroom for Spartanburg on discord!
Hopefully this will be a good place for us all to get to know each other, shoot the breeze, and grow the Spartanburg community!
Hope to see a few of you there! :)
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2021.04.18 13:19 Lostinwords1 my bf told me that he can picture himself being in love with another person if we'd ever break up.

I asked my bf if he can picture himself being in love with another person and he said yes...
He said the reason why is because he had girlfriends before and that since he loved more than once then he thinks he can love someone else in the future after me...
his answer really disturbs me and hurts me, because i cannot see myself with anyone else but him.
How can he say smth like this when we are still together..?

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2021.04.18 13:19 StarryRoseQuartz Zoom in!! Those are totally DOGE faces, no?!?

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2021.04.18 13:19 KajlQ Všichni r/Baryk memeři snažící se vytvořit originální a vtipný memík do večera:

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2021.04.18 13:19 Attaquant95 658 hours without any guides, this is what I got so far. "Once More Mate!" was the most fun I'd say.

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2021.04.18 13:19 Total-Narrow LF: FG Octopus for Ride Octopus and adds

Thanks all :)
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