Go! Left/Right balance of my G635s is off every time I plug them in my PC |

Left/Right balance of my G635s is off every time I plug them in my PC

2021.04.18 12:08 TisReece Left/Right balance of my G635s is off every time I plug them in my PC

Every time I plug in my G635 headset for the first time the left/right balance is completely off and I have to go into Device properties to re-balance it every time.
I tried putting a ticket on the Logitech website but I get to the end and the only two options are "Live Chat" rather than submitting an actual ticket, so I figured I would ask here.
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2021.04.18 12:08 Real-Inspector4491 Need a referral?

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2021.04.18 12:08 iammeandme Sexting Urophilia

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2021.04.18 12:08 RNLittleRabbitInLove ユーロ圏、景気の不透明感根強く ワクチン調達混乱

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2021.04.18 12:08 illogicallogical Looking for fic where Naruto can't get Sakura so he moves on to her sister [OC].

Can't get one pink-haired girl to like you?
Try with the other one.
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2021.04.18 12:08 No-Bicycle289 ตามหาครับ

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2021.04.18 12:08 r_is_h Can i have O N E goddamn manhwa where theres a male yandere which actually wins and isn't treated like crap

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2021.04.18 12:08 Merlinos16 My friend said, The Bloat isn't that hard.... Also my friend few minutes after:

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2021.04.18 12:08 thatonepapa Was over at my dad's, he doesn't have a cat

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2021.04.18 12:08 acaiberishu I've made a blackhole art piece, it's the scary moment when you practically out of space and time. Hope people in this community will like it, and they'll travel there for a brief moment :)

I've made a blackhole art piece, it's the scary moment when you practically out of space and time. Hope people in this community will like it, and they'll travel there for a brief moment :) submitted by acaiberishu to space [link] [comments]

2021.04.18 12:08 PenelopeSummer test 2

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2021.04.18 12:08 S_riskit Unlimited overtime? 100 hour work weeks?

I need to know if there's a way that I can work unlimited overtime. Jobs or trades that allow someone to work unlimited overtime and pay and hourly rate, or something like that. Ive got no qualifications or high education, but i can learn a trade skill for a job if it will give me an hourly pay, and i can work as much overtime as Im willing. If i could land a 20/hr pay and work 100 hours a week thats 2000 a week. At least if I could work 80 hours or even 70 that would be good, but the higher hours the better. Is this possible, I've heard of a lot people doing this with low income jobs and making alot but Im not sure how someone can find an employer that allows this.
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2021.04.18 12:08 annedorko CICO works best for me when I eat what I really, really love!

About two years ago – May 2019 – something finally clicked for me and I was able to lock into CICO with great success. I lost around 13kg (28lb) in about 8 months or so, even with a decadent family vacation in there towards the end. For the past year, I easily maintained that new weight intuitively by leaning on all the CICO portioning skills I’d picked up thanks to intensive weighing and tracking during that time. Even though I didn't hit my original weight goal, I was feeling much better in my own skin and was burnt out on caloric restrictions and everyday tracking, so I decided to take a break and let my body get comfortable at my new normal before going hard again.
Fast forward to a couple of months ago. I started stress eating without realizing and after not too long I started feeling off, but couldn't put my finger on it at first. I woke up one morning with a hunch and the scale confirmed it for me. After crunching the numbers I realized I'd been eating at a pretty big caloric surplus every day and quickly gained back about 4kg.
I committed to 6 weeks of CICO and high protein and just wrapped that up today, and it went really smoothly. I have left behind that extra 4 kg as of this morning.
I wanted to share what I think has helped this round feel like a breeze: I locked into foods I loved and kept tracking simple by eating similar things consistently at portions that worked for my CICO and protein goals. I expected to end this six weeks feeling ready to go back to maintenance mode but I'm feeling more excited than ever to push forward and try to hit my original fat loss goals!
I knew I was going to get tired of tracking so I focused on finding a meal plan that averaged out to my 1400-1500 calorie window without a lot of daily guesswork. After a few weeks of experimenting I landed on this routine:

It clicked for me to find something I am genuinely excited to eat every single day because the easiest part of my last CICO programming involved regularly eating frozen pizzas! The healthiest of choices? No. But it was easy to track and portion and was something I loved to eat. It's something I know I can stick with for a long time.
Here's how I keep it easy to track but still mix things up so I'm not eating the same exact dinner every single day:
I usually rotate between lean ground beef and chicken breast for my burgers, topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion. No sauces. I prefer ciabatta rolls but sometimes go for brioche or regular stone-baked rolls. Bring it all together with a slice of cheddar and 2 thin strips of crispy bacon. I have these set as recipes in the Lose It app so I can just swap out which kind of burger I made.
I normally eat 100g of regular fries (no oil, fried in a nonstick pan) but occasionally swap out for sweet potato fries. Served with a side of ketchup.
The side of veggies typically rotates between asparagus, broccoli, green beans, and zucchini.
I get two pieces of my favorite dark chocolate for dessert. I've got protein shakes on hand for if I'm feeling unsatiated, but since I got on this burger kick the past few weeks it hasn't been necessary.
Besides that, I like to freeze grapes as a low-calorie snack when that urge really hits.
Going this route has simplified meal planning, calorie tracking, and it's still easy to mix it up with a salmon night or steak or something else special once a week or so without being a pain. Six weeks into strict CICO and I'm not feeling like I've deprived myself of foods I love and because I'm eating so consistently, the food scale only has to come out for splitting the cans of soup every other day at lunch and to portion the fries at dinner. So, I'm not worn out on weighing all my food, either.
Originally I also swapped the lentil soup with chili and similar canned options to mix it up but in the end, the lentils were the lowest calorie, still satisfying, and it just wasn't worth the change in flavor for the extra tracking hassle.
If you're struggling to stay consistent, finding foods you love that you can portion out to fit your CICO goals has been the key to my most successful, sustainable stretches. Consistently swapping similar calorie portions out for your protein, carb, and veggie sources on rotation for a predictable meal (preferably a favorite like burgers, tacos, pizza) will help it feel less repetitive flavor and texture-wise but still keeps it easy.
I have never been this genuinely excited about the food I get to eat every day despite being on a caloric restriction (I! love! burgers!), and I think that's why I'm feeling so energized about carrying on to see how far I can get this round. Wanted to share in case it helps anyone else.
Happy counting!
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2021.04.18 12:08 mattebiggs Does this sound right?

I am not very handy, though I do like to do my research before I hire someone to do work on my home.
My deck on the 2nd floor needs to get rebuilt. It’s dimensions are 19 ft wide 14 ft deep and 12 ft high. I know it is beyond my capabilities to build an ascetically pleasing and safe deck, so after dozens of deck builders coming to the house for quotes, we hired a Trex Pro Platinum installer to do the job. He had the best design and the best price so it seems like a no brainer.
After I placed a deposit we received an email with a receipt that had materials on it. According to the recipe, he will use
2 6x6 posts 1 Double 2x8 beam 2x8 joists with over hang
Should I ask for bigger lumber? If I attempted this project I believe I would use
3 6x6 posts 1 double 2x12 beam 2x10 joists
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2021.04.18 12:08 shashwatsuthar MCPE Multiplayer is the WORST.

Yesterday I was playing Mineplex BedWars on MCPE, and guess what? XBOX, and PS4 players just hold down their buttons and Speed Bridge just as fast as they run. Meanwhile me in MCPE has only two hands and two thumbs, trying to Speed Bridge as fast as I can, while an Xbox Player's partial Auto-aim knocks me off the bridge. Killing someone in MCPE is a REAL TORTURE, as soon as you aim on him, he keeps moving so you have to AGAIN aim on him and then hit him. Meanwhile his Auto-aim kills you. It's a REAL struggle. If you want to experience hell once, download MCPE.
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2021.04.18 12:08 SvenSvennson83 Do it!

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2021.04.18 12:08 Stroov Only one dish served here

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2021.04.18 12:08 writersblock4 Homemade Japanese Milk Bread (Shokupan) - first time baking! 🧑‍🍳

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2021.04.18 12:08 Matt14451 Final Year Survey - Electric Vehicles Mobile Application

Hello everyone
I am working with a business for my university final year major project. The topic is electric cars and how a mobile application can complement a range of charging stations. I am looking for people aged between 18 and 50 who currently drive a car at least once a year. Responses will be stored in my university OneDrive account and the raw data will be deleted once data collection is completed and summarised. The project is being conducted in partnership with a business so the fail dissertation will not be made available to anyone not involved with its production once completed. You are free to withdraw at any point while the survey by e-mailing me. My e-mail is [Matthew.Fieldhouse@mail.bcu.ac.uk](mailto:Matthew.Fieldhouse@mail.bcu.ac.uk) and my supervisors e-mail is [Shishank.Shishank@bcu.ac.uk](mailto:Shishank.Shishank@bcu.ac.uk). I would appreciate you completing the attached questionnaire.
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2021.04.18 12:08 Silinsar Pre-made Swashbuckler that specializes in throwing weapons

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2021.04.18 12:08 Inevitable_Act_37 Degrees at Denison

As Denison is a liberal arts college so does it offers bachelor’s of science degree?
If it doesn’t, then is it bachelor’s of Arts degree worth it?
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2021.04.18 12:08 Bigfrank1214 Wait a minute

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2021.04.18 12:08 MathematicianBasic73 LEAK ASUS CMP 30HX : Release Early May at $799 ( MINE DOGECOIN NOW )

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2021.04.18 12:08 OnlineAsnuf Sett vs Gwen

Has anyone played this Matchup? How do you play against her? What's the build to go?
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2021.04.18 12:08 POGHAX LED lights problem everytime I open a game. (Apex 7 TKL). Is there any solutions for this? It's kind of annoying.

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