Go! $MICKEY MOUSE 💎 | Launched 7 Hours Ago | Potential 100X | CMC Listing Soon! |

$MICKEY MOUSE 💎 | Launched 7 Hours Ago | Potential 100X | CMC Listing Soon!

2021.05.18 08:28 Few_Writing8653 $MICKEY MOUSE 💎 | Launched 7 Hours Ago | Potential 100X | CMC Listing Soon!

🚀✨ What makes MICKEY MOUSE so good you ask?
🛸 A stealth launch which gives everyone a fair shot to buy ✨
🛸 High market cap, and active marketing campaign on Poocoin soon with a-ads website 🔝
1% TOKEN provided to dev has been locked in DXSALE Liqudity Locker for 2 MONTHS :

🚀 How To buy?
The token is on PancakeSwap V2!
Make sure to increase slippage between 1-12% due to constant demand!

💴 4% Redistributed to all users on each TX! 💦 3% Added to Liquidity and Locked! 2.5% BURNT for every transaction
💴 Initial burn : 50% , 1% Distributed to dev, 49% Locked in Liquidity Pool

Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0x4201417ab52b33bf6ba2033760e6f80c7ae4eafe
💷 Pancake Swap (Use V2): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x4201417ab52b33bf6ba2033760e6f80c7ae4eafe

Telegram : https://t.me/mickeymouseofficial
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2021.05.18 08:28 Scary_Raspberry_298 Does anyone know what this animation is? Its funny af and wanna see the creators other content

Does anyone know what this animation is? Its funny af and wanna see the creators other content
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2021.05.18 08:28 andreykh [OC] An Interactive Mosaic Chart Visualizing Worldwide PC Shipments for 2020, by Brand and Quarter | JavaScript | Gartner's Data

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2021.05.18 08:28 boris777dit citizen finance

Nice project. The project promises to be successful. I believe in the idea of this project, in his team and I hope they will all turn out in the formation of a new future.
Learn more: https://citizenfinance.io/
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2021.05.18 08:28 Thymemer Ah yes

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2021.05.18 08:28 Bozzaholic Sailing Wellness to help military personnel recover

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2021.05.18 08:28 publicanofbatch20 Cursed drinks

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2021.05.18 08:28 send-_-nudez I[18m] have a very big fear of flirting/initiating. I'm always worried about coming off as a creep/perv or getting beat up by public or getting lynched

So basically I'm from south, telugu state to be specific, but most of the time, I don't care or fear about rejection, I just feel like I hold myself back because I'm worried about offending/creeping out the other person. I'd like to feel attractive/confident more but I have a hard time being forward. I see friends straight up asking out girls or flirting openly and for them it works. I lost many chances cuz some girls liked me but me being too dumb to realize they were flirting with me. Reading and seeing so many horror stories in our country made me really paranoid lol, I can make friends easily tho.
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2021.05.18 08:28 WillieStewart456 Nervos Network Cryptocurrency CKB

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2021.05.18 08:28 showtimeshen DAT Breakdown AA26 TS28 PAT21 In Only 2 Weeks of Prep

DAT Breakdown
AA: 26
TS: 28
BIO: 30
GC: 26
OC: 26
PAT: 21
RC: 26
QR: 24
Salutations! I have recently taken my DAT and thought I’d share my experience to those of you preparing for your upcoming exam. The DAT is a force to be reckoned with… if you are underprepared, which is why I’ll debrief you with the most effective approach to this exam. Personally, over my academic career thus far, I have maximized my efficiency relative to my work ethic, in addition to being naturally clutch in critical moments. The DAT was no exception to any other exam I have ever taken, and it shouldn’t be of any concern to you if you know what you are capable of and have confidence in your capacity to perform. Now, on to the breakdown.
I studied for 14 days. That’s right. 14 days for the DAT. I took my finals for my junior year in college, and two weeks later, I had my first DAT. It seems that I didn’t do half bad. I reckon if I followed a normal 10 week study program, I’d get a perfect score all around. So, how did I do this? DATBooster. I perform well under pressure and have full faith in my skills, however I could not have achieved a top caliber score in 14 days without, that’s right, DATBooster. My first DAT investment was a cheaply priced Kaplan prep plus book that I had laying around during my school year that didn’t cut it. I came across DATBooster while reading some reviews and it seemed like a reliable and affordable option where I was hoping for some extra practice on my PAT through PATBooster, 14 days before my exam. I decided to pay an extra few bucks for the a 90 day subscription to everything, (despite only using it for again, 14 days) which was the most worthwhile investment I could have ever made. Additionally, I was so well prepared in just 14 days, that I finished the Survey of Natural Sciences sections with 30 minutes to spare, the PAT with about 5 minutes to review, the Reading Comprehension with 20 minutes, and Quantitative Reasoning with 10 minutes. Easy, breezy, beautiful, DATBooster.
I can only speak on the efficacy of DATBooster relative to my performance, but c’mon, 14 days, 26 AA, 28 TS, 21 PAT, that’s pretty good in my honest opinion for the time I had. They offer some of the best resources for all the sections that will prepare you best for the actual DAT. Before I break down each section, I’ll summarize some major points:

  1. Most accurate representation of the DAT. Literally right on the money, almost word for word questions on the real deal in comparison to practice tests
  2. The scope, level of difficulty, the feedback, and explanations is on a tier of its own. You can gauge your performance on literally any and every possible question that can be asked on the DAT, in addition to background and supplemental material to the area you struggled in. They explain to you why those answer choices are right or wrong, which can provide you insight for the future, as it is almost guaranteed to be appear on your DAT in a very similar fashion
  3. Corresponding to the last point I made, they emphasize the questions that will appear as high yield. This means these questions are likely to show up on your DAT, and having just taken the DAT several hours ago, and a DATBooster practice test not long before that, truth be told, those questions were high yield.
  4. All you need, in a single, affordable, prep course. The DATBooster team is there to help 24/7, any question you need, but their content pretty much covers anything you need at the end of the day. They have sources that analyze your weaknesses, activity logs, data trackers to gauge your scores, percentile rankings based on question performance, and a plethora of test bank questions aside from their 60+ practice exams. Plus much, much more.
Biology: 30
Resources Used: DATBooster (Practice tests, extra practice questions, Feralis Notes, Booster Videos)
Review of resources: To memorize everything covered on the biology section in 2 weeks with accuracy to the knitty gritty, is impossible. So how did I pull off the 30? I made lots of mistakes. Not on the real deal, obviously, but on practice exams. By testing my foundational knowledge with practice tests, I was able to see my mistakes and what I did not know. After performing abysmally on my first biology practice test, I reviewed the questions, answer choices, and supplemental material. The next day, I took a new biology practice test, and made a hell of a lot of mistakes. So I reviewed the questions, answer choices and supplemental material. I also retook the first practice test, and saw what I recalled, what mistakes I made twice, and reviewed any question that took me too long to recall or that I got wrong. I repeated this process for 2 weeks, and from 10 practice exams and a hundred practice questions (there is a lot more, but I really was short on time to do them all), I ingrained and understood each question and concept like the back of my hand. As a result, although not 100% proficient in all biology, I was definitely 100% efficient for all biology (if that makes sense), as I had such a strong grasp on every concept that I practiced, every right or wrong answer choice, that anything similar or remotely similar I could process correctly through elimination or logic. 75% of the questions of the real DAT I went over almost word for word on DATBooster’s practice questions. Feralis notes, Khan Academcy videos, and Booster’s video content and crash courses were effective supplemental materials in addition to their descriptions with each question.
General Chemistry: 26
Resources Used: DATBooster (Practice exams and questions) & Personal notes
Review of Resources: Relative to my own personal notes, I did well in chemistry I and II, and I prepared a little “cheat sheets” which spanned basically every concept, reaction, etc. I needed to know for the ACS when I took it. Reviewing those helped me freshen up my skills, however, I did in fact notice that DATBooster had extensive notes, videos, and practice questions which basically demonstrated everything you needed to know, in such overkill, that you’d be upset that you’d get anything less than perfect. In my absence of time I did quick review of my own notes, and applied them to practice exams and questions in the same methodology. Take the exam, review your mistakes, as well as review the questions you got right, to further emphasize why that answer was correct, why the other choices isn’t correct, and understanding the core of each question. Every other day I reviewed or retook my previous exams in depth, and whatever I continued to make errors on, I’d supplement with extra material, such as notes on Electrochemistry, to ensure I knew the material. It was a continuous process, very repetitive, but it got the job done.
Organic Chemistry: 26
Resources Used: DATBooster (Practice Exams and Questions) & My Own Notes
Review of Resources: I was disappointed with my Orgo score because this was my strongest area, and thus the area I neglected the most in my 2 weeks. That being said, organic chemistry is a subject most have difficulty in, and there was somethings that I wasn’t familiar with that was on the DAT, but I noticed the DATBooster offers substantial resources, notes, videos, and questions to guarantee success. One thing I personally neglected was specific chemical test names in the lab and the corresponding reagents (ex. Tollens test), which although was covered in the practice exam questions, I did not extensively review as I did in the other sections. That being said, DATBooster offers video tutorials for every practice question, so with every reaction, there was detailed video explaining why that answer choice was correct. I mostly just took the practice exams to prepare, but reviewed the answer choices for each exam only a few times over, which I’m sure would have ensured perfection if I had more time to review.
PAT: 21
Resources Used: DATBoostePATBooster (Practice Exams, Generators, Analyzers, Videos)
Review of Resources: With only two weeks of having to fold random patterns in my head, orient obscure keyholes, unfold some holepunched monstrosity, count cubes, predict views of objects, and rank angles with 2 degree differences, I think I did a decent job. This section was all about practice and timing. I had difficulty trying to perfect this and learn everything else for this exam in 14 days, but here was my method. I first gauged my raw perceptual ability, which was about a 15 at the start of the two weeks. I spent so much time on key holes and TFE that I missed cube counting and pattern folding completely on my first practice exam, which was 30 questions off right off the bat. From there, I watched the video content and tutorial that they offered. Basically they teach you the methods and strategies to how to effectively approach each type of question in a series of videos per question category. Somehow, after those videos, it all kind of made sense. In the middle of my review, I sometimes forgot the strategy and rewatched the videos, and it all would make sense again. I would apply those video strategies to the practice exam questions and relentlessly practice my PAT everyday in those 14 days. What’s nice is that there is extensive solutions to each question, which means that there are descriptions to the small minute details in a TFE question or a difference in size in the keyhole section that you have difficulty visualizing, which the question solutions color code, point out key features, and provide 3D models. PATBooster offers generators for most of the categories which would produce new questions constantly which you can practice for eternity if you wanted to. They also offered analyzers which pinpoint your weaknesses, for example in angle ranking, which detailed to me that I struggled with obtuse angles in 2 to 3 degree differences. You can then set the options to the angle generators to account for your weakness, thus allowing me to practice obtuse angles that were different in 2 degrees. Insane! If I had more time, definitely would have loved to conquer this section, but for a fact, whenever someone in the future asks me to predict what their folded paper looks like after they hole punched it, I without a doubt will be able to answer them.
Reading Comprehension: 26
Resources Used: DATBooster (Practice Exams and Daily Passages)
Review of Resources: I could not believe my RC score was on par with my Orgo and Gen Chem scores. My preparation for this section was lackluster, and I honestly was hoping I didn’t drop the ball on this section. I was continuously scoring 20’s exact on every practice exam I took, and reviewing the answer choices repeatedly was excessive for this section. Despite this, I continue to practice, and DATBooster offers daily passages different to that of a section practice exam, where it would be 1 passage in 8 minutes with 5 questions to answer. This was my favorite thing to do because I lacked the time to sit and read 3 passages and answer 50 questions in 60 minutes every day in my time crunch. I honestly thought the passages and the questions on the real DAT were very simple, as I stated earlier I finished with 20 minutes to spare. My advice is to just practice constantly, work on your speed and identification of main themes of each paragraph in a given passage, and answer the question the best you can. There’s only one right answer, and if you can match it quickly with the material in the passage, you basically are good to go. Have a need for speed.
Quantitative Reasoning: 24
Resources Used: DATBooster (Practice Exams)
Review of Resources: Honestly, I didn’t prepare much for this section. I also didn’t remember any math upon my first practice exam. I took algebra in 7th grade, and geometry in 8th. Last time I took a math class was BC Calculus in my junior year of high school. It has been a long like 4 years since I even dealt with math outside of science, and it was a bittersweet reunion. It is quite the frustrating feeling when you know you knew* something, but do not know it now. Simple questions like the volume of a sphere, compound interest, binomials, summations, d=rxt, etc. are all things I did once a long time ago, and did well, but made no sense when I attempted it in the beginning. I know I have had this sorry excuse of “I only had 14 days to prepare”, but honestly, this should be nothing below a 30 if I had more time. I took the practices tests for this section and briefly went over what I got wrong, memorized the formula and equations, and carried on with my studying on the other sections. I definitely recommend taking advantage of all the resources that DATBooster has to offer because this is the type of math most of you have done in middle school. One thing that was nice, for my sake, was little formula sheets that they offered for algebra and geometry which I just fused into my brain so that I had a fair chance for everything that came my way. The real DAT honestly wasn’t that bad, nothing that I hadn’t seen on the practice tests.
This was a lot of writing, but I hope it helped. To reemphasize once more, DATBooster is the greatest resource of all time. To reiterate, I had 14 days to prepare for this exam. There was a little countdown calendar on the DATBooster homepage counting down, reminding me of my time crunch, and how important this exam was for me. I did not lose focus, and nor should you, even if you follow a more spread out program, such as the 10 week study program that DATBooster details. Practice makes perfect, and DATBooster is near perfection already, so success is up to you. I utilized DATBooster as effectively and efficiently as I possibly could in a systematic way in probably a fraction of what most people take to study for this exam. Review and repeat until you live and breathe those DATBooster practice questions.
Good luck!!!
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2021.05.18 08:28 unexceptional_oddity Hinjews anyone?

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2021.05.18 08:28 peterinjapan Help debugging GIF joining script?

Hello, community. Gotta say, I use FFMPEG daily, it's one of the most important tools in my life. I'm often grab GIF files from Tumblr, which for various reasons are usually split into several really short gifs. Rather than use a tool like https://ezgif.com/maker (which is excellent) to combine my gifs into one gif, I am trying to build a script that uses ffmpeg to do this.
I have it working pretty well using code like this:
/uslocal/bin/ffmpeg -i '/Users/pp/Desktop/file2.gif' -i '/Users/pp/Desktop/file1.gif' -filter_complex "[0:v][1:v] concat=n=2:v=1:a=0" -y '/Users/pp/Desktop/file2_joined.gif'
Unfortunately every once in a while one of the GIFs from Tumblr will be slightly different, and it will break things. One gif that was part of a chain was 255 pixels high instead of 256, like all the other gifs in the series. The exact error code I get is:
[Parsed_concat_0 @ 0x7f90bd504400] Input link in0:v0 parameters (size 580x245, SAR 0:1) do not match the corresponding output link in0:v0 parameters (580x246, SAR 0:1)
[Parsed_concat_0 @ 0x7f90bd504400] Failed to configure output pad on Parsed_concat_0
Error reinitializing filters!
Failed to inject frame into filter network: Invalid argument
Error while processing the decoded data for stream #1:0
Conversion failed!

If I used EZgif, it would offer to make all my gifs the same size, so I guess I'd need a step that did this in the event that the gifs didn't match up perfectly...but I have no idea how to go about that. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resize several GIFs and make sure they're all the same internally?
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2021.05.18 08:28 Mazisky I will buy one copy of Warhammer 3 to the first person that can proof this:

So, here's your chance to win a copy of Warhammer 3.
During the last couple of years, a lot of people claimed in reddit and forums that they can run Warhammer 2 at 60 stable FPS without any drops below, at extreme settings and zoomed in even during big battles.
I am confident that this is not possible, so the conclusions are only 2:
1- I am wrong and not informed enough
2- Those people are all clowns that lie and pretend to run the game flawlessy only to be cool on reddit.

Well, I give you the chance to win a 60 € copy of Warhammer 3

To win the game you have to:
1-Post a video during a battle in Warhammer 2 with the MSI afterburner\Riva FPS counter and the typical CPU\GPU usage
2-You must play at 1440P with all the graphic settings maxed out to ultra\extreme, max corpse duration and blood on.
3-You must zoom in multiple times during the battles with a low camera angle that takes up close multiple units fighting each other, including those far away.
4-The video must be long at least 1 minute where you pan the camera around following the point 3
5-Battle must be big, thousand of units on screen

If someone can do this, then He\she will win a copy of Warhammer 3.
If nobody does, than all the clowns with false claims will be exposed for what they are.
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2021.05.18 08:28 Internal_Entrance_91 Just gonna try posting here also oc

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2021.05.18 08:28 IamPotato14 Bull Sea Lions fighting for Dominance of the beach.

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2021.05.18 08:28 Bozzaholic Column: 'Time to make a stand and fix issues in the Hythe'

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2021.05.18 08:28 AnnualIntern8407 Color grading made easy! Trying this out now.

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2021.05.18 08:28 ytk2v International Students

So I know for a fact that international students have to taken on at least 24 credit points per semester. I’ve been studying online for more than a year, it’s already my 3rd semester online right now. I was wondering if I could reduce my study load next semester probably by half since it’s going to be online again and I am clearly so done with studying online. Would this be possible?
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2021.05.18 08:28 ANewStartAtLife Long shot - Anybody know where I can source 8, 5, 4, 3, and 2 pin MICRO JST connectors (1.25mm pitch) in Ireland?

RS Components are only selling by the thousands. If not, does anybody know a trade that would regularly use these 1.25mm pitch connectors? Alarm repairers maybe?
Thanks for any help you can give, I'm going out of mind trying to get some.
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2021.05.18 08:28 bertraja Saucer sections used as temporary outposts

If there's ever something like a shipyard full of mothballed Galaxy class ships, would it be feasable to utilize the stardrive section to haul different saucers to different locations, like in orbit around planets you want to explore (for a longer period), or to get them to a remote nebula, acting as a makeshift outpost of sorts? As far as i remember, all "important" things except the warpdrive and the photon torpedo launchers are located within the saucer, right? All is missing is a antimatter reactor, but it could be installed into some kind of lid covering the recess (?).
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2021.05.18 08:28 Zealousideal-Doubt18 Finding z15 miners

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this here but I have had a lot of people asking me where to get z15s. I have 2 for sale at the moment if anyone is interested. Also, be careful there are a lot of fake websites out there scamming people. It took me a lot of time and research to find a good source for my mining rigs. Just be sure to do your research. I’m only selling the 2 I have because I can easily source more of them as my contact in China gets more in. The 2 I have are currently in the United States.
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2021.05.18 08:28 Sniper_boi9371 H:legacy’s W: legacy offers

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2021.05.18 08:28 Bozzaholic 'Cultural quarter to be proud of is what Colchester needs'

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2021.05.18 08:28 GrandMoff06 Quick Question About Lightsabers and the Necessity of Kyber Crystals

Why did the Jedi Order send younglings to participate in "the Gathering" and construct their lightsabers under Huyang's mentorship when they could've used a synthetic crystal and use a manual like Luke did before Episode VI? I understand that it is a test for the younglings and it's Jedi tradition but does it mean that anyone can be a lightsaber wielder?
Thanks in advance for enlightening me, folks :)
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2021.05.18 08:28 doicamcui price Kishu

The price of kishu on okex is different from coimarketcap????
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