Go! Anyone know how to make the dollar amount show up on the metamask token front page tab? |

Anyone know how to make the dollar amount show up on the metamask token front page tab?

2021.05.18 07:55 thebruneman Anyone know how to make the dollar amount show up on the metamask token front page tab?

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2021.05.18 07:55 AperhamLincoln BRZ. A7III, Samyang 85mm, F2.

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2021.05.18 07:55 OrdinaryKind9976 Manga or games

I wanna read melty blood, I prefer manga over games but can I only read the manga or do I have to play the games?
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2021.05.18 07:55 alannaintoavakinlife The new dress from the coinpack exposes more skin than one of the lingeries Avakin Doesn’t want to bring back into the game...

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2021.05.18 07:55 ThatAdamGuy API: Now possible to add database item via Siri or Google Assistant?

The title pretty much says it all :)
I'm open to using Automate.io or Zapier or whatever. I just want to easily be able to say, "Hey Siri" or "Hey Google" ..."Add to Notion: [something"
(in the past I did this for ClickUp via some duct-taped solution using Gmail, IFTTT, and I think Zapier)
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2021.05.18 07:55 perledi_SS Panicclark dice che chi è contro il neoliberismo e che si buttano sotto i treni

A lui piacevano le donne, ma, in quel momento, non gli importava nulla di quanto sopra: è, semplicemente, un ingegnere. Ho preso posizione contro il relativismo culturale che non è che il vostro sistema di moderazione ha dei problemi?
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2021.05.18 07:55 ForgottenMoonCrater Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church

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2021.05.18 07:55 CBRChris A life you may or may not interest reading about. I'm reaching out to you guys because I believe there is the most genuine of people here

Be yourself. Don't be what your partner wants you to be. Don't be who your family wants you to be. Don't be what society wants you to be. Be YOU.
Always be comfortable alone, in your headspace that cannot be broken into. Don't be afraid to truly be who you are. I used to be insecure. Always acting in a way that I knew would get along with certain people.
I'm so glad I grew out (32 now) of that and am in my current state of mind. A meteor could through and it wouldn't even shake me. I've also been dealing cancer so I guess there isn't much more that would shake me.
Just make sure you truly live up to who you want to be... and don't let other people push your opinion around or try to hold you back.
I'm so glad that I can truly just be my truly authenthic self right now. It's truly peace.
I always had way too hard of an expectation for me even though I've suffered with Crohn's disease since I was 14. It's literally impossible for me to live up to acieve my own image of myself.. how do I bring down my expectations of who I could have been disease free. That hurts me so bad. I never got after 14. It's been disease the whole
I'm Always judging myself to the highest standard but there was not a realistic expectation, and I won't let go of it. I will not lower my standard or high goals just because of cancer. But I won't let it rule me either.
How do I realize that I won't realize what I want. Because then why even fucking live?
Not sure if right sub, and it's written in fog, but just my thoughts in a tough moment to night. Peace ✌
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2021.05.18 07:55 JaspalAlbert Top quality play.

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2021.05.18 07:55 DodgeMyCat Hello everyone! Here is my newest cover of Merry-Go-Round of Life from Howl's Moving Castle. I would be glad for any support:)

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2021.05.18 07:55 ederntjw Paypal transfers available. Tele: @paypaltransfernow

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2021.05.18 07:55 Interesting-Bike-775 🔥🔥 new fresh fair launch 🔥🔥

Use slip 0,1- 2%
👉 100% Liquidity Added
👉 Fair & Stealth Launched
👉 No Presale & No Airdrop
👉 Unruggable contract
👉 Ownership & LP burned
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2021.05.18 07:55 prismatika_on_tumblr Black Cat tribute by Artgerm (2021)

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2021.05.18 07:55 ThatBeggar My starter set mutants! feat. a sneaky little alien

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2021.05.18 07:55 US5711MC H: Responder Fireman Outfit W: Tattered Field jacket

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2021.05.18 07:55 writinguitar Anyone have the 2020 FRQs?

the link on AP Central doesn't take me anywhere
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2021.05.18 07:55 donginandton First chicken of the woods this year.

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2021.05.18 07:55 coreyfox07 H:1500 violet flux W: Crimson 7:10 bulk

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2021.05.18 07:55 ScissorsMan8000 14M M4F [chat]

I'm 14 so no dirty stuff, and I'm more of a dog person, wanna chat?
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2021.05.18 07:55 abjinternational [100% off]Anti-Money Laundering Concepts: AML, KYC and Compliance

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2021.05.18 07:55 ggthugmoney F all these people charging for her MEGA - I'll give it for free - DM me

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2021.05.18 07:55 PennyBotWeekly Daily Plays - May 18, 2021

Talk about your plays today or things you are on the lookout for. This is where you belong if your comment includes a ticker.
keep it civil please
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2021.05.18 07:55 Sagi_Tsenga 1

the drive has it been found the drive
Canididida crqutz the drive Canididida crqutz
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2021.05.18 07:55 howdoireddit92 How do I patch over relationship with MIL after messy seperation with her son. She's my babies Nanny!

A few weeks ago I found out my husband of 7 yrs was using dating apps to pick up woman and had a burner phone etc etc. I'm 32 weeks pregnant with our baby number two and safe to say I totally lost it. My husband disappeared for a week and when he re-emerged he asked for a seperation and said he didn't want to try work things out. He wants to go out drinking with his friends and be a party boy and doesn't like being careful with money (we are on one wage).
He moved in with his mum who has made comments such as "he doesn't actually have a girlfriend" (no, he's just screwing the whole town). She bought him brand new clothes and things do he didn't have to come back to the house to collect his things. They've always had this super unhealthy codependent relationship and I knew his mum would just take care of everything for him and stroke his ego which made me mad. So....I basically told her that her son was a peice of shit and then blocked her on l social media.
Husband and I have come to a custody agreement which states he can have our toddler for weekend but only if he's.staying with his mum. I'm going to have to drop my baby off on Saturday but I haven't spoken to MIL since it all went down and I'm totally dreading how to break the ice with her....do I send her a long txt? Ask to meet and talk?
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2021.05.18 07:55 bdlndz I need help with getting over my FP urgently :(

I was working in a very toxic enviroment and my leader became my FP (I was not diagnoised at this point so it's just now that I am really understanding my attachment to him), he made me open up and tell him everything about my life, gave me constant approval, and cut me off from my family (that was already a toxic enviroment, but my mum called him a name one time and after 3 weeks of knowing him this caused me to move out) now the first 2 things were all tatics to keep me in this job that he does with everyone, this job also cuts you off from having a life outside of it so he would've purposely kept me away from my family (he even one time said "Who are you gonna believe, me or them?" when he was LYING about what happened)
I got fired and he stopped talking to me straight away and I have basically ruined my life over him, I have been excessively partying for the past 5 months since, I just think and talk about him all the fucking time, I spoke to him for the first time the other day because I was very drunk and called him on private, he told me to get over it and said he would've spoken to me if I was over it. I just don't know what to do because I can't get over him at all.
The past 2 months I have been in contact with my family again, I keep constantly trying to explain the things he did and why I am so hung up on him, because everyone just thinks it's a crush but he emotionally manipulated me to such extreme levels, I had a fucking mental breakdown and told him I needed to quit for my mental health and he was like "how could you do this to me" and so of course I stayed in the job, even my boss saw how attached to him I was and said I could never leave because it would cut him up because he loves me so much and just to be clear we were never together nothing ever happened.
My mother hates him because of what he has done to me, on his birthday he came back in town because he moved away for a bit, I of course texted him and he told me he stopped caring because I threw him under the bus although he never actually told me what I did, I attempted to kill myself that night, she sees how messed up I am about him, we were just talking and she started calling him names again and I flipped, I sometimes say that I hate him and say a lot of swear words about him but I can't tolerate anyone else talking poorly about him because I do still love him so much. So we've just had a big fight. After I spoke to him the other day my friend texted him saying "You fucking lying manipulative ****" and I got so upset because that would've pissed him off and although I agree that he is that I don't want him to be told that.
I am at the point where I can not cope with this anymore and I truly feel like I will be like this for the rest of my life. I got involved with a guy the night I got fired which was a bad idea I knew I shouldn't have but I pushed him away because I constantly told him how in love I was with this boy and now when I'm not thinking about him I'm beating myself up for ruining things with this other guy. I have been deemed unfit for work, because I keep getting jobs or getting into courses and having to quit straight away because he's fucked me up so much I literally can't do normal things I don't know how to get my life back this has gone way too far :(
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