Go! Googled coinbase listing b4 & after |

Googled coinbase listing b4 & after

2021.05.18 09:12 Icy_Fly1928 Googled coinbase listing b4 & after

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2021.05.18 09:12 sarah-morgan05 W:nuke keycards H:caps

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2021.05.18 09:12 geniosenzaneuroni Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd - Proper Education (Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)

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2021.05.18 09:12 billybobhomer Hi all, was there not an episode uploaded last night?

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2021.05.18 09:12 ArcLeJoan [OC] Fury and Shadow - Halfling Ranger/Warlock and Human Barbarian

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2021.05.18 09:12 DrakonRax Guy left this comment on a video of a cartel murder.

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2021.05.18 09:12 pretentiousillitoret $SCORPION: join our moon mission cause this is printingggg, low MC yeeet 🦂

Yo yo yo. Not much time to write this. Time is of the essence. This shit is pamping. Still low market cap around 200k. We on a moon mission and only diamond hands invited. Do you fit the bill? If not, we’ll jab you w our stingers. Come post memes about shit going to the moon and HODL in our tg yeeet.
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2021.05.18 09:12 eltuuur ..

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2021.05.18 09:12 Filmmaker0301 Like sub and watch and I’ll return!

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2021.05.18 09:12 sayhooo Personal experience

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2021.05.18 09:12 NeonHD Kara's low-key a pyromaniac

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2021.05.18 09:12 Gnaustic Meme

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Good morning to everyone!
We are Aesir esports team, we are a new company based in Italy. We are currently looking for 2 players respectively:

  1. IGL
  2. AWPER
We aim to be a professional company, we will expand gradually, but we need right people who belive in this project.
So we are looking for "mentally pro" player:
  1. 18 + Years Old
  2. Past Team Experience
  3. Good Elo on Face it or good ESEA rank
  4. Respectfull
  5. Passionate and motivated
We connect at 9PM (CEST) from Monday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday it's free time, Sunday online at 9PM (CEST). We will use discord.
Once the team is ready:
  1. Tests for a few weeks.
  2. Play and train together.
  3. Tournaments and competitions ( any payments will be paid by the company).
  4. We will think about monthly salary.
If you are interested in this project and you would like to work hard to make it great contact me on discord BrioZz#8880 or go HERE, press on apply button and send the form compiled, i will contact you.
Thank you for your time.
Have a good day.
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2021.05.18 09:12 Blackm0b Decentraland = techno+art

Made my first trip to the virtual space and was disappointed with the experience this far. All the properties just blast techno.
While I believe in the overall concept of this project, I don't see how this gets massively adopted on the current trajectory... It is not enjoyable at the moment.
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2021.05.18 09:12 FoodNewsVideo Crispy Rice Noodles Thai Sweet and Sour Crispy Noodles Mee Krob Street food Thailand | Food News Video

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2021.05.18 09:12 leftover_brownie Should the Ferrari Roma hunt be extended another week?

Given how bad the drop rates are, I think 95% of the player base will not even be able to get it to 2 stars.
View Poll
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2021.05.18 09:12 RedditorSlug Wow. I got absolutely rekt. Yes.

Ahoy there.
Loaded in as solo sloop. Was rummaging through barrels when a brigantine arrived at the outpost and started shooting at my white sailed and empty sloop that was still at the dock.
I got aboard and one of them climbed the ladder and I killed him. I got the anchor up and sails down as they were firing and I hit them with a few shots. They tried to ram and another player jumped aboard and I killed him... so that's 2 of them down.
I could hear the ship groaning so turned ship away and managed to get one of their masts down with a chainshot before I went below to fix the holes and bucket. The third and final guy got aboard because I heard the anchor going down and he killed me with a blunderbus while I was trying to save my ship from sinking.
... then he kept spamming the ROFL emote... then afterwards, I got a few chat messages off him showing little emojis of laughing and like cross eyed with tongue out.
Yes. Absolutely dominated. Attacked a fresh spawned ship while it was anchored. 2 out of 3 of you die. And you go out of your way to send gloating messages? This guy must be a pro gamer. Never seen such amazing skills ever.
After spawning another sloop, I went back to the outpost to have a crack at them but I was sad to see they had gone.
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2021.05.18 09:12 Freewallet_ I am like an std I am the gift that keeps on giving ;)

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2021.05.18 09:12 thetekoholic NDAX Referral Promo || Canada, get $10 CAD when you trade $100. Buy Doge or ADA from a canadian exchange 💰

Sign up with NDAX and get $10 CAD when you trade $100
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2021.05.18 09:12 Green-Echo-4308 Which meme coins do you want Gate.io to list? [POLL]

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2021.05.18 09:12 Ragris_one Give her the duct tape already!

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2021.05.18 09:12 M1n10eetk New

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2021.05.18 09:12 Adventurous-Ad5066 Lucy Ming

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2021.05.18 09:12 DoggoBallThrower Guess I'm a misogynist.

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2021.05.18 09:12 sturvach Freqtrade help

Hello, I made a hyperopt of 20k epochs. updated the strategy and the bot is running fine.
However, when I plot the trades it has done from the db, it is not following my strategy at all. It's doing random trades winning 0.0001 btc and so on, but definitely not running my strategy. anyone here encountered the same issue?
Thanks in advance for your help
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