Go! My dead 4m40 keeps giving me more surprises |

My dead 4m40 keeps giving me more surprises

2021.05.18 09:32 kiwinz83 My dead 4m40 keeps giving me more surprises

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2021.05.18 09:32 ayushk2287 ;)

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2021.05.18 09:32 gvbrielbeats Made a chill-beat where I used my vocals as a background-guide

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2021.05.18 09:32 chichiiibear Iced coffee 🤎 📍La Union

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2021.05.18 09:32 arfarf19 Weird

It’s funny as hell when the customer or patient goes to pick up or drive thru MAD and giving me ATTITUDE. But the moment they have a hold of their medications, they’re a whole complete different person. Telling me to have a great day when 5 mins ago they were assholes. Lol.
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2021.05.18 09:32 Mr_PL My favorite subreddit

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2021.05.18 09:32 Southern_Grocery_290 Grandfather gets Handjob by daughter in Covid Care Hospital🔥🔥👇

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2021.05.18 09:32 HistAnsweredBot What did Jules Verne think of the inhabitants of Jupiter?

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2021.05.18 09:32 SaltyArchea Crew keep telling me that we need more storage for empty cardboard boxes.

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2021.05.18 09:32 RabidProDentite How quick to forget....

I see so many people here super frustrated that DOGE is hovering at 50¢ without going higher for like 1-2 weeks now, after dropping from 69¢. Do we all forget that about 3-4 weeks ago DOGE was at about 7¢ and had been there for several months? I remember posting something about being annoyed with all the “to the moon” talk when we had been stagnant at 7¢ for so long. A week later we were at like 30¢, then 69¢. So just be patient people. And buy more DOGE and get other people to buy more DOGE. That is the only way the price goes up. The price does NOT move based on speculation or sentiment or when Elon tweets...it goes up when more people BUY than sell... so keep buying. If you want DOGE to go up, don’t HODL....BUY!
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2021.05.18 09:32 ERF-MODE A Cozy Penthouse Apartment on Top of a Rock in the Plains

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2021.05.18 09:32 Oil_And_Lamps Polypropylene thermals factory seconds

Hi all,
Does anywhere do factory seconds polyprops anymore? I think maybe CCC used to back in the day
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2021.05.18 09:32 betin2307 Yeah , that’s the spelling

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2021.05.18 09:32 Luckyblueace Summer airbnb / housing near campus

Hey, so I was looking up places to stay for around a month near campus (walking distance of 15~20 minutes max preferrably) and I was wondering what the following areas are like in terms of safety (for early 20s women) and places to get living essentials, etc?

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2021.05.18 09:32 loveislovenr1 ☁️💸CLOUD COIN - NEW COIN - NEVER STOPP - GO TO THE CLOUD / locked LP🔒🔒

Hello guys I just found this new Token that went Online and I had to share it!! It’s a smaller Coin but still worth the trade in my Opinion.
Lets fly together 🚀🚀🚀
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2021.05.18 09:32 Leeroy2021 Spread the word near and far. The Shib army is marching and we’re taking on recruits.

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2021.05.18 09:32 TunaGamer [H] Covid bundle & more [W] Offers or Paypal

All games activate on Steam. I have a big variety of taste in games so just link me your list of games and I might find something. If you want you can also just use Paypal instead. I might accept bonds in OSRS. My region is EU, keys should work worldwide. My Rep Page.
Adventure / RPG:
Homeworld Remastered Collection
Overlord Ultimate Evil Collection
WW1 - Verdun
Hello Neighbor
Bioshock Remastered
Hyper Light Drifter
Peaky Blinders Mastermind
Mafia 3 Definitive Edition
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic 1
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic 2
Star Wars - Force Unleashed (Ultimate Sith Edition)
Star Wars - Jedi Outcast 2 (PvP)
Surgeon Simulator
SEUM Speedrunners from Hell
Tour de France 2020

Tooth and Tail
Cities Skylines
Crusader Kings Complete
Talisman - Digital Edition
Codex of Victory

Neon Chrome
Battlezone Gold Edition
Teleglitch - Die More Edition
Bridge Constructor Portal
Smoke and Sacrifice
Dead in Bermuda
Bury Me My Love
World's Dawn
Dwarfs ?!
Concrete Jungle
Devil Daggers
Impact Winter
King Oddball
Sparkle 2

Stick Fight The Game
Death Squared
Fury Unleashed

Barrow Hill Curse of the Ancient Circle
The Last Crown Midnight Horror
Layers of Fear

Point & Click:
Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse
Hidden Object Bundle 4 in 1
Anna's Quest

Cities Skylines - Deep Focus Radio (DLC)
Idle Champions Celeste's Starter Pack
Talisman - The Frostmarch Expansion (DLC)
Talisman - The City Expansion (DLC)
Talisman - The Sacred Pool Expansion (DLC)

Music Maker: Hip Hop Edition
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18
Ashampoo BackUp Pro 14
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7
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2021.05.18 09:32 nik29283820 I know you wanted to see her ass in this set🐰

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2021.05.18 09:32 ARNAVRANJAN Will indian military stop using tejas mk1 when mk1a comes out? What will happen to the old ones?

Hey guys I was just wondering that our govt. has already given the order for making 83 MK1As so what would happen to the older versions. Also when mk2 comes out I believe they would keep using mk1a since mk2 is not an LCA.(well... if LCAs are are useful). What's the use of an LCA again?
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2021.05.18 09:32 B_J_COBBLEDlCK Lazy mother but I get in trouble for being upset about it.

My mother is an incredibly lazy person. She used to run a school canteen, so she used to work full school days no more. However this work load was too much for her to do anything else, she would make my dad hire a cleaner because she was too tierd to clean, even when i was 10 she used to pick us up from our school (us being my younger sister) and give us jobs like emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen, and then she would sleep all afternoon. I got a when i was 11 for some reason seems to early to me, and because i had a phone she made me organise my own 11th birthday(e.g. ringing parents up and inviting everyone over and such) and i rember her having a go at me for not being proactive enough. She has made me book my own appointments since i was 14 but she stopped booking appointments for me unless i nagged much longer before that, for example things like dental check ups just didnt happen because she couldnt be bothered booking the appointment. This has passed down to my sisters and they are also lazy. Forexample we have three dogs (my mum went on a dog buying spree) and they piss everywhere unless someone is watching them because we cant get a dog door because the area we live in there would be a risk of poisonous snakes getting through. If you watch them, wich really just entails being aware of them if they go and stand by the door, or if its been a while since they have been out, and then its fine, but the females (mum and two sisters) dont do this properly so they piss in the house, but then i have to clean it because they are too lazy too. This behaviour pattern always annoyed me however i put up with it because i didnt have much of a choice.
However, my mum lost her job a year and a half ago so thats done two things. 1. the house is never empty she is always home (this isnt too bad but im autsitic and i always used to value the few moments i had to myself wich i dont have any more)
but the second thing is that she is now responsible for all of the house chores. im 19, my older sister is 21 and my youner sister is 16, we all go to uni/school in the city so she has nothing to do with that, my dad is the one who makes sure we are awake and such. She gives me lifts to work wich i am appreciative of, however its a 10 minute drive and they take 10% of my wages.
My dad has made it clear he needs mum to work, we are not poor my dad earns a very good wage, however he values education so he send my sister to a private school (wich i went to as well) and we are a family of five so the running cost of the family is fairly significant, and he wants to retire in his mid 60s, but at the mintue he is sate to be working into his 70's. However my mum refuses to work, she refuses to do anything to develop her employability, and she wont apply to any jobs at all, its not like she has a minimum wage because we are just getting buy, so even if she worked a part time job it would be better than nothing. Infact she was offerd a diffrent job at her old place (she worked at a big school so there was two canteens but they changed it to one, so her job of running the other one was gone but they had lower level jobs) but she turned it down because it didnt pay enough.
However my mum has decided that because we can just get by that she doesnt need to look for work and she would prefer to be an at home mum. On top of this, she doesnt do the house chores properly (i dont think she should have to do absolutely everything, but if the only thing she does is a stay at home mum there should be some standards) and she only does one job a day. Forexample she might go and do the shopping in the morning and then for the rest of the day she sleeps or goes on her phone. She also leaves jobs for my dad to do, for example my dad still has to help with the washing, and he has to clean the kitchen ect.
My dad in contrast to this is increadibly hard working, he works a desk job but its increadibly stressfull and demmanding (im probably biased for the stress part because im going to uni to do the same thing and he is a powerful role modle to me) he ussually works a minimum of 80 hours a week, often longer, for example this past week he has worked a 12 hour day every week day and a 10 hour day on both weekend days, he is the complete opestit to my mum.
HOwever my mum refuses to aknowladge this and she has even told him that she does more than him cause she keeps the house running, she puts in no consideration to my dad, if he is going to get home at 8 she well still make dinner at 6 and he has to eat cold food, and even when she sees dad struggeling she doesnt help. Forexample last night, even tho dad worked through the entire weekend(i worked two weekend shifts aswell but they were only 4 hours and im a uni student so it isnt like my life is hard) and he was absolutely shatterd, to the point of falling asleep on the sofa, but she made him watch the shows she likes until 10:30 pm even tho she had been watching since 6pm, then dad got to watch one half an hour show that he likes (she wont let him watch shows he likes if she is in the room because apparently they are bad and stupid) and then she cleared off and left the kitchen for him to do (i ended up doing it for him)
Even tho my mum doesnt work she still spends, my dad doesnt have time to enjoy his money,but my mum does, if she does the shopping she will get a drink and sweets, or lunch ect, over the summer she took her and the girls only on a holiday, with out me and my dad because my dad likes to go to sports with me (its his few moments of enjoyment in his busy work week) and the girls dont like sports so they dont go, and they said because we spend that money they should get a holiday.
This behaviour annoys me increadibly, i see my mum freeloading doing absolutely nothing, the house is a dump, and my dad has to do chores when he gets home from a 12 hour work day, and again as i sated before im autistic so im not the best at expressing my feelings, but nobody even validates them. When i get mad it usually end up with my dad screaming at me for how i treat my mum (even tho im mad because of how he is being treated) at this point i dont know if im being unreasonable, or what.
Futher more im increadibly concerned about my dads health, he got fired from his job around the same time as my mum (he works in a managment position an the company got bought out so they put their own guys in) and he had to take a pay cut just because of the situation he is in, but he said he wanted a lower paying job that isnt managment so he doesnt have to be stresed, but now my mum isnt working he has no choice but to stick in the stressfull managment positoin, and we are only just getting by so the financial situation is stressfull, esspecially because it is hard to controly my mum, i have hear him tell her to stop spending money on baking a cake every week ect, but she just says that she doesnt care she is going to keep doing it, so he has to find otherways to cut back. Two of my friends dad's have both had strokes induced by stress, and i look at what triggerd it and its just as bad for my dad. Im increadibly concerned that he wil drop dead one day from the immense amount of work he does, one because i love my dad, and two because we all rely on him, i graduate in 2 and a hafl years so ill be able to fund myself then but i dont want to have to replace my dad and go through what he does, because if he couldn't work it would probably become my repsonsibility to pick up the slack for my family.
Tl/DR: My mum is lazy, refuses to work, hardly does house work, while my dad works himself to death while my dad works himself to death but i get screamed at for getting upset about it. (if you made it this far sorry for the spelling errors i cant spell very well)
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2021.05.18 09:32 abt137 Never seen this amazing Stuka "Snake" before. Possibly Lt. Hubert Pölz of 6./StG2 in Libya, 1941. Color pics see photo for credits.

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2021.05.18 09:32 uchihamadara-_-69 If the streets could talk they'd tell a story or two.

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2021.05.18 09:32 cautj123 🌀 Creative Token 🌀│12 Hours OLD🌀 │Whales are GONE│$300,000 MicroCap│1,200 HOLDERS│ It's your Chance │ 🌀Be part of a Great Project🌀 │ First Donation on 21 May

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With our mission always in mind, 2.5% will be our charity wallet and donations will be livestreamed every weekend on Twitch.
We are dedicated to our work and to the movement, therefore we are incentivising long term investment by rewarding it by redistributing 5% using static reflection. The longer you hold, the more you get.
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🔷20 May : First pool in the community begins. Voting system for choosing the charity.
🔷 Soon after : Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
Contract has been depoyed and verified: https://bscscan.com/address/0xEB28D2C5D8bfFbFe74AF82F21240295D2e6D75f3
🌀 General description
🌀 Creative will be released on the basis of Binance Smart Chain platform and fully comply with BEP20\ standard.*
Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.
🗣 For any questions or requests of partnership contact us via telegram.
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2021.05.18 09:32 gruuuuby jerzy florianski w duzej kradziezy aut na lini?!?

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2021.05.18 09:32 Conzyyyyyyy Im 17 and live in a 3rd world country and after 2 years of working and saving I was able to build my first PC

Im 17 and live in a 3rd world country and after 2 years of working and saving I was able to build my first PC CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G
Ram: 16gb ddr4
GPU: RX 570 8GB
Storage: 1TB NVMe
It's not much compared to most builds on this Sub but I'm proud of it. I live in a country where PC prices are INSANE and after two years of working min-wage, I'm happy. I'm probably gonna upgrade in the future but for now, I'm good. It runs most games at mid-high 60fps
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