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M4f 19[chat]

2021.05.18 07:52 OkAcanthocephala7400 M4f 19[chat]

How’s it going it’s 3am I have work tomorrow and I’m bored asf
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2021.05.18 07:52 Far-Acanthisitta-639 This is Old art (Don't kill me Ok?)

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2021.05.18 07:52 Hopeful-Paramedic-59 The day we reach the $1

When this day will happen I will do my paper hands and withdraw the half and give the half to my withdrawal at my wife Thailand village for development. In hope that can help to increase the lifestyle of this kinds peoples. I feel happy to be useful for something good in my life. Long live SafeMoon
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2021.05.18 07:52 SaladMalone What changes when selecting the order of attacking forces?

I noticed that if I choose the same units in an attacking force but place then in a different order, the offensive odds also change. What is the math at play here? Is there an order of attack?
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2021.05.18 07:52 AeroArtz 'Sunset Across the Mountains' 16x16in Acrylic on canvas

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2021.05.18 07:52 5P00DERMAN1264 It's- 'Title Card'

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2021.05.18 07:51 andthatsonperiyat the signs as the main characters <3 (based off of my life experiences)

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2021.05.18 07:51 smik15 Ada order confirmation

It's been 4 days since I placed an order for ada on wazir. Its not confirmed yet. Is this normal?
I'm new to crypto and wazirx, it'd be nice if I got some clarification.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.05.18 07:51 Ill_Minute3931 Ready for greatness

Have 700,000 kickin around from recent Capitol ventures. Lets work something out. Metamask/Uniswap bullshit is below Harambe's station. When you wanna play ball for real, we can talk 7 figs no sweat. Lets break Bread.
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2021.05.18 07:51 SweetnessBaby WSIB with a linear, engaging story and minimal world exploration?

I do not want to spend hours collecting things or loot hunting or exploring for materials. I just want to experience an engaging, linear story in a game.
Something like God of War or The Last of Us levels of story, but without having to spend all the time crushing crates to get upgrade materials or exploring every nook and cranny for supplies and ammo.
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2021.05.18 07:51 Finessegod1601 To the moon!!!🚀🚀🔥🔥

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2021.05.18 07:51 Gegenuebertragung hmmm

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2021.05.18 07:51 Arceus10230 [H] 800 rmr stickers [W] $20 in cases or liquid skins

b/o : 8tf2 keys
40 stickers per $1 worth of items
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2021.05.18 07:51 EquivalentRooster838 Please give this FULL watch time and a Like! Would return the favor!

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2021.05.18 07:51 Successful-Owl-912 Need help mathmatics [150€]

Exam is in. 45 min . Dm fast and sample que necessary for proof because I have been scammed before
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2021.05.18 07:51 KCJonson SKYrocket Blasting Off!

🚀🚀🚀Welcome to SKYrocket🚀🚀🚀

The hidden GEM you are waiting for.

Great features:
5% fee auto add to the liquidity pool to locked forever when selling
2% fee auto distribute to all holders
90% burn to the black hole, with such big black hole and 5% fee, the strong holder will get a valuable reward



Initial Burn🔥

Renounced Ownership🚀



Come Aboard Now.
Not even SKY is the limit.

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2021.05.18 07:51 penguin_denies_death nursing work permit canada

how hard is it to get a work permit, if I was to graduate with a nursing degree from canada? I've seen immigration websites say that it is pretty easy as there is a nursing shortagee but I'd like to hear someone's first hand experience if possible :) thanks!
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2021.05.18 07:51 Shortyman17 Magikarp with a limited 24 color Palette

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2021.05.18 07:51 Zirofax Dumb but honest question. (Specially for some of my fellow lady flippers) How do you stop this job from completely f**king up your nails?

Seriously- I source mostly from thrift stores and handling lots of fabric etc. my nails are getting wrecked. (I don’t paint them or anything, they just keep tearing)
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2021.05.18 07:51 Mindless-Addendum621 Great news!! Banks will over crypto! More people buying means more spending, which is great for Flexa/AMP!

Great news!! Banks will over crypto! More people buying means more spending, which is great for Flexa/AMP! submitted by Mindless-Addendum621 to AMPToken [link] [comments]

2021.05.18 07:51 Brock_Starfister My electric hat collection.

20 some odd years and all I got was this crappy hat.
Processing img cjsr4dwcttz61...
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2021.05.18 07:51 Will_2421 Who am I? Trivia Tuesday May 18th

Hey everyone, it's Will_2421 back again with another who am I trivia for you all. People always assume I pick my favorites, but will that pattern hold up with this easy, breezy, and beautiful celeb?? Guess you'll just have to solve this one and find out. Same as always, I'll give you a few clues that with the right searches, will lead you to the identity of the celeb. As usual the mystery celeb is in the DB and you can submit your answers to the Hub. Good luck everyone!
Let's get to the clues!
Clue 1: I am also a writer in addition to being an actress.
Clue 1A: Pycto
Clue 2: I have a talent and passion for makeup and special effects. If acting didn't work out for me my backup was going to be beauty school.
Clue 3: Pycto 2
Additional clues will follow as necessary
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2021.05.18 07:51 Nifty_Fifty_Arena Market Mid Day Report 12 Noon How markets fared so far | Intraday Trade ideas

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2021.05.18 07:51 10mt12345 ITM, but in real life 👀

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2021.05.18 07:51 surveycircle_bot Frauen-Basal-Temperaturmessung

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