Go! New HRC-20 Token $XYA - Official wallet released with ICO currently underway. |

New HRC-20 Token $XYA - Official wallet released with ICO currently underway.

2021.05.18 08:33 freya_vdl New HRC-20 Token $XYA - Official wallet released with ICO currently underway.

Howdy everyone! As a fellow ONE holder, I loved the technology behind the Harmony blockchain. Fast transactions, low fees... What's not to like?
This prompted me to create an HRC-token called Freyala (XYA). Forgive me for this long chunk of text, but I am passionate as heck about this project and wanted to be as informative as possible.

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But wait! What exactly is XYA? Freyala (XYA) is an HRC-20 token and essentially focuses on the value of community at its core. The idea behind this project would be to create a beginner-friendly means of using crypto with the power of low-cost and fast transactions on the Harmony blockchain. Freyala (XYA) will be the main token using ONE as gas to be the base foundation for the entire Freyala ecosystem, including the currency for the upcoming HRC-721 token for CryptIDs.
More information can be found at http://freyala.com/. There is currently a total supply of 450M.

XYA Contract address: 0x9b68BF4bF89c115c721105eaf6BD5164aFcc51E4
The official XYA wallet I am happy to announce that V1 of the wallet has officially been released here and deployed live on IPFS: https://app.freyala.com/#/
You can store both XYA and ONE on the wallet. Furthermore, staking and other functionality will be added in the future.
So, what's this about an ongoing ICO? There is currently an ongoing ICO on the website, for a fixed price of 1 XYA = 4 ONE.
After the ICO is over, all participants will be sent their XYA tokens. There will be a 20% burn for all XYA tokens purchased from the total supply. So if 1 million XYA is bought, then 200K will be burnt from the total supply.
50% of the funds raised will be going towards liquidity on DEXs. XYA is a default token listed on Mochiswap, so most (if not all) of these funds will be going towards the XYA-ONE trading pair. The other half of ICO funds will be added to the dev fund wallet, along with 1% of XYA's total supply (4.5 million tokens). I will be sharing this address as well for full transparency, along with adding multisig.
Roadmap ICO - Q2 2021
The ICO will begin and last for approximately two weeks. Additionally, a separate seed funding campaign will be launched as well with certain investments benefits.
A customizable desktop wallet with ONE and XYA integration will allow users to easily send XYA to one another, whilst keeping their funds in a secure and accessible place. Further implementation for other HRC-20 tokens may be considered in the future.
Simple charting and graphs to stay updated with the price of XYA, providing users with the ability to analyze price movements within certain time frames.
A faucet with daily payouts will be launched. This will be helpful for allowing users to test out XYA with transactions. The payout rewards are randomized (from 0.1 XYA to 1 XYA) with different probabilities.
Cryptids are custom NFT monster collectibles with their own strength and power that players can collect. Users will be able to purchase booster packs to unlock new collectibles, as well as trade and purchase some from others. More information to be posted soon.
A Freyala token in-wallet explorer and token holder list will be used for looking at transaction details, finding wallets and more.
A more polished version of Cryptids will be made available to users. Extra monsters, features and more will be included in this beta release.
A bot that can easily manage wallets, transactions, giveaways, tipping and more all on Discord. Below are examples of some possible commands:
Closing remarks You can join the Discord here to stay updated with XYA's development and interact with the community.
If you have any questions, just shoot me a message or comment down below. Super stoked about the project and am looking forward to what's to come!
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2021.05.18 08:33 SadboyHellfire Is it possible to get the all feathers in a week triumph if you've already collected all the feathers of light 2 seasons ago?

I tried getting the triumph when it came out and it didn't give it to me but I have hope that maybe now its fixed?
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2021.05.18 08:33 Longjumping-Ice-6123 Stoic habits?

What do stoics do in their everyday life that I can apply to myself?
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2021.05.18 08:33 theabsurdindian Read this chodes,I'm no BJP supporter but Left wing is fxckin smartass,clever & driven by agenda.Kejriwal is yet another commie in disguise.The guy replying is a member of AAP IT CELL

Read this chodes,I'm no BJP supporter but Left wing is fxckin smartass,clever & driven by agenda.Kejriwal is yet another commie in disguise.The guy replying is a member of AAP IT CELL submitted by theabsurdindian to Chodi [link] [comments]

2021.05.18 08:33 Hamukione How to find your next moonshot coin. (Or any potential longterm Gems)

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2021.05.18 08:33 catscience247 “Can I take the exam a day earlier? I have 2 finals that day.”

That means I’d have one less day to get the exam ready during the busiest time of the semester, so no.
Anyone else get super annoyed by these requests?
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2021.05.18 08:33 ScreaM-_- Any crits for this? I know the piece is a little dark but i didn't expect that paper to absorb the colour. I try evolving so anything is welcomed.

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2021.05.18 08:33 Bobsplosion Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft Disclaimer

Disclaimer: By the sole act of opening this book, you acknowledge your complicity in the domains-spanning conspiracy that denied me, Azalin Rex, Wizard-King of Darkon, my rightful place as both author of and cover model for what could have been so much more than this doubtful collection of lies and slanders. Fortunately, as I’ve recently found my immortality unburdened by the trivialities of rule, I have endless opportunity to pursue thorough vengeances for even the pettiest affronts. Please prepare for my coming. I expect to be quartered in the utmost comfort while we personalize your redefinition of the word “horror.”
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2021.05.18 08:33 THEICEMAN998 Be honest, how many unpainted or even untouched minis do you have?

I've got around 400-500 last I checked.... But I'll get around to it. I swear!
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2021.05.18 08:33 Apart_Competition123 Fox Business News 💕

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2021.05.18 08:33 abhishek281992 [League] Looking for 4 active players a minimum of 138/250 for our friendly global league. Overall average of the league is 140+; 575 perks per win. DM me directly.

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2021.05.18 08:33 jaesmebigboy Hello everyone would you be interested in an ANGRY BIRDS EPIC REMASTER we have concept arts of the classes, enemy's, weapons, and icons so you guys could see what were workin on join now https://discord.gg/n2vVMwyn

Hello everyone would you be interested in an ANGRY BIRDS EPIC REMASTER we have concept arts of the classes, enemy's, weapons, and icons so you guys could see what were workin on join now https://discord.gg/n2vVMwyn submitted by jaesmebigboy to angrybirds [link] [comments]

2021.05.18 08:33 jookco Major (Ret) Ernest R Wrzesinsky Death - Obituary - Cause of Death : It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Major (Ret) Ernest R Wrzesinsky . Click link to read full story.

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2021.05.18 08:33 Sufficient-Arm-4725 Join The Attic https://discord.gg/z6h2YDpJ4C

Join The Attic we're a small and friendly community with 70+ members :) what we have to offer:

  1. we have 70+ members
  2. level 1 boost
  3. all 100 emoji slots filled going from wholesome to meme emotes
  4. active staff
  5. multiple entertainment bots
  6. a well-coded moderation bot
  7. strict staff guidelines to prevent abuse of power
  8. open staff applications
  9. level system going from 10 to 100
Booster perks:
  1. A special booster role
  2. Exclusive booster section with a text channel and a voice channel.
  3. Universal image perms
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2021.05.18 08:33 ParalyzedVeteran Just an overall POS person to reconnect with.

- TL;DR . Girl I barely knew reconnects with me a few years later and ends up using people, O.D. and lies about her friend being 18, when she is actually 17.

I knew this girl several years back, I never really talked to her much. I had her added on snapchat, however I was "friends" at the time with some of the people she knew. I quit talking to all of them eventually, they were just overall not good people. At the time I didn't know her enough to realize who she really was.
Recently, I ran into somebody I used to go to high school with. Well, he ended up being friends with that girl I never really talked to, but we remembered each other when she called him over snapchat.
I should've known she was just overall bad news the first time we hang out. She drinks way too much and nearly ode's at my house, because she was also on bars (if u know, u know), I didn't know at the time she was on other stuff. I'm like whatever people get too drunk sometimes so I paid no mind.
The next time she comes over to my house, she tells me she wants to bring her friend with her that she has been friends with for awhile. I tell her straight up, if she is not 18 or older, I want nothing to do with her and she can't come over. For clearly obvious reasons. She tells me she is 18, I'm like cool, its whatever then. When the two girls come over, I directly ask them both if she is over 18. She says yes.
Lets keep in mind nearly every time she came over she would just come over to abuse substances and would puke and get super drunk and would always be in a bad mood for whatever dumb reason.
Several days later, Girl 1 comes over by herself and we're hanging out. My roommate is home in the kitchen playing poker with one of his people in the kitchen. I decide to go to my room for a little quietness and to get away from all the cigarette smoke. She decides to come into my room to get away from them. She sits on my bed and I'm in the chair and we're talking or whatever just chilling. She decides to leave my room a bit later and ends up leaving in a bad mood. At like 2 am she decides to text my roommate.
The next day she and the "18" year old friend comes over and before they came over my roommate is showing my friends this text message somebody sent him saying "oh should I tell him about it". I basically already knew it was about me, but not the context. (I take most the things he says with a grain of salt anyways.). All four of us, me, my one boy and the 2 girls go into my room. Me and him decide to watch Naruto. While girl one lays on the bed and girl two is laying on the floor, both of them on their phone talking to each other. I'm in my chair and my boy is standing next to me. They start complaining about what was on, but also not even paying attention to whatever else was put on after. Pretty much complaining just to complain. At this point I'm like yeah these girls need to go and I was getting tired of dealing with them already. So I just quit talking to her. My roommate shows me the text message she sent, it read:
"..Yeah, OP was really pissing me off, so I left. He was getting to close to me". I'm like alright cool, another reason for her to not come around. How are you gonna get mad at me for you coming into my room willingly? Yeah ok.
Me and Girl 1 didn't talk for awhile, she ends up sending me a long ass message saying how she has no beef with me and that she hasn't messaged me due to her phone not working or whatever and how she doesn't want people talking crap behind her back. Meanwhile, the entire time she is messaging my roommate behind my back about me. While at the same time talking all this shit about my roommate and how she's gonna rob/shoot him. I just ignore her, she's just all talk.
Girl 1 and her "18" y/o friend. starts hanging out with bunch of people I know. Both of them going to the bars, 18 y/o being snuck in. Girl 1 going over to people's houses to ode and inviting people she knows to somebody else's house that she was invited to and has to be literally dragged out the house, because she doesn't wanna leave and she's like hitting away the dude that's trying to help her off the ground. Her and one of my close female friend's end up becoming buddy buddy. Boy did that not last long at all. While Girl 1 was at my house she used to like to brag and show off photos of all her dad's old guns that she will hopefully never inherit. Well they end up getting into a fight. due to how she was and Girl 1 decides to act all tough saying how she's gonna come through with the heat to. She so fake she ends up spreading around my female friend's snapchat to her story, having a ton of people harass her and ends up posting my address too on her story I ended up finding out.
It turns out that Girl 1's friend is actually 17. She straight up lied to my face from the very beginning. When they both came over the first time. It's completely sickening to me that she stepped foot inside my house while lying directly to my face. If something happened, to that 17 y/o, thank god it didn't. I couldn't Imagine where any of us would be at and we all managed to just cut her off.

Thanks for reading my 3 am, more of a rant about a horrible POS human.
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2021.05.18 08:33 monoslim Is Bill Gates a scumbag? Why or why not?

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2021.05.18 08:33 ozgurunlu Is a new & better & more fun Football game (FUT mode) possible at this stage?

Hey all,
In ultimate Team, we all know that FIFA has a lot of issues like DDA, laggy servers, really horrible pack weight at this stage and EA is focused only on the revenue right now instead of fixing those problems for the players.
Most of us play the ultimate team mode to build nice teams with players we like and generally enjoy football but currently the game is more like an addiction-inducing casino at this stage where you spend hours and hours to build a mediocre team (and pay for packs for some) only to get frustrated most of the times due to gameplay & mechanics.

So I was wondering if a new ultimate team- style game is possible by indie developers that focuses on:
- better physics engine
- much better pack weight (that focuses on making the players happy, not making EA happy)
- A different skill moves mechanic that imitates real life.

It will not happen in a few months obviously but with a good developer team and some investment can that be a reality in 1-2 years or is EA too big to take on right now?

What do you think?
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2021.05.18 08:33 ggvoxo Kyrin Carter

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2021.05.18 08:33 DenOfDeals Glokers Dessert Cups, 5.5 Ounce Ice Cream Bowl or Sundae Cup, Clear Glass Tumblers Including Long Handle Stainless Steel Sundae Spoons, Set of 6 Each — 💲 $29.99 (42% off) 💲 [D40]

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2021.05.18 08:33 omegaman808state I just saw a posting from Derek Zoolander

....lol anyone else see this?
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2021.05.18 08:33 kajalboob Priya Prakash Varrier Nipslip

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2021.05.18 08:33 Picture-Important Когато си дезоориентиран

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2021.05.18 08:33 fractureducrane My very first level 90 character. Started in october

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2021.05.18 08:33 Anthonpop09 22 [M4F] France / Online looking for a girl to text and have fun

Hello girls ! I’m Anthony 22yo, I’m looking for a girl to text, spend time, have fun and why not a relationship if we match.
I’m tall and fit, white with black hair… I’m student in architectural univerty, I like go out, travel, sports and a lot of other things …
If you are interested you can send me a message.
See you soon…
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