Go! Warrior cat name for Lily? Apprentice aged |

Warrior cat name for Lily? Apprentice aged

2021.05.18 07:49 ichliebecars Warrior cat name for Lily? Apprentice aged

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2021.05.18 07:49 yamchah3 How can I put a git server (using HTTP) and cgit behind caddy?

I'm trying to play around with using a git server + cgit as a replacement for gitea since gitea is pretty overkill for my use case.
What I want is this:
git.domain points to cgit. like git.domain/myrepo
The part I'm struggling with is having a git server also listen at that same url so that I can push/pull over HTTP(s) at the same url that cgit shows me.
I've tried to use separate cgit and git server containers, but I'm not sure how to differentiate the requests to the right container to make git push work.
I'm imagining I have to write my own docker image with like nginx to serve git repos and cgit at the same time? I have 0 experience with nginx so I'm pretty lost. Resources I'm able to find talk about installing nginx for either cgit or to serve repos but not both together.
All my stuff is running in docker (including caddy).
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2021.05.18 07:49 nanawhite1071 15.99$ Strappy Tie Crisscross Halter Crop Top for US testers!

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2021.05.18 07:49 kjfdeath20 I don't even remember what number I am...

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2021.05.18 07:49 himanshusingh23556 I won 3 lottery games

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We hope you are making good money by purchasing lottery tickets.
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2021.05.18 07:49 last-virgin-living What is the one opinion someone's had of you that you carried for years?

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2021.05.18 07:49 ensluck [NFT News] Fox, 'Rick & Morty' creator plan a blockchain and NFT-enabled animated series

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2021.05.18 07:49 HeyItsBertby Nier: Replicant with Bertby [3] GRANNY RAGE Had alot of fun editing this, go out and get this game Now!

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2021.05.18 07:49 frz-s Lotion that worked but SD came back as soon as I stopped using it

Has anybody have any experience using NF Propysalic lotion ?
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2021.05.18 07:49 Homaosapian Why is this the proposed solution to every problem

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2021.05.18 07:49 AelaTheHuntress69 Big yawn!

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2021.05.18 07:49 savefiles Savefiles #51

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2021.05.18 07:49 iLife87 It is now clear to me that Doge is going to keep rising but....

It will be controlled from here on out. Doge is becoming stable but it seems as if bots are buying and selling within a tight band. I believe the range that they will continue to do this in, will slowly rise over time. Don't get frustrated!
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2021.05.18 07:49 TheNerdyDevYT Styling Forms in CSS & Adding a Shine Effect to Button using CSS Transitions

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2021.05.18 07:49 Inner_Expert5367 “Monthly”

Next to all the servers it says monthly. Does this mean monthly wipe or monthly bp wipe.
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2021.05.18 07:49 cadiac_tao MadameFigaro's Interview | 封面故事 | INTO1: 少年意气 (05-18-2021)

MadameFigaro's Interview | 封面故事 | INTO1: 少年意气 (05-18-2021) Click here
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2021.05.18 07:49 cryptomoneymr1 📈📈📈LIMITLESS COIN - just launched - NO LIMITS FOR THIS COIN / locked LP🔒🔒🔒

Wow, when I saw this token, I was so excited to share it with u guys! If SafeMoon wasn't enough for you, how about a literal Gen 2? It just launched !! Get ready because we are heading to the Mars !!!! (can't believe I'm finally early!)⚡️💯⚠️
📈Buy here:
📈Verified Contract:
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2021.05.18 07:49 nycttophy Aggressive cockatiel. Please help!

Hey, guys. This will be a little long, so please bear with me.
So, I have a 3 and a half years old cockatiel, that I have since he was 6 months old. I took him from a pet shop, so he wasn't handfed, but little by little I gained his trust and he started coming to me, eating from my hand, singing, etc. Basically, he was never super affectionate, but after a year or so, he finally let me pet him and he was really enjoying it. He was coming for scritches and kisses and so on. This continued for some time but after a few months, he stopped letting me pet him. He was still coming to my hand for food - no problem with that at any time, but every time I tried to reach for him without it, he would hiss at me.
I have always tried to be patient with him but with time his behavior has been getting worse.
Fast forward to now, he has never been this aggressive. He is still eating from my hand, but only that. Overall, he looks happy - sings, dances, eats, plays with his toys, etc. I understand that he may be this aggressive because these days he is really hormonal - he "scratches" his tail really often, so I tried to understand why. Basically, he had a scarf, covering part of the cage, and he was really attached to one of his toys that was in the corner of the cage. I read that this could lead to nesting behavior, so I removed the scarf and switched the toys. But since then, he has been even worse. He hisses, bites in a way, that either leaves blood or a bruise, he lunges at me when I walk near him, he screams - you get the idea.
As I am mostly home, his cage is always open. He doesn't have access to mirrors (he did before, but that was a long time ago), I am feeding him with high-quality pellets, he has toys, he is always in the same room with me, so we can interact anytime.
I have tried building his trust again - giving him food from my hand, talking to him, but this has given no effect at any time, and honestly - I am really fed up with all this. I have always tried to give him the best care, read books about cockatiels, watched videos, stayed home so he can have more hours with me, educated myself so he can be a truly happy bird and I know he is just a bird - he doesn't understand any of that, but I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't understand what I am doing wrong and how I can change any of that. He is just getting worse.
As you can see, I am kind of desperate, so I would appreciate any kind of advice. Thanks!
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2021.05.18 07:49 VidLocker Watch Army of the Dead (2021) Online

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2021.05.18 07:49 prismatika_on_tumblr Cowgirl by In Shoo (2021)

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2021.05.18 07:49 TheHempel Huh?

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2021.05.18 07:49 purplepurpl i’m bored all the time i need a hobby

suggestions? summer is around the corner and i don’t want to sit inside all day and play video games or masturbate so i need something productive to do
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2021.05.18 07:49 MjBranch Some sketches of my girl Amber

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2021.05.18 07:49 disapp0inting I find my essay pages just as satisfying as they are unreadable

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2021.05.18 07:49 affo_ What content does the 4k upscaling work with?

TLDR: Does the upscaling function work with 1080p movies in Streaming service apps?
I've been looking for replacing my Chromecast Ultra. And all my roads leads down to the Shield Pro. So I would like some buyers advice.
From what I've understand the Nvidia Shield has the best 4k upscaling. I watch a lot of Google Play/Youtube-movies, Disney+, and Amazon Prime movies that are "HD" (720-1080p). Does the 4k scaling work with these "official copyrighted movies"?
Why I'm asking is because on my LG CX the "AI Picture PRO" (which I guess is the upscaling function) states that it doesn't work on copyrighted content. And I can't notice any difference when I turn it on and off, it doesn't matter if it's some random YouTube video or a "official movie" in a streaming service app.
Side question:
Btw, is it easy to "stream" your own games? What are your experiences? I don't care about input lag, just that it's stable and good quality. Is it limited somehow? I play a lot of modded games (4k@60hz) with alternative launchers. How do you launch a game? E.g. I play Xcom 2 right now with an unofficial launcher (AML). Is that possible?
All tips much appreciated. Thx!
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