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Theory on why kris is blue

2021.05.18 09:20 your_local_chad Theory on why kris is blue

So everyone knows kris turns blue but we don’t really know why, it must mean something right??
So everything in the dark world is based of kris (and susies) imagination which means that you could argue that everything about the dark world reflects their subconscious. This could maybe mean that kris and susie change their appearance for seemingly no apparent reason because that’s what they want to look like. Or at least what their subconscious wants to look like.
I mean it’s probably not a stretch to say that susie would totally wear spiked armbands and a ripped sleeveless jacket around in the real world if she could without her looking really out of place. The fact that susie says that “she doesn’t know where she got an axe but she likes it” is more evidence of The subconscious theory. Because isn’t it a bit specific to give her a battle axe instead of just another sword and shield? Her hair being purple might reflect the fact that she wants to show people her true self but she’s afraid to express herself.
Now going by this theory kris being blue actually makes a lot of sense. Kris grew up around monster all of their life, they even believed they were one at one point. I can imagine being the only human in a town populated entirely of monsters would make you feel a bit out of place. Them being blue might reflect the fact that they deep down in their subconscious wish they were a monster. They wish to be more like their family, their brother and the people around them.
That’s just a theory though—-
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2021.05.18 09:20 Honey_Apples_ this a truly cultured group

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2021.05.18 09:20 aaptel 2 bedrooms + 1 living room + balcony apartment around 30mn away from central London for under 2000£: is it realistic?

I'm trying to evaluate how much rent would I pay for such apartment. My estimation is 2000£ all included. What would be an "average" price for a 2 bedrooms + 1 living room + balcony apartment 30-40mn away from central London for you?
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2021.05.18 09:20 aksri198 What is Data Fabric?

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2021.05.18 09:20 throwawaythisone4455 Today I graduated with Masters

A huge middle finger to you MS! You will not stop me.
Keep fighting the good fight, friends.
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2021.05.18 09:20 XxBluexPotatoXX Trading LF-upgrades, no pot turtles croc and rhino [ i dont offer!]

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2021.05.18 09:20 SzegedNewsBotka Vásárhelyen is Jonssonnal és Modernával oltanak a héten a háziorvosok

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2021.05.18 09:20 Interesting_Gur7061 😂😂😂😂

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2021.05.18 09:20 baldfoodjunkie Double Fried Egg Banjo

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2021.05.18 09:20 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.05.18 09:20 mithrandir1864 Doing my part for the gold freighter

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2021.05.18 09:20 tom_couls_2002 My package will be delivered in the past

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2021.05.18 09:20 my-life-sucks-_- What happens if you put a PS5 game in a PS3

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2021.05.18 09:20 addicted2pepsi XQC CAUGHT IN 4K HD TV BLUE-RAY VHS

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2021.05.18 09:20 matthieu-cocteau Ajax chunks

Some pages on our site are built by calling small pieces of content in Ajax. The problem I'm having is that Google is crawling all those little chunks that have its own url : /domain /review/ajax /ajaxID.
These URLs that are unnecessary are crawled a lot and this represents a significant volume. What is the best solution: Blocking in robots.tx, but I don't like blocking URLs - even unnecessary ones - which have already been crawled by Google. X-Robots noindex on these little pieces ? Redirect 301 to the page that has this little piece of content - (but I find that a bit abusive)
Thank you
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2021.05.18 09:20 Sleepesly [Vauban] For your consideration... Vauban

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2021.05.18 09:20 DashingMadison I bought some $1.00 items at the dollar store today

A pack of cinnamon gum
A hair brush
A bottle of lavender nail polish
A super ball
An ice tray shaped like UFOs
A romance novel
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2021.05.18 09:20 ShalondaGoodreau I love round butts and I cannot lie...

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2021.05.18 09:20 kissthesadnessaway Need help in choosing a build!

Hi! I'm a new PC builder when it comes to these things, and so I appreciate your guidance if I have done the right thing. I want a medium gaming PC na budget-friendly, at hindi rin kailangan na kaya ng high quality. Basta maganda sa mata.

Games I have played:

  1. C&C games
  2. FEAR 1-2
  3. Crysis
  4. Telltales Games Episodic Series
  5. Mass Effect 1-2
  6. Far Cry 2
  7. Fallout 3
  8. Fallout New Vegas
  9. Batman Arkham Asylum
  10. Assassin's Creed
  11. The Long Dark
  12. Rainbow Six Vegas 2
  13. The Walking Dead
  14. Portal 2
  15. Constantine
  16. Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy
  17. Call of Duty World at War
  18. 18. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1-3
  19. Call of Duty Black Ops
  20. Sims 2-3
  21. L.A. Noire
  22. Godfather II
  23. Company of Heroes
  24. Metro 2033
  25. Dishonored
  26. DmC: Devil May Cry
  27. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  28. Outlast
  29. Dragon Age Origins

Games on my wishlist:
  1. Witcher 3
  2. Skyrim
  3. A Plague Tale: Innocence
  4. Life is Strange series
  5. Dragon Age 2 and above
  6. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2
  7. Nier Automata
  8. Bioshock series
  9. Tomb Raider series
  10. Remember Me
  11. The Forest
  12. Subnautica
  13. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  14. Pathologic 2
  15. What Remains of Edith Finch
  16. The First Tree
  17. Lost Ember
  18. Journey
  19. Heavy Rain
  20. Beyond: Two Souls
  21. Star Wars series
  22. Detroit: Become Human
  23. Stranded Deep
  24. Dead by Daylight
  25. Eco
  26. Surviving Mars
  27. Quantum Break
  28. Bermuda: Lost Survival
  29. Control Ultimate Edition
  30. Endzone — A World Apart
  31. Tell Me Why
  32. A Way Out
  33. In Silence
  34. Metro Exodus
  35. Outward
So far, nakakita ako na may bundle na GPU, so ayun na sana ang pipiliin ko?
Hindi ko lang alam diyan kung alin ang mas maganda. Should I opt for another GPU that's higher than this? D: I was also thinking i5-10400 ang core. Would that also be viable for the games I'd played, and would like to play? But then how about the graphics? Basing from my research, 4GB of RAM may not be enough.
Mas maganda ba na bibili na lang ako ng CPU and mobo bundle tapos hanap na lang ako ng GPU?
White casing ang trip ko sana, and white lights, not RGB. Hindi ko na alam ang pipiliin sa RAM at PSU. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng sasagot. 💞
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2021.05.18 09:20 SAtechnewsbot Government sued over Cuban engineers

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2021.05.18 09:20 Sajouk H: List of decent/good weapons, willing to bundle some W: looking for Tattered Field Jacket

aa/33/90 Crossbow aa/e/250 .44 pistol aa/50/25 Western revolver aa/e/1a DB shotgun b/25/25 AGL b/e/15v Handmade b/50l/15r Fixer b/33/25 10mm pistol f/50/25 Lever Action i/e/15v Western revolver j/e/90 Western revolver mu/50/15v Tommygun (with the buff coming) q/25/250 Tesla q/e/15v Western revolver v/e/1p Pump action
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2021.05.18 09:20 SAtechnewsbot Hotline opens for COVID-19 vaccine registration

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2021.05.18 09:20 ZoeyTheBNHAsHipER Bakugou is obsess with kirishima's this pose 🤜🤛

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2021.05.18 09:20 antdude “Mario didn’t hesitate . QOTD:Y’all rockin wit Mario⁉️ …”

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2021.05.18 09:20 Jacob6934 Another Potential Launch Opportunity For You! I present to you: $Chromium! LAUNCHING IN 10 MINUTES!!

Chromium is the next BIG THING! This will be EVERYONE’S opportunity to get back at the crypto giants that are ruining the markets. Everyone has been taking heavy losses but here is an opportunity for US ALL to profit. Our coin will be launching at 08:30 GMT so come and JOIN US BELOW!!
Telegram: https://t.me/Chromium_Token 🎯
Chromium is a new community token that will go on sale at 08:30 GMT today! The token is owned by the community as the devs will renounce it! Developers hold no tokens and the contract is safe and open to the public! Feel free to go through it yourselves as it’s always best to do your due diligence.
Our token is fair launch, contract verified, ownership renounced, liquidity burned, and low market cap. The dev team has a plan for future development & a solid marketing plan and research!
How To Buy and Participate?
Our token will be on PancakeSwap V2!
We recommend the slippage to be at least 12%.
-Total supply: 100,000
- 3% fee auto add to the liquidity pool to be locked forever when selling
· 3% fee auto distribute to all holders
- 3% fee goes to charity wallet
- 2% fee goes to marketing and dev wallet
· 50% supply burnt on start
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