2021.05.18 08:39 thedogsmeeow More LIGHTNING

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2021.05.18 08:39 BhaswatiGuha19 Taiwan, Previously A Success Story In Handling Covid-19, Is Facing An Alarming Outbreak: What Went Wrong?

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2021.05.18 08:39 ThomasB2004 Game Freezes When I Travel To Fortune Island

Whenever I Go to the travel point on the main map or either fast travel my game still doesn't work. By " doesn't work", I mean I get the option panel to choose to go to Fortune Island but when I click yes the game's loading screen doesn't show up and the game's ui (like the speedo, map, etc.) disappear and I'm left with me still looking at my car. The game doesn't freeze though because other ai cars pass me but I can't control anything.
If anyone knows a fix please suggest it thx.
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2021.05.18 08:39 brown_sea What did Cassie mean by "I stopped eating then everyone had to do what I said"?

That phrase still boggles me. As someone with an ED, I don't see how she could control people like that simply by not eating. My family is pretty negligent, same as hers, and if I stop eating people just go on with their lives so what is she talking about?
Neither her friends seemed to care enough to go out of their ways to do what she said just because she wasn't eating. Most are ignoring her ED altogether, Michelle considers her a crazy bitch because of it.
Was there ever an instance in the show where she manipulated people by not eating? The only thing that comes to my mind was when she told Sid that she hasn't eaten in three days prior to their date, maybe she said it to get him to change his mind about canceling and come to the date? I always thought that was just a genuine thinking out loud moment, not a manipulation technique but even if it was a way of controlling him, it's not like she succeeded so the quote still wouldn't hold true.
What do you think?
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2021.05.18 08:39 pmo81888 Will YG disband one of their groups for the new girl group?

YG has just confirmed that they will be debuting a new girl group later this year. However, they have never had more than one girl group before.
In the past, they've disbanded 2NE1 shortly after Blackpink's debut due to scandal and Minzy's departure. However, I think they might break their rule this time. Blackpink is much needed considering their financial situation. I feel there's possibility it may be a boy group this time.
Winner has yet to renew their contracts which is expiring in a few months. iKON is highly dependent on B.I . They are struggling without his producing skills. Bigbang has been on hiatus nearly 6 years due to Burning Sun scandal.
It'll be interesting to see how they'll go about add another group to their lineup.
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2021.05.18 08:39 Key_Flight1891 The irony of it all

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2021.05.18 08:39 MrJTwhatchugotforme Unpopular opinion: Maimai's feelings have been real from the get go

Just rewatched the BGND:
Unpopular opinion, but I really think Maimai's feelings have been real from the get go, not entirely thinking about her ratings or how she looks from the outside. She was mainly directed by her emotions.
She came into the house, being interested in Tecchan based on her preference for submissive/awkward personalities. However, when she noticed that he is not that awkward/submissive during the surfing trip as she thought, she lost interest. Which is a normal switch in interest. It's like being catfished. You think you have an idea based on the profile (or TV show) and when you meet them in person, they are not what you think they were. They are not your preference.
Why would someone that is only there for ratings lose interest in the most loved character? This would totally destroy her image and music career? So next thing Tecchan and Maimai did was, they went on a very wholesome date that ended with fireworks. Brownie points for Tecchan.
Now here is the kicker: We know she is from a very sheltered upbringing, and she has not had real contact with guys, or went on dates, while growing up in her teens, or maybe she didn't even had a lot of female friends as well. So when she was complementing Yosuke (and his photography) or Daiki, it was not because she was showing romantic interest in them or to make Tecchan jealous, but she was just genuinely fascinated by the things they did (because she was a sheltered girl growing up and she just blurts out her fascination, why shouldnt she do it?). She does not really know how to read the room or how her actions might make people (Tecchan) feel jealous or might make Yosuke think that she likes him (romantically) because she was not really around groups of people because of her sheltered rich upbringings.
So when Tecchan, (who Maimai had an interest with from the beginning, but who does not seem too submissive/awkward as she thought he would be) makes kissy kissy flirty jokes with his housemates, and Maimai being her sheltered black & white life, following her emotions, she just skipped the jealousy part and went straight to romantic feelings disappearing towards Tecchan. Again, not really worrying about her career because why would she break something good with the most loved character, but just following her emotions. It would end her career, and this would not be smart.
But then when Tecchan started becoming the caring housemember towards her, while everyone else was against her, her heart started fluttering again and she started liking him again. Again, just following her emotions and not her ratings.
I think Maimai's "fake" image is present due to the commentators that play a big role in the audience's opinions. As you can see from Boss, he seems (from other bonus videos) like a very pleasant person to be around and the other housemates liked him a lot and dont think he was that creepy, but the commentars make a big deal out of his creepiness, and the editor's mainly show is unpleasant side and take out the bonus (good sides) of him which makes him a good TV villain.
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2021.05.18 08:39 SmirkingStrawberry Another one bites the dust: Fashion brand TEMT leaving Singapore after 8 years; closing sales now on

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2021.05.18 08:39 maswinduu Sonder/Brent Faiyez - What you Heard (a lofi remix)

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2021.05.18 08:39 TTIPOR Rassie = (Sachin / 2) + (Sachin / 2)

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2021.05.18 08:39 AlcoholicTurtle36 What Irish meme/joke was flogged like a dead horse to the point where it wasn’t funny anymore?

First time I saw the Teresa Mannion thing, I thought it was funny. By the end it was just cringey
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2021.05.18 08:39 Zombieassassin12 does the grenade launcher rebuff mod work for others?

can i use it as a pseudo void grenade debug which i can’t remember the name of?
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2021.05.18 08:39 HEL-MELK-ELSKER The best milk

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2021.05.18 08:39 ShroomDilletanteBJJ Burma stained glass with the help of Sporebeez!

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2021.05.18 08:39 scarfacepro Online Debacle

Anyone ever have their FB or any other social media post be misconstrued? My story; I posted a quote that says "Life is not fair" and my boss emailede and said it was unprofessional behavior. Thoughts?
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2021.05.18 08:39 -rare-ra My experience

Ok, this is a long one that I’ve been waiting to write until I got through most of my withdrawals. Like everyone of you I was prescribed citalopram. Last November I was experiencing anxiety that at the time was the highest level of I’ve dealt with. I was taking far too many Ativan when my doctor whom I had a great relationship with suggested I take a 10mg antidepressant (citalopram) daily until the upset in my life had passed enough to deal without the aid of meds at all. Trusting my doctor I was on board and ready to throw myself in it fully. I was very unaware about the rollercoaster I was about to immerse in, and let me tell you... had I known the full effects and stories I would’ve stayed far far away from the drug and just quit my anxiety inducing job and meditated or some crap.
Month 1: terrible migraines, extreme exhaustion, inability to get out of bed, constant irritability, a new found depression (where did that come from?) didn’t work out anymore (doctor told me it would give me more motivation to have done so) zero tummy cues to hunger or fullness. I would go days without eating and somedays would eat enough for three days in one sitting. I had caffeine like rushes/jitters that were so extreme I’d be sweating like I ran a marathon sitting at work. First weekend alone I slept almost 30 hours and could not keep my eyes open for long. I spoke to my dr and she said keep going. They will subside.
Month 2: she was right symptoms did subside. In fact they got better. For reference I took mine in the morning, I would feel the pill ‘kick in’ around 8:30-9 am after I took it at 7. At this time I was really beginning to see the light. Still didn’t workout, any extra energy I had was eliminated but I didn’t have any anxiety and my stomach hungefull cues worked again. My migraines were gone but I felt a constant pressure in my head. At this point was beginning to gain weight due to zero energy. For reference prior to my antidepressants and anxiety I worked out every day. To be fair it was also Christmas season and I mean. BAKED GOODS AND TURKEY. Oh yes I had also completely lost all sex drive and my humour and personality but I also lost my anxiety and I could breath normally again and I was like ya these pills are working. We’re all GGGG. Then.....
Month 3: my bottle of 10mg ran out. Quick pharmacy call and I’m picking up my new bottle of sweat inducehead pressure/anxiety ridding pills. Next morning pop one in and head to work. BAM. Migraines all over, dizzy, sick, nauseous, can’t concentrate, feel like I drank 19 energy drinks. This continues for another two weeks. Can’t open my eyes laying for twelve hour increments on the couch. Boyfriend thinks I may be dead.
Month 4: symptoms beginning to reside. I reach for my pill bottle off my shelf, knock it over pick it up to confirm it’s my antidepressants and am SHOCKED to read it saying 20mg. The pharmacy filled and DOUBLED my antidepressants without me knowing. At that moment it all clicks with the symptoms. Quick call and got an ‘I’m sorry we normally catch those things’ says the pharmacist... oh good well I’m glad it was only me and not a life threatening drug...quick call to my dr for advice and I’m told ‘well you’re adjusted to it now stay on 20mg until you’re ready to come off’ *sidenote-it was at this moment I started loosing chunks and chunks of hair unaware for another month until I was so thinned out I could feel the air conditioner from my car on my scalp. Somehow the chunks in my brush didn’t alert me until later.
Month 4-5: hair is half of the thickness it should be. I am very easily agitated, getting in daily fights with my boyfriend. No sex, heaviest I’ve been. A shell of who I once was, I completely didn’t recognize myself and my family and friends couldn’t either (side note they were there for me through thick and thin literally lol)(love them to pieces) and this is when I’ve noticed how thin my hair has become. I call my dr go see her explain I’m done, I can’t do this anymore. This has ruined my life and at the time thought this is the worst I’d feel for the entire journey. I taper back town to 10mg. Doing ok first few days, then I get some head dizzies and zappies. Completely shocked and no idea what’s going on. Some electric shock sensations. Migraines, all of it repeating again except I’m angry. Soo angry. If someone called my my name twice at work I would almost snap. I can’t believe how aggressive I was acting. I scared myself. Dr instructions was to then taper down to 10mg every other day for 10 days and stop completely. Now when I tell you I thought I was dying I actually thought I was. I forgot how to talk, my brain would go completely blank when trying to speak a sentence. Couldn’t remember words, my own name. Imagine that while trying to focus at work. I was so scared and I was sure I had suffered a stroke. I couldn’t walk without being so dizzy I almost fainted. I actually checked myself into emerge. I was terrified. I’m still suffering from dizziness to this day and it’s been four weeks. Another symptom I experienced which I am only realizing now is extreme muscle stiffness. I was suffering from so much back pain and neck pain, seeing a massage therapist for the first time in my life regularly Ao I can just withstand the muscle cramps. My dr put me on muscle relaxers which didn’t help. I have jaw pain now from clenching my teeth so bad daily, I have my back teeth that I can tell have suffered bruxism from clenching and grinding in my sleep(I work in dental and this is a medical thing)My relationship has ended from the stress this has taken on me and for how absolutely crazy I was acting (can’t blame the poor guy) I had ear issues resulting from my tmj pressure. These are just some symptoms and I’m finding out about more each day.
Today: I will tell you right now if I was even the slightest bit predisposed and informed of how much my life would be ruined by that small little pill I would have never started. Of course the doubling of my meds contributed to the worst of these side effects but this is something NO ONE is talking about. We as patients and human beings NEED all the facts. Good and bad so WE can weigh out our options. I don’t care if it’s a ‘rare side effect’ b**** I wanna know so I can make an informed decision. I’m getting my happiness back, my weight is dropping, my mood is improving, I can talk with no brain fog, I still get dizzy and electric zappies but minimal now. My back pain is gone, muscle stiffness gone, jaw pain still present and teeth ache still but my ear stiffness is gone. I AM FINALLY WORMING OUT AGAIN!!! I’m getting there but this has been the worst experience I have ever gone through. So my message to those that have read this far is please please PLEASE be informed about what you are putting in your body. Know ALL OF THE RISKS. Do your research. Know there are other alternatives and this isn’t some holistic journey crap post (but seriously try breathing exercises because it kinda works and is helping me) I’m not saying antidepressants don’t help anyone but for a girl who only had very mild anxiety that flared up because I worked for cruella devil in the flesh. It wasn’t worth it and side side side note ***** I’m switching drs***** I love you all and if you need to talk I’m here for you. This has been a very humbling experience and just know if you’re experiencing any of this you’re not alone.
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2021.05.18 08:39 Hazelberry Camera Issues

Hi I've been trying to get into the game but I'm experiencing weird camera issues that are making it really hard. The camera "skips" when moving around, like it'll suddenly jump farther over, and nothing I have tried has fixed it.
What I've tried so far includes: vsync on and off, forcing vsync settings through nvidia, running at different resolutions (i have a 4k monitor, have tried running at native 4k and 1080p both scaled and windowed), adjusting various graphics settings, adjusting my framerate cap, and adjusting my mouse sensitivity and polling rate.
The only one of the above methods that seemed to do anything at all was adjusting the polling rate but it only showed a noticeable difference at the ridiculously low rate of 125 Hz which is waaaay below most mice.
Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix it? I really like what I've been able to play despite the camera problems but it really makes it tiresome having to deal with my camera constantly skipping around.
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2021.05.18 08:39 Pattern-Shot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJYp82HOJW8

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2021.05.18 08:39 Snake_fairyofReddit Sunflowers at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company !! So pretty 🌻🌻

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2021.05.18 08:39 TiktokLove09 i need help deciphering this line of text ive been trying for hours but haven't gotten anywhere thanks in advance

4p0LmnxbMDmz0FX3 TmWTWnb1sY5YpHFx 1Of4NrVBeu3iKpi1​

heres the cipher
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2021.05.18 08:39 crypto_freak01 #CARTESI# 🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥#

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2021.05.18 08:39 sharfpang Just a typical morning on an average technical minecraft server

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2021.05.18 08:39 Wafer_Fluffy2 I didn’t really think about it and just went and bought puppy bee bc he was the last event bee, bad choice or no?

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2021.05.18 08:39 crossroadie666 Bad posture is the worst thing that can happen to you

Some of the things that are bad
You don't even know you have it while everything stares at you.
Even if you know it, you don't know.how to fix it.
Even ifnyou know how to fix it, you might be fixing it the wrong way.
Even after doing everything's correctly it might take a long time to fix it.
Reverting to bad posture is easy.
Side effects of bad poster - pain mainly in hips , legs , back , neck , asymmetry, dizziness , a general sense.of not being well, liniting effect on physical activities .
My solution is to have an ai program scan the body from head to toe. Then it comes up with a fully body suit like a scuba diving suit. The suite intention is to correctbyour stance. When at home you just wear it and practice good postures. The ai program reevaluated every 3 months and altersbte suit design. This cam bebdone by adding or reducing blocks in the suit which alternator stance.
May someone take this idea and implement it. They will make billions and help people. This idea is my contribution to the posture world.
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2021.05.18 08:39 Brainless_Gamer Scheduled charging for LineageOS

Is there a way to get something similar to Asus's scheduled charging (which makes the battery charge at a slower rate so that it's at 100 at a specified time which helps battery life and prevents power wastage) on LineageOS? I am running magisk so root solutions are welcome.
(For mods: I'm not asking for a feature just asking for alternatives)
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