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Come play 😁

2021.05.18 08:17 Anthony_Varrechia143 Come play 😁

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2021.05.18 08:17 Hello_Reddit2020 Met a religious Karen 3 days ago

Yep y'all read the title right i was thinking if i should post this here at the end i decided to yolo it. I was just walking around my local store when my phone ring:
My friend:yo [my name] wanna join me in the church?
Me:you know that im atheist right?
My friend:wait your atheist??
Me: thought i told you
And then we keep talking till my friend told me he have something to do then i hang up. I didn't know that there a women behind me looks 30 but is 40
Karen:hey i overheard your conversation are u actually atheist?
Karen:my son got brainwashed by those atheist i guess u are too. Atheist are bad so considered believing in jesus
Me:thanks i guess but im not a bad atheist if u don't disrespect me I don't disrespect you please don't just book by its cover.
Karen:ugh... Y'all atheist are just the same you guys think that jesus isn't real and insult him
Me:im pretty sure that the bible have said don't disrespect someone because of their believe? If ur truly a Christian you wouldn't have judge me without even knowing me
Karen:ught whatever walks away
I walk away also and nothing really happened i just continue with my life and do my casual routine
Moral of the story:this people is what we called "the people that wanted to see the world burn" do not judge book by its a cover and any Christian out there do u think that the Karen action is considered as "christian action"?
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2021.05.18 08:17 Press-F1 GUYSSS, I just bought an RTX 3090

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2021.05.18 08:17 postmastern Прохождение CAPTCHA потребовало 500 лет жизни человечества

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2021.05.18 08:17 raphacc What is Website Design Strategy?

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2021.05.18 08:17 spankmathews Just Finished up this dancy electronic track

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2021.05.18 08:17 johnrock001 Top 10 Anticipated Anime Spring 2021

Top 10 Anticipated Anime Spring 2021 - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-anticipated-anime-spring-2021/
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2021.05.18 08:17 Actual_Pomegranate26 Looking for 3 people that are planning on being long term customers.

All 3 party people left visible so you know I am solid. Come join my team!!
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2021.05.18 08:17 Synthizen Recruiting for clan lol Ether Drift. All welcome! Let’s get ready for VOG! Send Syn-Demo_01 a message on psn if you’d like.

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2021.05.18 08:17 outlawisbacc Why didn't Giorno assist in part 6?

They would've stood a chance against Pucci.
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2021.05.18 08:17 Sweet_Ad06 Web Scrappers for various websites

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2021.05.18 08:17 Wizbang88 “What Level Should I Be At By Now?” - A Rough Guide For BP Level Progression - Week 10

Chapter 2, Season 6 "Primal" - 18/05/2021 (20 Days Left)

Date BP Day Min Pace to hit 100 Min Pace to hit 225
18/05/2021 64 76 172
19/05/2021 65 78 174
20/05/2021 66 79 177
21/05/2021 67 80 180
22/05/2021 68 81 182
23/05/2021 69 82 185
24/05/2021 70 84 188

An explanation; Towards the end of C2S5, there were a lot of posts in this sub with players noting how they were under levelled to complete specific goals on the battle pass.
To try and help prevent that from happening again, I built a spreadsheet to keep track of how many days were left in the season, how many levels per day were needed to complete the BP, and how many levels per day were needed to unlock the max level rewards.
So to hit Level 100 and complete the battle pass in the course of 84 days, a player would need to progress at a rate of at least 1.18 levels per day. For players looking to hit max rewards at Level 225 (according to latest information, subject to change), they would need to progress at a rate of at least 2.67 levels per day.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that this is just taken as a mean average of the levels per day required to hit a specific goal and does not reflect the exact XP curve in game. The accuracy will improve as the season progresses, but please only treat these values as the bare minimum required to hit the respective level goals on the last day of the season.
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2021.05.18 08:17 Turbulent_Scholar_36 A Fool And His Hard Earned Wealth Are Soon Parted.

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2021.05.18 08:17 tinkerbell2678 I should start in 10 minutes

but will I
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2021.05.18 08:17 SonicErAzOr The night came up the sun

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2021.05.18 08:17 johnrock001 Best Romantic Anime on Netflix - Netflix Romantic Anime

Best Romantic Anime on Netflix - Netflix Romantic Anime - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/best-romantic-anime-on-netflix-netflix-romantic-anime/
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2021.05.18 08:17 Germanboi1 I was reading on Wattpad and found this on my results.

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2021.05.18 08:17 reddit_feed_bot Dilbert: Dilbert by Scott Adams for Tue, 18 May 2021

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2021.05.18 08:17 frinue 210429 Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소) - 1st Book '우리가 있던 시간' (Cover Preview Image)

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2021.05.18 08:17 qwertous13 how to change Ps4 account

I want to change the rocket league account that is currently linked to my ps4 acc to another epicgames account. How would i do that?
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2021.05.18 08:17 springvidi Confused about the cash...

At first the ladies were cleaning the cash for him, and then they were laundering money through the dealership and hot tub store but what does he do with all the fake cash and how is it getting cleaned. Also, why would he need Beth to get his fake cash back from the SS to buy something, why couldn't she just make more?
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2021.05.18 08:17 Worldly_Woodpecker97 New Chronic Patient Needing Advice With Mental Health + Looking To Make Friends In the Community

Hello to everyone in the chronic pain community.
My name is Raj, and I am a 28 year old male residing in British Columbia, Canada, and developed chronic pain from an injury in December 2019.
Like many of you, my life turned upside down when I developed chronic pain. It absolutely sucks. However, the worse part, to me, is how it affects me mentally. I wasn't a person who really took mental health seriously, until I became depressed and anxious.
The depression is destroying me. When my mental health is bad so is my pain symptoms. I truly feel that if I can overcome my mental health, that I can live a fulfilling life.
My goal is to take control of my mental health struggles, which is why I've come to this community to ask for help.
Right now, I've been very low. My mental state is really fucked up. I've been having dark thoughts about death and suicide. I don't want to have these thoughts; I truly don't want to die. I want to live a long fulfilling happy life.
My family and I feel that I need to talk to a mental health specialist. Right now, I'm not on any medication for depression or anxiety. My Family Physician feels I should join a support group, and surround myself with positive people.
I don't want to make this post long, but I was hoping to gain advice from those in this group about their thoughts on improving mental health. Maybe even hear some positive stories. I'd like to connect with those that have been dealing with chronic pain for years, and those that have recently been diagnosed with it and around my age group.
I hope this post can be something positive for not only me, but everyone else in similar shoes. I appreciate your time. If you have any questions for me please ask.
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2021.05.18 08:17 I_did_dit Introducing – The New Citizen Promaster Mechanical Diver 200m NB6004

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2021.05.18 08:17 Blotofink Tisch masters question

Does anyone know approx how many people are excepted into the Game Design MFA program? It's through Tisch, so I'd assume very little.
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2021.05.18 08:17 Diggus-Bickus69 Banja, one of the first online 3d Games

http://banja.com website is still on. Hey my name is Adolf and this is my first time posting here, I am a very nostalgic internet user and one of the first things I remember being like really into was Banja. It's from 2004, i remember playing this game when i was very young and it was awesome. It had an intricate story and was released by chapters. The thing is that for a new chapter to be released in this open world, something had to be achieved by the community, like finding some kind of Easter egg or learning how to solve a certain puzzle. I look for info like once a year in case someone revives it.
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