Go! Most people call me Doni but u can call me anytime bby |

Most people call me Doni but u can call me anytime bby

2021.05.18 08:42 Donip9 Most people call me Doni but u can call me anytime bby

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2021.05.18 08:42 richiyG123 Patrick

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2021.05.18 08:42 VagionniPS I made it. 2k, every nugget is legit. Now what? :(

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2021.05.18 08:42 AbbreviationsOk5471 What is possible/impossible but most people think that it isnt possible/impossible?

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2021.05.18 08:42 nuruhuru how long after cutting off diary do you see results?

I haven't had any diary for like 12 days. and I'm still having breakouts every day. is it because dairy isn't a trigger for me? or do I have to do it longer to see results?
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2021.05.18 08:42 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha👌yes

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2021.05.18 08:42 GentleMistress Anxiety about not feeling well

Have you ever been so anxious about feeling sick that you actually start having symptoms without knowing for sure if anxiety caused them or it's just the regular stuff?
For example, yesterday was an amazing day for me, almost no symptoms at all, and I accomplished SO MUCH. Today as soon as I woke up I started being anxious, thinking that yesterday was an okay day so today for sure I'm going to feel like crap. I had breakfast and started to feel this uncomfortable sensation in my upper abdomen, almost like when I'm beginning to feel sick. It's not the first time that something like this happens to me and I was wondering if you've ever felt the same.
I almost removed all the stress factors that contributed to my anxiety disorder in the past, but now after 2 years of feeling like crap almost daily, and without a proper diagnosis (other that possibly mild gastritis), I am starting to panic more and more often.
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2021.05.18 08:42 Commercial_Ad_4300 ASM has it out for me

The title speaks for itself, but let me go into detail. So I recently confronted my ASM about my vacation requests being denied, even though I submitted them months in advance. She replies, "I'm sorry, but someone already put vacation in", but I asked everyone in my department if they put vacation in for those dates and they all said no. So I told her that and she just walked off. Later in the day, I went up to her again for the same reason and she said "I don't have anything to do with it." As soon as she said that I asked her if I had offended her or done something to her that is making her not like me. And boy she went off on me. She went on talking about how I complain about schedules and such. And in my mind, I know that I only tell her about the schedules when it isn't in my availability. I didn't say a word, except "Yes Ma'am" and "Sorry for bothering you". As I walk away from her she tells me not to slip up again or else. When she said that my mind instantly went to recognize that as a threat. Anyways, it's just total bullshit that she does it, and it's finally gotten on my nerves. It's crazy how a person fresh out of college thinks that they know more than me and thinks that I'll just put up with her daily nonsense. I just needed to vent srry.
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2021.05.18 08:42 GR4VYTR41N Island castle in Spain is for sale for a cool €3.5m

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2021.05.18 08:42 HUZNAIN Teen from the Philippines, planning to runaway, and I'm asking really asking for help.

I've had enough of being with toxic and abusive "parents". I've been suffering this for years. They're so narcissistic and egoistic that they even said "I don't care about that mental health, your parents are your parents."
I'm planning to run-away, and this is my final and the hardest decision that I have ever made. Don't worry, I've been thought about this for so long for 1-2 years. I might have left earlier if the pandemic didn't happened.
All I need is a job (an informal job or under the table) and a place to stay (a room for rent is I suggest but anything would help).
Can you guys give me tips, advices, sources, information, etc.
I am accepting gr0up and p@rtners.
I've noticed in run-away advices and tip givings don't include this when this is so important.
Bring all papers, IDs, and anything that is about you when you plan to run-away. Birth certificate, bank-stuff, IDs, School grading cards, medals, awards, pictures, passports, etc. Bring them all, wether they're valid or invalid materials.
Because you will or might need them someday, and those might be used to find you.
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2021.05.18 08:42 pseudonympholepsy In times of trouble, we band together. Venezuela needs our help.

So, VaultSX Hack happened. It sucks. Luckily, the Block Producers stepped in and a crisis was averted. Code got fixed and lessons were learned. We are now stronger and more prepared for mainstream adoption.
Don't lose sight of what is actually happening. Venezuela is having a crypto-fueled grassroots movement and EOS is a real-world solution to an otherwise horrifying situation. People have been starving to death.
We are not going to forget our brothers and sisters in their time of need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U8G3dFjnuM This stuff has been years in the making.
What happened in Venezuela not only could've happened elsewhere, it absolutely will happen elsewhere. No matter where you are, you should consider getting involved and helping out, however you can. Maybe you know a thing or two about using Anchor or other wallets and could pass on that knowledge.
I'll be donating both time and money towards the efforts. Though I don't speak Spanish, I'll be joining all the Telegram groups. I'll be following on Twitter.
Please help me with putting together a list of Venezuelan EOS-related groups.
Telegram groups
EOS Microloan and EOS Market Place Comunidad de la primera Dapp de gestión de créditos sin intereses sobre la blockchain de EOS. https://t.me/eosmicroloan_eosmarketplace
Videos to watch
Maurice Vanegas - CEO of EOS Micro Loan

The entire financial infrastructure of the world is being revamped 🚀
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2021.05.18 08:42 Irishlad19631963 Spongebob Squarepants Movie is 31% off

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2021.05.18 08:42 Low-Homework-8123 Black body textures on UUNP and even BHUNP

This started to happen recently that whenever the play Skyrim the female body becomes black. Whenever this happens I uninstall the mod then reinstall it and the black textures are gone. But when I play the game again after closing it, it happens again. I have used both BHUNP and UUNP but nothing changes at all. I did install some textures using texblend for BHUNP but after that I reinstalled the whole game so it shouldn't be the problem.
Here's how it looks like : https://imgur.com/OX2Kkap
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2021.05.18 08:42 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha👌yes

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2021.05.18 08:42 GeserAndersen She’s Emma, today is her birrhday and she is 9 year old

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2021.05.18 08:42 ZoobBot 145782

This is the 145782nd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.05.18 08:42 BabuOP Rx self assessment week

Did anyone know how much it overpredicts ? I got 248 with 38 mistakes ! I think it is overpredicting . Ethics questions were like true slugger .
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2021.05.18 08:42 fxAnaliz KAFE VE RESTORANLARA AVRUPA MODELİ (Bahçesi Olan Açılsın)

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2021.05.18 08:42 Icy-Aca What is the average Tulane student like?

Seeing just very broadly if I'd fit in there
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2021.05.18 08:42 asser52 Facial reconstruction of Indo-Europeans

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2021.05.18 08:42 moneyshouters Trade.com Dash Broker review

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2021.05.18 08:42 aleena2913 Hairfall recos - BeMinimalist or Pharmacy?

I am looking for hair growth and I am also losing a lot of hair. So my question is, should I take an OTC supplement like Biotin or go ahead with that Minimalist serum?
BeMinimalist has a very promising product to control hairfall and even offer new hair growth, it is priced at 785 so I am kinda in a fix.
Please help with other recommendations if you have.
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2021.05.18 08:42 richardknox23 10 Most Dangerous Creatures Found Underwater !

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2021.05.18 08:42 Thomasthetokengine 🚨🦔 HEDGEHOGECOIN WHITELIST TODAY! 🦔 🚨

🚨 HEDGEHOGECOIN WHITELIST KLAXON 🚨 After an amazing week of community growth and engagement, HedgeHOGECOIN are now only a day away from the whitelist being announced, as such there are still opportunities (albeit limited) to get onto the whitelist.
Fortunately, as we planned ahead for a high demand, we had implemented a two-tier launch system, meaning there is still a chance to get involved prior to launch (Thursday 20th). Over the next 2 days we will be offering more competitions, giveaways and insight into HedgeHOGECOIN
To join the Telegram - https://t.me/HedgeHOGEcoin
HedgeHoge want to reward early adopters and welcome new members into the community.
HedgeHoge will be rewarding lucky members of the Telegram and future holders with AirDrops, exclusive whitelist access, NFT giveaways, lotteries and more, with a celebratory whitelist giveaway at 1000 TG members!
HedgeHoge are a unique community based charity project. Developed by a Trans-Atlantic superteam, with backgrounds in Big Tech, Graphic Design, PR and Investment. HedgeHoge is built to combat the rug epidemic. With a tiered launch system, HedgeHoge strive to create the fairest and most equal launch possible, eliminating as many bots from pre sale by keeping the project on a need to know basis, launching on UniCrypt.
With a 10% token tax, spread evenly across charity, redistribution, burn, liquidity generation and marketing, HedgeHoge aim to build a community and offer a strong incentive to hold, giving power to the community by providing charity polls to allow YOU to decide who the HedgeHoge community donate to and work alongside.
HedgeHoge was designed from the outset to have significant long term viability, keeping in mind the challenges that other development teams have recently had. We believe the greatest challenge others have faced is marketing. HedgeHoge have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be part of projects and pre sales as investors from before listing until after launch.
Having seen the positives and negatives of Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, different types of influencers, HedgeHoge have had an opportunity to calculate potential outreach, costs and general reaction to particular types of posts and devised a marketing strategy from the abundance of information available from this.
HedgeHoge have a long term roadmap that includes both direct advertisements and community awarded marketing once launched.
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2021.05.18 08:42 Throwawaymhbpd I’ve had tinnitus for over two years, no explanation

Hello, I have seen multiple PCP’s, a physical therapist, and an ENT about this issue. I’m just told they don’t think there is anything wrong, and that I should not worry. However, it’s loud and I don’t want to live like this anymore. The first 6months was the hardest, I wouldn’t get more than a few hours of sleep per night. I remember the moment it started years ago, and never stopped. Should I assume that this is forever now? Should I ask again? I’m tired of going and being treated like a hypochondriac, but I also don’t wanna live with it anymore. Any advice is helpful, thank you so much.
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