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2021.05.18 09:36 itsyourmomsfriend Exit Camping

So if exit camping is a "strategy", what do you do to combat that strategy?
Was just scavin on interchange with no real valuable loot, just random barter items and ak with no stock 5min left on a night run (I'm trying to get accustomedto the layout of the map), no shots for the whole 10 minutes or so when I was in the Mall.
I finally get my barings and go to exfil (emercom)...I knew emercom was/is notorious for exit campers, so I took the wall that goes around the exit through the brush and BOOM, got popped 100meters from exiting.
So I'm just wondering, not fully geared up , how do you deal with exit campers? Especially on Interchange where it seems to be getting worse as I try to learn the map.
apologies for the rant
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2021.05.18 09:36 affo_ Soundbar HW-Q900T How to turn off Auto Power Down Function?

How do I turn off this setting? It powers down after 18 min of Idle time. It's annoying.
Can't find anything in the manual.
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2021.05.18 09:36 Feiruzz Richard Flaherty (far right) at 4'9", he was the shortest man to serve in the Vietnam war. He was a captain in the 101st airborne division, he was noted for bravery and got a silver star, 2 purple hearts and bronze stars. taken in 1968. [824x571]

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2021.05.18 09:36 moneyshouters Monday's Xfinity race at Bristol: Start time, forecast and more - NBC Sports

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2021.05.18 09:36 Unfair_Weakness9153 RANDOM BAN ON ACCOUNTS, PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY

Since last night, many accounts have been banned for no reason myself included.
I'm based in Paris, last tonight, I was trying to train my legion. around UTC+2 01:30 before reset, I used my Kanna account and DB account to fight Gullex. After that, I'm logged on to my ark account which I had been training(lv 191) and tried to level it to LV200
I went to the secret base, ch03 at utc+2 01:45 to get the MVP after that, when I tried to teleport back to Leafre, I was suddenly get kicked by the game and the message was showing NGS. And I retried to connect to the game, it shows that my account is permanently banned. I really don't understand why.
And around UTC+2 many of my friends(and many others as I have seen on discord channel) and even many people who did not connect to the game since a certain time also get banned.
I can really ensure you with my life that I DID NOT USE any 3rd party program. This is an account that I had created for 1400+ days, I really appreciated this game. Please review this issue!
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2021.05.18 09:36 Dana94Banana Had my best match ever so far, unlocked the 3k badge in an intense World's Edge match with two strangers. Best thing about this match: We never set foot into Fragment, I hate that place, haha.

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2021.05.18 09:36 DemUnderground Neuroscientists Have Followed a Thought as It Moves Through The Human Brain

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2021.05.18 09:36 Shoddy-Leg1301 Palestinian father crying while holding the dead body of his daughter

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2021.05.18 09:36 ov86 My bank asks for personal info via email. Why should I be concerned?

My bank recently merged and re-branded.
They provide support by email - so I email them some generic questions about the merge.
Their response asked me for my:

I've always thought that email should not be used to send personal/sensitive information.
I believe this opens them up to two vulnerabilities:
  1. Someone could pretend to be them, do a targeted email campaign, asking for personal information via email.
  2. Anyone who already has this information (family, friends, co-workers) can pretend to be me. Access my account, get further information and request changes.
They don't seem to see this as a vulnerability.
Are there reputable resources I could send them to better understand the risks?
Or should I not be concerned?

(Extra details ... this is actually an Australian superannuation fund. They manage retirement funds. The majority of their members are public servants - which have their emails publicly listed. "i have read the rules" and think this post fits here.)
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2021.05.18 09:36 Kravenprime Benelli M2 gunsmithing question

Which of these Benelli m2 configurations would you recommend? (Thank you)
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2021.05.18 09:36 Onlyforonereason Paul, the Ceo of this company (graph blockchain) had some nice things to say about ADA.

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2021.05.18 09:36 claw_wish What the best quote or one-liner from The Office?

I wanted to start using The Office one liners more in my daily speech, hence the question.
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2021.05.18 09:36 Namratha_v_patil Frustrating image

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2021.05.18 09:36 DemUnderground An 'Impossible' Quasicrystal Was Forged in The World's First Nuclear Bomb Test

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2021.05.18 09:36 Terrariola The French are the true heirs of Rome.

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2021.05.18 09:36 tictacdav16 ranking my favorite metallica albums pt 3

my third favorite album is their 3rd studio album “master of puppets” the bands crowning achievement and one of the best metallica albums ever. here are the songs ranked from most favorite to least favorite.

  1. master of puppets
  2. battery
  3. orion
  4. damage, inc.
  5. welcome home (sanitarium)
  6. the thing that should not be
  7. leper messiah
  8. disposable heroes rating: 10/10
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2021.05.18 09:36 FlexingBuoy How do I not queue up with overleveled people?

I always queue up with people that have maced out everything and my shit is like lvl 10 so I have absolutely no chance of winning. Help
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2021.05.18 09:36 Joe_1218 [WTB] PAMP Suisse 2020 year of the rat: 1oz / 100 gram Silver bar, 1 oz Lunar Rat Gold Bar.

[WTB] I'm looking to buy 2020 year of the rat will consider different sizes: 100 gram PAMP Suisse Lunar Rat Silver Bar (New w/ Assay) (example) https://www.jmbullion.com/100-gram-pamp-suisse-lunar-rat-silver-ba
1 oz PAMP Suisse Lunar Rat Gold Bar (New w/ Assay) (example)https://www.jmbullion.com/1-oz-pamp-suisse-lunar-rat-gold-ba
Pm only Will consider all offers will consider different sizes I can use venmo or PayPal I don't do bitcoin (yet)
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2021.05.18 09:36 DemUnderground Sharks use Earth's magnetic field as 'GPS' guidance system, study says

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2021.05.18 09:36 FeelingHistory I think everyone feels like this after such a long time in lockdown

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2021.05.18 09:36 Runnark W1,D2. Thank you Tuesday.

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2021.05.18 09:36 germanky United Parcel Service: Warehouse Worker, Warehouse Team Member, Order Picker, Material Handler

NOW HIRING United Parcel Service: Warehouse Worker, Warehouse Team Member, Order Picker, Material Handler-https://mycoloradojobs.com/logistics-warehouse/united-parcel-service-warehouse-worker-warehouse-team-member-order-picker-material-handler-a2c281/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.05.18 09:36 Teluth What would YOU do?

Hello all,
I feel like I might be late to the party here. I've considered myself "on track" for regular retirement for a while now but a friend of mine turned me on to the FIRE movement and I wonder if I'm too late?
About me: I'm almost 34 and in good health. Currently working from home as a support engineer, $80k salary. $155k in 401k $20k in ROTH IRA. $30k in brokerage. No debt.
All of which are great things if i'm looking to retire in my 60s... but my question would be: knowing what you know... what would you do in my situation?
I'm currently looking to try to break into voice oveacting as a secondary income beings that I have experience in it and already have a home recording studio for my music projects... but other than that I'm looking for any tips to maximize my potential here and to have as many "irons in the fire" as possible.
Thanks and be well :)
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2021.05.18 09:36 JJV97 EU server to play horde?

Hey there, Im considering playing in TBC classic and wondering what server should I pick? Is Gehennas worth it? I'm up for any opinions so please help :D
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2021.05.18 09:36 DemUnderground Securing a swift return: how a simple brick can help migratory birds

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