Go! Most hospitals aren't complying with price transparency rule |

Most hospitals aren't complying with price transparency rule

2021.06.15 17:49 sam_gamgee Most hospitals aren't complying with price transparency rule

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2021.06.15 17:49 LostMyRedditAccount1 found on tumbral (sorry if this is nsfw im just too lazy to read all of this shit)

pairing: donna x diluc tags: angst :( wc: 1.2k I sensed his presence before I even saw him. No one in Mondstadt could ever hold a candle to the aura that he possessed. There was no way I’d mistake another for him as there’s only one person who could make the butterflies in my stomach go wild. My Diluc-radar goes off in my head, filling my head with a loud ringing. I clutched the fabric over my heart, feeling my heart pounding wildly in my chest as I turned around, fluttering my skirt with practised ease. Immediately, I found him hidden in the crowd and latched my gaze onto him as I respectfully looked up and down his body as he walked down the street. A sigh escapes my lips as his handsome face comes into view, and his crimson eyes are fixed ahead of him but I don’t care, one day he’ll surely look in my direction. “Diluc-sama!” I yell, “You look amazing today as well!” As usual, I get ignored by him but it is okay because I’m still allowed to be within a 5 feet radius from him after my previous restraining order was lifted. I continue to stare as his figure eventually disappears down the street towards where Angel’s Share was. “Perhaps he dropped a strand of red hair somewhere on those cobbled streets earlier, I should pick them up,” I mumbled to myself, wholly serious as I squinted at the streets. “You’re an embarrassment…” Laughing loudly, I lean down to pat Flora on the head. “This is something children like you won’t understand.” A smile on my face, I tap on my flushed cheeks and explain to Flora that I was in love and that Diluc-sama felt the same, he just didn’t know it yet. After patting Flora’s head a few more times, I made my way onto the street Diluc had just walked on and began to search for strands of his fiery hair.
My fingertips felt numb as I held the gift for Diluc in my hands. It was a simple gift that cost about a million Mora but such trivialities like money didn’t mean a thing to me who could simply survive and be happy by just by breathing the same air as Diluc. Each step towards Angel’s Share was nerve-wracking but I pressed on despite the concerned stares in my direction. Of course, they’d never expect to see a Wolf’s Gravestone Claymore wrapped up in a red bow. I cast a doubtful look at the gift in my hands. Could it be that the bow was too big? Was the colour of the bow a shade too red and not at all similar to Diluc’s hair? Well, I couldn’t ask anyone to help clarify my doubts as I had already reached the entrance to the tavern Diluc worked at. I take in a deep breath, ignoring the man standing by the door who was sending me weird looks. His face contorts as I shoot him a glare before pushing open the door to the tavern with the claymore in tow. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by the aroma of wine and the gentle melody of the bard playing his lyre. Diluc stood behind the bar with his hair tied up in a high ponytail. I felt my heart stop beating for a second as I took in the sight, drinking the amount of skin he was showing with his rolled-up sleeves and the absence of his coat. I almost forgot I was holding onto a heavy claymore weapon until the bard suddenly screamed at me for almost cutting him in half. I dip my head, apologising quickly as a blush rises to my cheeks. With all the racket the bard created, there was no way Diluc wouldn’t have noticed me. I had planned on gifting him the claymore and leaving after basking in his presence for another ten minutes before I got dragged away by the knights but at this rate, I would probably be dragged away much sooner. In my desperation, I approach the bar bravely and set the claymore down on the counter. “T-this is for you, D-Diluc-sama.” I stuttered, looking away bashfully as he set down the glass in his hands. My heartbeat continued to increase in pace as Diluc regarded me with quiet intensity, his crimson eyes burned into my soul as I stared into their blood-red depths. Being in such close quarters with him meant that all the air in my lungs felt like it was stolen and I could only stay unmoving and breathless. “Diluc-sama, do you not like the gift?” I asked, my voice came out high-pitched but I couldn’t care less when the love of my life was before my eyes. I watched observantly as Diluc’s shoulders tensed, avoiding my gaze as he sighed tiredly. Surely, a man like him shouldn’t have to work a day in his life, what are his employees doing? Before I could get angry at his incompetent employees, Diluc’s cherry lips parted and he spoke his first words to me. “Thank you for the gift, but I cannot accept this.” His smooth velvet voice was like music to my ears and a rush of endorphins flooded my brain, making me dizzy. I let out a giddy laugh in response, not quite realizing that he had just rejected my gift. Yet, I had finally been spoken to and my heart was impossibly full, surely it’ll be today which will mark our first day as a couple! My happiness, however, was cut short as the tavern door opened and Diluc left the bar to personally greet the person who had entered. The Acting Grandmaster as well as the Librarian, Lisa. I shuddered as I met Lisa’s emerald eyes, remembering the torture I went through when I had forgotten to return a book I borrowed. My mood soured as Diluc continued to chat with the two women, completely ignoring me. I wanted to be a part of their conversation too. I hadn’t realised that I had unconsciously reached for the claymore and accidentally swung it at the trio. I came to my senses the moment I swung the claymore and let it go immediately but it was too late as Jean had no choice but to be pulled into Diluc’s embrace to dodge the claymore that flew across the short distance between us. My eyes widened when I realised Jean had her lips on Diluc’s cheek. The sound of my heart shattering in my chest echoed in my head as I stared at the pair. Jean was quick to push herself off and Diluc didn’t look too affected either, but I was burning with emotions. It upset me to see such a thing happen and the thought of it upset me even further as they recovered from the incident as if nothing happened. I couldn’t pretend it didn’t happen though. In my jealousy and sorrow, tears welled up in my eyes as I pointed an accusing finger at Diluc. “B-baka! How could you do this to me, Diluc-sama?!” I shouted, my body trembled as I pushed my way out of the tavern with tears streaming down my face. If that didn’t happen, Diluc and I could’ve been battling for dominance with our tongues. I let out a loud cry, rubbing at my eyes as I ran home, knocking down Favonius knights in my wake as I charged blindly home. And thus, my tragic love story came to an end. end notes: in a brief moment of sanity, i have come to clarify that everything here is for fun and i am regretting my entire existence as i prepare myself to hit the post button.
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2021.06.15 17:49 Simona_honeydew Games like Astro's playroom

I liked this game a lot! Its exactly the kind of game that I want. Like Banjoo Kazooie on Nintendo 64.
I already own Sackboy a big adventure but i promised the girl to only play that together.
Any other games similar I should get?
2D doesnt do it. Needs to be 3D.
Oh and I tried the free Ratchet and Clank. I did not like it.. its not my thing.. Les action, more collecting ♡
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2021.06.15 17:49 Arkadian878 Why is the new update so massive?! Ver 5.000.001 31.6GB?!

I'm on playstaion and it's going to take 3/4 hours to download this oversized update. I didn't think the new resident evil stuff would make the next update so huge. Is this normal?! Sorry, its been so long since I got back into DBD lol.
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2021.06.15 17:49 Type7F I farted in the shower this morning and almost passed out.

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2021.06.15 17:49 iPhiX_ WindSwap A True BSC Gem! (Dashboard Released)

Hi guys! How is life treating you? The last time we spoke, we had minor events. This weekend though we have some seriously game changing updates. First let’s check off the basics.
Coin Market Cap ✔️
Coin Gecko ✔️
Advanced Charting ✔️
Working DEX Platform ✔️
Staking is now available ✔️
Upgrade Of Website + Telegram Bot ✔️
More coming soon? Yes!
Join 10,000+ other investors ➡ 😀 https://t.me/windswapmembers 👌
Why should I invest?
Well. I did some research about DEX tokens, and you can fundamentally divide them into two categories. Those who do deliver and those who don't. So far, the WindSwap team has delivered on every promise they made. Therefore, I believe wholeheartedly and logically that the market cap is absurdly undervalued: 3m for a working DEX is a very low market cap. To sum it up:
Low Market Cap - Currently just $3M Rug Proof - 80% of Tokens are using for liquidity on Pancake Swap (99% Liquidity Locked on Unicrypt) High Organic Growth Holders are rapidly growing What Makes WindSwap Unique
Windswap offers a comprehensive set of tools to assist our users to have a smooth experience when they transact tokens online. WindSwap already provides a live and fully functional exchange platform which can connect to popular wallets like Meta Mask, Trust Wallet among others and comes pre-loaded with a list of tokens that can be exchanged.
WindSwap allows you to trade nearly every BEP-20 token on the BSC network. We are now creating interactive real time charts, smart limit orders, due diligence (‘rug checking’) tools, and a cross-chain bridge capability to convert TRX or ETH network tokens to the BSC.
Why only WindSwap and not others?
The WindSwap team has offered us some things they wanted to implement. They are highly active in the telegram group. Here is a list of things they are working on as we speak:
Slippage slider Cross-chain swapping UI Improvements Charting tools Automatic Slippage Limit Orders In a Nutshell:
A fresh competitor on the DEX market with highly engaging and secure features, with a token that rewards early adopters through the aggressive early-on, cycled burn pattern. By the time the burn cycles are completed, (50%)+ of the features will be there for you by the end of June. They are not aiming for a quick buck. Instead, they aim for a good product that will be active in the market for years to come.
Contract: 0xd1587ee50e0333f0c4adcf261379a61b1486c5d2
Tokenomics Explained: https://windswap.finance/branding/What-is-WindSwap.mp4
Bscscan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xd1587ee50e0333f0c4adcf261379a61b1486c5d2
Buy here: https://app.windswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xd1587ee50e0333f0c4adcf261379a61b1486c5d2
Chart: https://app.windswap.finance/#/chart
Liquidity Locked: https://unicrypt.network/amm/pancake/pai0xb6EC86562E0cd125b4a1586036b6f13D47Fd09B6
Discord: https://discord.gg/8guFEsrJ
Litepaper: https://windswap.finance/whitepapelitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/windswapmembers
Site: https://windswap.finance/
Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/windswap
Coin Market Cap: https://coinmarketcap.com/en/currencies/windswap/
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2021.06.15 17:49 thecordialsun Morning Bobby, how's the water?

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2021.06.15 17:49 papaprincessa This giant 12" 2.5 liter stein was made in Germany. It only has 44 stars on the shield and I'm wondering if that means it was made between 1890 & 1896 which is when Utah became the 45th state. Does anyone know anything about this?

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2021.06.15 17:49 vic8760 Made this today called "The Man of Many Faces"

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2021.06.15 17:49 gonfus23 Night

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2021.06.15 17:49 PeonSupreme Washington county council candidate once threatened to blow up school bus: court docs

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2021.06.15 17:49 Querneu STARPUGS TOKEN .Presale Launching soon 🐶

STARPUGS is a token with a fast autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. 4% of the fee from every transaction is distributed as rewards among all holders, while the other 4% is added to the liquidity pool (locked on DXSale).
STARPUGS ($SPT) Presale Launching soon.
STARPUGS ($SPT) is a BSC revolutionary community project allowing everyone to easily buy nft's on : StarPugsToken.com Buzz lightyear will sent you to the infinity and beyond Tokenomics: Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 $BUZ
Liquidity Lock: 70.00% 4%
Distributed to Token Holders 4% Distributed to Internal Liquidity Pools 📷
📷Roadmap: BSCscan listing Coinmarketcap / CoinGecko listing
Marketing campaings New Website
Full team doxx NFT Marketplace Exchange listing 📷
Telegram: https://t.me/StarPugsToken 📷
Website: StarPugsToken.com
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2021.06.15 17:49 Zealousideal_Exit672 Thoughts on Texas heartbeat bill ???????

I don't like it.
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2021.06.15 17:49 SelfDepricator Oh no he's hot(er)!

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2021.06.15 17:49 BlankVerse NIH study offers new evidence of early SARS-CoV-2 infections in U.S.

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2021.06.15 17:49 notimpressed16 Skepticoin v0.1.16 released

I just released v0.1.16 which contains some bugfixes:

These and other fixes were made by myself and atramos
Be sure to update: `pip install skepticoin --upgrade`
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2021.06.15 17:49 BROHONKY can we get an f for samus

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2021.06.15 17:49 CNE_Erika Crusaders Community Q&A #244 with host Erika

Welcome Crusaders!
Before we begin: I hope you're all staying safe and being kind.
For those of you who are joining us for the first time, I'm Erika, the Live Services Manager for Crusaders of the Lost Idols, and I will do my best to answer your Crusaders questions. This Q&A is so you know where to find one of the team to chat Crusaders weekly.
I will be answering questions live for the first hour and then checking back throughout the week.
The previous Q&A: Number 243!
Community Activity! Torakichi's Hoard is filled with some interesting items this week, especially in the 7 difference sheet! Thank you for all the submissions so far!

End of Life in Flash in Browsers Crusaders is available to play through the version on Steam, and through a downloadable launcher on our Codename Games website.
Note: The launcher will work with Wine to run the .exe on Linux. Otherwise, you can try using the Steam version.
Please put in a support ticket if you've found a bug with the game. You can submit a ticket using the "Contact Support" button from the Guidebook/Support menu in the game. You do need to have cookies enabled.
Have a treat! OUZO-NINA-KASA-NONI awards 2 All Tier Hidden Temple Jeweled chests. Expires Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 at 9:59 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7.)
Next Q&A: The next Crusaders Q&A will be on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 at 10 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7.)
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2021.06.15 17:49 lukepriddy donnie darko | the faustian fiasco

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2021.06.15 17:49 Xx_A_Nobody_xX didn’t she just recently say she was aro, now she says she has had a crush on her friend for a while.

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2021.06.15 17:49 Matsuuuuu69420 Why is my facebook and messenger story views are different? Is this a bug or not?

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2021.06.15 17:49 peanutismint Spent a day at Islands Of Adventure last week hoping to answer the question - is it now Orlando's best theme park??

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2021.06.15 17:49 NyctophileMist Tiny poem (thoughts welcome)

Questionable Decision.
Lost myself in a hole of sexuality, not the smartest decision I've made recently, yet I can think of worse holes to disappear into.
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2021.06.15 17:49 ActionKid98 Project.D

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2021.06.15 17:49 ttomkat1 If nothing else, Please carry a whistle

Pardon the rant, but after hearing about a missing person on Cucamonga Peak and now on Gorgonio as well, I can't help but make this post.
Everyone should carry a whistle. It costs next to nothing, it is easy to carry and easy to use, even if injured. Everyone, regardless of age or experience level should ALWAYS carry a whistle while hiking.
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