Go! XP breakdown for today. A lot of XP here. |

XP breakdown for today. A lot of XP here.

2021.06.15 16:11 DFSxBigDoeDoe XP breakdown for today. A lot of XP here.

Season Rewind 3 XP
Make 7 3-pointers with Rewind Lauri Markkanen in a single TTOffline game = 1,500 XP.
Make 15 3-pointers with Rewind Chris Boucher in a single game = 1,500 XP.
Make 15 dunks with Rewind Thaddeus Young over multiple games = 1,000 XP.
Get 25 steals with Rewind OG Anunoby over multiple games = 2,500 XP.
Get 20 assists with Rewind Harrison Barnes over multiple games = 1,500 XP.
Score 20 points in the paint with Rewind Maurice Harkless over multiple TT or TTO games = 1,000 XP.
Score 21 points with Rewind Stanley Johnson over multiple games = 1,000 XP.
Get 25 rebounds with Rewind Nikola Vucevic over multiple games = 2,500 XP.
Score 80 points with Rewind De’Aaron Fox over multiple games = 2,500 XP.
I’ll just list Yuta Watanabe. The same Challenges apply for Richaun Holmes (Kings) and Patrick Williams (Bulls). All Challenges are worth 250 XP.
Get 15 steals with Raptors players over multiple games.
Get 15 blocks with Raptors players over multiple TTOffline games.
Get 20 assists with Raptors players over multiple Multiplayer games.
Get 25 rebounds with Raptors players over multiple games.
Score 125 points with Raptors players over multiple TT or TTO games.
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2021.06.15 16:11 DifficultyMindless98 PE Civil Oct 2021 Discord Server - All Depths

Created a discord server and has channels for all depths. Join if you wish: https://discord.gg/yRHqcp6P9c
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2021.06.15 16:11 Healthy_Jaguar I made a real life nyan cat

Used Pictures
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2021.06.15 16:11 anticorbin666 Hey retards, why has Tesla been falling since GME mooned?

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2021.06.15 16:11 spost_020 Tool/app to practice math skills

Hi, I want to improve my math skills, mainly for the bigger numbers and maybe even guesstimates. Do you have an online tool or app to help me practice?
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2021.06.15 16:11 sigma7979 Empress Urraca the Mother of Hispania

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2021.06.15 16:11 Thuzman Ohhhh my

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2021.06.15 16:11 Hawaiitoost I think not giving Q five pins on his uniform instead of four was a missed opportunity. It would perfectly fit his character that he sees himself better than the humans while simultaneously mocking their customs by making up his own rank

I think not giving Q five pins on his uniform instead of four was a missed opportunity. It would perfectly fit his character that he sees himself better than the humans while simultaneously mocking their customs by making up his own rank submitted by Hawaiitoost to Star_Trek [link] [comments]

2021.06.15 16:11 Ok-Ground-4144 Does anyone else relate/ can understand what I’m saying?

So a lot of the time I masturbate I tend to imagine that I’m the opposite sex. Like I’m aware I have male genitalia but I’ll use a vibrator on it and imagine it’s a vagina or I’ll ride a dildo and imagine I’m a girl doing it. I also will sometimes imagine fully being a girl and getting insert kink
Do I think I’m trans? No. Do I think I may be non binary? Perhaps (this isn’t the on out reason I think I’m NB) Perhaps I’m cis and just disassociate because I don’t really find my own genitals appealing.
Can anyone relate to this or give me any kind of words to make me not feel weird for doing this
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2021.06.15 16:11 gwaenchanh-a TIFU by getting a stranger's license revoked

This wasn't actually today, it was a few years ago. I was driving back to college from visiting my parents in Florida for winter break, and since it was Florida about two thirds of the drivers are crazy, so there was a line of us in the far left lane going about 30-40 over (so, 90-100 mph), and had been for a good 15 minutes or so. Then we passed a speed trap and a cop flipped on his lights to pull someone over, and since I was at the back of that line of cars it ended up being me. So I move over into the far right lane so I can pull over, and it takes like a solid minute because, again, Florida drivers lol. When I ended up finally getting into the far right lane though, I accidentally pulled in front of a car that was the same make and model of mine, just with a slightly different paint color (blueish purple vs dark blue). When the cop got into that lane about ten seconds later, he ended up pulling in behind the other guy and pulling him over. Going as far over the speed limit as I was going is 1000% grounds for getting your license revoked, so obviously I didn't pull over with them. I still feel awful about it to this day
TL;DR: I accidentally did the thing from Baby Driver where I confused a cop into pulling over a different car that looked just like mine
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2021.06.15 16:11 ShortFuzes Killer Main Training

So I made a post on here last night talking about how difficult my games as a killer main have been since last week after the Rank reset. I'm still fairly new and as a killer I feel there are a few things I need to work on in regards to pathing and chases in particular. Is there anyone out there that might be willing to help me in a custom game improve my pathing/chase skills? I don't have any friends that play DBD or I'd get their help! Thanks in advance!
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2021.06.15 16:11 BeyondValue "Blockchain technology has a bright future in the fashion industry." Talia Benson writes as she submits her dissertation. #VeChain

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2021.06.15 16:11 StripedMC [WTS] AirPods Pro w/ Incase [B]

Genuine AirPods Pro with Incase fabric case already applied. I’ve babied these things since I got them, the case has been on it from day one and I just took off my dust protector the other day that had been on it from day one. They work fine and are legit, not fakes. I’m willing to provide the buyer with whatever means of proof they need to prove that they are genuine. I have my sales receipt and serial number on the case itself, etc. $175.
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2021.06.15 16:11 Puffin_fan Ballot drop box investigation for 2020 begins in Georgia

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2021.06.15 16:11 Yoshi_Kong What should I buy to connect Lenovo IdeaPad 5 to a monitor?

I know there is specific cables but I’m not sure which one, a little bit of help would go a long way. Thank you!
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2021.06.15 16:11 Guardianangel93 Best place to scuba dive with sharks without previous experience?

It's been a dream of mine to scuba dive with sharks for years now and it's about time I make that dream a reality.
I went scuba diving once, but without the sharks. Many places seem to require you to not only be a certified scuba diver, but also have gone diving multiple times before. It wouldn't be too much of an issue to take the course and get certified, but if possible I would prefer to not have to go diving 4-5 times somewhere else, before getting wet with the sharks.
Is there any place you would recommend for a beginner like me? I would love to go to Tiger Beach, but people say I shouldn't start there. Feeding reef sharks like in this video would be a dream come true. To not only see, but interact with these amazing creatures.
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2021.06.15 16:11 RegularAxolotl Possible auto-immune disorder? I’m desperate for answers :(

Hi all, I’m posting this to get any advice to what might possibly be going on. (24/F)
At 19 years old, I started to experience sudden back pain. I went undiagnosed for almost 3 years. During that time I was a chronic pain patient, attended classes to deal with my chronic pain, went to therapy, and put on strong opioids.
I did a lot of physical therapy. I had plenty of non-invasive operations such as a couple different types of injections (joint blocks, therapies (before my diagnosis), and three nerve ablations after my diagnosis.
I was diagnosed with bilateral sacroiliac-joint dysfunction, but 70% of my pain was from my left SI joint. Doctors still do not know the cause. I recently had surgery in March of 2021 - I had a Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion surgery on my left SI joint.
I have been healing pretty well but I have developed another issue.
About two weeks after my surgery, my hands started to feel like they were getting shocked. This went on for a couple days. Then my hands would start to swell up badly in the middle of the night, through the morning, and sometimes until the afternoon. Along with the swelling, I was in a lot of pain from my hands and I could not make a fist.
I reached out to my PC doctor and I told her my symptoms. She referred me to a rheumatologist. Two weeks later I had my first appointment with the rheumatologist. My rheumatologist told me that it might be from the use of my walker that I was using for two weeks after surgery. About a week later, my pain and swelling subsided - randomly, for about 5 days. I thought it was because of the walker. I began to do physical therapy per-request of my rheumatologist; a couple days before the appointment, my pain and swelling came back, even worse. I was not able to keep up with the physical therapy as my hands would go numb and tingly, which led to pain, from the hand/arm exercises.
Then the pain went away again. For a couple days; this time, it came back even worse. The swelling progressed to my thumbs, then my wrists - swelling up all around my joints. I ordered compression gloves which seem to be the only thing that worked. Icing and heat both made my hands feel like they were on fire.
About two months after the first initial symptom, it seemed like each day my pain would get worse, my swelling would prolong, and the mobility in my hands would digress - my activities which required the use of my hands would reduce.
I first noticed that I was not able to open water bottles. Then I was not able to grip a pencil for more than 20 seconds before my hand would go completely numb and tingly - and then I would experience pain. I am not able to grip a hair brush, toothbrush, shampoo my hair nor wash my body, cutting my meat, using utensils, cooking, washing dishes - pretty much anything that requires gripping, holding, or lifting more than a pound, without my hands going completely numb, being in pain or my wrist popping and shooting pain riddling up to my elbow. In the past (almost) 3 weeks, I have developed trigger thumb. My wrists have been popping very loudly as well.
Another symptom I’ve had, which started about a month into this, is extreme fatigue - to where I absolutely feel like I have to take a nap every day. Even the nights I do get roughly 6-8 hours of sleep - my body feels extremely tired. I seem to have flu-like symptoms as well, eg. cold sweats, chills, low-grade fever, sniffles. I have tested NEGATIVE 3 times for COVID during the past 3 months.
Also, my skin has been breaking out, A LOT. Not like normal pimples either, like welts that have very thin skin and I’m itchy, too. I’ve had two BIG breakouts, all over my body in the past 3 months. A dermatologist suspected at first that it might be because of my low ferritin/iron; I was also recently (3 weeks ago) diagnosed with staph-aureus which I was put on a strong 10 day course of antibiotics for and my skin has started to heal - I don’t have any more open sores. (Note: I was tested for staph a month and a half ago and tested negative, so this infection is recent).
My PC highly suspects an auto-immune disorder. My rheumatologist and PC ordered labs and X-rays of both hands and wrists. The X-rays showed nothing. And the lab tests for my ESR, CBC, (Creatinine and Glomerular filtration rate?) came back normal.
Five days ago, after I was unable to handle the pain in my hands any longer, I went to urgent care. They took labs, which came back fine. They prescribed me with a 5-day course of 40mg prednisone a day (today is the last day I am on it) and my pain has been much better (about 70%)! I still cannot grip objects without my hands going completely numb, nor lift anything over a pound without pain shooting to my elbow. My swelling still occurs in the morning but not as severe, and I have actually been getting a bit of consistent sleep; though I still feel very lethargic throughout the day. Also, I still feel like I have some mild flu-like symptoms as I previously stated above and a low grade fever of 99-100.
My rheumatologist said to message her if, and when my pain comes back so she can order MRI’s of my hands/wrists. So here I am now, on my last day of my prednisone course and just going to do what my rheumatologist told me. Any advice would be appreciated as I am truly desperate.
Some health history:
My iron and ferritin is on the low side - I get iron infusions when my iron levels are too low. I do have some vitamin deficiencies (B12,D) and I have previously been diagnosed as anemic - about 4 years ago.
I have previously lost a lot of weight (I’d been morbidly obese until I was 20) I had a gastric bypass and went from 300 lb to 80 lb - in one and a half years to where doctors previously diagnosed me with cachexia and told me I would have to live with a feeding tube or else I would “wither away”; but after I stopped all the medications they had prescribed me (April 2020): liquid morphine, ativan, flexeril, my weight started to increase. I now am at a steady 145 lbs at 5’3”.
I refuse to take any opioids so I have been prescribed 8 mg of suboxone a day, since I could not tolerate the dilauded after my SI joint fusion surgery. I also have been prescribed 2400mg of gabapentin (600mg 2x a day) for nerve pain/GAD, but I’ve recently tapered myself down to 1500 mg over the past month and a half. I take 20 mg of lexapro in the morning for GAD/panic disorder and depression. I take tylenol PM at night for pain/sleep.
Some family history:
My grandma was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and osteoarthritis at 19, my great grandma was diagnosed with RA in her mid 20’s, my father was diagnosed with arthritis in his back and knees in his late 20’s, my mother was diagnosed with arthritis at 35 in her neck, shoulders and spine?, my first cousin was diagnosed with arthritis is knees at 19.
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2021.06.15 16:11 arizonaadam45 Ring home security system?

Does anybody use a complete Ring alarm system? I am considering purchasing one and was hoping someone might be willing to show me their system so I can have a better grasp of it. This will be my first alarm system and I'm uncertain on how it works and it's performance here in the desert where the Sun hits unrelentlessly throughout the summer. ThAnk you
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2021.06.15 16:11 Herr_Franz What is the best setup for RU-251?

Title says it all
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2021.06.15 16:11 UberMisty82 DoorDash - 🍟 Get up to $45 CAD ($15 off your first 3 orders) plus free delivery 🍟

Get $15 CAD off first 3 orders ($45 total) and free delivery from restaurants on Doordash
US and Canada only so far.
Copy this link and paste in your browser of choice for the promotion to work. You will see the promotion page. Clicking the link will not work.
If you have previously signed up before, make sure to use a phone number and credit card that has never previously been linked to a DoorDash account.
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2021.06.15 16:11 Kissme525301 My first post! What’s up guys! I’ve been collecting movies for a long while now, however I just got into the “boutique” side of things. I love everything but I’m mainly into 80s horror right now. My two newest additions 🥰

My first post! What’s up guys! I’ve been collecting movies for a long while now, however I just got into the “boutique” side of things. I love everything but I’m mainly into 80s horror right now. My two newest additions 🥰 submitted by Kissme525301 to boutiquebluray [link] [comments]

2021.06.15 16:11 chishuni 💦 EthereumCum 👅Doxed Team😜Liquidity Locked💦Fair Launch Happening Soon NO BOTS✅Fast Growing & Fun Cummunity🚼 UNIQUE NFT AIRDROP First 1,000 Holders

I have the pleasure to introduce you to a new Uniswap based project called EtherumCum. Their development team is currently working to create their Naughty Fuckable Token Protocol. This protocol will allow EthereumCum to airdrop large batches of NFTs to our cummunity for holding $eCum. Your Naughty Fuckable Tokens will be unique and desired among the world of NFTs and may even be worth up to thousands of dollars one day. The rarity of the Naughty Fuckable Tokens you receive will be based upon how much eCum you are holding. We plan to airdrop our first unique Naughty Fuckable Token to our first 1,000 holders of EthereumCum, $eCum💦.
What you need to know about the token:
Besides NFTs and our Naughty Fuckable Airdrop Protocol, we also plan to disrupt the adult entertainment industry by partnering up with porn websites like PornHub, XNXX, RedTube, Brazzers, and more in an effort to use $eCum as a form of payment for premiums. We will also try to obtain future partnerships with many CamGirl websites like OnlyFans and ChatterBait.
Our Roadmap will be available up release of our official website on June 15th .We will continuously update our roadmap and keep our EthereumCum Cummunity tightly informed on what we are doing and planning. If any member of our cummunity has any suggestions, please feel free to speak it out loud. We love to listen to all of you.
Guys dyor, am not a financial advisor, but I believe this token might change the adult industry in the near future.
💦EthereumCum GIVEAWAY💦

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Telegram: t.me/EthereumCum
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2021.06.15 16:11 colbym2602 Come join

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2021.06.15 16:11 DrJeremiahGibbs This is my packing list for my Camino in July. I have cut my list down a lot over the last 7 Camino pilgrimages.

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2021.06.15 16:11 ReplacementMother138 Those who took STAM in February, any tips for upcoming test-takers?

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