Go! Easy Healthy Protein Chocolate Sandwich Cookies |

Easy Healthy Protein Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

2021.06.15 16:46 smoothiesandcookies Easy Healthy Protein Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

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2021.06.15 16:46 Sweaty_Sheepherder63 🌌 🚀 BillGate 12h old- Fair Launch - Do you like to BUY the DIP ? Then do it now 🚀

Hello everybody from all over the world! We are here to present you our project, It’s BillGate! Your new gate to the moon! Low MCAP, just launched! Already avaible at Pancake Swap!🚪🌒 🌌 🚀
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🎉 All Safe Requirement! 🎉
🔥 Liquidity is burned!
🤝Ownership renounced
✅ Contract verified v0.6.8
🔒 No mint function or any other malicious one!
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2021.06.15 16:46 Constant_Aerie8519 [PD-1644] The only complications we need this summer. Stay sunny England. Pls.

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2021.06.15 16:46 Elker17 Hazbin Hotel-Helluva Boss:A World War II alternative realities

I know,it might sound really like a mad idea,but hear me out:imagine an alternate universe,set during WWII in which humans,angels and demons have coexisted since ancient times,and formed the states,ideas and all we know in a...bit different way from the main reality(some states,like the Italian or French ones might not even exist as we know them). In here,so we can find some alternative versions of our characters And I,to make those versions decided to combine them to some storic characters personality and story. Here are some examples I made those,for the moment,using mainly italian characters: Belitzo Mussolini(Blitz+Mussolini) Stolas Emmanuel III(Stolas Goetia+Victor Emmanuel III) Octavia I(Octavia Goetia+Umberto II) Adolf Voxter(Vox+Hitler) Wally Giolitti(Wally Wackford+Giovanni Giolitti)
I also wanted to put Moxxie as a sort of inedit War Hero,maybe coming from the USA,but I didn't come up with anything convincing enough. This,of course it's just a little basic idea. If you want you can put your examples of the list I made by also using other characters,simply discussing about it or whatever else. I just wanna know what do you all think, about this.
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2021.06.15 16:46 Own_Gain_7417 We have a Clov DD on WSB show some love lets make it hit the pop feed !!

They are trying to block this post, dont let that happen like it up!!! We need the attention!!
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2021.06.15 16:46 GlitterSparklessss Felt good going to a wedding! 31F

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2021.06.15 16:46 LightFootViolet Looking for bones to fight over probably

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2021.06.15 16:46 TBoat4200 M15 R5 2nd SSD Parts

So I am on the support chat with Dell trying to get the Mounting Bracket and Heat Shield to add a 2nd SSD and the rep is telling me that I have to PURCHASE the parts.
“Unfortunately, the computer is upgradable but not shipped upgrade ready, you will need to purchase the mounting bracket in order to install the new SSD”
“Did you purchase the SSD with us? If you can send me the order# I can escalate your case”
All I can say is WOW. I have asked to speak to a manager, we will see we’re this is going to go. I can’t believe that they are will to risk a return over this.
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2021.06.15 16:46 Soy_PapitaFrita Hm

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2021.06.15 16:46 CoachElegant Took my test on Friday 6/11. I’m not sure if my company has received my results yet because they said I’m ready for orientation based off of background check(no mention of drug test). Not sure if they’d be holding out until they find all results or just not mentioning it. 10 panel w/nitrate.

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2021.06.15 16:46 mclokyle243 The Dewar coupe a survivor 50’s hot rod show car

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2021.06.15 16:46 NameofTheMaster Masquerade

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2021.06.15 16:46 darkshark12 Premium battle pass duration

Hey guys ,
if I purchase premium battle pass , do i get more time to complete all missions ? or it all ends on 23 of June no matter if i have premium or not .
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2021.06.15 16:46 GaGator43 Jayne Mansfield

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2021.06.15 16:46 Johamburger [Killzone: Mercenary] Looking for people to play with online.

I'm looking for people to play the game with, while working towards the 100 online games trophy. The evenings GMT+2 is when I'm most often available, with weekends being more flexible.
Discord is a requirement as i'll be making a group chat that'll be used to set up games and otherwise communicate. If you're interested in playing, add me on psn at Johamburgers and throw me your discord username, or just pm me your info here. Lets get some full games going!!
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2021.06.15 16:46 LopsidedHoliday5948 "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?" - Dumbledore

Maybe this has been analysed a lot before (apologies if it seems repetitive) but what do you make of this quote?
I understood Harry's question "Is this real or happening in my head" as "Are our souls meeting in the limbo between life and death or are you construct my mind is creating to put together some things that I already know"
So Dumbledore's response feels super vague.
Is he actually implying something super philosophical, like reality is perception and your perception is a product of your mind so all reality is in fact just happening inside your head.
Or do you have a different interpretation that is less infuriatingly abstract?
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2021.06.15 16:46 _PogS_ Shops

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2021.06.15 16:46 Ok_Yak_6448 $TTCF DD: Gordon Ramsay Cooking Up The Tendies

“Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t f—ing cook it!" I felt it would be best to start off this DD with this quote from Gordon because this is something he would never say to Tattooed Chef because they are one of the fastest growing plant-based food brands with vertically integrated manufacturing.

Processing img njbmf0797g571...
Tattooed Chef is a plant-based food brand. They are available in stores like Target, Walmart, Costco, and Sam's Club. The company is entirely vertically integrated which gives them a massive edge of the competition. They have been building manufacturing infrastructure since 2010. This company has great growth potential and is rapidly expanding. You might be thinking to yourself right now I'm tired of this plant based shit I don't even care if the burger is still Moo'ing on the plate, but hang with me this industry is experiencing huge growth as the younger generations eat this stuff up.

Processing img elfipsdz7g571...
For full year 2021, Tattooed Chef updated its guidance and expects:

Processing img f1bdnf488g571...
They've spent like 0 dollars on advertising. They developed a plan to hit 2 billion impressions in the form of 6 and 16 second videos in the first 8 months of 2021. This is the first time they're spending advertising dollars and they have already built up a loyal following. You can see on Twitter posts of pictures of local Target frozen shelves being out of TTCF stock. Search Twitter for $TTCF and you'll see them. Also the comments on TTCF's official twitter account have stuff like "yo get the product in my target please, it's always out of stock" and "when you gonna be in Europe please". They have a very popular product that is flying off the shelves. Before 2021, their only sales team was the CEO and his daughter. Now, they've hired marketing teams to get them into more retail stores, like an ex-Coca Cola national sales manager to boost marketing.
Expansion into Overseas Markets
Europe has a strong demand for their products, as plant-based proteins are growing in popularity. TTCF has 2 manufacturing plants, one in California and one in Italy. It's cheaper for them to ship ingredients from Italy to the US for their US operations. So they're looking to hire sales in Europe to get TTCF in stores there. They have already entered into Costco UK and are expanding over the continent

Short Interest and Low IV
TTCF has very low IV and SI of over 30%. It is currently one of the most shorted stocks on the market. This is a stock with solid fundamentals and rapid growth. In my opinion calls are not priced accordingly and you seeing this early could get in on the ground floor while IV is still laughably low. Volume on it is low as well and the float is on the smaller side. If you are able to get in while IV is low this thing could take off.

Positions: 25x 7/16 $25c
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2021.06.15 16:46 Street_Current7589 Am I being selfish? Please help

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2021.06.15 16:46 FraxTech Time to Head Home

Time to Head Home After nearly 18,000 ly, sitting near the edge of The Formidine Rift at the edge of galaxy, I'm finally turning and headed for home. But one last view before I do.

The Milky Way from the edge of The Formidine Rift.
This was my first really long trip outside the bubble. Taking me 27 days and 423 jumps to get here. And now I'm turning back to head home, sell my data, and be a trucker again...until the pull of the black drags me to some other unknown corner of this beautiful galaxy of ours.
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2021.06.15 16:46 uoftmod In fields ranging from math to medicine, U of T researchers awarded 27 Canada Research Chairs

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2021.06.15 16:46 Cianmc6 people are gonna fucking hate this

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2021.06.15 16:46 arDWisPe Bella Thorne Xmas Video

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2021.06.15 16:46 IDontGetJokez BTE Dark Order Skit Idea

Now that it’s been revealed that -1 has to do good in school to keep appearing on Dynamite, there’s a pretty good skit you can do with that.
The Dark Order tries to tutor -1 themselves, but they don’t understand his homework either. They have to try to get Leva to join them to help tutor -1, and she becomes Number 3.141592…
-1 then proceeds to start tutoring Johnny Hungie
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2021.06.15 16:46 darmodyjimguy Melted Doggo.

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