Go! Any other map analysts get a quality review email? |

Any other map analysts get a quality review email?

2021.06.15 16:38 flinglebingle Any other map analysts get a quality review email?

They told me I’ve been productive recently, but that my scores (based on, like, 5 mistakes) are not great because they’re under 90 percent. Then they gave me a list of tasks I’m disqualified from, and half of them I’ve never even seen before let alone done. The guidelines are crappy and the support barely provides any help. The blame is always put on us, when they provide the bare minimum and throw us to the sharks. They can’t even review the spelling mistakes in their guidelines and emails, but every thing we do is scrutinized with a magnifying glass.
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2021.06.15 16:38 SimodiEnnio Yes, one of our weirdest chats

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2021.06.15 16:38 EastNashvilleNiceGuy For those of you who refuse to silent your cell phone in a place where others would clearly be bothered by it, what keeps you from thinking about those around you?

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2021.06.15 16:38 spukys Hayat

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2021.06.15 16:38 Emil_1996 Some questions

I am debating on getting a watch because I go on runs/walks almost every single day
Is it possible to sync it with Strava so I can record Strava activities with the GPS using the watch? In other words, the phone can be left at home?
Can it be synced with Google Fit and count my steps as well?
I know some of them have Spotify on it, I assume you need your phone with you then, or how does it work? Considering it's gonna need some sort of internet Connection when out and running
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2021.06.15 16:38 Jackdoorxxx7 Good lighting

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2021.06.15 16:38 memsh3p What is a good thing that came out of growing up?

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2021.06.15 16:38 Roadrunneronweed Packin in a bikini

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2021.06.15 16:38 clip_mirror_bot Asmongold on Cdew's contract and how he didn't know about the conversation Cdew had with Rich

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2021.06.15 16:38 Sveinson This set worth getting the Dom train on, or should I wait on something better?

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2021.06.15 16:38 AcrobaticBad3699 🔥GOKU INU ($HOT) | An Innovative New Way to Discover Crypto | App Teaser Already Out! 🔥

🔥Tinder meets crypto. Get matched with your soul's coinmate and invest in your next true crypto love.
Let me introduce you Tinder, but for finding coins! GOKU INU will allow users to discover new coins conveniently through their app, using a similar dynamic to that of Tinder, by swiping left or right to skip the coin, or add it to your favorites list.
The user will be able to read a brief description of the token and see the chart before swiping! Moreover, the app will make it possible to filter view coins with specific features such as "Charity" and "Doxxed team". More premium features will be available only to $HOT token holders.
The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store once released.
Team is very active in chat and have been answering questions non-stop since launch. Besides that, they're working on an aggressive marketing campaign that includes ads on several websites such as poocoin and coinsniper, in addition to crypto influencers, to market this unique concept ahead of the app's release.
There is a 10% tax per transaction, 6% of which is sent to the liquidity pool and 4% is redistributed among the holders.
📄 Contract: 0x1e80c1969dd4d50a5b4b96e54604976c1e831049
Pancake Swap (Use V2): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x1e80c1969dd4d50a5b4b96e54604976c1e831049
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2021.06.15 16:38 Smilefriend M5S, scelta la piattaforma SkyVote per sostituire Rousseau. Fine di un epoca

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2021.06.15 16:38 throwmitothemoon This is not Bowie...This is a DEEP FAKE!

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2021.06.15 16:38 BobaFitt1478 H: Prizes W: To know your favorite Xp farming methods share your favorite methods doing a giveaway for the community

1st Prize is 300 leaders
2nd prize 200 live love 8 Magazines
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2021.06.15 16:38 mwfreebies Gift Card Drop! $3 Target eGift Cards Today (6/15) Limited Quantities @ 1pm CT From T-Mobile! (App Required)

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2021.06.15 16:38 NewsElfForEnterprise That Beauty and the Beast Gaston Prequel Is Actually Happening

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2021.06.15 16:38 27nikumann This is so cute!

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2021.06.15 16:38 xX_danker_Xx New Dev diary teaser!!

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2021.06.15 16:38 ChiToddy Addiction parallels?

On my second watch of episode 1, I got some vibes of the subject of addiction recovery from the way Loki was processing things. His discussions of why he was doing the bad things he was doing and continued to do them over and over. Seeing how things he did hurts the ones he loved and seemingly feeling remorse. His realization of his powerlessness.
I don't think the show is doing any sort of literal analogous 12 steps (a la the 5 stages of grief and Wandavision) but I felt some parallels. Or maybe I'm just reaching...
Did anyone get any vibe like this too or see something else that could fall in vein? (pun intended).
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2021.06.15 16:38 pippoppo58 Oh no

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2021.06.15 16:38 marliecade Right time to buy & sell for a 1031 exchange in the current market?

I’m looking to sell my Culver City (Los Angeles) condo (single unit) and I need to make renovations so it’ll take at least a month and a half to list, but I also want to defer Capital Gains tax (via 1031 exchange) to buy a multi family after meaning I’d have to open escrow within 45 days of my sale. Assuming I close escrow within three months of my list date, any predictions on when the best time to sell would be so that I sell for the highest and buy for the lowest amount?
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2021.06.15 16:38 rudytoot25 Question about season 8 finale

The shooting was justified. Why bury and burn the body?
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2021.06.15 16:38 briar_prime6 Help me convince partner diaper service is manageable?

I convinced my partner to use cloth diapers if we use a service, but they are freaking out now about the anticipated smell. We're in an apartment, shared coin laundry is in the same building but we have to go outside to get there so the cost and convenience of using a service will even out. But my partner is convinced we need to get an apartment-sized washing machine (that we don't have space for) and wash diapers in between weekly pickups and that the smell is going to be unbearable. I don't know why we'd pay for a service if we have to do all the laundry anyway! I wanted to get a sprayer to clean off anything really bad, although the service says it's not necessary, they supply a pail but we can buy something different too. Anyone have words of wisdom/support/product recommendations to supplement? We're in Canada
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2021.06.15 16:38 SandKitten Help us end horse slaughter! (petition)

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2021.06.15 16:38 Berm169 Qimmah Russo

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