Go! Paul Tudor Jones introducing a modern compound bow to the Hadza tribe (northern Tanzania) |

Paul Tudor Jones introducing a modern compound bow to the Hadza tribe (northern Tanzania)

2021.06.15 16:46 dect60 Paul Tudor Jones introducing a modern compound bow to the Hadza tribe (northern Tanzania)

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2021.06.15 16:46 Able-Application-539 It's fine. Really it's fine. They weren't Flys. They were orb-babys.

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2021.06.15 16:46 -Kaitu- every post... ˡᵒʷ ᵉᶠᶠᵒʳᵗ ᵐᵉᵐᵉ ᵇᵗʷ

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2021.06.15 16:46 thedarkraven2021 Could someone do a colored sketch of her?

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2021.06.15 16:46 SadToyLand Y’all remember when this was becoming a thing?

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2021.06.15 16:46 nastyx5 @1nanieee

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2021.06.15 16:46 hari_padm [Advice] ORISE Fellowship at CDC

Hello :) I have recently been offered (over the phone) an ORISE fellowship position at the CDC. For others who have recently onboarded / started an ORISE fellowship, could you provide any insight on the following:

  1. How long does it usually take to receive an official offer letter / something in writing? I have received another job offer (unrelated to ORISE) and would like to decline it, but I feel a bit nervous about doing so before receiving a formal written offer letter or paperwork from ORISE. I am just trying to gauge what to anticipate, and would love to know your experiences.
  2. Have you found any particular resources helpful in figuring out taxes and finances (e.g. contribution to Roth IRA) as an ORISE fellow?
  3. Any other tips or general advice?
Thank you!
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2021.06.15 16:46 peppathepiggyy Mom

Hey guys, I desperately need advice on a situation. I feel like my mom doesn’t respect me (20). My mom (52) lives abroad and comes to visit me and my brother. She came for a graduation and when she comes here we always fight about little things. I cleaned my apartment for 3 days but she rearranged stuff the next day saying it wasn’t clean and put my clothes away too so half my closet is gone, I didn’t know this until I woke up the next day. I told her why did she do that but she just disregarded it then she always tells me specifically not my brother “to clean up your mess” but the thing is it’s not my mess, its theirs. I would be happy to clean it if she didn’t say it was mine, I love doing stuff for my parents but she alway says it’s my fault. I have little clothes here and there sometimes but everyone else’s is everywhere. I end up cleaning everything. I tried telling my mom I don’t feel respected the way she says stuff to me but just ends up getting sad and mad at me. I don’t know what to do anymore and I feel so bad when I’m mad at my mom and also sad.
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2021.06.15 16:46 beans563 [Serious] What is the worst thing you have ever done?

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2021.06.15 16:46 NameofTheMaster Masquerade

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2021.06.15 16:46 Malga14 Not a single heroic / legendary skill stone

Been playing for 3 weeks now, I got the "collect 30 skill stones achievement" but I don't have better than green skill stone. Am I the only one ? Am I getting shafted ? Anyway, they should really add a mechanic that allows us to collect ressources and buy those stones. I'm done getting normal one converted into 10 shitty resources.
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2021.06.15 16:46 Kcmichalson Spain PROPERLY using diplomatic feedback (Red is vital interest)

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2021.06.15 16:46 Blank_eye00 Year after Galwan clash, India remains apprehensive of Chinese intent.

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2021.06.15 16:46 DippyHippy420 Members of the Southern Baptist Convention Say Leadership Too Liberal As They Dive Into Fascism

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Southern Baptist Convention is electing a new president Tuesday amid a push to wrest control of the denomination by ultraconservatives who say some current leaders are too liberal on issues that include race and the role of women in ministry.
Mike Stone, a Georgia pastor, is the preferred candidate of a new group within the nation’s largest Protestant denomination that calls itself the Conservative Baptist Network. Some network members have adopted a pirate motif on Twitter while declaring their intention to #taketheship.
Stone has been campaigning hard, speaking in churches around the country, and the network has been encouraging supporters to attend the annual meeting as voting delegates. As of Monday, more than 17,000 voting delegates were pre-registered, positioning the meeting to be the denomination’s largest in 25 years.
Also vying for the presidency is Albert Mohler, who leads the denomination’s flagship Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky. He’s not part of the new conservative network but has angered some Southern Baptists for endorsing Donald Trump last year and for signing a statement denouncing critical race theory.
A third candidate, Alabama pastor Ed Litton, was among an ethnically and racially diverse group of Southern Baptists who signed a statement asserting that systemic injustice is real. He is supported by Fred Luter, the only Black pastor ever to be denomination president.
Neither Litton nor Mohler have run aggressive campaigns like Stone.
The Southern Baptist Convention is structured as a loose network of independent churches that pools money for tasks like missions and evangelism. The role of president is primarily a bully pulpit, but the president does have the power to make committee appointments that can then set the direction of the denomination.
That’s what happened in the 1980s when a group carried out what they called the Conservative Resurgence, pushing out more liberal leaders and helping forge an alliance between white evangelicals and Republican conservatism. The recent charges of liberalism in high places have stunned many in a convention where leaders have to affirm a deeply conservative statement of faith. Among other things, it declares that marriage is between one man and one woman, that human life is sacred and begins at conception and that only men should be pastors.
At least one prominent Black pastor has said he will leave the SBC if Stone is elected. An effort to repudiate critical race theory, supported by Stone, has already led to the departure of some Black pastors over what they said was racial insensitivity from overwhelmingly white leadership.
The role of women in ministry could also pop up after bestselling Christian author Beth Moore left the denomination earlier this year. Beyond the issue of women pastors, some members believe that women should never preach to men or even teach them in Sunday school. Conservative Baptist Network members have accused Litton of being too egalitarian. And the Southern Baptist church founded by Rick Warren, author of “The Purpose Driven Life,” recently ordained three female ministers.
Meanwhile, the issue of how to handle sexual abuse allegations has recently blown up thanks to leaked letters from the SBC’s former top public policy official and secret recordings of meetings. They purport to show some leaders tried to slow-walk efforts to hold churches accountable and to intimidate and retaliate against those who advocated on the issue. Stone is specifically called out as pushing back against accountability efforts, an accusation he has called outrageous.
An announcement by Southern Baptist Executive Committee president Ronnie Floyd on Friday that the body is hiring a third party to investigate the allegations hasn’t satisfied everyone. Some pastors are demanding an independent task force, saying they don’t trust the committee to oversee an investigation of itself.
“It is hard to imagine that a body of believers of the Lord Jesus would vote to limit in any way an investigation to find the truth when there are serious allegations related to sexual abuse,” Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary president Danny Akin tweeted on Monday. “Praying our Convention charts the right course tomorrow.”
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2021.06.15 16:46 prateek_luitel10 das sad actually

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2021.06.15 16:46 The_potato_returns *sigh*

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2021.06.15 16:46 Street_Current7589 Is it bad to want to try to get my Best Friend to like me again?

Like she said she did have a crush on me but it just stopped and she knew I had a crush on her and I never asked her out or anything because I wanted to wait but she friendzoned me so hard and she lied about there being a chance in the future and she said that all the stuff she said was in the moment and that she doesn’t feel the same way anymore and that we’re just gonna be best friends forever and nothing more.And idk but like I kinda wanna just stay friends with her and like maybe make her like me again. I feel so selfish for thinking this and idk what to do. Any help would honestly be very appreciated.
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2021.06.15 16:46 n5tonhf Combating NYCs Real Estate Caste System

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2021.06.15 16:46 Characterpc How does one secure tickets to NXT nowadays?

I’m planning a trip to Florida soon and I thought a cool thing to do would be to attend an episode of NXT. However, even though there are fans in attendance, I have no idea how they get tickets. If anyone knows how to get tickets to NXT, it’s be greatly appreciated.
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2021.06.15 16:46 ShadowCreature098 Is covet worth it?

I've seen some reviews and it seems like most people find it incredibly cliché. Is it actually that bad or no?
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2021.06.15 16:45 Captain_Cucktard An elegant young woman.

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2021.06.15 16:45 oystertoe charles’ face when he sees our guy munch a banana mid interview..

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2021.06.15 16:45 biffmitchell For Those About to Read

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2021.06.15 16:45 Gooberchuck In the pandemic, transgender community in Kashmir looks on with hope, leads with defiance

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2021.06.15 16:45 devandgear Cooler Master ErgoStand Air | Dev & Gear

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