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Top 10 Spring Anime 2021 - Best Spring 2021 Anime

2021.06.15 17:18 johnrock001 Top 10 Spring Anime 2021 - Best Spring 2021 Anime

Top 10 Spring Anime 2021 - Best Spring 2021 Anime - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-spring-anime-2021-best-spring-2021-anime/
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2021.06.15 17:18 FleetingIn Hodling for the single digit apes

I’m barely an xxx holder and have been hodling since January. Like the title says, I’m hodling for those apes that need the extra $$ no matter how small (or large - see you at six figures) because I was there! I worked 2 jobs and slept on couches to finish college (and even slept in my car). I’ll never forget that. Ever. I studied International Business and Finance starting in 2008. My corporate ethics class could’ve filled all 4 years. Screw the hedgies, screw the greedy shills, power to the people. I’ll see you all at the finish line. 💎 🙌 🦍
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2021.06.15 17:18 Shrimp_bard Ichigo daifuku

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2021.06.15 17:18 iamthesgtpepper Hey LOL players! Come check out my ideas about Gragas, and what I would like to from the champion in the future.

Gragas is a champion that has been struggling to be effective in non pro play across the most populated skill levels. Gragas Build with Highest Winrate - LoL Runes, Items, and Skill Order While Gragas mid is doing ok, he is really losing badly in Top/Jungle/Support.
These types of changes would push Gragas in a direction that would make him more steady across all points in the game, and not just a champion that needs to land the greatest ultimate ever, (with AP items,) to be effective. One of the great things about Gragas is that he can play multiple roles. But that has changed quite a bit recently.
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2021.06.15 17:18 usha912 Neon Genesis Evangelion isn’t that good

I don’t really get the massive amount of praise this anime gets tbh. The plot was pointlessly convoluted, the characters have plot armor, and the monster of the week formula in the first half is boring and hard to watch. The show literally neglects to explain basic plot points about the lore, it just haphazardly throws in phrases like the spear of longinus and dead sea scrolls without going through the export of explaining them. Also, by the end of the series, the characters never try to change, they just “accept” human instrumentality. The character development leaves a lot to be desired.
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2021.06.15 17:18 NunyaBidnizz68 When will Caucasians become minorites in their own countries? Or is it just white fragility and right-wing/conservative fear mongering?

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2021.06.15 17:18 wolf_flank your actions have consequences.

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2021.06.15 17:18 Screeching_badger GME Cup and Handle BULLISH AF!!! 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.06.15 17:18 Insta_finstaa NSFW German Fußfetisch Server ohne Invites https://discord.gg/52YpZWB3

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2021.06.15 17:18 orbital_dx Public transport between central Reading and Drake Way (Kennet Island)

I'm going to need to make travel from central Reading to Drake Way in Kennet Island and I was hoping to take the bus.
If I use Google Maps and select public transport it gives me no options and suggests I walk. If I use the Reading Buses journey planner it says I can take the 50 and get off at Kennet Island Turn but I've taken that bus before and I don't remember it stopping there. When I Googled Kennet Island Turn its status is 'permanently closed'.
Anyone know what the best way of getting there would be? I doubt I can get an Uber as a trip that short won't be worth it.
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2021.06.15 17:18 dekudeals Pix Jungle Adventures – $2.99 (40% off, new lowest price)

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2021.06.15 17:18 IIGRIMLOCKII Exotic Sci/Torp - Questions for the experts

I’m working on my first dedicated Science toon on PS4. I was going to put my build into the template, but Im flying the Legendary Glenn and couldn’t find any Legendary ships. I’m probably doing it wrong.
So I figured I would just ask a few questions, and hopefully some of the “well knowns”, like tilorfire27 and eph289, might chime in. I always apprecaite seeing your guys advice, and the effort you guys have put in to tools here.
I have 2 procs for my SecDef (Tachyon Beam 1 and Structural Analysis 1) and 5 anomalies (GW3, VCS1, SV3, CIF1, TC1). Personal traits are pretty standard so far, I haven’t bought any yet (Sci R&D trait is unlocked). Haven’t spend any money on DOFFs either (GW aftershocks, Torp CD reduction, and conn hologram mostly) But I have a lot of the recommended consoles. Gravemetric, PEP, Neutronic (plus console), Disco DBB (plus console) in the front. Proton Weapon and Chronometric Omni (plus console) in the back.
Starship Traits that I am using:

  1. I want to replace Checkmate or Terran Machinations with Exotic Modulation. It’ll get 2 procs from Chronometric Inversion Field and Timeline Collapse for 20% bonus exotic. I’m leaning towards TM as the strait that should be replaced? I dont have Ceaseless Momentum.
  2. I am using EptA. I dont want to spend the Lobi yet to get Assimilated-Power Conduits, but even though it would only get 1 proc its probably worth it for that extra CrtH and CrtdD?
  3. Ive seen a the Romulan engines mentioned a few times for Sci/Torp builds for the Weapon Amp. Thats what I’m using. I dont need to mobility from Comp engines, and missed getting the Imperial Rift set. So just want to make sure the Rom engines are a good choice. Paired with Temporal Core/Shield, Elite Fleet Deflector, and Fleet Deteriorating SecDef.
  4. Is it worth having the Chronometric Omni + Console for the 2 piece, or is it the 3 piece that really makes this set worth it? I don’t currently have space for another piece, so just wondering if I need to reconsider one of my weapons and consoles.
  5. Plasma Storm Module really seems to wreak havoc. So Unconventional Systems is one of my next purchases to help reduce its cool down. Do people smarter than I agree that thats a good call?

Sorry this isn’t in the correct format. I think thats it for now. So far enjoying this build.
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2021.06.15 17:18 DammitNurse My baby bloomed and now he's Mr. Krabs

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2021.06.15 17:18 thisismythroaway_ 27M do you need to vent, bored and just wanna chat?

HMU with all your problems, I’m here to listen and will help find solutions only if you ask!
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2021.06.15 17:18 Rotblut Battlefield 2042 map scales

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2021.06.15 17:18 heyheyhohtomato This good girl turns 8 today ! I love her so much 🥺

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2021.06.15 17:18 Theyeti511 Logs booga new smash character looks amazing

That’s pretty crazy what they did
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2021.06.15 17:18 DougLawrence567 I Believe in Shib 🐕

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2021.06.15 17:18 BBM07 As Time Fades - Marionette [NEW]

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2021.06.15 17:18 ShortAlgo $HHC keep going down.

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2021.06.15 17:18 Snowthecholochomo Richard getting blacked

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2021.06.15 17:18 Microtic Metroid Dread Amiibo Announced! October 8 release date!

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2021.06.15 17:18 NewsElfForEnterprise Lafayette School Corp employees to receive 'pandemic stipend'

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2021.06.15 17:18 PulkinCB Just got muted from r/gaming for asking to have my ban lifted

Seriously, fuck Reddit moderators, and I was out here like a dumbass thinking "oH, tHeY aRe JuSt DoInG tHeIr JoBs", why tf can't I just interact with one of my favourite subs ? ffs man
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2021.06.15 17:18 johnrock001 Top 10 Fantasy Anime 2021 - List of Fantasy Anime 2021

Top 10 Fantasy Anime 2021 - List of Fantasy Anime 2021 - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-fantasy-anime-2021-list-of-fantasy-anime-2021/
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