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2021.06.15 17:56 WAOFAM AFI - No Eyes Lyrics

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2021.06.15 17:56 ionbooks Enuma Elish | VideoBook [Promotion]

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2021.06.15 17:56 dannylenwinn Nancy Pelosi Publishes Press Release: “Dear Colleague on Urgent Need for H.R. 1 to Stop Ongoing GOP Assault on Democracy”

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2021.06.15 17:56 The-Regal-Deathless What specific problem is your city or town struggling with right now?

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2021.06.15 17:56 QiNu [Presale starts today] 🐵Little Ape (BAPE) - A token tailormade for Apes by Apes

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2021.06.15 17:56 Scytherandsupremacy Flew over the graveyard today😱

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2021.06.15 17:56 What-The-LoL We alien breath ware.. Let's unite

Send me re:village steam key and have my blessings which are proven pretty good for many! This is your chance now have my blessings worth 1billion gods . It's just how it is ... We all are humans and we must suffer in pain and see everything go into vain but this time let's unite and fight lady dimistrescu until she becomes a ghost .. let us all pledge for humanity... Shinxou vo sosageggo
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2021.06.15 17:56 V1tZub About the streak system

Which one is better? Scorestreak or killstreak?
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2021.06.15 17:56 Neobrit LongAP joke!

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2021.06.15 17:56 NamesToad Wonderful Life

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2021.06.15 17:56 sandeemusready Need a little encouragement.

The love of my life, my partner of 16+ years is currently manic. (I’m 32f he’s 32m, we have no kids.) This isn’t his first time and it won’t be his last, but boy does it get harder each time.
This time is also the first time I genuinely have no more friends. I’m not being sarcastic. Scrolled through my contacts list and found just a bunch of names of strangers. People who have either moved fully on with their lives (marriages, kids, etc) and don’t have time for the same old, same old or people who wound up worse off in some way and wouldn’t be helpful to be around. I just want to move forward with my life to be a part of the former group of moved-on friends, but my partner’s mental state seems to keep us firmly in the latter.
I’m not asking for advice about my relationship or to be told to leave, please— I get that enough. I understand the severity. I understand the illness. I love my partner and I would never abandon him in his moment of extreme need—that is an absolute for me. Who knows what tomorrow brings, but for today I am resolute in this position.
What I do need are some friends. Any friends. I just want someone to talk to who isn’t my flighty ass mother a state away or narcissistic, addict, deviant father, who is still too close for comfort. — I just wanna feel like I belong somewhere. I’m PAINFULLY shy and ridden with diagnosed an anxieties and etc., etc., but, isn’t almost everyone?
How can I make friends at 32 years old when I feel so sad and hopeless?
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2021.06.15 17:56 ionbooks Enuma Elish | VideoBook

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2021.06.15 17:56 Kyzira Hallo suche niemanden

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2021.06.15 17:56 hshassan3 Turkey’s Erdogan proposes new security mission involving Pakistan for Kabul airport safety

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2021.06.15 17:56 eileenisdead I’m attracted to xqc 😫😫

He’s so goddamnit hot geezzzz
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2021.06.15 17:56 Knight_Viony It can be hard for a beginner

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2021.06.15 17:56 Negative_Difference4 Is Meghan Markle a narcissist or a jealous ex-wife?

Is Meghan Markle a narcissist or a jealous ex-wife? remember him? Meghan's first husband Trevor Engelson. A small time American Producer. The husband that she dumped by returning her wedding rings in the post? He also has a terrible fashion sense... I mean... Should those sandals even be be legal to wear? Wheres controlling Meg when you need her? Oh hello Meghan's feet!
if you think I am being harsh... well it gets better for Trevor... he kinda levelled up. ( the struggle of straight white men with a poor fashion sense is real 😏)
Trevor is now married to Tracey Kurland. Tracey is a nutritionist. So basically a young hot blonde who wants to be famous, right?
well... not quite..
Processing img blorb31odg571...
(he definitely looks a lot more refined in his second wedding. Pics of the first wedding to Meghan Markle here)
Tracey has worked as a registered dietitian at The Renfrew Center in Los Angeles since January 2015.
According to its website, the organisation is the United States’ first residential eating disorder facility and has helped more than 75,000 adolescent girls and women with eating disorders.

Heres a picture of the couple welcoming their baby daughter. Ford Grace Engelson.
At this point, you can say that he levelled up. I believe all footwear choices are now closely monitored
Now here comes the kicker for Meghan... Turns out Tracey not a young hot blonde nutritionist (the female Californian stereotype). No! She a heiress worth $300 million (£250 million). Her father Stanford L. Kurland, Countrywide’s former president who earned his money by selling his stock options in Countrywide and PennyMac. Stan Kurland often clashed with the companies policy of aggressive lending and left well before the 08 global financial crash to set up PennyMac.
Basically, Trevor totally lucked out here. Karma is a bitch!

Many have pointed out that Megan wears the Cartier love bracelet gifted to her by Trevor as narc move. Because she wants him to think that she still thinks about him... link to photos where she wore the bracelet after getting married to Harry is here
MM interviewing Emily Ramshaw in August 2020
can you imagine Meghan's reaction when she found out that it was her ex Trevor, NOT HER, that levelled up lucked out? Having titles and being Royal is one thing. But doing whatever the fuck you want as a millionaire with no one to answer to is a different ball game.
Probably why she keeps wearing the bloody bracelet, to remind Tracey that she had him first. Thats why we keep hearing about their merching deals in the media. to elevate their net worth.
I was shocked to find out that Harry and Meghan's combined net worth is $10million (£7.1 million). Thats really not a lot!! Harry was rumoured to be worth $40million before Megxit and Meghan was rumoured to be $7million before marriage. So we can say that Megxit has cost them $37 million... give or take!!!

Thats why you never hear from Trevor being the bitter ex (despite being treated badly). He really can't complain. There was talk of him of him doing a show based on Meghan before her wedding to Harry and that Meghan talked him down.
I think it was Tracey that talked some sense into him (they were engaged at this point). Probably, was straight with him that if he's happy then not to unnecessarily invite drama. So he cancelled his plans.

TLDR: Trevor's mrs (Tracey) is seriously minted ($300 million). Meanwhile the combined worth of Harry and Meghan is $10 million!! Thats it! Harry used to be worth $40 million pre-Megxit.
Congratulations Trevor... you cheeky git! You won!!
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2021.06.15 17:56 theRealLOCURO BaristaFI again? Need r/leanfire advice

I have a rental property that is cashflowing $1500/mo (after allocated vacancy and repair). I also freelance write for 3-4 hours for $400/mo. Problem is, I live in HCOL city. All this would just be enough for a roommate situation. I'm still kinda young but that might end up being an issue. I live at home with parents.
I was freelance writing through the pandemic. With all the breaks I take, it's below minimum wage. If I really stepped on the gas it could be $1000/mo. But writing requires so much concentration...when I pound the keyboard that much my brain feels zapped.
I guess my temptation right now is to get a job as a dishwasher. I've done it before. What makes it great is I could listen to podcasts and music. Daydream the entire time etc. I could save up for another property (after doing cashout refi) ordo stock indexing or something. My parents are fine with me living at home. Some of the ads on Indeed in my city show $16/hr.
Dishwashing is not the most prestigious thing to do but it might make sense to "top off" my retirement nest egg. With 4 years I think I might be able to get 200k inc rental.
I think what's holding me back is the dating aspect. Working as a full time dishwasher working nights is not the most attractive thing, especially as a guy haha. I might be an incel for years because of it.
Also, it's kinda nice just freelance writing (fairly stress free amongst other things). My plan was just to do this, collect rental profits, do a lot of travels, go to conventions stuff like that. It might make sense though to give my savings a big boost over the next few years. The older I get, the harder it'll be to work in a min wage job.
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2021.06.15 17:56 PieOverPeople Anyone have experience with Walmart backorder?

Walmart alerted me they had some Pro series 36's in stock on 06/04 and I immediately placed an order. Delivery was set for 06/16. I just got an email saying that the grill is on backorder, but without any hint at how long.
Anyone had this happen to them, and if so, how long did it take? Walmart just has non-existent customer service.
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2021.06.15 17:56 exactwarlord 1 more week until…

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2021.06.15 17:56 substantialabsurdity [28/f] day off work vibes

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2021.06.15 17:56 jinkosol Rack em n stack em on crash cart - peasant mining design!

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