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2021.06.15 17:59 Familiar_Big3322 This:

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2021.06.15 17:59 JoezSr When do they begin to smell?

At what point do photoperiods plants begin to smell? When do they become “loud”? Meaning the strong obvious oder?
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2021.06.15 17:59 C_Osten Loading screen screaming

Please CDPR for the next patch don't have horrific screaming when loading in - it's so disturbing and uncomfortable when opening the game and the panic to turn the volume down in public is real
I understand the game has mature themes but there's a difference with them being in card art/premiums and it happening every time you open the game
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2021.06.15 17:59 omgitsblake [FL 33322] [FS] Kingdom Death Monster Lot, Tesla vs Edison + Powering Up, Modern Art [W] Money

Hey guys I’m getting rid of a good chunk of my collection, prices include shipping.
Kingdom Death Monster Lot (everything sleeved, no armor kits)
Core Game 1.5, (w/ broken token insert) $350
Manhunter $100
Sunstalker $200
Slenderman $100
Dung Beetle Knight $120
Gorm $150
Lion Knight $120
Ringtail Vixen $40
Whitespeaker Sword Hunter $40
Pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/UrLzcN7
Tesla vs Edison with every expansion and broken token insert $60
Modern Art CMON edition $50
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2021.06.15 17:59 Remersion The Duality of Man

The Duality of Man
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2021.06.15 17:59 stiridinbucovina „Culegem case din Bucovina”

Centrul de Cercetare şi Resurse în Turism „CERC Tour” din cadrul Universităţii „Ştefan cel Mare” din Suceava a organizat seminarul on line de instruire cu tema „Culegem case din Bucovina”. Evenimentuls-a adresat profesorilor din învăţământul preuniversitar care, împreună cu elevii pe care îi
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2021.06.15 17:59 HotBus3942 Financing Upsized, Whats Next For This Gold & Silver Stock?

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2021.06.15 17:59 casuallearning19 Kidney plasma clearance

Hey guys,
What is plasma/renal clearance in the kidneys? And what's the difference between it and glomerular filtration rate and rate of urine output? These terms are confusing me
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2021.06.15 17:59 mhyquel If we colonize another planet, how will we determine the sacred direction?

Reading Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars, and there are Muslim settlers traveling in colonies on the planet. How would you determine the direction to pray when on another planet from the Kaaba
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2021.06.15 17:59 LorenzoNapoletano Suggest me a book about self development.

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing wonderfully well. I post here since I want to be the best version of myself and to do that I feel like I need more education, and education involves, well, reading books. I wanted to ask the community for some suggestions (I have never read self help books). This may include reading self finance books /books about habits/ books about exercise/ books about meditation/ self help books of any kind that you think everyone on a self improvement journey must cathegorically read or that have helped you in your own journey. Thank you all in advance and have a nice day!
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2021.06.15 17:59 glynstlln An actual decent deal, dont mind if I do...

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2021.06.15 17:59 gabriel69164 Music Design on tabletopRPG?

I get that the background music is secondary to most rpg sessions, but i think it adds so much to every video game i play. So i've been thinking about a way to make the background music on my sessions better, easier.

On Better:

On easier:
You guys have sugestions?
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2021.06.15 17:59 Ev0d3vil Big Sur is ruining one of my hard drive(s)

I have to use Windows to repair the drive and then it will be readable again. I get this message when I try to recover it in terminal. Any clues?

** Checking volume.
** Checking main boot region.
fsck_exfat: Could not read boot region
** The volume could not be verified completely.
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2021.06.15 17:59 aimforthebushes22 Options to stay after IEC

Hi everyone.
I need a little help regarding my situation here and I have been unable to get through to the IRCC for weeks. So I have everything I need for my PR CEC application apart from WES, who I am still waiting on but should only be about a week or so. My IEC Visa expires on Thursday and without my WES I cannot go into the pools. Is there any way my work permit can be extended? I have a job here (althought not LMIA).
If worst comes to worst can I get a vistor visa and do I have to leave the country and reenter to activate it?
Thanks for taking the time to read this and for anyone that can help.
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2021.06.15 17:59 littlemouse_x CG fantasy, just a quick one today before the streams tonight (:

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2021.06.15 17:59 Lilricki_Xo This Super fire Situation Remix

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2021.06.15 17:59 SwordOfTheMoon Mask

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2021.06.15 17:59 milthoslayer Follow headache sufferers, what did you do to lose God's love?

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2021.06.15 17:59 Human_Statistician30 What is something that scares you no matter how many times you see/do it?

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2021.06.15 17:59 hiitsmeinternet Tourist using Alhosn App

I planned a trip from the US to Abu Dhabi a while ago (everything is booked and paid for). I’m flying into Dubai and planning or driving across the border to Abu Dhabi right away ( using my PCR test from the US that won’t be more than 48 hours old). I’m now hearing that I’ll need the Alhosn app to do anything in Abu Dhabi (including get into my hotel!) The problem is I can’t log in to the AlHosn app because I have no idea what phone number to enter (I did manage to find my Unified ID number through the GDRFAD website but what phone number do I enter? There’s literally no customer service I can contact to figure out how to log in to this app. Does anyone know if there are people at the airport in Dubai who can help you with the app? On top of all this I visited Dubai in Dec 2020 and was using a temporary tourist phone number from Virgin Mobile. I did take a PCR test and the results were texted to me. Could my Alhosn app be connected to this? I never used the Alhosn app during December but Is this possible? How does one know what phone number to use!!!
Also I’m fully vaccinated (took both shots in the US) but apparently I read online that there’s no way for that to be reflected in the Alhosn app and you’d have to apply for some sort of exception? Does anyone know about this, how long does it take and can I do it from overseas? I’m only going to be in Abu Dhabi for a week..
ANY HELP AND INFO WILL BE SUPER APPRECIATED!! I’ve been making international calls from the US to the random offices in the UAE trying to get info and all I’ve done is rack up a huge bill and no answers.. Thank you!!
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2021.06.15 17:59 tophithetrojan ATEENTION BOTW2

ATTENTION at 38 seconds in the botw 2 trailer, link has his normal outfit and hair, he is also in normal ground level hyrule. so maybe as he is on the ground level hyrule he is normal. and when he is above, he has his weird clothes?
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2021.06.15 17:59 BabyYodaSippinSoda 2nd year student, 2 failed classes. Turns out I had a fatal blood disorder all year. How could one petition to get these marks off my transcript?

It had been a very exhausting year for me. I had been dealing with chronic fatigue, lack of focus, and a general feeling of being unwell. I was working part-time and also had an internship, so I was really mentally drained. I simply told myself I was just being lazy and continued trying my best. I then went on a series of walk-in clinic visits trying to figure out what's wrong with me. Health/death anxiety started to pile on.
Now that I know laziness was not the case, I'm wondering how I could remove these from my transcript. I've found some info online but would love a better understanding.
Additionally, If you ever feel unwell, but your doctor says you're fine, make sure you get a second/third opinion bro. Seriously almost died over something rare, random, and treatable.
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2021.06.15 17:59 wrtulak_cz FPS problem

Hi, My PC can handle this game at high settings at ~ 50 FPS, but every time I want to buy car at auction, the game drops to 10 FPS when the price is changing and when someone wns the car, it gets back to 60. Then new car arrives, 60 fps, I bid and drop to 10. I tryed lowering settings but didnt helped. Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks
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2021.06.15 17:59 Wormdoodle Which Western European cuisine would you rather have for the rest of your life?

View Poll
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2021.06.15 17:59 Syrtr0s Artwork Suggestions

hi, i’m an artist and i was just kinda struck with the inspiration to do something like a mural of emo culture… including imagery of: - music - styles - culture - idk.. other stuff
i’m more of a pop-punk, midwest emo, and early 2000s emo listener, but i listen to a little bit of everything… so i’d say i’m semi-well rounded, but i wanted suggestions from others who might be more knowledgeable about other areas of the culture and music that i don’t know as much about.
so if anyone would like to drop suggestions for topics they think are important or simply just cool it would be greatly appreciated!! plus i can try to widen my horizons :)
any ideas would be extremely helpful!! thanks yall :)
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