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where to be informed of fanmeets?

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2021.07.27 14:01 angelshum10 where to be informed of fanmeets?

yalls i've been seeing a lot of posts of nctdream virtual fanmeet/fansign events and i was wondering HoW Do YoU JoIn because i am so jealous and i just want to know where people find out this stuff?? i know previously you can find out through their bubble but i don't have that. is there another way to be informed about this stuff? any info greatly appreciated
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2021.07.27 14:01 ManiaforBeatles Beige cabinetry kitchen in a renovated 1920s Tudor residence, Indianapolis, Indiana. By Whittney Parkinson Design.

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2021.07.27 14:01 Alphawork Welcome to the family baby Vmax 🥰

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2021.07.27 14:01 trailer8k "This is free country, is not rent free country"

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2021.07.27 14:01 Moni3 "You Can't Hurry God" -- Reverend Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers (1969)

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2021.07.27 14:01 Amanda39 Not that I'm complaining, but wasn't legendary supposed to cost gems?

Legendary just became available to me this morning, and I was surprised to find that I don't have to spend gems to unlock the Legendary levels. Is this something they decided against in beta testing?
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2021.07.27 14:01 fashiondemiks they got Peter griffin in Vlone

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2021.07.27 14:01 bollockstoyou32 CINCINATTI BOWTIE ft AENIMUS - King Of The Sea [Deathcore]

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2021.07.27 14:01 newsdk Badning frarådes i badesø efter algefund

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2021.07.27 14:01 tdtwedt 10 oz Silver Bar 0.999 Fine Silver Bullion - Random Design for $2.70 over spot/oz from SD Bullion on eBay.

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2021.07.27 14:01 LittleMissKitty1 Scams Equal Electricity Bill Costing Higher

So my family and I barely use electricity. It's just me, my fiance, and 4 month old daughter. We are usually on our phones and sometimes do play video games but it's not daily. We keep the ligh off until we have to use it, and it hasn't been a concern due to how much natural sunlight we get through the windows. We use to pay $50 to $80. Well last bill on 07/09/21 I went on the website to go pay for the bill, and it was $222. I was shocked and confused.
I assumed maybe it was the tv that we bought so I started turning it off more. I also realized that our basement light was left on accident so I turned it off. Maybe it's because, I'm cooking dinner everyday now, but I use a gas stove. I tried my damn hardest to make sure we don't use a bunch of electricity so our next bill isn't so high. But it came back to $240. I was even more shocked, like how is this happening!? I know for a damn sure the bill should of at least gone down.
On the electricity company website, it says there's scams that the bills will be higher something like that. I don't know if they mean that due to the scams they are I don't know maybe like hacking people and making them charge more? Or is it because, they're losing profit due to these hackings and are making the bills cost higher?
Just wanted to know if anyone else had a major spike on their electricity bill? I left a voicemail if they could investigate or something. I don't think it'll resolve anything sadly.
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2021.07.27 14:01 kimba485 Mega charizard on me 4463 7421 5473

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2021.07.27 14:01 Overcast451 Securing Desktop Computer / Devices

So I'm moving to a more rural area in the near future. I'm looking into some monitored security services; which is fine, but I also plan on doing some local video to maybe a NAS for additional audio/video data collection.
One concern I have is my desktop PC's. I currently have four of them, a couple for gaming and general use, then another Linux server for various crap and a test PC as I work on IT stuff.
Are there any decent home cabinets that are secure that anyone is aware of? Looking for more of a 'cage' type of model than something all pretty with glass. I really don't think the specific location is going to be real crime prone, but in a more remote area I know houses can sometimes be a bit more of a target as there aren't as many metal scrap places, businesses, and homes in general for meth-heads and their ilk to steal from.
So I want to be security conscious in every regard. I would like to find something that's very sturdy that I can bolt to the wall or the floor. I see some various stuff available, but I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any suggestions.
Being a nerd, my PC is one of my prime concerns. I suppose I can encrypt the data to help protect against data loss due to theft, plus I have cloud backup for the most critical.. but I'd like to take steps to make the PC's annoyingly tough and time consuming to get to.
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2021.07.27 14:01 ReallyCreative4 How to create and sell planner sticker

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2021.07.27 14:01 EdPsychCali After 3 months rwcovering from an injury, and then Covid, I finally got back to training

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2021.07.27 14:01 Tender-Noodles Is this just me?

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2021.07.27 14:01 o---_o_o-o_o- OTHER: Evolution of Superman

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2021.07.27 14:01 Poongls How is this subreddit still running?

Its common knowledge that reddit is run by some of the most tyrannical people on the internet. They remove political posts they disagree with, It has been proven that they went into the database and edited comments they didn't like, And finally, reddit has been making deals with China in uploading blatant propaganda and removing those who oppose it! So with that final point, I just couldn't help but wonder how this subreddit is still up in the first place. It seems like it would be one of their prime targets!
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2021.07.27 14:01 A_Wild_Lee Pedo alert

I wanna warn you guys about u/ Psychological_Row704. I posted a selfie and he dmed me right away. He flirted with me even though he knew I was underage (he said he was 20).
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2021.07.27 14:01 ZZiyan_11 For real

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2021.07.27 14:01 AHSWeeknd Latest poster for AHS Double Feature

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2021.07.27 14:01 waynetid [US-NY][H] Signed Daredevil by Charlie Cox, Signed The Armorer (The Mandalorian) by Emily Swallow, GOTG Yondu, Vision 50s, Ellie TLOU, Drax/Groot FYE Figure Only, Crosshair (Kamino) + Hunter (Kamino), Signed Avatar TLA Funkos [W] PayPal, Funko Boxes, more

I have these for trade:
The Last of Us Ellie 601 $8 + shipping
The Armorer (The Mandalorian) Signed by Emily Swallow with JSA Authentication $130 shipped
Vision 50s 714 $12 + shipping
Yondu $40 shipped
Daredevil Signed by Charlie Cox $120 shipped
Drax with Baby Groot FYE Exclusive Funko Only, no Box $20 shipped
Crosshair and Hunter (Kamino) Funko Pop Amazon Exclusive $50 shipped together
Azula Funko Pop signed by Grey DeLisle with JSA Authentication
Zuko Chase Funko Pop signed by Dante Basco with JSA Authentication
I'm looking for:
Sally 209 Flocked/Glow in the Dark w/Great Condition Box
Portal 2 P-Body w/Great Condition Box
Catwoman The Dark Knight w/Great Condition Box or just the box
Captain Rex 164 w/Great Condition Box
Yondu Guardians of the Galaxy ECCC w/Great Condition Box or just the box
Any Steven Universe Funko w/Great Condition Box or just the box
Stonekeeper or just the box
Have had many successful trades over in GameSales and GameSwap Subs
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2021.07.27 14:01 GingerPale37 What’s the difference between things like performance anxiety and mental illness? Or is there a difference?

I was thinking about this after Simone biles had to drop out allegedly because of mental issues. Many people were saying we should be supportive (which I agree) and some were talking about how we shouldnt push athletes who struggle with mental illness to perform when they aren’t in a healthy place. I agree, and I recognize that for Simone biles specific situation I have no idea, and neither do the people posting about it. However, it made me wonder what is the difference between the anxiety that I along with most people get while doing something important and with big stakes, and the anxiety that people diagnosed with it get?
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2021.07.27 14:01 nikhilmishra_art Shivshakti digital art Ardhanarishvara

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2021.07.27 14:01 OkZucchini4453 Phosphenes that don't go away

When I meditate I can see colours and shapes which are apparently called phosphenes. Sometimes when under the influence I will see phosphenes with my eyes closed, only to open my eyes and the phosphenes will still be there. The last time this happened was 2 nights ago and I saw a load of eyes looking at me, I opened my eyes and they were still there for the rest of the night. This is the 4th time it's happened. Any clarity would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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