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EU trumpets vaccine success but warns of variant impact

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2021.07.27 13:57 CptnNoOne EU trumpets vaccine success but warns of variant impact

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2021.07.27 13:57 mperrault23 Simone Biles Out Of Gymnastics Team Final In Tokyo

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2021.07.27 13:57 _Banana_Boi Jab secularism ka gaan me ghus jaaye, Bengal me kat rhe apne hindu dikh naa paaye.

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2021.07.27 13:57 Somecohobutrn What is this game like?

This question is someone that has played lots of games, what popular computer games is this like? Did some, and it seems like Civ 5 or 6. Digital computer game.
A video is helpful.
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2021.07.27 13:57 thewolfenmc -TWMC- The Wolfen MC [16+] [PC] Apply Today! Join The Pack!

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2021.07.27 13:57 Ammo_God CCI 38 Special 125gr (72) CPR

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2021.07.27 13:57 StoriesFromLimbo The Blood Room: The Circus of Misery

Content Warning: Violence
“The Blood Room! Refuge of the damned, hearth for the broken, quarry of the forgotten! May the aimless of today find their place amongst the gladiators of Rome! Your pain mustn’t be shouldered alone a moment longer! Now for the world to see show us the true you. No crosses to bear alone, no fights left to fight, if you are to wound you may as well bleed. Here lays the Blood Room where the pain is the glory”.
The message blared continuously and joyously over and over the intercom followed by a procession of horns, it broke the routine silence that was the droning of countless screens and the shuffling of feet as a line twisted through a concrete barren hall the size of a large ballroom. At one end of the windowless and dim room there lay a singular entrance, a short and unmarked black iron door. Opposite to the black door, their lay across the endless lines of people which twisted every which way, two magnificent blood-red doors which towered to the ceiling with golden handles to be pulled and a golden plaque with illegible writing. Along the sides of the concrete walls on both sides, there were lined endless screens all yelling and lighting up different scenes like a modern magnificent reconstruction of the tower of Babel.
In the limbo of the entrance of the black and unmarked door, through dozens of people with dozens more in front all funneling towards the magnificent and inviting red doors, I stood silently avoiding the gaze of the screens as I shuffled in the direction the line lead. Next to me stood perhaps my best and only friend, his name was Freddy, at least it’s what everyone called him, I hadn’t ever bothered to ask for any real name and he never volunteered it. He too seemed more interested in anything that lay on the ground than the screens which depicted abject brutality.
“Hey, Freddy… I can go first, okay?”, I said trying to comfort him, it was impossible to read what he was feeling.
He flashed a smile at me, although very faint before softly telling me, “Thanks Jenny, I’ll be right behind you of course, and if-”
The blaring intercom sounded once more interrupting whatever thought Freddy had had, it was a familiar speech, the same I had heard moments before and the same that sounded before every streaming of the inside of the Blood Room, the room that lay behind the red doors that I had begun to be drawn towards. This is where I found myself now, for better or worse, I like everyone else in this room would soon be in the Blood Room, and I too would be broadcasted to the sight of millions if not hundreds of millions.
As the recording began again I heard a great groaning sound as the two red doors without the touch of any person, beckoned open to the person standing in front of it. The man who stood before the doors seemed entirely unremarkable, a blue stained t-shirt, thinning hair, cargo shorts, and small stature, you could’ve passed tens of him any day on the street without noticing. Yet as the horns blared and the intercom began his speech he seemed to take on an impressive outline as he strode valiantly into the Blood Room, I should’ve returned my eyes to my feet after seeing the doors slam shut behind him, but I couldn’t help myself.
As the doors shut, my eyes darted to a screen to the left of me a few 100 feet away, it was larger than any of the other screens with crisper color and a more pristine look, it was in fact remarkable because instead of displaying highlights, it was a live feed of the Blood Room.
For a moment all it showed was a blank concrete corridor, small and devoid of any personality, and for a moment I swore the man had disappeared. Yet the moment passed and the very same man strode through the hallway to another set of doors which slid open for him. As they too shut the camera followed him in. There was no turning back, he was there, in the Blood Room.
The sound of a jubilant and charismatic announcer overtook the room and began to narrate every movement which the man had begun to take, “...This lowly gladiator you are watching today is about to undertake a journey that only the most imaginative could even begin to foresee. Behold your hero, Mr. Maxwell!”.
As Mr. Maxwell entered, the Blood room came into clear sight. The Room was impressive in its own regard, the size of an Olympic swimming pool bathed in a deep saturated maroon, the walls, floor, and ceiling all made of the same glassy almost obsidian material. The room was well lit and pristinely clean, yet it was completely barren for all but a single console in the middle. As Mr. Maxwell with his same strut approached the giant console in the middle he began to slow, the endless knobs and switches were all well marked, but now standing before him, the gravity of the situation set in, this was it, his final choice.
I tried to look over at Freddy and discern any noticeable reaction to what was about to happen, and yet his eyes seemed plastered to the screen without any clear reaction.
“You know you don’t have to watch” I whispered to him trying to comfort him.
“I know” he responded curtly never removing his eyes from the screen.
With a bit of gusto, Mr. Maxwell moved up to the console, and flicked a few of the switches, and pulled some of the knobs. He seemed to feign uncanny confidence as he moved across the board turning levers and pressing buttons, he had prepared for this moment, the announcer commanded the audience to be impressed by this display of bravery, after all as he said Mr. Maxwell was aiming to be a performance that would be rewatched and broadcasted for years to come.
Before long, the man stood before the console, arms crossed seeming satisfied with his choice, and as the room took notice of this pause it began to prepare, the console plunged into the floor as a submarine would dive beneath the water. The room started to take shape as unseen visages rose from the ground, twirling and spinning machines descended from the ceiling like the arms of a gigantic insect.
“A bold choice by Mr. Maxley tonight! A combination of buzzsaws and radioactive degeneration is about to take place! No doubt a strong contender for best performance of the year if he does well enough” The announcer said with the enthusiasm of the greatest sports commentators of generations past.
I looked to my side and Freddy too was captivated by the screen, I knew what was to come, but I couldn’t help but gawk, the sight twisted my stomach but captured my intrigue.
The visages from the ground turned into shining beacons the size of mighty oaks which emitted a dim green light as they surrounded Mr. Maxley on every side, it was a technology banned in every use of war, now used for entertainment, in a moment Mr. Maxley would suffer a radiation dosage capable of killing an elephant. Yet he stood firmly, firmly enough that when the arms of the machine from the ceiling descended towards him he dodged the first few swings. It was an incredible act, he ducked and weaved as the arms reached down to end him, my heart raced hoping beyond hope he could keep it going, but of course, that wasn’t the point of the Blood Room. A dodge short by a few inches sent a saw slicing through his back, this splattered blood every which way causing him to scream terribly and collapse to the floor as the wound bubbled from the radiation. Wells of skin caused by prolonged radiation exposure, began to overtake his body as blood oozed from his mouth, the radiation had caught up, and the buzzsaws became more intent. Once more he began to dodge and weave but mistake after mistake began to wear away at him as exhaustion overtook him. First, a saw snagged his leg causing him to hobble, then one took his left hand off, another hit him in the chest and another took the entirety of his good leg. Before long where Mr. Maxwell had stood, there was left a sizzling pile of skin and bones that poked out, yet still, he crawled desperately away screaming a blood-curdling cry, his animal instincts to survive even a moment longer had seized control. It was then the room seemed to respond to his agony as the pillars of green light shrank into the floor and the saws were pulled back into the ceiling.
“Now what is this? If my eyes are not mistaken the brave Mr. Maxwell has chosen that his final moments are not by buzz saw or by radiation. No Mr. Maxwell has chosen to be finished by the beast! You are in for a show tonight” The announcer seemed to be showing genuine astonishment at this, as if very few people would willingly go to the hands of the Beast.
As the lump on the ground which had once bore the likeness of Mr. Maxwell oozed across the ground leaving a streak of red across the similarly colored room, The far end of the wall away from what was left of Maxwell parted as a figure began to emerge. Spider-like limbs with ape-like hands that winged 10 feet began to emerge from the dark as a growling filled the room, the lump began to crawl vigorously as the beast and its many arms began to make their way to the dying mass. The camera never showed the entirety of the beast, it wasn’t good showmanship to show the whole monster, but the camera had no issue focusing on the screams of horror and the aftermath of Maxwell as the Beast receded into the wall. Little was left, an arm, a splatter of blood, and a few tufts of blue fabric. Mr. Maxwell was no more.
“Well, well well! Talk about showmanship, Mr. Maxwell’s bravery in the Blood Room has certainly proved to be strong competition for any following contestants, but never forget that that could be you, it could be anyone! Mr. Maxwell until today was a nobody, with no aim in life and nothing to show, we at the Blood Room, graciously made him a somebody and for all the nobodies out there, your moment of glory awaits! Now please wait as the Blood Room is prepared for our next contender” The man over the intercom quieted down as the regular drone of hundreds of deaths began again on the screens surrounding.
The sudden silence sent a chill down my back, I was going to be one of those contenders soon. The reality hadn’t truly hit me yet but now I began to grapple with the reality of it, for as long as I had known the Blood Room had been a disconnected event happening to people I didn’t know, yet now standing here it felt all too real.
I began a desperate plea, “Freddy… It’s not too late to turn back, I know-”.
“God Jenny are you serious? We’ve already talked about this, if you want to turn back that’s on you” Freddy interjected. It’s true, we had had the conversation before, yet I couldn’t help but be taken aback by Freddy’s change in mood.
“C’mon man you saw what just happened to that guy, you want that to be you? I know it’s bad out there with your family but this can’t possibly be the answer” I grasped at his shoulder trying to get him to look into my eyes but he avoided my gaze.
“Y’know what I saw on that screen? Bravery, and glory. You heard the intercom yourself! Right now the name Mr. Maxley is in the ears of millions across the globe. He was nothing, a bum, and now he’s a hero!” he began to yell at me, his eyes met mine with a hawkish demeanor.
I tried desperately to reason “We just saw a man torn apart in front of a cheering crowd and you want to argue about fame?”
“Yes Jenny, because at the end of the day there is nothing out there for us, you want to live for even a moment in your life, well here’s your chance” He took a pause fighting back tears.
“You can get on your moral pedestal, but at the end of the day you want that fame too, you’re no better than anyone here, or anyone out there waiting to get in here. If you were you wouldn’t be here. Out there beyond that little black door, there are a hundred slower ways to die, you want to go chase that life be my guest”, with that Freddy shook my hand off his shoulder and moved forward to catch up with the slight gap we had caused in the line.
Every bone in my body told me to turn around and head out that black little door into the bright light of day, and yet every muscle in my body moved me closer to the grand red doors. The doors opened again and another Mr. Maxwell moved slowly inwards, the horns, the speech, the announcer began again. A million ways to die commenced on a seemingly million people. Crushed by a boulder, thrown into a pit of vipers, peeled of all their skin, and for the especially dramatic, thrown onto train tracks which refused escape.
For those who wanted the easy way out, nerve gas was released that eased them into sleep, for the masochist a single gun was supplied along with a stream of endless misery on each wall begging them to fire, for the self-proclaimed sinners, a pit of fire was prepared. On every screen, I saw each conceivable way to die, from the mundane to the absurd, from the gory to the restrained.
The thought slid into my unconscious and began to cement itself in my conscious, how would I choose to die? I hadn’t even thought about it, I still wanted to leave, but I couldn’t not without Freddy. Would I choose the theatrical? Splayed on a sofa sipping poisoned drinks and spouting philosophy, would I reenact the final moments of a famous Russian court official with a poisoned cake to eat followed by an onslaught of attacks, would I be sucked dry by leeches or would I die simply of blunt force trauma? I didn’t know, I didn’t want to know, but as the line shrank and the red doors drew closer it became clear, that if I were to turn back, my time was rapidly closing.
I turned to Freddy, I didn’t want to believe this was it, I didn’t want to believe I would have to turn back without him, and I didn’t want to know if I even could. “Freddy… Please, just please turn back now, I don’t want to go alone please, you’re all I have. We’re friends, and we gotta stick together”.
Tears streamed down my face and I desperately tried to see any hint of sympathy beneath his cold and callous exterior, for the first time he seemed to truly look me in the eyes as he spoke “Jenny, you don’t know the first thing about me. If I’m all you’ve got, and you’re all I got, then we’re both already alone. I’ve been dead long before this, and don’t forget. It was your idea to come here”, with that he turned his back on me.
I tried to grasp for words, for a rebuttal but they all died in my throat. I wanted to prove him wrong, tell him that there was something to it, that this didn’t have to be the end, but nothing could save him now.
The steps before the door were all that lay now before Freddy, and behind him there lay me and the endless line, now we lead it, now we were Mr. Maxwell in all ways but physical. As the man in the Blood Room suffered a heart attack after a series of electrical prodding and flashes of light the room once more closed for cleaning, and the announcer began a new routine, I recognized it at once, but it was different hearing it from the other side…
“Well folks! As we near our last 5 contestants for today for the Blood Room, let’s give our daily spotlight to the people who make this possible. The audience, of course, all of you out there!” As the announcer spoke pictures and videos flooded all screens showing fans of the show ravenously waving towards the camera, wearing merchandise, holding collectibles of famous deaths. Some had reenactments of set pieces, others showed off tattoos of such travesties. One screen showed the genius of the scientists who regularly implemented new devices of torture into the Blood Room.
As the videos and pictures dimmed the voice returned booming, “Nothing short of inspiring and the numbers are there! We’ve had some fantastic moments shared around the globe this last decade, and only many more fantastic are to come!” the screens began flooded of famous, and even award-winning deaths. On a single screen of hundreds, for a blip of a second Mr. Maxwell stood dodging and weaving as radiation boiled his skin, a drop in a pool of blood and debauchery. At the center of all the misery and pain stood three numbers painted on the screen in red. 3,678,456 were labeled as past victors, 12,453,976 were labeled as soon-to-be contestants and 812,347,8079 were labeled as watching.
It was at that moment I began a desperate play for power, I am not going to die here. My mind began to race to win this ideological war, this was my chance to espouse to hundreds of millions, all I needed to do was underline one flaw one logical flaw in this whole system and I could undo it all. All I needed to do was find the logical thread which was cut short and pull it and see the Blood Room unravel, I only needed to discern what the flaw was. I looked at the red doors and back at the black singular door across the room, it looked so far and so unassuming. It was manipulation of course I figured, but that wasn’t enough. I thought back to Mr. Maxwell, was he really a nobody? He could’ve been a hidden poet, or a good father or something, anything. My head throbbed trying to see how it all fit.
This loss of thought was probably what lead to me missing when Freddy before me descended through the red doors, or when he turned to tell me something, or even when he shed tears. I was lost in thought still trying to save the both of us when he was torn in half by giant mechanical mandibles. I looked at the red door as it began to prepare itself for me, I looked up at the top of the door and in the gold plaque I had seen earlier, the words Memento Mori were plastered, Latin for the inevitability of death. That is when I found it, my ticket out, I was sure of it.
The system was built of course on death, but not on the death those long-forgotten poets had sputtered about when they came up with Memento Mori. No, death should be of the inevitable, of old age, of coincidence, and of the natural. Death was to be respected, it was not to be gawked at, not to be rushed towards, but treated with reverence. The death of innocents was not meant to be a commodity, and there is no glory in dying to satiate our darkest desires, surely those who were so desperate as to consider death deserved sympathy and compassion, not for the masses to indulge their darkest thoughts.
“The Blood Room! Refuge of the damned, hearth for the broken, quarry of the forgotten! May the aimless of today find their place amongst the gladiators of Rome! Your pain mustn’t be shouldered alone a moment longer! Now for the world to see show us the true you. No crosses to bear alone, no fights left to fight, if you are to wound you may as well bleed. Here lays the Blood Room where the pain is the glory”.
In the midst of this trance, I truly believed that I had found it, my key out. I believed it so much that when the red doors opened and I walked through in the trance, I truly believed that I was escaping. I just needed to spout my new world ideology. Yet as the entrance to the red room slid open wide and I was faced with the crystalline floor which reflected my distraught look I realized it was too late. I had already become a spectacle.
I began to panic, this couldn’t be it! I had found it! The truth, the system was wrong! I looked at every wall, at every discrepancy I could find in the room, anything, anything at all! The people needed to know, they needed to know Mr. Maxwell was a poet! I needed to be free, I needed to save Freddy, I needed a mouthpiece to my new ideology! I didn’t want to die, but the horns urged me on, and after struggling to find any reason to stay still, my petrification ended and I began to walk forward my mind racing
I traced my steps across the mirror that served as ground, it glowed warm waiting for blood to spill. I moved myself to the front of the panel as the announcer endlessly droned on, my heart pounded and it became clear to me all at once. I only had but one choice left, the choice to pick my poison, I was already dead, just a blip in an endless stream of the dead, the Blood Room had to feed, and I must abide. I began to turn dials, to pull levers to prepare a presentation, to earn my spot alongside Mr. Maxwell, it was all I had left.
“The Blood Room! Refuge of the damned, hearth for the broken, quarry of the forgotten! May the aimless of today find their place amongst the gladiators of Rome! Your pain mustn’t be shouldered alone a moment longer! Now for the world to see show us the true you. No crosses to bear alone, no fights left to fight, if you are to wound you may as well bleed. Here lays the Blood Room where the pain is the glory”.
The story above was one never written, not truly, not by who should’ve been its author. It is an amalgamation of the thoughts and lived experiences of Jenny Walker, a 23-year-old veterinarian student in the year 2089, one of the many victims of the Blood Room. As a chronicler of Limbo, it is my job to record such lived experiences as to save them for examination, for historical purposes, and as a lesson. The Blood Room exists in but one 2089, in another Jenny would go on to revolutionize medicine, in another 2089 Mr. Maxwell would become an accomplished author. Jenny’s story is not special, it is not all that different than that of any victim of the Blood Room, or for that matter, any victim of cruelty used for entertainment, and for that her story is terribly important. May her story live on in Limbo.
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2021.07.27 13:57 memoriesofcold A group of Republican lawmakers now want to openly defend the Capitol rioters

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2021.07.27 13:57 wgpb3l Take a close look - This Photo won Best Nature Photo of the Year-Competition in Finland.

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2021.07.27 13:57 bobcat Simone Biles is out of the team final.

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2021.07.27 13:57 AcquireThatPapyrus VPNs and ISP Providers

If you connect to a VPN and a website scans your information (IP, User-agent, ISP provider, etc.) when you connect to it, does your ISP provider's name change to that of your VPN provider or does it stay the same?
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2021.07.27 13:57 AntunKnezevic Sienna Skies - Worth It?

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2021.07.27 13:57 VEooFASA Circus practicing next stunt...

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2021.07.27 13:57 xoxang27 I sometimes dream I am having sleep paralysis.

This has happened once or twice before at my old house, where I’m dreaming and I know i’m dreaming and I get sleep paralysis in my dream. I just moved to a new house and it happened here. I was sleeping/dreaming last night about something sort of related to ghosts and then all of a sudden the dream shifted to me in my bed, unable to move. It was similar to a false awakening. There was a shadow figure this time though which has never happened. She was standing next to my bed and I was trying to move and scream for my parents but couldn’t. I then woke up for real and it was 4:20 am and I was on my back. I turned on my side and went back to sleep. I’ve had actual sleep paralysis once before staying in a hotel with my ex- we both got it at the same time while next to each other. What does it mean when I dream this? I know it happened in my dream for certain. I’m terrified of getting sleep paralysis so I always sleep on my side and never think about it near bed time.
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2021.07.27 13:57 gurlystephanie hi all, im stephanie

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2021.07.27 13:57 bobcat What I Want to Bring to Light on the Jan. 6 House Committee

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2021.07.27 13:57 jasmineeula01 Floral are meant to be in the summer 🌞🔥

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2021.07.27 13:57 Briyanaism Had to Do a System Update Today

I surprisingly had to do a system update on my New 2DS XL before I could play Badge Arcade this morning. The system version doesn't look different, so I'm wondering what it change. I'm honestly surprised that there's still updates being rolled out. Anybody else had to update their systems this morning?
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2021.07.27 13:57 bobcat Sunisa Lee shined on the uneven bars with Simone Biles out.

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2021.07.27 13:57 CasperTMH Any idea how much my shipping gon cost ?

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2021.07.27 13:57 Kluvvvv What’s the meaning of life really?

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2021.07.27 13:57 Mountain_Tea_2095 ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 @lisa____palos

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2021.07.27 13:57 chris3spice Beginning of a piece I'm working on for the HaeGeum

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2021.07.27 13:57 Sensitive_Ad4911 Accidentally discarded a long vent about how I feel after I finish books

Made a nice long vent about about how finishing books made me feel. I went into precise detail. Then, Half asleep, I tried posting it, and ended up discarding it. When I came to terms and realized I was literally 90% asleep while actively trying to accomplish something I checked my posts to see if I posted it. Nope. Fuck.
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2021.07.27 13:57 JohnHunter1728 Neglected garden in need of help!

Neglected garden in need of help! Please help a rank amateur!
1) This rose (which I think is the Alberic Barbier) has become too tall (first picture). Various places online tell me that it can be pruned between late Autumn and late Winter. Can I just cut it back to any level or is there a "right" way to do this.
2) This flowering plant (green, centre of second picture) has started to dominate the bed it lives in. I think this is Cornus alba and looks as if it is about to flower. Can I get this wrong by just taking a hedge trimmer to it either now or once the flowers have come and gone?

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