Go! Should sell my V1 Nintendo Switch? |

Should sell my V1 Nintendo Switch?

2021.07.27 12:59 spena Should sell my V1 Nintendo Switch?

Co-worker offered me more than retail value for my used Nintendo Switch V1 that is hackable. Just wondering if I'm missing anything here or if I should hold on to it.
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2021.07.27 12:59 flamboyantmonster Smile a little

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2021.07.27 12:59 cbvv1992 🔥$2.50 Off Clip Coupon - $9.49 Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Packs, Free & Clear, 45 Count, 31.7 oz!!

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2021.07.27 12:59 OverlordDownunder The best position to sleep in when infront of a heater

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2021.07.27 12:59 browniepineapple Green Badge?

I am living in Bay State this year and was wondering if you always need a green badge to enter? My mom is helping me move in and I just didn’t understand how it works. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I haven’t been on campus since last March😅
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2021.07.27 12:59 Novel-Celebration229 Do you like smörgås sandwich?

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2021.07.27 12:59 Zackarite I just wanted to see if I could get my hands on origin Bumblebee :(

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2021.07.27 12:59 BU-Research [Academic] Cognitive styles and cybersecurity research study (18+)

Do you think that people who are interested in cybersecurity have a different style of thinking? At Bournemouth University we conduct research into online communities, and this is something that people who have taken part in our previous studies have told us. We are also aware that some companies actively seek out applicants with autism spectrum disorder for cybersecurity roles. However, there is very little research on if people who are interested in cybersecurity really do tend to have different cognitive styles, or if this is just a stereotype. We are conducting a new research study to begin addressing this gap.
We are posting here to invite to take part in this research. This would involve completing an online survey. You can view more information about the study at https://bournemouthpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d3WdfIcptKoJPh4, after which you will be able to decide whether you would like to take part.
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2021.07.27 12:59 Pooodermen Is this bannable?

I just played a game as witch and found mafia earlier on, we were working together and towards the end one of the mafia refused to vote up the jailor so he could exe me and cost me my win. I was not toxic to anyone and this was completely unexpected.
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2021.07.27 12:59 Old_Club_9952 Struggling to figure out how to do raw food in an environmentally/animal friendly way

Hi everyone,
We adopted a six year old dog about 8 months ago and have been feeding her Orijen kibble until now but would like to transition her to a raw diet. She's not a big fan of dry food (understandably) and has had some health concerns in the past so we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to help her body. However, I am really struggling to find ways of doing it in a way that doesn't harm the environment or other animals, so I would love to get some suggestions on how to approach this.
My main issue is that I can't seem to find reasonably priced organic meat anywhere and I really don't want to buy meat that comes from industrial agriculture (it would be a bit silly to try to improve my dogs life by giving her raw meat, but in turn support an industry that hurts so many other animals...). If there are any other pet owners who feel the same way I would be grateful to hear how you are handling this.
I should note that we live in France so the options might be a bit more limited than they are in, say, the States.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.07.27 12:59 fatkidmemesupreme Already a solid dadbod at 22

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2021.07.27 12:59 Mother-Poet2389 DogeCoinMax🐕 -($DMAX) Just launched and set to Blastoff to the moon! 🚀 DMAX is the new Apex memevestment asset. We're going to the Moon, Mars, then Intergalactic! 🌌 Get while it's a low cap! The Tokenomics includes Interest Rewards & Auto- Liquidity Generation, Defi Compliance and upcoming NFT's

DogeCoinMax🐕 -($DMAX) Just launched and set to Blastoff to the moon! 🚀 DMAX is the new Apex memevestment asset. We're going to the Moon, Mars, then Intergalactic! 🌌 Get while it's a low cap! The Tokenomics includes Interest Rewards & Auto- Liquidity Generation, Defi Compliance and upcoming NFT's.
🌎 Website: https://www.dogecoinmax.org
👍 Get it on PancakeSwap!
📱 Telegram: https://t.me/dogecoin_max
📱 Twitter: https://twitter.com/dogecoin_max
📝 Contract Address: 0x504b8399ffaef1c62210c4c6fd95f0d1e7986992
✅Liquidity Locked
✅Ownership Renounced
The Tokenomics includes:
RFI Interest Rewards- All holders will watch their DMAX balance grow as they earn interest and passive income as our community and adoption grows.
Self-Sustaining Liquidity Generation- Every transaction contributes to secure liquidity pools ensuring price stability, sustainability, and growth of DMAX. Various trading pairs coming soon!
Defi Compliant- Built to be self-sustaining, community-governed, and to run seamlessly and frictionless on a growing autonomous Defi ecosystem that gives holders control of their Apex digital asset without the need for an intermediary.
NFT Marketplace – The team is planning to collaborate with influencers, celebrities, Athletes, and Sports teams to release exclusive NFT's and associated merchandise. The NFT Marketplace is currently in the planning and development stage.
Don’t miss this Memevestment Opportunity!
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2021.07.27 12:59 zuzuRAL Don't know who to talk about it

I'm in late 20s and some time ago I realized that my food obsession is a problem. My mom always wanted to get "back to her own weight" and after I got to puberty my grandpa started making jokes about my weight and that he will buy me some pills to lose weight.
I was 14 when I felt I was finally approaching my ideal BMI when my mom got worried and asked me to stop losing weight. I did so, even when I was two last kilos from my goal and started to feeling great in my body. But I was looking very unhealthy, eating normal but exercising 2-3 hours each day.
As far as I remember I was on and off some special true healthy eating. I think I tried everything. I was vegan for cca five years and increasingly taking new foods from my diet. And then having cravings for everything. Binge eating chocolate, sausage, joggurt ... you name it.
Now I'm trying to eat everything, trying to test the taste of dishes I remember and wondering it it's the same as I remember.
Last two weeks I'm on camp and I don't cook for myself. Today is one of the bad days when I don't like to eat things that are planned today. Everyone is eating lunch and I'm hiding on the bed. I don't want to eat that food and I'm also sick of asking for something I would eat.
I don't know who to talk about this. In therapy there is always so much to talk about I'm not even working on my long-term goals.
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2021.07.27 12:59 SheffieldSteelBowie The irony of an imperialism game not being about map painting...

I find it unusual that there is a big focus on the game not being about conquest when this was the era of manifest destiny and Cape to Cairo. This is especially stark in contrast to CK3, where only the Mongols conquered the vast empires which became widespread in the early modern era, and yet players can 1-tag the known world in a matter of decades and then keep it stable for centuries. This reflects not the fact that 1836-1936 was somehow less focused on conquest (it certainly was) but that other Paradox titles do an absolutely terrible job of representing the difficulties of conquest.
The main reason that CK3 and EU4 are such dreadful walkovers is not having communication efficiency and proper logistics. You can't command a general in India from London in real-time with 13th-century technology, and if the opposite side of your continent-spanning empire rebels you won't know about it for months. As a result, the Mongols and other massive empires would decentralise and split up. MEIOU and Taxes represents this a bit with autonomy and unrest penalties for distant lands, preventing empires from sprawling too easily, but as a mod, there is only so much it can do.
Victoria 3 should not stand out as a game less about imperialism (in the Victorian era!), but rather be the basis for making gigantic empires realistically unstable in a future EU5 or even CK3 if it ever gets changed to vaguely reflect the logistical realities of the era it is set in. Running a world-spanning empire in the age of the telegraph and steamship is easier, not harder, until the world wars obliterate the wealth of Europe and let the colonies all break away.
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2021.07.27 12:59 LonelySwordsman Orchis

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2021.07.27 12:59 divvychugsbeer Boss is getting me to find him a used rs model to purchase for company around 50k AUD He wants something cheap and easy to get more power out of later for drag racing. And big enough when covids gone, for 4 people. I get to drive it in work hours,so I wanna get this right. What would u get and why?

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2021.07.27 12:59 NewsElfForEnterprise Bitcoin Spike Fueled by Short Squeeze as Market Shrugs Off Tether News

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2021.07.27 12:59 emmanh1434 Saturation & Vibrance difference

Is there an easy way to differentiate saturation and vibrance?. The way i see it, saturation is the pushing all of the colors, wherein vibrance selects only the least saturated colors. Also the way some or i usre vibrance is, is to give it that moody dark theme kinda black n white.
How do you use vibrance?. When to decrease or increase it?. Same can be said with saturation
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2021.07.27 12:59 table501 1

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2021.07.27 12:59 JustSimplyRc 26 [M4F] constant and consistent -Pasay

Looking for someone to connect with, to vibe with, someone that can and will keep me company, also prefferably someone near para we can hang out when we click and maging comfy sa isa't isa, I'm fully vaccinated and rarely go out sooooo you're safe with me. Not really looking for anything serious so i would appreciate if we can keep things casual, atleast for now. If you're interested hmu and let's see where fhis leads us.
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2021.07.27 12:59 thea_trical BCNSD180 automatic defrosting

We got this fridge and the manual says we should turn down to 1 to trigger the automatic defrosting but it doesn’t say for how long. I have food in the fridge will it be ok?
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2021.07.27 12:59 saymonguedin does education increase fluid or crystallized IQ?

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2021.07.27 12:59 shistane Found out my stepdad is lurking on adult chat websites behind my moms back, what do I do?

To give context I happened to be on his desktop computer, and saw a cam website had been visited on his browser. He actually got caught doing this and sending money to women by my mom about 6 or 7 years ago. This almost ended in a divorce. I really want to tell my mom what I found but fear that this would tear the family apart, and I have a younger sibling as well so, any advice?
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2021.07.27 12:59 Fa11ingP3tals Help pls

I have a giftcard but the problem is I don’t know how much is on it since I didn’t buy it and the person who bought it isn’t here atm I wanna say 10$ is on it but I don’t wanna be so sure. Should I wait or trade it now for rhd?
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2021.07.27 12:59 SepfoxLog Ich habe Folgendes gefunden: Kerapacs Armbänder

Ich habe ein Monster bezwungen (Kerapac der Gefesselte) und Kerapacs Armbänder als Beute erhalten.
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