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2021.07.27 11:44 Significant-Account1 Ask Anything Thread

Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2021.07.27 11:44 KeanuQLA How can i go about screen recording teams meetings that have already been recorded but unable to download? I have used the one on windows but its very limited and once you click elsewhere it stops rec. Is there a way to record different tabs into seperate files for audio and video?

Tried using obs and the windows game bar but then both of them pick up the dual audio from both videos. What I'm trying to do is record multiple chrome tabs but into seperate videos.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.07.27 11:44 Last-Mud3181 [SCDF] Eyesight Requirement for Firefighters and EMT?

Currently serving NS with SCDF and came across a SCDF job posting for SCDF Fire and Rescue Specialist requiring eyesight of lower than 500 degrees.
Is that the same for normal firefighters? How about for EMT?
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2021.07.27 11:44 humblespacemerchant Are the jabra 75t durable enough to last more than a year ?

So far all my other bluetooth earbuds have let me down and i am looking for something i could buy to last about 2 years or so without them breaking or not charging so has anyone here used a pair for more than a year or so ?
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2021.07.27 11:44 SortWatts Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Novel - Chapter 1684 - Face It Now!

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2021.07.27 11:44 skull_mod Where can I get RE8 mods? Best Resident Evil 8 Village Mods | Adult & Nu...

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2021.07.27 11:44 BitterlemonDavid Chris need to just need to accept

This game isn't a game that you can play for three month. Making the game harder won't make the player base stay the in the league longer.
The video game need to be fun, and this league is just feels like constipation.
I want to go back where I can clear act 1~7 without any knowledge about the build or item... Excited for what each passive gem can do to my skills.
Please ggg, I don't leave the league because I cleared all your league content and endgame bosses. Nor leave because your game is too easy and boring.
I am a working member of society that need to take care myself and others.
So, I don't have time nor hardware to play normally.
Please consider facter that your player base are mostly people that are playing the game to release some steam, not to play for three whole month. For me at least, there were no video game that I played for month straight other than poe.
I love your game, and this is why I write this open lettefeedback. If your vision of future poe is similar to this league, I am so sorry. I won't able to follow it.
Thank you for listening
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2021.07.27 11:44 SortWatts A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World Novel - Chapter 1561 - Cephalosporin With Alcohol

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2021.07.27 11:44 Fortnite_Virus_21 Oh zombies

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2021.07.27 11:44 ReporterDesigner4528 Saw a post with this many likes 😩

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2021.07.27 11:44 SortWatts I’ll Add Points To All Things Novel - Chapter 783 - The Plan To Control The World

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2021.07.27 11:44 Green_Huckleberry789 Who’s known what this crab type please? Find it in the beach of English Channel . Thanks!

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2021.07.27 11:44 justarandomnudedude GuyGudoy showing Amazing skills in CS:GO!

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2021.07.27 11:44 JimmyKushner stereo FX integration -FX Loops / Send- Return modules -looking for opinions

Hi all , I want to integrate FX modules (stereo) via send returns, but have a hard time finding affordable stereo Mixer modules with at least 2 Fx sends. is there a smart way to realize this via (active?)Multiple , attenuators +small size sub mixer for the returns instead?
i already have a Dopefer 138 mixer, a Erica pico mixer for mono signals and a Befaco STMix + OUTtput module + ALM SBG and EML Guitar pedal interface module for level conversion/integration of external Guitar and line level Fx.
i want to have at least 2 Fx sends for my Microcosm pedal and one for QuBit Data Bender /Plethora X5
CV control over send level is not an requirement, but a plus and i'm fine with a mono send / stereo return
i found the meng-qi-split-five-way-multiple-with-4-attenuators as a potential option for the sends, but am not sure and would like some opinions.. https://schneidersladen.de/en/meng-qi-split-five-way-multiple-with-4-attenuators
Looking at existing stereo mixers with aux sends The Tessaract tec mix series fits best so far as it has 2 FX sends which can be configured as line level too. Befaco's hex mix system and some perfomance mixers seems nice too, but i don't have the HP nor money.
Cosmotronic's Cosmix module seems the best fit of the available options but only has one aux send.
best regards from denmark, Jimmy
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2021.07.27 11:44 codelikeme Unreal Menu System Template

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2021.07.27 11:44 RealLiveLEE 💀💀💀 I actually enjoyed this one! 🤣

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2021.07.27 11:44 sombradonkey Da Shiniest Biker

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2021.07.27 11:44 findvisas Airbeat One Festival 2021 – Confluence of Music Enthusiasts

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2021.07.27 11:44 GvidsMedia WTF Rockstar This Week's Update in Red Dead Online

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2021.07.27 11:44 charis345 He-man

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2021.07.27 11:44 Miserable-Ad7787 Been feeling lost

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2021.07.27 11:44 ZoeLaMort Harcèlement sexuel: Des centaines d’employés d’Activision Blizzard critiquent leur direction dans une lettre ouverte.

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2021.07.27 11:44 EstablishmentLong135 37/m looking to chat. I’m an outgoing, funny, goofy guy but has a serious side as well. Enjoy outdoors, live music, playing guitar, video games etc, really good at listening and holding a conversation. Looking for a possible friendship.

Recently had a rough go in life when it comes to my personal life it’s just that..personal, but looking for someone to chat with about life both the good and the bad! You got stuff going on? I’m happy to listen and chat. Hit me up.
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2021.07.27 11:44 AnimusPetitor "If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light"

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2021.07.27 11:44 A_Few_Mooses Yes way, a game where the community is actually pretty nice...

I've had a couple dudes bestow 1 mil each upon me. Just a few days ago, I was "selling eye of newt 1 mil" and my boy actually gave me a mil for an eye of newt.
I hope this game never dies. I've been around for a long time but never had the time to seriously grind. From the scrubs to the legends, I thank you for your random acts of kindness.
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