Go! i was inspired by centipede xiangling. spoiler tagged for safety |

i was inspired by centipede xiangling. spoiler tagged for safety

2021.07.27 12:01 customer_service_guy i was inspired by centipede xiangling. spoiler tagged for safety

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2021.07.27 12:01 mannnakakoiyo 2300人の中でただ1人審査員を唸らせた大学生

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2021.07.27 12:01 antoxa2584x Just testing new helmet

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2021.07.27 12:01 freerob13 Jisun via zemming

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2021.07.27 12:01 Tejasvitachundawat The Dark Side Of Kaley Cuoco That Was Carefully Hidden

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2021.07.27 12:01 ChazGower MC5

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2021.07.27 12:01 TheCrystalUnderminer Action Shot with the G&G L85A1

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2021.07.27 12:01 DonnieBrast Monday's BTC rally: liquidation of $120M in shorts, 2.1M BTCs returned to profitability

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2021.07.27 12:01 lnfinity Play me some moosic

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2021.07.27 12:01 NoLewdsNoLife Scathach (DAMDA)

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2021.07.27 12:01 GorlamiWech Warum scheint Veggie-Hack „süchtig“ zu machen?

Ich habe beim Veggie Hack von Aldi (Wonder Hack) und Rügenwalder Mühle (das neue), immer das Bedürfnis noch weiter zu essen, auch wenn ich satt bin. Es fühlt sich echt ein bisschen nach kurzfristiger sucht an. Es fällt mir irgendwie besonders bei Gerichten auf die ich damit koche. (Kann natürlich auch an anderen Zutaten liegen). Weiß jemand woran das liegen könnte?
Ich habe mal gehört, dass es bei Chips auch irgendwie einen Wert gibt, der besonders dieses ständige Verlangen auslöst, ich weiß aber nicht mehr genau welcher das ist.
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2021.07.27 12:01 aitamailbridet AITA for telling my brother he's pathetic for getting a mail order bride

My brother, 27, has never had luck with women. He was a total simp in high school, then kind of became an incel, then a pick up artist and idk what he is now. He has never even kissed a girl.
He announced that he's going to Ukraine to meet the love of his life. We asked where he met her and he said some dating site. Turns out that dating site is a mail order site and he spent a few thousand dollars on it. Cringe.
I flat out said he's pathetic for getting a mail order bride, assuming he isn't getting scammed. Everyone in the family told me to shut up and I'm being rude and we should be supporting him. Am I going crazy or what?
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2021.07.27 12:01 RoseRoseRosie I made a pillowcase using English paper piecing, a patchwork technique done entirly by hand. I also lined the case by hand.

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2021.07.27 12:01 upbstock China Stock Rout Spreads Amid Fears of Foreign Investor Exodus

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2021.07.27 12:01 TheXboxMan1 what's the most illegal thing you can do with your family?

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2021.07.27 12:01 snuzzyfuzzy 7 weeks into my 15 week long prep. First time lifting consistently again after 2 years filled with injury and 2 shoulder surgeries from kickboxing. Feedback on my current physique/ BF % is appreciated :)

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2021.07.27 12:01 PapaLoki Sometimes, You Just Need Someone to Cheer You Up!

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2021.07.27 12:01 InfantryMOD Paula Craig MBE set to become first person with a complete Spinal Cord injury to swim a relay of the English Channel without a wetsuit

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2021.07.27 12:01 Emhyr_var-Emreis How can it possibly be at 4.7?

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2021.07.27 12:01 JQRH Does anyone know any more songs like "I'm With You" and "Complicated"?

I really like these songs and I'm wondering if I'm missing out on anything similar
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2021.07.27 12:01 StabFinn Ornn skins?

Have you guys Heard anything about New skins for our Boy? If not you guys have skin ideas?
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2021.07.27 12:01 valonianfool Chopper reindeer meat

Would Chopper eat deer or reindeer meat, and how would he feel about people killing and eating reindeer? Would that be scary to him?
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2021.07.27 12:01 autotldr Covid: more EU states to restrict venue access for unvaccinated people | Coronavirus

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 76%. (I'm a bot)

An increasing number of European governments are planning to prevent unvaccinated people from being able to attend hospitality venues such as bars and restaurants this summer, as Emmanuel Macron celebrates the fruits of the recent announcement of the policy in France.
In the past fortnight, 4m jabs have been administered in France with the health ministry reporting on Monday that 33.2 million people - close to 50% of the population - were fully vaccinated.
In Belgium access to outdoor events with more than 1,500 people will be limited from 13 August to those carrying a vaccine certificate.
He told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper unvaccinated people should be obliged to reduce their contacts, and that for them "Visits to restaurants, cinemas and stadiums" should be restricted because of the high risk.
Markus Söder, the leader of Bavaria, suggested increasing pressure on unvaccinated people by obliging them to pay for tests to prove their Covid status, which are currently free.
Karl Lauterbach, the health spokesperson for the Social Democrats, said due to an infection rate that has been rising for the last three weeks, by autumn it will no longer be possible to avoid "Limiting access to spaces where lots of people come together, to those who are either recovered or vaccinated", becaue of the high level of false negative test results.
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2021.07.27 12:01 waxxbeats Music Production Course

Are you a music lover or just starting your journey as a music producer?
Maybe you are currently unsure what direction to take in life (you might have a job search engine open on another tab right now).
Potentially you’ve started playing an instrument or making music as an adult to satisfy that creative part of yourself. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try.
Have you ever considered whether it is actually possible to create and make a passive income from music, without years of mastering an instrument in childhood?! 🤯
Ok then well how are you supposed to have the confidence to learn how to produce quality sounding original music in the few hours after work, when all your time and energy is spent? 😱 You might have tried YouTube tutorials and guesswork... but with slow progress? How do you find the ⏰ TIME ⏰ to learn music theory, mixing, mastering, sound design, drums, basslines, chord progressions, feel … if you only have so much spare time and energy. How do you justify spending money on sounds, plugins, midi controllers or sample packs, if you barely use them? 😨 Why's it so nerve-racking to learn a craft, that can provide a life of freedom, rather than bouncing from job to job, expecting the next role to provide the satisfaction you’re looking for? Is the battle to learn something that you are excited to wake up and do everyday, that can even create you passive income, really worth it?... Or do you just love the Sunday Scaries too much? 😬 Can you really get skilled at producing music, without years of childhood experience and a million pound studio? If any (or all) of the above thoughts run through your head… I might be able to help.
My name is Arthur and, while I don't claim to know it all, I have gone from working in a 9-5 tech job, to making money as a drummer and music producer within 1 year.
Before I was working for other people doing a job I hated. I felt stressed and I was getting sick all the time. I was constantly asking myself if this was what I should be doing. Every Sunday I would strategize on how to get myself out of my current situation by searching for new jobs… “Jobs in Music”, was something I would search on Google, but to no avail. Maybe this sounds familiar?
When I first started to learn how to produce music, it was exciting (and still is) but, the early days sometimes could be overwhelming. I'd take a step forward only to take three more back. I felt self-doubt about whether I should even be attempting this, whilst trying to figure out the best way of learning all that I needed to learn.
Honestly, I know every teacher says this but..., if I can do it then you can do it..
I would like to share what I have discovered and learnt, and show you the practices that have allowed me to progress quickly. Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to producing music and earning passive income, so that you can wake up proud of yourself everyday.
Let me show you that you can find freedom through music. 💪 👇 Here is what I’m proposing. 👇
I’ve had a few people who are working the 9-5 but love music reach out to me asking for my help.
So I had this idea to build a step by step introductory plan to guide you from just starting out as a musician / music producer, to having the tools and knowledge to start producing quality original music in 8 weeks.
My course, 8 Weeks to Golden Ears will focus on 3 things:

  1. Learning to Produce quality original music
  2. Be able to analyse any song, so that you can take those techniques and express them in your own music. We’ll achieve this by focusing on ear training.
  3. Be confident you can one day make an income from your music
Why am I focusing on ear training and having “Golden Ears” in this course? Well, because it gives you access to all the best music education out there. The music you love to listen to was made by masters of the craft, and by understanding how, why and what they are doing to create that music is an invaluable skill. It’s like having an infinite textbook that you can just learn things from whenever you feel. By developing this skill your ability as a musician to create your own music will improve dramatically.
You just need to put in the time and you will see results. No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from banging your head on your desk to loving the joy of making music.
✅ If you are interested in claiming one of the 7 spots available, comment below with:
“Arthurs Maestros”
👉 More in-depth details to follow tomorrow.
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2021.07.27 12:01 FearlessFly8148 Plug in gps for ipad (usb-C) and tablet advice (cross post)

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