Go! Adam ruins everything video on alphas debunked? |

Adam ruins everything video on alphas debunked?

2021.07.27 11:54 timgtow Adam ruins everything video on alphas debunked?

Do these video and Joe Rogan interview debunk Adam Ruins Everything video on alpha males in humans?
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2021.07.27 11:54 kchek Gross

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2021.07.27 11:54 thewholedamnplanet CMPD: 14-year-old charged after accidentally shooting 12-year-old brother

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2021.07.27 11:54 Shinhosuck1973 Over flow hidden does not work on iphone 6 google chrome

I have a weird issue. I have a side navbar on mobile devices. I set the side navbar min-height to 100vh and did overflow:hidden. On JS I did document.body.style.overflow = "hidden". This works on Android devices,but not on iPhone 6. Can someone check out the snippet and see what I'm missing please. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Here are the sample snippets:

CSS: .links { position: absolute; top: 66px; left: 0; min-height: 100vh; left: -100%; background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6); flex-direction: column; align-items: flex-start; padding: 0; transition: left 0.25s linear; overflow: hidden; white-space: nowrap; } .show-mobile-nav-links { width: 100%; left: 0; transition: left 0.25s linear; } JS: const bars = document.querySelector(".bars") const times = document.querySelector(".times") const links = document.querySelector(".links") bars.addEventListener("click", function(){ links.classList.add("show-mobile-nav-links") bars.style.display = "none" times.style.display = "block" document.body.style.overflow = "hidden" }) times.addEventListener("click", function(){ links.classList.remove("show-mobile-nav-links") bars.style.display = "block" times.style.display = "none" document.body.style.overflow = "scroll" }) window.addEventListener("resize", function(){ if(window.innerWidth > 770) { times.style.display = "none" bars.style.display = "block" links.classList.remove("show-mobile-nav-links") document.body.style.overflow = "scroll" } }) 
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2021.07.27 11:54 XNXDRVNK im 67 years old,, and i really like this blade e guy and hes really good and Im kinder sick of listening to the musician tom mcdonald i like blade e

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2021.07.27 11:54 dustaknuckz Thinking of the time I glued flash drives to a boomerang brings back so many memories

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2021.07.27 11:54 Kareena_ka_pati KATRINA KAIF😍😍so milkyyy🤤uffff her smooth body....needs biting😍😘💦💦

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2021.07.27 11:54 Obvious-Ad-7313 BURGKIDZ Dinosaur Theme Series Beach Toy {Expires 08/21} [Coupon: LBPLODXF ] (50% off) - $10.89

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2021.07.27 11:54 Blaise10 Text chat would be a huge help for PS4/5

Not sure if PC has it but having it on PS4/5 would be dope. Not too many mic users from what I’ve seen so far
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2021.07.27 11:54 FewLog8841 1491 9393 2791 got dialga raid adding 10

Don't leave unless there is less than 5 members at 5 seconds
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2021.07.27 11:54 MrZero10 I enjoy having someone spoil a death/betrayal in any type of media.

I know most people don’t like to be spoiled about there favorite characters etc, but I enjoy it anyway! Think about it from this perspective, if you know someone is going to die, as you watch or read the story you value that characters story arc more since you know it’s finite. They wont have a happy ending so you can focus on them now since after they die it’ll be all about the other characters grief and life without them.
Or a betrayal being spoiled is my personal favorite. Now you can watch that character for all those moments of suspicion that you’d only notice after rewatching it.
I just personally enjoy this I think if heightens the entertainment for me.
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2021.07.27 11:54 gnilradleahcim (Mamiya C220, 135mm 4.5, Ektar 100)

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2021.07.27 11:54 OhBoiFanMC Why did L have to die and how did he even die?

I'm on S1E26,so don't spoil please. I wanted to watch death note before but i dropped it on ep1. Now i started watching it and i love it,it has a good story and writing.I kinda liked Light from beginning but when L was introduced he became my favourite,especially after he revealed himself.So when Light lost his memory they became such a good friends and i enjoyed watching them two together bc they were both smart and have a lot in common. Then he regained his memory and L knew that Light was gonna kill him and he had no evidence against him.He went to rooftop and stood in rain then Light came and they talked and L knew about everything but kept silent.They i think L tried to win Lights mercy and helped him dry his hair and massage his legs.But it was too late the shinigami killed L bc Light made shinigami kill L bc light didnt know Ls name. And after all that i felt sad bc they couldhave been very good friends.After all Light is Ls first friend. And how tf did shinigami kill L?L is an orphan as i understood from the flashbacks.Orphans dont even have names so how did he kill L? The new L just sucks ass.Copy,not even interesting anymore.
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2021.07.27 11:54 SilverVWind Animation Rendering With Black Flickers

So I'm having an issue with rendering my animation, this problem didn't happen on the prev iteration. Basically, after rendering each frame there's 1 frame with essentially all the lighting removed.
When I render the animation, it loads each texture, gets all the samples, then says "Compositing | initializing execution" and in that step, the scene goes dark and renders a black image. It does this for every frame, which it previously did not show this new conpositing step. It also only loaded the textures once at the start last time, now it's doing so every frame.
Currently, I'm rendering with cycles using auto tile, and I had Super Image Denoiser which I may suspect is causing the issue. It said it connects all the necessary nodes for me, but I cannot find where it connected these nodes.
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2021.07.27 11:54 greenblue98 Tucker, the solution is quite simple.

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2021.07.27 11:54 weedislifeman Daily Discussion Thread - July 27, 2021

Daily Discussion Thread - July 27, 2021
Welcome to the weedstocks Daily Discussion Thread!New to Reddit? Read This.New to weedstocks? Read This.Want to start trading? Read This.Use the search bar before asking any question. All questions that can be answered by these resources may be removed.Looking for research resources about which company to invest in? Please refer to our sidebar -- specifically our featured Investing References -- to help you in your research process.This thread is intended for the community to talk about whichever company with others in a casual manner.Unrelated discussion will always be removed (as per rule #3). Reddit is full of various other communities, and while we understand cross-discussion, unrelated topics should be discussed in their appropriate subreddits.Please remember proper reddiquette when participating in the conversation. As always, rule #1 ("be kind and respectful") will be strictly enforced here to prevent any uncivil discussion and personal attacks.
Submitted July 27, 2021 at 11:00AM
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2021.07.27 11:54 Azio_08 The name of God

So yesterday I was looking for the ethymology of the name Yawhe and found out that Wikipedia says that Yawhe is also the name of one of the gods from the pantheon of the Canaanite's god's. Is there a good explanation to this?
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2021.07.27 11:54 Ringerchopper 🔥

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2021.07.27 11:54 PlentyNothings Pitch these two codes together if you fancy upto 15% off :: “YESSTYLE” "DANIEL10" or "MARILUZ07EZD" and “JAZA4793”

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2021.07.27 11:54 Incanus_Lothrolien9 Cursed_Olympics

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2021.07.27 11:54 TransportationDry921 Calling from higher Lisa mains, is my artifacts and stats good for my level 70 Lisa? Please be honest and give me more tips on how to make her damage more better

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2021.07.27 11:54 blairg8 For the life of me, I can't figure out what this means lol

On the wiki for the Athletics, under each date it says "Event M E". What do the M and E stand for? I feel like it's something obvious that I'm just not thinking of. Thanks!
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2021.07.27 11:54 ridz_n99 Will my ex be thinking of me ?

Two years ago to this day, I (M, 22) went out with my ex (F, 22) and finally popped the question to her asking her to be my girlfriend. We have many videos from this day that come up as memories on Snapchat. We have met up about 7/8 times since the breakup and spoken regularly over snapchat for the past few months. I feel like she should know that today was the anniversary day for our relationship if I remember it but there’s a part of me that feels like she might not care enough.
I ended our last convo 3 days ago after she turned down my offer of going clubbing together as friends. However, I did notice something unusual, yesterday night, as it came up as a notification that my ex was typing on Snapchat but nothing was sent in the end. I’m not sure whether this was an attempt from her to get my attention or if she was going to pop up to me but changed her mind.
I’m hoping maybe this would trigger her to reach out and maybe attempt to work things out with me. Last time we spoke on the phone, we brought up the possibility of getting back together but she said her head is all over the place and she doesn’t know what she wants anymore. But, she said the love doesn’t go away and she does still care about me and want what’s best for me.
Anyways, I was just wondering from a female perspective, what goes through an ex-girlfriend’s mind when a day like an anniversary day comes about ? Would it be strong enough for her to potentially reach out to me if she still has feelings or would she just treat today like a normal day ?
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2021.07.27 11:54 SEXXXPLOTATIAN ❤💋

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2021.07.27 11:54 Tb42000 I just got my ender 3 v2 a few weeks ago and here is a few fishing lures I've printed. let me know what you think for my first couple prints ever any tips appreciated!

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