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Pubic hairs?

2021.07.27 14:02 ThrowAwayAccount_35 Pubic hairs?

I’ve never shaved my pubes before, but now they are getting really uncomfortable, and my question is, should I use a razor like for shaving moustaches/beard or should I use a razor like the ones used by a barber?
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2021.07.27 14:02 soccerguy1769 30 Manhattan looking for masc dudes. Bi dl not much experience with men but looking to hang and see what happens.

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2021.07.27 14:02 krabbytube Delicious (OC)

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2021.07.27 14:02 rujohne Danny is a legend

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2021.07.27 14:02 adrisyman 'The Suicide Squad' to release in select cities in India on August 5

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2021.07.27 14:02 FinestOfThe501st Who's side are you on?

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2021.07.27 14:02 lamatamimi The waterfalls of the city of “Yajica”

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2021.07.27 14:02 KelanSeanMcLain Subreddit gold bars

Anyone else not seeing the gold bar upvotes on this sub anymore? Didn't know if the mods turned it off or if it's just an app issue.
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2021.07.27 14:02 ConclusionExisting30 my issue with public servers

i want to play lethal 5 missions, and i can't do them solo. but the moment i join one i get kicked by members (that are level 100+) who instantly kick me. i've only had one positive experience with lethal 5 missions.
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2021.07.27 14:02 New-Sport-8071 Can someone explain to me what bi confusion is cause I’d like to know if I’m experiencing this?

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2021.07.27 14:02 FrylockMcReaper Does Dak Prescott look like a B*tch?!?

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2021.07.27 14:02 Subject_Exercise_696 Difficulty Breathing and Chest Tightness on Levo

Do you have similar symptoms? My lab in May was perfect, but these symptoms persist.
Also, when I'm sleeping it's so cold that I'm using an electric blanket. But still cold. And, high BP is back. How do you think?
My endo doc didn't reply to my email yet...
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2021.07.27 14:02 killer2g My pc case tingle me when i touch it #cpsupport

First of all, I live in a humid country
Is it normal that my pc case tingle me when i touch imetal part of it, i tried plugging my pc into a different plug socket and its still happens to me.
sometimes i feel the tingle and some times it goes away
and is it normal that if i plug a phone charger and i touch the other part i feel tingling too?
the pc is place on the of a table so it doesnt touch the ground, and i touch the pc with bare foot and im touching ceramic ground, the ceramic feels a bit wet and humid but its not wet so just a bit feeling of humidity on the ground.
I wanna know the reason of the tingling, and is it harmful to the pc?
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2021.07.27 14:02 groundnewsfeed 'Culture of cover-up' saw Lambeth care home children abused

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2021.07.27 14:02 axiscontra Can you run Pi-Hole on OpenWrT

I'm thinking of setting up a raspberry pi router running open wrt just thinking that it might be redundant to be running a raspberry pi connected to a raspberry pi.
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2021.07.27 14:02 dacoconutboy new kiddions download site?

there's this new website, which it claims, you can download kiddions mod menu from there. Is it safe?
the website: https://www.kiddionsmodmenu.com/
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2021.07.27 14:02 International_Pipe17 The more shares that people sell, the more I’m buying!!

To all those who panic sold: Thanks for the discount 🙌🔝
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2021.07.27 14:02 TheBeastclaw [Excerpt|The Crimson King] Magnus the Red gets revived from a golden throne spoiler

The Thousand Sons return to the scorched, metastasized, soul-sharded form of Magnus the Red, with the rest of his soul(and some Tzeentch juice to fill the rest) in Ahriman's staff. Due to the Warp's weirdness, the quest seemed like a century long odyssey to the ones left behind to guard their primarch.

Escaping Prospero’s doom to the Planet of the Sorcerers had been an agonising fall through a maelstrom of howling madness, but the translation from Nikaea was like waking from sleep.
The grand stage of Tizca’s dark mirror conjured by Lemuel was gone, but a storm yet raged around him. Ahriman let out an aether-hot breath and saw he stood in the last remains of a broken city of cyclopean menhirs and towering megaliths, a place that reeked of blood and death.
Tolbek and Sanakht looked around in wonderment at their new surroundings. Menkaura was with them once more, the seer down on his knees, clutching his head and weeping blood from his ruined eye sockets. Ignis stood over the fallen body of an orange-lacquered cybernetic, nodding as if he had foreseen this exact circumstance.
The warbands lost in the labyrinth were also returned with Ahriman, and he saw Onuris Hex, as well as Kiu and the others. Their auras were all but extinguished, and Ahriman wondered what dark corners of their souls had been bared within the labyrinth? But such mysteries would have to wait, for he had brought them all from one world’s ruin to another.
The Thousand Sons they had left behind stood at the perimeter of a circle of hard-packed earth enclosed by the ring of vast stones. Power billowed around them as they held back a world-ending tempest of oblivion with barriers of overlapping kine shields. None turned to acknowledge their arrival, every scrap of their attention focused on defying the oncoming armageddon.
Ahriman’s breath caught in his throat as he saw what had become of his primarch in his absence.
‘We were too late,’ he whispered, and the words glittered on his breath before falling like dust from his lips.
The corpse of Magnus the Red sat locked within a throne fashioned from interleaved vines of gold. Amon knelt before his gene-sire, swathed in rags and clad in armour patched with rust and antiquity.
Ahriman moved towards the withered corpse of Magnus, but Tolbek stepped in front of him and placed a burning fist at the centre of his breastplate.
‘You gave one of our own to a daemon,’ said the Pyrae adept, his eyes eager for violence. ‘I will not forget that, and neither will our brothers.’
‘I did what had to be done,’ snapped Ahriman, feeling the forces within his heqa staff pulling him onwards. ‘And I would do it again. Now get out of my way.’
Tolbek held his arm a moment longer before releasing him.
‘When the Warmaster’s campaign is won, there will be a reckoning between us, Ahzek Ahriman,’ promised Tolbek.
‘So be it. Now move, I need to save our father.’
Tolbek stepped aside and Ahriman jogged towards the support throne and the slumped form of the primarch. Sanakht appeared at his side, and Ahriman shook his head.
‘You too, Sanakht?’ he said. ‘Are you going to threaten me as well?’
‘No,’ said the swordsman. ‘You had an impossible choice to make. Betray your brother or save our father. I could not have made that choice, but that is not what troubles me.’
Ahriman sensed evasion in Sanakht’s words and said, ‘Then what does?’
‘The ease with which you made it,’ said Sanakht. ‘I wonder who else you might sacrifice to obtain what you want if the prize is great enough. Menkaura? Ignis? Me?’
Ahriman did not answer, and slowed his pace as they approached their father’s golden tomb. Amon looked up, and Ahriman tried to hide his shock as he saw the equerry’s ravaged features.
Ahriman had little idea of how long their quest had taken, but from the look of Amon, centuries must have passed. His features were like weathered oak, both eyes unseeing with opaque cataracts.
Despair touched Ahriman.
Were they already too late?
Was the Warmaster’s rebellion already over? Had Terra fallen or were the armies of Horus shattered in defeat, licking their wounds in some backwater system?
‘Ahriman? Is that really you?’ said Amon, his voice little more than a parched desert whisper.
‘It is I, brother,’ he said as Sanakht knelt to help the blinded Amon to his feet. The equerry’s face contorted in pain, and Ahriman remembered the terrible damage the daemon of dust in the guise of the Wolf King had wrought upon him.
Amon reached up and touched Ahriman’s face, as if unwilling to yet believe he was real. He wept as his fingers made contact with a being of flesh and blood, and not false hope.
‘I never dreamed you would return, brother,’ said Amon.
‘I am here,’ replied Ahriman.
‘Did you…?’
Ahriman held up his heqa staff, and the milky cataracts bled from Amon’s eyes as the power of the Crimson King’s soul radiated from the pale wood. Amon blinked and his eyes widened as he saw for the first time in who knew how long.
‘Brother!’ he cried and took Ahriman’s hand in the warrior’s grip, wrist to wrist. ‘You are a wonder to me!’
‘And you to me,’ said Ahriman, looking up at the husked body of their father. ‘I will hear of all that has happened in due time, but first…’
‘Aye,’ said Amon, turning and guiding Ahriman towards the throne.
From a distance, his father’s condition had been terrible to behold, but up close the horror was even greater. Like a mummified body, the Crimson King was a revenant of ossified flesh, drained of all vitality. His once mighty body was shrunken and black, as though decaying from the inside out.
‘Are we too late?’ asked Sanakht, echoing Ahriman’s earlier thought. ‘Is he already… dead?’
‘No,’ said Ahriman. ‘He yet lives, I am sure of it.’
Ahriman rose into the fifth enumeration, and pushed his mind down into the leather-tough flesh of his father’s body. His outer skin was withered and long-dead, like the surface of an ancient and petrified tree.
Deeper he plunged, past necrotic and lifeless organs he could not identify, seeing highways of blood vessels and networks of sensory pathways beyond anything he could have imagined. The craft of the Emperor’s gene-wrights was masterful to behold, but he had no time to spend admiring their work.
Onwards he dived, sensing a pulse of life deep within the shell of his father, an ember on the verge of extinguishing.
The pulse of thought was so faint, Ahriman wasn’t sure he had even heard it at first. He paused in his psychic voyage through his father’s body and waited for the voice to come again.
+Yes! Father!+
+Am I dead?+
+I think… I think I was dying, yes?+
+You were, but I am here now.+
+Where did you go?+
+To bring back your soul.+
+My soul?+
+Yes,+ said Ahriman, and allowed the soul-shards bound within his staff to flow outwards. They surged from within, roaring like a flood tide as they used him as a conduit.
Like attracts like.
Ahriman screamed as the combined aspects of the Crimson King poured through him to where they belonged. The power was immense, and Ahriman felt himself being pulled apart from within as they bloated his fragile psyche. For an instant he almost felt pity for Lemuel, a mere mortal whose fragile flesh had somehow managed to bear such a burden.
As though filling a well, the shards of Magnus’ soul spread through his flesh as the most potent of panaceas. What it touched it renewed, and what it renewed was reborn. Like a great and powerful animal shaking off a long hibernation, the Crimson King shed the dust of ages.
Ahriman felt the last of the power contained within his staff bleed out and he gasped, pulling his mind back into his skull with a cry of pain. To have flown so close to the heart of a star would leave repercussions like nothing he had ever experienced before, but that was a price he would pay as often as necessary to renew his father.
He staggered away from the imprisoning throne, as the twisting vines of gold cracked and burned away like dust in the wind.
As above, so below.
The deathly hue drained from Magnus’ skin and the bronzed, ruddy heat of his flesh restored itself. Atrophied muscles swelled with growth, becoming mighty once again. A deep rumble built within the breast of the Crimson King and armour that was layered with a patina of verdigris and rust shone with the lustre of metal freshly forged.
His mighty head lifted and the lank, matted hair became lustrous once again – a mane of scarlet banded by a crown of gold.
Finally his eye opened, and Ahriman sank to the ground.
Tears fell with unabashed joy at the sight of his father’s clear and lucid sight. The pupil swirled with colours undreamed and, even newly awakened, it saw further and deeper than Ahriman’s ever would.
Further even, perhaps, than it had before.
Magnus rose from the support throne and it collapsed into broken shards, leaving him standing over them all, a god restored to his towering majesty. The primarch stood taller now, a being of limit­less power unburdened by any notions of restraint or by weight of conscience. His soul was restored, but Ahriman knew that the best part of it, the true and loyal heart of him, remained lost.
Golden light blazed from him, and as it spread across the circle of menhirs, the storms beyond were stilled as the great will that had kept oblivion at bay set order upon his kingdom once again. Beyond the titanic stones, the world was remaking itself, its protean form given shape by the desires of the Crimson King.
The Thousand Sons turned from their labours, drained but elated to see their father once again – brighter, stronger and more energised than ever before.
They gathered in their hundreds to witness their father’s rebirth, and Ahriman could only guess at how long it had been since they had seen him like this. Their steps were leaden, and he felt their exhaustion. They marched like captives newly freed from a lifetime of incarceration, or mindless automata cut from their command cortex.
Their souls had been pushed to the edge of despair, but with every step they took towards Magnus, more remembered his light and awoke. Hundreds of warriors surrounded Ahriman and his cabal, pressing their gauntlets against the battered plates of their armour, like pilgrims confronted by a saint or holy object.
‘Ahriman,’ said Magnus, and every one of the Thousand Sons turned to the source of their gene-sire’s voice.
Ahriman stood as though drawn to his feet by a puppeteer’s hand, and his brother legionaries parted before him. He and the warriors who had set out to restore the Crimson King marched through the newly created path towards him with their heads held high.
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2021.07.27 14:02 DrafiMara Sooth.

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2021.07.27 14:02 YoungAdult_ Something better a messenger bag and a “murse”

Carrying an entire backpack can be tiresome, especially when there’s only several things in it. What’s a decent sized bag you would recommend for every day carry? It would have to be big enough to carry a kindle, sunglasses case, small things like chapstick, etc
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2021.07.27 14:02 GoodsVT Can I calculate reach and impressions on someone else's Instagram post?

So a "personality" in my particular field with a large IG following came to our business (unsolicited) and ended up making a great Instagram post (also unsolicited). They have 77.7k followers, and the post has 3,450 likes and 112 comments in just the first 3 days.
I would like to show my boss how much "value" that little interaction had to our business, and how many people have now become aware of us through that post, by calculating REACH, IMPRESSIONS, and ENGAGEMENT, but of course, it's not our page so I can't see the insights, and I don't want to bother the person by asking.
I remember hearing or seeing somewhere once that you can calculate an estimated REACH of someone else's post based on the engagement (likes and comments) and the number of followers they have, because alot more people SEE a post then what ENGAGE with it (click like, or leave a comment).
There was some formula I saw which I can't find now. Endless googling just turns up pages of websites talking about how to understanding your own page's insights.
Any experts out there that can help? Thank you!
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2021.07.27 14:02 _Friendbeard Why won't you stay dead?

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2021.07.27 14:02 sanctplasma Honestly just objects like these as pickaxes are some of my favourite, I would really like to see more.

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2021.07.27 14:02 Immediate-Foot-6371 Shift to park

I recently bought a 2018 volt and enjoying it more than I ever thought I would. I had shift to park message come up two trips in a row. It only has 22500 miles. Does it normally fail this quickly?
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2021.07.27 14:02 FunkyJu1ce New to gecko care and needing some advice

I want to adopt a leopard gecko, so I've been doing some research. I'm still new to all the care so I want to do more extensive research before I keep one. I'm really against just buying animals on impulse!!!
So.. My question Is it safe to keep a leopard gecko under my bed if there's enough space?? I went to a reptile shop in my area and the guys there said if my parents are against the idea because of space I can keep the enclosure under my bed as long as the enclosure meets the size requirements and they also said they do not need special lighting but they do need a heat mat which is not a problem for me. I have plenty of floor area under there and it doesn't actually get too dark either unless it's further back, but I don't want to keep an animal somewhere that isnt suitable or if its cruel. I haven't found much by just googling this so I thought it would be best to ask here. I'm hesitant because I know a lot of pet shop owners just want to sell animals as fast as they can, I own fish so I know what they're like and the type of advice they can give and its ridiculous!!
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