Go! Can i bring sealed fresh product to norway? (Premade frozen corn pancake ish with fresh cheese) |

Can i bring sealed fresh product to norway? (Premade frozen corn pancake ish with fresh cheese)

2021.07.27 12:08 pepperoni93 Can i bring sealed fresh product to norway? (Premade frozen corn pancake ish with fresh cheese)

My boyfriend loves venezuelan food so i want to bring hima premade corn thingy with fresh cheese. it has to be kept refrigerated but its only a 4h flight so i figured wouod be fine.
However dont know if nirway allows this...im air sealling the food dont know if thats good enoigh
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2021.07.27 12:08 3ndy_Man Any good premium planes for grinding?

I need more sl
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2021.07.27 12:08 ninjamdsqrd [Event Recruiting] CWL TH11+/ Titans2.0/ Gold League 1

Who are we? Titans2.0
What's our Clan Tag? #2PP9UUU8Y
Clan link: https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2PP9UUU8Y
Clan League: Gold 1
Clan Type: casual players who still love to win wars and be chill
Clan Games: not mandatory but 90% of the clan maxes clan games so everyone gets full rewards
Who are we looking for: An active TH 11, TH12, TH13, TH14 not rushed that will use all attacks in war
What to expect: Frequent donations, helpful space for learning attacks, super troops, no drama, nurturing members
Titans2.0 is a Level 6 English-speaking casual clan. Currently, we are doing no hero regular wars but for CWL heros are mandatory. We won 1st place 3 months in a row and then 3rd place last month for CWL and looking to get 1st place this month!
We also have a discord.
I hope you consider us! :)
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2021.07.27 12:08 behind_the_sun2 Post-apocalyptic N Tower in Seoul, South Korea.

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2021.07.27 12:08 lss_mobile_2370 Hb

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2021.07.27 12:08 ManWalkingDownReddit [SPOILERS] just watched the show within a week, here's what I've loved to see happening in the last season

After Arya fails to kill night king with dragonglass, Melisandre tells everyone the only way to kill the night king is w a blade laced with blood of a dragonborn fresh from the heart, ( would make fire vs ice more impactful) now no one knows rn that John is a targereyan, he gets message from bran that he is and before dany sacrificed herself for her people John and grey worm make it to where the night king is, grey worm throws a spear through Johns heart andthen through the night king, which kills him Now Dany gets to know that John was actually aegon and sacrificed himself for people before she could
Now this could go 2 ways, she becomes enraged that lanisters didnt come to her aid and destroys the city in anger like she did in the show
I like the 2nd way more, tyrion tells her about the secret passage, takes it with Jamie so he could convince her to surrender and a couple more soldiers, the unsullied take the castle from within and cersie seeing she lost commands ser Gregor to light the caches of wildfire and destroy the city so dany fails her objective, rescuing the people Now before Gregor can light it, his brother comes to fight him and defeats him
Meanwhile cersie takes it upon her to light the cache, before she could light it she is killed by Jamie, who's now a kingslayer and a queenslayer.
After a while we see all armies of westros together, for the first time in centuries, and all the people happy. We see Dario come ashore to celebrate her victory, who has maintained dragons bay well, drogon burns the body of all the dead men and all the advicers and wardens stand together in court, drogon beside the iron throne and dany sits on it, the camera zooms out and it ends.
A lot more can be done than this, but this is the basic framework I'd have loved to see happening
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2021.07.27 12:08 Opposite-Shame352 Sick leave options at retirement

What options do I have at retirement from federal service in regards to sick leave? I will have approximately 800 hours of unused leave. Is it better to use sick leave here and there and leave with zero balance or is it advisable to have it calculated into retirement pay?
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2021.07.27 12:08 bulseye142 SamuraiShiba 🐢 - Launching soon - Join the telegram - Mega marketing in progress πŸš€

SamuraiShiba is a deflationary, meme worthy token, created on the binance smart chain network aimed at becoming the next big token heading to the moon. We’re a community driven token with lots of experience and ideas to push the token beyond your wildest imagination. Join in, take part in the community, cement your position as a forerunner to help us all grow and improve.
πŸ“² Telegram: https://t.me/samuraishibabsc
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Website: https://www.samuraishiba.org/
We are changing the narrative, with the success of meme tokens, dogecoin, safemoon, shiba, you name it. SamuraiShiba was created to bring people together to reach for the stars, and there’s no stopping us.
πŸ† 10 BNB prize-pool shilling competition ​
Total of 3 winners will be chosen based on the quantity/quality proof they provide as screenshot(s).
πŸ₯‡ First Place: 5 BNB
πŸ₯ˆ Second Place: 3BNB
πŸ₯‰ Third Place: 2 BNB

Post the Website, Telegram and Twitter account URLs wherever your shilling and get the word out about the coin before it goes to the πŸŒ™!
πŸ’Ά Tokenomics ​
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2021.07.27 12:08 Glencolumba T1 grey/grey/yellow needle vector with single thruster and tail fin - middling Vy'keen system in Ethiophodhe (galaxy #40)

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2021.07.27 12:08 According-Session-24 πŸ€ LuckyBabyDoge 🐢 - πŸ† LuckyBabyDoge is the first Doge Game platform on the BSC network, Play games – Get BNB

πŸ† LuckyBabyDoge is the first Doge Game platform on the Binance Smart Chain network, Play games – Get $BNB
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LuckyBabyDoge is the first Doge Game platform on the Binance Smart Chain network, Play games - Get $BNB
Best Token Key Features
- Auto buyback and burn
- Hold $LUCKYBDOGE to earn $BNB
- Increase game reward fund for players every day
πŸ’Ά Tokenomics
Total suplly: 1,000,000,000 $LUCKYBDOGE
Developer wallet: 5% (lock for 1 year)
Marketing and promotion: 10%
Private sale: 3%
Public sale: 40%
Liquidity: 25.2 % (lock for 10 years)
Charity: 3% (lock for 6 months, every month unlock 0.5%)
Burn: 4.5%
πŸ’· Token Key Features
Buy fee: 10%
- 5% reward to holders
- 5% back to Game Reward Fund wallet
Sell fee: 20%
- 10% BNB auto buyback and burn
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- 5% back to Game Reward Fund wallet
πŸ“ƒ Contract: 0xa573e472121f3fc60eec46142600b897e29f29ce
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βœ… We made our first charity donation of $500 to the COVID-19 CHARITY FUND - CRYPTO RELIEF (Vitalik donated to this fund 500 ETH and 1.1 billion tokens) on July 19, 2021
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βœ… We are the first Doge token to have a gaming platform on Binance Smart Chain.
Join the game and get daily $BNB reward with us
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2021.07.27 12:08 Jealous_Efficiency_9 When u realise your kid is useless

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2021.07.27 12:08 eryka14 16f looking for friends and just people to vent to perhaps

hello i am eryka i am 16 and i’m just looking for some people to talk to and play with. i play games sometimes but all i can play rn is fortnite and apex D: anyways i’m kinda shy at first in calls but i’ll open up and after i get comfy i won’t shut up. so pm me :))
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2021.07.27 12:08 iamoc555 Do you love it?

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2021.07.27 12:08 TheRollingCrohns Entitled Parent asks where my handler is (I'm in a wheelchair), and then tries to grab my chair and wheel me off

Hi, this is my first post!

English is my 2nd language, so please bear with me and my bad grammar. I do not give anyone permission to use this for Youtube, Facebook etc. This happened a few years ago, so I don't remember the exact wording of what this entitled lady said.

ME = Me
EP= Entitled Parent
NC= Nice Child
NRW= Nice retail worker

So I have to start with some context:
I'm (25F) a full-time wheelchair user due to a rare condition. This condition makes my legs extremely painful from the knees and down, so painful that even if wind or rain touches my skin I want to cry (rain feels like 1000x needles pricking my skin all at once). Another thing is that I can't feel the cold very well (this is important for later). Due to the extreme pain, I'm therefore not able to wear shoes, socks or anything covering my legs. I have to wear shorts all year round. I'm originally from Norway, but I currently live in South England. So the winter in England is nothing compared to what I'm used to.

Now on to the story:
This all happened at some point during the winter of 2019. I'm very independent and I do all my shopping and errands by myself. I needed some new winter clothes and went off to the nice cheap retail shop in England (Pri.. if anyone wants to know). I'm listening to my music with my headset on, and I'm not really paying any attention to the people around me. Another thing to note is that literally, everyone stares at me, I have seen multiple people walk into things (walls, pillars etc.), just because it's so strange to see someone in a wheelchair with no shoes.
I have gotten used to this as I have been in a wheelchair for about 10 years, so I'm used to people staring and constantly asking me if I'm cold. Most days I have no issue ignore these entitled people! But this one lady stood out.
I was looking at a jumper when I saw Nice child (NC) looking at me, he was maybe 4 or 5 years old. I understand that for small children it can be a bit strange to see someone in a wheelchair, so I'm always happy for them to ask questions and they are happy with simple answers. (Most kids are genuinely trying to understand and learn, they are not being nosy or rude as most adults are)

NC: What happened to you?
ME= My legs hurt and now I can't walk on them.
NC: Oh, is that why you are not wearing shoes?
ME: Yes.
NC runs away smiling, I'm thinking he is happy with the answers I gave him.

About 5 minutes later someone pokes me in the back. I turn around to a lady trying to get my attention. I turn my music off to see what this is all about when I see NC behind her. The conversation goes something like this:

EP: My son is saying you are not wearing shoes during winter because your legs hurt? You must be freezing, you can't be dressed like that during winter!
ME: Yes, he asked why I was in a wheelchair and I answered him and he seemed happy with what I said. It's okay, I'm Norweigan plus I can't really feel the cold, and today is not even that bad. I also have a condition that makes it impossible for me to wear shoes.
I'm trying to be nice to get her away from me, a lot of times people leave me alone once I answer a question or two.
EP: You can't be in this shop and not wear shoes or more clothes, it's setting a bad example for my child and he is going to think it's okay to not wear shoes. This is unacceptable!
ME: Well, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do about that.
I'm about to roll away when she steps in front of me.

EP: I have never heard of any condition that would cause that, you must be lying!
Me: No I'm not, and it's none of your business how I'm dressed or what is wrong with my legs.
EP: You can's speak to me like that. Where is your HANDLER?! They can't just leave you alone dressed like this in the shop. How are you supposed to get home?? I need to complain to this handler that they are not taking care of you properly.
Me: Excuse me? I'm here on my own and what you just said was extremely rude. Even if I had someone helping me, they are not my 'handler'.
EP: You don't get to tell me what I can call people helping people like you. Either way, you need to tell me where they are right now!

Poor NC, he is trying to pull his mom away. I feel bad so I come up with an idea.

Me: I think my "handler" is upstairs they are in a red shirt and wearing a blue hat.
EP: Fine! I'll just have to find your handler and they will deal with you. (she's smiling like this 'handler' is going to punish me or something. It was super creepy and weird). It's so unprofessional to leave someone like you all alone. Never mind not dressing you properly, they should be fired!
EP tries to grab my chair and take me with her. I shouted at her to get her hands off me and put my breaks on.
Nice Retail Worker (NRW) comes over to see what's happening and before I can explain. EP shrieks over me that NRW has to look after her son while she is getting my useless handler, then she walks off leaving NC with us. I quickly explain what happened and that I just want to leave without confronting her again. NRW tells me that she will handle it and look after NC until she is back. NC seems really sad, so I make sure to tell him that I'm not angry at him for asking questions or anything else. This seems to brighten him up a little bit.
A bit of a boring ending, but I still can't believe someone asked me where my handler was.. The entitlement of some people!
I have soo many stories of entitled people who think they are helping when they are just plain rude or just scaring me.
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2021.07.27 12:08 Happy-Imagination850 [July 2021] Get $130 FREE BITCOIN: Referral sign-up links for Coinbase, Gemini, Celsius, Nexo, BlockFi, CoinEx and FTX

Make sure to use the Referral Code 175898b35c for $40 free Bitcoin. Afterwards, you can use promo codes HODL10 or HODL50 to earn an extra $10 or $50 in BTC, respectively.
Feel free to PM me if any question arises!
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2021.07.27 12:08 Codyxsignals Do you think that meat is actually bad for your health? Also what do you guys think of the game changers?

I've been wondering since I watched game changers. I can totally get on board with the ethical argument supporting veganism but when they make the claim that animal products are actually bad for your health is when things start to fall apart for me. I mean, they are a natural whole food and undeniably the best source of protein not to mention the health benefits and nutrient profile of organ meats as well as being a stable part of literally every cultures cuisine on earth if not the primary diet. For me the choice to be Vegan is an ethical one and not a health focused one, though of course you can be a healthy vegan.
Also - the game changers, legit or Hollywood propaganda? What do you think?
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2021.07.27 12:08 mstoltzfus97 Peach Season Calls for Fresh Peach Mojitos

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2021.07.27 12:08 wholelotofit2 Couple of weeks after getting senche of scarlet regret mount I got senche cub! All from twitch drop crates.

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2021.07.27 12:08 RominaAndDot Identifying with all

Hey, my first post here. Ive been trying to figure out enneagram type for me, but i can't. Taken a few tests which come up with different types. The problem is i can relate to all of them. And something about each type is always off, there isnt a single one that fits like a glove.
Sakinorva for example, i cant even make sense of half of the words as a non native English speaker. About half an hour did one on some crystal website and it gave me an 8, even though im very soft spoken and liberal unless im peeved off or pushed into the corner in some way. 8 just doesn't fit.
Different test - different result. When i look at the fears, desires etc i most identify with 2,6,9, but each of them is way off in some way. Can any of you experienced peeps help me figure out the way to go about it, most reliable tests, stereotypes to overlook, etc? Thank you
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2021.07.27 12:08 HarryRichard2069 Jami

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2021.07.27 12:08 ireaddictionaries pog hand reveal or smtg idk im bored😐

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2021.07.27 12:08 A-Maeshima [For Hire] Fully Rendered Anime Illustrations

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2021.07.27 12:08 vikas5199 How often does your brain go on autopilot?

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2021.07.27 12:08 Rusty493 have given up - rant about me

you know i thought for a moment i was trans, turns out all i have is just a fettish and that i'm going to punnish myself by forcing myself to be a depressed male, after all i keep saying to myself i would rather be an old male anyways, good to know i'll be alone for rest of my life.
i have accepted i am just ugly and that i'm jealous of attractive people, so being a girl wouldn't make me feel any different, but hey boobs would be cool I guess but it's not worth it in the end for the long term, better to be depressed than selfish.
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2021.07.27 12:08 BrxownBoy r/playboicarti r/nav 🀝 hating Piano G

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