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Always ready to help someone out

2021.07.27 12:27 jcsibala Always ready to help someone out

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2021.07.27 12:27 cnstnsr How does Material You theming work with live wallpapers?

Does it dynamically update the theme colours or does it pick one and stick to it?
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2021.07.27 12:27 Darrko_R 44M

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2021.07.27 12:27 xifatz I’m subscribing to everyone who subscribes to me let’s go let’s go! :)

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2021.07.27 12:27 Morhek Paladin as a Legionary?

My group is starting a new campaign soon (we run two bi-weekly but one is taking a bit of a hiatus) and we did Harrow Deck character generation. It's Strange Aeons, but that's not important for my character idea. Given Golarion's frequent drawing from real-life I tend to draw from history (I run a Mummy's Mask campaign and have thoroughly enjoyed into learning about Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome) and I thought I'd continue that - I debated whether to make a Viking or Saxon Huscarl or Cniht, a Crusade-era knight, or a Greek Hoplite, but I decided to make a Legionary - someone with a big shield to hide behind, able to stab from behind it or huck javelins. Taldor is pretty Byzantine-themed, and they had a similar formation to the Roman Testudo formation, the Phoulkon. So a big shield (Heavy to start with maybe, later pick up Tower Shield Proficiency later), then keep a few javelins, a [sarissa] for reach, a longsword for the spatha, and then bganded mail. Plant the shield, advance from behind cover, stab from behind with either a spear or long sword.
I know it's pretty possible to create such a character, especially with the Phalanx Fighter. By my question is, is it worth multiclassing or is Paladin perfectly serviceable for that? I'm starting out as a Vindictive Bastard, someone who woke up and doesn't even remember his god but remembers feeling betrayed or losing his faith in some way, though might find some measure of redemption. The cards I drew were pretty amazingly in line with the character concept, since I'd already considered Paladin before that, and the stats were perfect for one. But I generally play arcane casters, and this will be my first martial, so I wondered if there was some advice I can get - am I overthinking this? Should I invest in some fighter levels later on? Are there specific feats (we're using Elephant in The Room feat tax) to consider for it?
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2021.07.27 12:27 Hope_do_ob Im stress.Please help me

Im a boy in my family .My brother is in college and my father and sister is working away from home.They can go home because of covid.I live with my mom and sister at home.So i need to do a lot of work because im the only male at home.We have cats.I dont like cat.I always ask to give them away but my family dont want to.The worst thing is i need to take care of the cats such as give them foods and clean their sandbox.It makes me so angry.Anything i can do?Please help me.I keep this thing for so long.
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2021.07.27 12:27 Capable-Quantity-752 GHOSTEMANE describes the lyrical themes of ANTI-ICON

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2021.07.27 12:27 Michael2K- Mafuyu Kirisu

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2021.07.27 12:27 fachuzay The Best Magician in Nigeria | Babs Cardini tricked Davido, Mr Paul Psqu...

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2021.07.27 12:27 Michael2K- Fumino x Rizu x Uruka

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2021.07.27 12:27 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-59445

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2021.07.27 12:27 Pypeexifyjt 22 [F4M] Looking for a long term buddy, lmk if interested

I had to remove tons of inactive people from my Snap. Its time for some new friends. lmk
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2021.07.27 12:27 Michael2K- Fumino Furuhashi

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2021.07.27 12:27 sippinupngo The original and the homage

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2021.07.27 12:27 france9999 three websites to earn some free crypto

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2021.07.27 12:27 heartlessfam Mais de sete mil passageiros viajaram para Portugal sem testes à covid-19. Quarenta companhias aéreas foram multadas

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2021.07.27 12:27 County_Greedy Pegasus, The Notorious Spyware. ANDROID VARIANT WITH LEAKED MANUAL.

Pegasus Android variant. Pegasus is the malware developed by NSO Group to spy on high-profile individuals. Rumors used by indian gov and more.
●Notes contain what Pegasus is, how it works, some countermeasures.
●Leaked Manual contains alot of juicy info about the spyware.
● Files contains the android variant of Pegasus from it's early stages till now.
《Note》The zip file here contains the android variant of Pegasus if an ethical hacker interested to to see how are they written, the manual of Pegasus which was leaked, and notes which contains some countermeasures against Pegasus. If you don't trust opening the zip file or the pdf, you can open them in a virtual environment, and all of the files included here are scanned with virus total in the links down below. I don't mean any harm to anyone, all this is to raise awareness and knowledge about Pegasus. Thank you.
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2021.07.27 12:27 kuxon12 New operational Policy

New operational Policy
New Operational Policy sent to every email specifically says Piloting(Which wasn't in the previous one) may lead to Permanent Restriction and may get IP banned. Effective on Aug 25th 2021.
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2021.07.27 12:27 A-F-home I will reply tomorrow

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2021.07.27 12:27 FullDare8963 Please watch, like, subscribe 🙏 of my new video

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2021.07.27 12:27 thebitcoinpartybot hiding malware in ml models

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2021.07.27 12:27 Ifndir Pepelaugh

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2021.07.27 12:27 Ok_Confidence4438 SIB Diablo + Hellfire on GOG

This SIB is a little bit different than usual, since I am sure I want to play Diablo.
Currently Diablo + Hellfire is 10% off on GOG. I love me some Diablo and while I still have the original discs they're half a world away.
Should I buy this game, in the hopes that the money will go to where it rightly should instead of Actiblizz's executives?
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2021.07.27 12:27 RxBrad I won the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt

I won the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt Honestly, I totally forgot that I even entered this (I only ever did the NIAGARA FALLS code after seeing it on Reddit).
Basically, me and 511 other people get to pick 3 of the following (and apparently you must redeem the prize on a PC with an Intel processor):
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Farming Simulator 17
  • Hitman 1
  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill
  • Luminar 4 (photo editing software)
  • Corel Painter Essentials 7
  • QuikFynd (file/text/image searching tool)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Stale Orbit
  • Subnautica
  • Topaz Adjust AI (photo color filter tool)
  • Topaz Denoise AI (photo noise reduction tool)
  • WinZip 23
  • World of Tanks ($21 of DLC content)
  • Dreadnought ($60 of DLC content)
  • Dungeons 2
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2021.07.27 12:27 BeigeListed EPA to implement tighter limits on wastewater pollution from coal power plants

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