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Fan Made TM Monopoly Board

2021.07.27 11:47 JGAdventureZone Fan Made TM Monopoly Board

Fan Made TM Monopoly Board Two things I love: Taskmaster and Monopoly, so I thought let's put the two together! Hope you all like it. If your favourite contestants didn't make it on to the board, I do have an idea ;)
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2021.07.27 11:47 Diatonator Checking

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2021.07.27 11:47 reemit-damnit Help with mama bird

Hi guys, so we have this bird that created a nest in our plant pots on the balcony. The temperature where we are is 40 C though and the sun is really really strong. So I fashioned a DIY roof just to give her some shade. But I'm not sure if it's ok or if actually she would want to be under the sun? (pic in comments).
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2021.07.27 11:47 Iamnotchip12 [Class 8 Algebraic identities] I only need help with the b). Cant seem to figure out which property to use

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2021.07.27 11:47 NaughtyGamers 🖤 Naughty Gamers 🖤 - Secure 18+ community orientated around gamers NSFW

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2021.07.27 11:47 rose_signets Marilyn Monroe in Japan, 1954

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2021.07.27 11:47 NICHD_NIH Let's Talk About Fibroids: Join Us For a Facebook Live Event on 7/29

Fibroid Fact: 1 in 5 women may have uterine fibroids during their childbearing years. But what are fibroids and what can you do about them? Join NICHD (part of the NIH), the Fibroid Foundation, and the White Dress Project for a Fibroid Awareness Month Facebook Live on July 29 at 2 p.m. ET. Experts and patient advocates will share information about uterine fibroid treatments and research, discuss what it’s like living with the condition, share patient resources, and answer common questions. Get the details on the Facebook Event page: bit.ly/3kFUGTk
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2021.07.27 11:47 whatgoodfortune Solo traveler (31M) looking to meet up with locals and other travelers 🌞

Hey, I’m Philip, 31 and on my way to Sardinia from Copenhagen.
I’m taking a break from a busy life and planning on traveling the island for a couple of weeks.
I don’t have any plans but would love to meet up with other people, both locals and tourist, solo or groups.
I’m up for hikes, bars and everything in between!
Please DM me if you’d like to meet up or can recommend good places for solo travelers to meet others.
Here’s a selfie for you :-)
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2021.07.27 11:47 bitchyswiftie Mornings

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2021.07.27 11:47 Snorlax-MC-729 Cursed house

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2021.07.27 11:47 tellypat Стартовала озвучка 2 сезона криминальной драмы Sky Rojo

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2021.07.27 11:47 NamelessEnjoyer The Well-known Spammer will Return.

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2021.07.27 11:47 Asgards_Princess Withdrawal is not a method!

So many posts on here are like "I'm on the pill, we use a condom and by bf pulls out, am I pregnant?"
No. Used correctly, the pill is 99% effective. Used correctly, the condom is 98% effective. Many people rely on only one of these methods, and if you're using both there is an absolutely miniscule chance of pregnancy, so small to not even think about, and it would be if you'd forgotten a pill or two and the condom broke which is supremely unlikely.
Pulling out on its own is only 73% effective, doctors do not reccomend it, it can be difficult for men to get the timing right, and it defeats the object of all the other methods. What's the point of taking 99% pills and 98% methods and then adding a 73% one as well, it isn't going to change anything and may be less enjoyable.
If you are anxious, just take a pregnancy test every month instead of worrying unnecessarily.
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2021.07.27 11:47 Josefine02 Surfing lessons on Crete

I moved to this amazing island a few days ago, I really wanna get into surfing while I'm here, I'm living in Plantanias, can any of you recommend any good surfing schools that are nearby
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2021.07.27 11:47 AzureBroadhead My new baby!

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2021.07.27 11:47 WHY200402 Cursed_image so cursed I have to post it

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2021.07.27 11:47 StrangledTurkey1 What is a fanbase that you despise?

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2021.07.27 11:47 kurtdaniol I know it’s boring because of no commentary but I’m trying lol.

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2021.07.27 11:47 EnggInventor Its a Color Changing Camera

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2021.07.27 11:47 Darkie124 Come join the Destiny Islands discord server! We are a small growing server with a wholesome and amazing community! We are looking for new active members to join us, so we hope that you can come and say hi! :)

Come join the Destiny Islands discord server! We are a small growing server with a wholesome and amazing community! We are looking for new active members to join us, so we hope that you can come and say hi! :) submitted by Darkie124 to DiscordAppServers [link] [comments]

2021.07.27 11:47 Toxicrenate Wireless earphones feedback

I'd like to get a pair of wireless earphones form xiaomi, are they worth it? Which model would you recommend? I'm looking for something that has a good sound quality to listen to music while being in a noisy environment.
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2021.07.27 11:47 S2CIHasHan This is genius

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2021.07.27 11:47 ShvetsIvan Any idea if the S21Ultra from UAE would work in Europe?

I'm concerned about the radio frequencies and bands that might be different.
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2021.07.27 11:47 jnrgx join it pls

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2021.07.27 11:47 tetrix_anime Dakimakura Cover Illustrations (Clean ver.)

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