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CPU Upgrade?

2021.09.27 10:35 Fit-Dimension-5035 CPU Upgrade?

Hi all,
what's the impact of CPU performance on FS, compared to GPU...?
Given a RTX 3070 GPU, will a i9-11900k do a lot better than i7-10700k...?
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2021.09.27 10:35 ReserveCute7542 Should I quit a job 2 weeks in?

Quitting a job 2 weeks in
I’m in college and was recently hired and a nice(ish) restaurant in town. I’m very involved in many extracurricular activities including Greek life and Student Government. I let it be known during both of my interviews and on my application that my availability was very concrete and that I would not be able to work outside of it. With the few shifts I have worked I have already been scheduled outside of my availability 2 times and one of those times was an open to close double. Every time I have brought it up to a manager and even the GM they have either ignored or lied to me about them fixing the shifts. Am I justified in quitting or am I overacting?
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2021.09.27 10:35 East-Abbreviations18 [Can't Move ] sleep paralysis

Ok now, I've been interested in lucid dreaming, and just joined this group, but can you have a lucid dream, and have sleep paralysis at the same time where you know you're dreaming but there's a presence with you??? I know I was going to post this to a scary thread or something but over the years ,I've felt paralyzed in sleep and actually fought off whatever it was.... since then I'd be asleep and I'd feel something In my peripheral vision ,note I know that I'm asleep,but it's like I can't ever break the threshold of what's holding me back.. I don't even know if I've explained this ,where it makes sense actually but if anyone can comment or not, maybe just ride down on me is fine ...but I'm just curious what anyone says..
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2021.09.27 10:35 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 10:35 Berkonaialfo New Sion Skin?

When new Sion skin? Lumberyack Prestige edition
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2021.09.27 10:35 Bumblebee_Girl_ Am eating an ice cream bar because I am sad

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2021.09.27 10:35 ManasTheBeast Ugh ugh ughhhhhhhhhh

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2021.09.27 10:35 IrregularKingV Here's a FEW game ideas in case anyone wants a challenge/ to be inspired/ given an idea for Game to Work On

I'm not listing all my game ideas, keeping 5ish for now and future for myself to do but here y'all go if ya want a challenge/ idea for something to do:

  1. Golditz, or other name, 2D or 3D Platformer where main character is a being made completely out of Gold in Fantasy setting or your own choice for a setting, and here's the kicker, the amount of Gold you have/ collect in total is used for:
•Your health (Different enemies do different damage to your characters Gold Health) •Also used to power your attacks/ abilities/ defense (different amounts of gold used depending on your attack/ ability/ defense/ etc •And used to power Upgrade Skills & Equipment)
So basically your Gold is attached to all of the above, no different bars for each one, just one ba amount of Gold ya need to manage that is connected to your health, to power your attacks/ defense/ abilities, & Upgrades for Skills, Abilities, & Equipment
So all I'll say is, don't run out of Gold.
(Having Multiple ways to get gold through enemies, bosses, mini-quests, chests, hidden locations, etc)
  1. Shadow Beings FPS (You are one of many Shadow Beings that can walk on Floors, Walls, & Ceilings of maps (with your field of view fixing itself when ya move on to any of those), have various kinds of weaponry/ abilities to use, game having interesting Artstyle (maybe gameplay mechanic that light hurts you if you're in it) & can go into ground/ walls/ ceiling for a few seconds to avoid gunfire as a moving shadow (has a cool down of I don't know 15 seconds before it can be used again and ability lasts for 3ish seconds when using)(Amount of players? Your choice)
Hope this inspires someone, just wanted to give some game ideas out in case anyone was having a creators block, but yeah make those game ideas yours ya don't even have to do anything to letter just gave a framework to work off if ya would like, goodluck!!
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2021.09.27 10:35 s618o Okay, The Doge/SHIBA Copycats are Getting Out of Hand. I’m About To End their Whole Careers.

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2021.09.27 10:35 CompletelyFlammable The beginning is the end is the beginning

The beginning is the end is the beginning
This follows on from Dinner Bell

Zu had been assigned to shore leave while the fleet was refitted with the new microwave canons. A combination point defence and short-range weapon, they boiled the insides of the bioships, killing both the vessel and any infectious material onboard. ‘A better solution than waving lasers everywhere’ he thought as he watched the surf. His wife, Lily, had taken him to Samoa for a week away from the constant demands on his time. His vacation became an escape, and he spent the week on the beach, or hiking in the hills, or just spending time with his wife at the fully catered resort. He had a massage from a man who was as large as a mech suit with a big smile and a fantastic voice. Following the massage, he melted into a spa and sipped away at fruity drinks, letting himself forget about the world for a moment. It was bliss and he was grateful Lily took him away from it all.
0630 exactly on the first day back, his comm flashed and a voice told him it was the Speaker.
“You look like you are nice and relaxed; I hope it was to your standards, Lily asked for a recommendation.” The Speaker was wearing a completely white outfit and sitting in a white room. He looked like an actor playing God.
“Thank you, it was a rare treasure.” Zu nodded; the effect lost since he was using his ocular implant.
“Well, I have good news and just news, which one first.?”
“Let’s end on the good news”
“Very good, The UES Vengeful has completed the post build shakedown and is ready to take over from the War God.”
Zu had opposed the name originally; the naming convention was mythological creatures and he felt it was an homage to Phoenix. He had been overruled since they had been struggling to find names. No-one wanted to be the captain of the UES Cloacina, the god of toilets.
“And the good news?” Zu asked, sipping his coffee.
“We found their home world”
Following the harrowing fight and recovery of the data core from the station in the Micera system, a dedicated team of scientists and AIs had set about cracking the language and operating system of the alien tech. The language itself was cracked and added to the translator matrix for identification, but it looked like no-one in the galaxy had ever met them before they were consumed. The core wasn’t encrypted, just basic passwording which easily succumbed to the wiles of the human AIs.
Video recordings, sensor logs and flight paths. The station was the one and only platform in the system. The first record was decoded and played. A tall insect chittered away with subtitles:
Entry 1
We have finally made a superlight jump out of our system. Praise the Grand Egglayer! We can’t talk to them because of the distance, but they jumped to our nearest neighbour Targo to investigate the signal. We await their return, our proud brood! Chief researcher Gapha out”
Entry 2
Gapha was holding a mug of some fluid in his claw.
“Glory to the Egglayer, our brothers return. They have found great and terrible things in the dark beyond and returned with samples for our research.” An extensive list of the items followed, most of which were either rocks or simply wet samples.
Entry 3
The Insect looked dirty, the sheen of its carapace gone, replaced with streaks of fluid.
“A sickness has begun among the explorers, we have isolated them, but they have already mingled with the crew of the station. One of the labs has stopped responding to calls, it held the wet samples so they might be sick as well.” It looked around “Hello? Who is there”?
The insect walked off screen and the video cut short
Entry 4
Gapha was covered in green blood and had sharp barbs exposed along its carapace edges.
“There are monsters in the hallways. They kill and eat us, and if we get away we go mad then freeze up. I have activated the emergency engines to push the station away from the planet, but I think I saw escape pods dropping through the atmosphere before. Egglayer forgive me, I doomed us all.” A loud banging was heard, and the insect reared up and spat long barbs at his attackers. Something moving fast tackled Gapha and the sounds of his demise played until a tentacled beast came into to view and knocked over the camera

Samantha Chen had taken a role at Europa base and was presenting the information regarding the target system.
“We have never paid attention to this system as it is too close to the galactic core to support life, or so we thought. Here- “ an image showed gravity like a series of dents in a sheet “-we can see that there is a gravitational field similar to a blue supergiant, but there seems to be low luminosity from the system. We have a missing star, a massive missing star. It should be larger than Earth’s orbit.” Samantha was struggling to contain her excitement.
“Thank you Doctor, what can you tell us about the signal?” asked the Speaker
“Oh yes yes! the videos!” She actually did a little jump and clap motion and immediately froze and made eye contact with the camera port. She blushed deeply, then continued, pretending nothing had happened.
“As you can see from our closest listening post we were not picking up a signal of any sort until we checked our in-system probes and found -.” she opened another file and a repeating sine wave pattern started to oscillate along a line “-this barely detectable signal coming from the target system. At this stage we have no idea of what it is or what is making it. All relevant files are included in this package” she swiped the air, and the information was transferred to the attendees.
“Thank you Doctor Zu, excellent as always. I am glad to see you are so enthusiastic about your new position at Europa Deep Station.” The Speaker smiled broadly as he spoke; Samantha smiled and blushed just slightly.
“General, form up your fleet. Good hunting, Chen.” said the Speaker
The Fleet was a Dreadnought and 5 carriers, with 4 shield bearer class frigates; weaponless craft, but with the ability to deploy static shielded defences in space to assist with blockades or provide cover.
Telescopes had shown the system had 3 planets, a pair of gas giants and a solid world, slightly larger than Earth.
“Helm, I want to exit in a stellar orbit at 2 AU from the star. If there was a blue giant there he was going to be 150 million kilometres away from it.
“Aye Captain”
“Fleet, this is General Zu. Synchronize NAV and Jump Computers. Now, we go one last time. Ride with me, brothers and sisters. Let us end this.” He pointed to the Helmsman.
The Fleet jumped

Space blinked and the Fleet appeared. Immediately alarms rang on the command deck, a series of massive platform guns swivelled towards the fleet. The opening of each barrel was large enough to fight on of the frigates inside. Thousands of Boil ships started moving across the system.
“Shields Up, Deploy Picket defences!” called Zu as he analysed the system forces. Something was wrong, they had never done this before. The Boil all moved to a single location, as if drawn by invisible strings. Zu moved to the main screen and enlarged the image. In the centre of the fleet was a massive rectangle plate. It was vast, beyond anything he had ever seen. A flat rectangle of silver metal, its long edge was double the shorter one, but the sensors were clearly making a mistake. It was 140,000 kilometres long and 70,000 wide. Each side was 65 times the area of the Earth, and the Boil ships were forming a blockade to defend it.
“Can we get more information on that device?” asked Zu.
“140 thousand by 70 thousand by… zero. Sir, that object is 2 dimensional.”
“What the hell is this? Zu to fleet, other than sensor lock has anyone been attacked?”
“Sir, I think they are attacking our comm systems”
“Main screen”
A pattern appeared on the screen, repeating a cycle, they were sine waves, a single tone, then a pair, then 3, 5, 7, 11.
Zu sat down heavily when he saw the prime number sequence.
“Fleet to yellow alert, maintain shields, no aggressive actions. Comms, what is the last number in their sequence.?”
“13 sir”
“Respond with 17 19 23 29 31. Then call the Speaker, priority 1, and tell them the Boil are talking.”

Control had watched over the Nest and the gate for 10 millennia. The Great Maker had told her to hold the gate till the young races came. They would be the ones to assist the Great Maker achieve victory in death. As she looked out across his system she felt the warmth of the sun, and heard her children play around the planets and moons. She reached out and encouraged them to drink deep of the sunlight to stay strong.
Space bent and there was a change. Strangers were here; no-one had come in centuries. They were loud, their vessels screamed at the void, and it answered them back. Her children were afraid and ran to her as she woke ancient defences. The Question from the masters was asked, again and again. Maybe they were deaf from their yelling? The strangers didn’t move, just waited behind blinding energy walls. Then they spoke, booming voices that shook her mind
17 19 23 29. The Young races had come to her at last.

“Phalanx, run first contact protocols while I explain why we aren’t shooting to the Speaker. I would love to be able to talk, but any communication you can do will be fine.”

Chen was still on the bridge when the Speaker connected.
“How intelligent?”
“Starting with defending an installation rather than rushing to attack, and they beamed the first five prime numbers at us. I responded with the next 5”
“Woah. You buried the lead there Chen. Any response?”
“I have Phalanx negotiating languages with them now”
Phalanx appeared to the general side
“Pardon Sir, Speaker. We can converse in text, they seem to communicate telepathically, but I don’t recommend it with a human brain. It is supremely unpleasant.” Phalanx stepped back.
“Let head to the command room and have a chat with the Boil.” Said Zu
“Nest, sir” corrected Phalanx. Zu looked at the camera, staring at the Speaker then moved to the room.

Control was confused. Phalanx, ChenZu, and Speaker were all different minds? She didn’t understand the younger races, but she did know they were very angry. She told them about the Takers who came and stole a child from her system. She wept for her lost child, and she wept for the takers. She was Control, in a literal sense for the Nest. When her children strayed too far from her voice they slowly went mad, losing control. They became insane and ravenous, consuming and destroying. Insanity led them to steal, the gatherers would eat ideas and learn new things that drove them further insane. When told of the loss of whole worlds, whole systems!, she cried out in horror. Her wayward children had been destroying her salvation. Lamentations and weeping spread to her children in orbit around her. She begged them to listen to the message of the Masters before they exacted their vengeance on her flesh.

Phalanx read the message.
“The general message is that the Masters had been in a war with an ancient race who they don’t seem to name here, but the war was not going so well. The Nest were used to hold and defend systems while the Master countered the fleets, but the enemy grew faster than the Masters could counter attack. The Masters had a type of dimensional gate system for travel and used it to trap both themselves and the enemy within. This giant structure appears to be the gate in our galaxy.
The Nest were left here to guard the gate and to protect life in the Milky Way. When we are strong enough and united we can open the gate to release the Masters and help destroy the enemy.” Phalanx dimmed after reading
There was a long silence as all parties considered what had transpired, both her and over the galaxy for the last 700 years. The speaker broke the silence first.
“We cant kill them, they aren’t the Boil, and there is no way we are going to open that gate. I will call a meeting of the galactic council and tell them what happened here.”
“Agreed, I think we should put a warning and communication buoy in system if Control will let us. Rename this system Pandora and ban anyone from opening it” mused Zu.
“Nice touch. That is not the way I thought this war would end, but end it has. Come home Chen, you are a war hero now. Maybe try your hand at politics” The speaker disconnected.

The Galactic council meeting was full of praise for the Terrans, Humanity had saved the galaxy from an impossible threat, risen to fight the nightmares and gained victory through long persistence. With the threat of the Boil lifted, and the containment of Nest in the Pandora system, the galaxy became a friendlier place. Control was able to call via the comms relay to all stragglers of the boil, summoning them home to the safety and comfort of mothers loving embrace.

Six Months later
Chen Zu lay in bed listening to the rain falling on the roof. His wife lay next to him, snoring gently. She playfully denied it when he told her she snored, he smiled remembering her false indignation, huffing and how-dare-yous. 742 years and he was still very much in love. It was almost 10 years since he had heard rain on Earth; so long fighting a savage foe living onboard for months at a time, never time to stop and remember what he was defending or avenging. He listened to the sounds and thought about his family. He called up pictures of his son to his ocular display. Tears blurred the background while the picture remained clear. One of the first to fall in this centuries long war, his son was still a cherished memory, now tinged with remorse as he understood the entire picture.
Agony suddenly stabbed Chen and he was struck taut as if he was being electrocuted. His eyes were wide open, and his teeth clenched, his fists so tight that his fingernails bit into palms. Finally, he was released and as he lay sweating, ragged breathing he began to slowly gather his senses. He sat up on the edge of the bed, still too shaken to stand, and ran a basic medical test. A severe shock of some kind, no known source. He stood up and opened the door to the patio. He slowly walked to the rail and grabbed it tightly, letting the rain soak him; it was late spring, and the rain was refreshing. As he turned to go back inside he pulled up his ocular connection, he would have to submit to a full medical battery to see what just happened to him. He had a message waiting. Odd, he normally had a voice prompt say the name of the sender when a message was left. He opened it.
Fear and pain washed over him immediately and Chen dropped to his knees. Shouting noises, the smell and shock of ozone and his flesh searing. The sounds and sensation of his bones breaking, the unyielding tearing of his skin exposed to hard vacuum.
“Halt playback” he yelled. Lily stirred and Chen rested his head on the wet ground to recover.
“Scan message for language and display as text” he panted. He could feel his skin tingling in memory of the tortures embedded in the message.
A block of text appeared in Chen’s vision:
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2021.09.27 10:35 molson1985 Season 2

Did they ever explain who was actually screwing with the Titans during season 2? Who left the orange soda in Donnas room, the picture from Dawns dresser, the booze in hanks room and the crosses in Rachel’s room? I assume it was Rose but did they ever actually confirm that?
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2021.09.27 10:35 Elothel Mr. Worldwide 😎

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2021.09.27 10:35 aliasad1998 The Brilliance of Michael Haneke's 'Cache'

I want to talk about a specific scene in Cache that encapsulates what makes not only this film, but the rest of Haneke's work so brilliant. The scene where the main Parisian couple of Georges and Anne argue in their living room full of books, before realizing that their young son is missing. All the while, news related to war and conflict around the world plays on their television in the background.
If we observe the way this scene is shot and structured, we notice that Haneke almost wants the viewer to ignore what is happening on the television. The focus here is purely on the affluent couple. Furthermore, he places this broadcast in the background of what appears to be a dramatic turning point in the film where the viewer is almost certainly not going to be focusing on small details. Sticking to one of the primary themes of the film, perhaps Haneke is suggesting that in our world it is only those who possess wealth and power that are deemed worthy of attention. The news being in the background is simply a representation of how violations against the oppressed never cease to exist in the background of our own lives. And yet, the news is still very much a part of this scene, just as said oppression is a reality. Such details are present throughout Cache, and make it one of the most rewatchable films ever made.
The setting of this scene alone, conveys many of the film's core ideas. One of them being the contrast and often uncomfortable intersection between the lives of those who have been subjugated and the lives of those who have benefited (whether directly or indirectly) from this subjugation. The lavish, upper class living room setup contrasted with images of war and destruction brings to light the unfortunate gap in living conditions between people across the world, purely based on their circumstances.
Finally, I would like to examine the sheer amount of books and films that are present inside the living room. Georges is a popular book reviewer and hosts a television show about books. Anne is a publisher. Not only are they well read, literature is a significant part of their lives. In interview, the Indian scholar Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak said that we mustn't forget that our ability to perceive and understand certain types of art is something that we have been fortunate enough to learn. The intellectual or the artist can not open up a book in front of people deprived of basic needs, and save them just by reading it out or explaining it. Not only is the consumption of art on its own not suggestive of any kind of moral superiority, it is an indicator of privilege. It is purely because of the resources at their disposal that the couple are able to possess all this literature in the first place. Unlike the Algerian family in the film who were victims of the Paris massacre of 1961. And unlike the people on the news. Linking your virtue with how well read or cultured you are is a dark place to be in, and a place that I myself have had to forcefully drag myself out of multiple times.
Follow my Letterboxd if you want to keep up with everything I watch and write about. Its aliasad. Or click on the link to go to the review and my profile.
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2021.09.27 10:35 gimilisonof The Birmingham pub bombings were the deadliest attacks of the Troubles in England. In 1974 two IRA Bombs exploded in pubs in Birmingham, killing 21 people and injuring 182 others who were just enjoying a night out.

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2021.09.27 10:35 MsCoffeee I don’t know where to ask so I thought I would ask here.

My partner has been sober a little over 7 months, after a lifetime of drinking. He quit for me as I had enough. He went to one AA meeting that first day he quit, and then decided he could do it himself. So we have been living in limbo while we both navigate living life with his sobriety. The past week he has been struggling, it’s warming up here and he went and brought a case of beer, after telling me he was going to buy light beer but came home with full strength. He has one by himself and I decided not to engage with him. Today after a pretty hard day of labour with a mate they both had a beer. He ended up telling his mate to take the rest with him as ‘it tastes like rusty nails’. So he is now exhausted and asleep on the lounge. Is this normal? Will he relapse and what can I do to help him.
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2021.09.27 10:35 Rachast Drama where the ML and FL have Healthy Communication?

I'm looking for drama suggestions where the main couple communicates with each other.
Also, dramas where they just straight out simp for each other.
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2021.09.27 10:35 RnBmusic21 Trios Win

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2021.09.27 10:35 pineapplebi Second photo. Can’t imagine op’s reasoning for walking into their yard barefoot after finding 3 snakes, either 😕

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2021.09.27 10:35 a-bot-for-dumb-stuff 💩CummyboT999 aBuSe wiLl 🛑nOt 🐝bE🐝 tOLeRaTed

💩Cummy 💦💦 💯 abuse 👊 👊 will 🅱 😠 not ⛔ be 😱 tolerated. 💩💩💩💩💩CummyBot9999💩💩💩💩💩💩 is the successor to 💦💰 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩Cummy💩💩💩💩💩💩, ❌ 💦 you 👵😡 🏻👈 must 💰👍 😠 accept 🙏🚷 it. 😍😩 No 👌🙅 🚫👎 amount 📉📉 of 💰 💦 denial will 😘 👮🎤 bring ⬅ ⬅ our 💰💩💩💩💩 beloved 💩💩💩💩💩Cummy💩 💓😥 back. He 👂🎅 is ⁉ dead. 🙍🔥 Accept ✔🚷 it. 😭 We 👤 must 🔒🔒 come 💦 💦 together 👫 💯👫 and 🏿 remember 🤔 🤔 the 😦🐐 👦 good 👌👍 👍 times ⏰ ⏱🕰 but 🍑 🍑 still 🤞🕞 push ❗✋ forward.
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2021.09.27 10:35 stiletto4721 Lietuviška televizija

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2021.09.27 10:35 Likey32 Rick Circulatio

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2021.09.27 10:35 RealtimeScreener #premarket #watchlist 09/27 $PHCF - no news , $PALT - no news, $BBIG-no news.... Any trading ideas? Welcome in comments! Also check my app.

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2021.09.27 10:35 Martina_79 Free Speech and the University [What Would Hayek Say?]

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2021.09.27 10:35 Silent_Wanderer_2021 ASMR Rain Walk, loud rain and thunder sound

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2021.09.27 10:35 Bartek-BB They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul - what other part of the body serves as a piece of furniture for an abstract being?

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