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Astrology, Spirituality, Science

2021.09.27 10:13 jimpaocga Astrology, Spirituality, Science

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2021.09.27 10:13 International-Sun830 Need some advice!!!!

I will keep this as brief as possible: I am 42 and my wife is 41. We first met as teenagers at my high school and time stopped; we instantly fell in love. I was already with someone and had a child really young with my now ex wife. We dated here and there, but my commitment was with my ex wife and our son, so it couldn’t work. Now after 20+ years of basically no contact other than an email or text here and there, she moved out of state to be with me and we got married. I have absolutely no doubt that we still have that same love we found as teenagers, but something happened a few months ago, 2 days after we got engaged. She left me. Things were rocky at home, but that is normal-ish after all of the years we’ve been apart. The reason she left: her ex(off and on for those same 20 years) had his two brothers drive from Indiana to Arizona to pick her up and bring her back to Indiana. Apparently they were coming to our home, but we had a big argument that day while she was at work and instead had her boss meet her here, get all of her stuff, and dropped her off at the hotel the ex’s two brothers were staying at. She was there at the hotel, in the same room, with these two men for over 48 hours. She ended up coming back and we got married a week or so later, but it’s still bothering me. I feel like if i can’t get past this our marriage will fail, and that is terrifying to me. I am insecure, judgmental and basically not the husband i want to be because of this — and I hate that. But, trust is everything to me, and i can’t get over this. Any help would be very much appreciated!
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2021.09.27 10:13 Samirawale87 Night of the living COVID short , let me know what you guys think.

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2021.09.27 10:13 Vegetable-Resort-834 My pundix became 99% all of sudden...

Is it happening everywhere??
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2021.09.27 10:13 breakingpoint26 Since you should never pursue to make a career out of a hobby, does that mean you just have to settle for meaningless/miserable work for money to live, or lower your living standards?

I’ve seen people say that trying to turn their hobby into a career (and succeeding at doing so) makes them enjoy it less, or even resent it.
So, the only other option to make money (you have to to live, and a couple thousand dollars a month probably won’t keep you off of the streets [or out of your parents house] )
OR, pursue something more meaningful, for less pay.
I mean really, who cares about making THAT much more money than you actually need to live comfortably.
I only care about being rich so I don’t have to wageslave and be protected against inflation and an inevitable economic crash.
Being rich just for the sake of having more than others? That’s evil. If I was a multimillionaire, EVEN MORE SO if I were a BILLIONAIRE, it’d be MY RESPONSIBILITY to ensure others get what they need.
If I am lucky enough to win the lottery, or somehow otherwise get rich, no ones going to tell me that I shouldn’t help other people. Nobody is going to tell me to be selfish and greedy like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk.
I’d share my wealth. I don’t believe in hoarding excessive wealth, ESPECIALLY when others are suffering.
How can you care about a job if it’s not your “dream” or your “passion”? Especially when the sole purpose of it is just to make the 1% who own the company even richer. That’s not a purpose for me to feel proud of. It’s not even HELPING the 1%.
A $5 an hour increase is SO MUCH MORE to an hourly worker, than another $Million is to a multimillionaire/billionaire.
Capitalism is sick, or at least it has been corrupted by the 1% and corporations.
By no means am I saying everyone should be paid the same, but being a multimillionaire or billionaire should be ILLEGAL, AGAINST FEDERAL LAW.
Anyone making that much money should be taxed MUCH MORE SEVERELY after a certain point so they can’t be hoarding multiple millions of dollars, let alone billions.
None of us can take our money with us when we die, regardless of if there is an afterlife or we just simply cease to exist completely.
Who the hell pursues more money just to have more money? At some point it’s got to become unnecessary.
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2021.09.27 10:13 Nibba_exe_mp4 What is the best wireless mouse for a 20x12 cm hand?

i use palm grip and my hands are too big for most mice so my choices are limited, im thinking of getting the g502 lightspeed or the viper ultimate. my budget is up until $150
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2021.09.27 10:13 onecm Flask prevent werkzeug.serving.run_simple() from running if executing initialize commands

I want to initialize the database without having to close the server for it to initialize the database. Usually I would write in the terminal ´flask init-db´ and the database would be initialized, but werkzeug.serving.run_simple() always starts to run. What do I have to do to prevent this?

In main:
def create_app(): # some code here to initialize the app
from . import db db.init_app(app) # then run with the code below so can choose host and ssl context werkzeug.serving.run_simple()

In db:
u/click.command('init-db') u/with_appcontext def init_db_command(): """Clear the existing data and create new tables. by using terminal command"""
init_db() click.echo('Initialized the database.')
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2021.09.27 10:13 Obvious_Television_6 This type armor you see everywhere

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2021.09.27 10:13 whomDev Why wasn't there, barely any nuanced, much representation of nearly 47% of the USA who voted for potus 45? From comedians to celebrities to self-proclaimed 'serious' newsmedia orgs, current potus Biden, is held to a 'slightly' favorable standards/stance.

I'm young ( kinda) so the following write-up is from my perspective & also since I only 'recently' moved to north America (less than a couple of years ) & usa politics is , understably , everywhere on this continent ( even more so than it is in rest of world )
1) It's quite a shocker to know that trump got almost 47% of votes ( an increase of 1% over 2016), but any non-American layman(s) would refuse to believe it, apart from those who keenly follow global politics, an average Joe (let's say European Joe or even asian ) would think you're making up facts. ( most people in my age group Atleast ). I used to read a bit of us news but even I didn't know that popular vote was pretty even Stevens ( my guess would have been 40% at the maximum )
2)Until I emigrated to Canada & started following "the hill" & few others, the hill is probably one of the least partisan stuff out there (it's dead centre on all kinds of media bias charts )
3)Apart from Murdoch ownex fox (which is not as popular as its rivals on global scale) all you hear was bad press & lots of now-debunked stuff. Vox, cnn, the guardian & basically any 'trusted' name in news. I'm not including other stuff like BuzzFeed, Huffington, etcetera. Anything not owned by Murdoch basically & most young folks DONT trust his empire ( its partisan, but so is all the stuff I mentioned Above ). Also literally every late night talk shows ridiculed him but not so much the current guy who's pretty ridiculous too
4) as I didn't really follow business news so maybe that was not skewed this bad. Also maybe non-English mainstream news was probably more factual ( maybe non anglophone Countries did less of the lefty sensationalism or did it other way around ie conservative stuff ).
5) Maybe Spanish or Arabic or french speaking countries's flagship news orgs were unlike English speaking media???
6) also nearly all of internationally popular musicians, athletes, actors, influencers, basically any celebrity urged their fans to vote against trump ( can't think of any celebs that urged any other stance jfc ). I mean all I heard was negative stuff or Maybe it was just me & my circle
7) I know politicians are corrupt & evil but why was his party demonized when the world knows the other party is not any better. In such a two horse race, why did the punters & crowd cheer for one horse. Like both horses are owned & reined in by the same rich folks so why was 1 horse deemed a Donkey & other a Pegasus?
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2021.09.27 10:13 Miseon-namu Streak 35 「昔に帰りたい」

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.27 10:13 XenoCraigMorph (PS5) Game crashing when looking at final match statistics.

As the titles says, after a match in career mode, if I dare select the new match stats page at the end of a match the game just slows and eventually crashes.
Anyone else had this problem?
I play with 10 minute halves and I am wondering if the game just can't handle all the data? Which seems pretty ridiculous. I have tried shorter halves and the stats page has no issues and doesn't crash the game.
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2021.09.27 10:13 Adarshbabu1 They don't know

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2021.09.27 10:13 dividednation1 I'm thinking about moving to Istanbul

Hi, so I'm planning to travel to Istanbul next year and potential move there depending on how I like it . I have heard many great things about Istanbul it has everything I like to offer however I have some questions if you don't mind answering it. I'm an African guy currently living in New Zealand so there's isn't a big population of black people here is that the same in Istanbul? is there a sizable African community here? also how difficult is it to learn the Turkish language? Thanks for your time any help will be much appreciated :)
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2021.09.27 10:13 Taco_Pals What’s the best movie monologue IYO?

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2021.09.27 10:13 atomicgamer012 Moon knight by me

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2021.09.27 10:13 Particular-Basket-70 Anybody know if my car will go through not with the abs light on?

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2021.09.27 10:13 ando_productions Here is the trailer of our game Dinosaur adventure VR for mobile VR on the playstore. Hope you all like it

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2021.09.27 10:13 fabrixpogba6 can't unlock ultimate items on fifa 22?

I bought the ultimate edition of fifa 22 on stadia and today I was able to play, but I didn't find my items reserved for ultimate players in the club, such as the 4600 fifa points. Why? can anyone give me an answer?
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2021.09.27 10:13 GeneralWasabi69420 Man on wheelchair allowed to crowd surf at Slipknot Concert

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2021.09.27 10:13 WikiBidoz I transcribed and performed Elegy of the Dynast, hope you like it :)

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2021.09.27 10:13 Ill-Ad-2071 I was trying to speed up in blender and I have got this.

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2021.09.27 10:13 KimyAdrian Azur Kral – Bölüm 151 – Kral Max vs Bald, Deniz Parvana

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2021.09.27 10:13 NoAgonyCollective 🎹 Hey! Here are over 10 Free Dark Orchestral / Dramatic Samples with ambient sounds for you! Hope you can get inspired! Peace!

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2021.09.27 10:13 ExtensionSinger4154 Crypto Education - Long and Short Positions Explained | Animation

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