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Excerpt from On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong [video]

2021.09.27 11:34 shamissabri Excerpt from On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong [video]

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2021.09.27 11:34 CptRmin94 Hvor i alle dager er dette?

Hvor i alle dager er dette? Har fått en utfordring ifra en vennine om å finne følgende område og ta bilde foran stedet, men uansett hva jeg prøver så klarer jeg ikke å finne ut hvor det er!
Dermed prøver jeg å få hjelp ifra min kjære reddit community <3
Hvor er dette??
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2021.09.27 11:34 OsakaTosuto This glass panel in my microwave shattered, what is it for?

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2021.09.27 11:34 Hydraxon-the-Warden Have you ever done this?

When you fight the Ebony Warrior have you trapped him in a Soul Gem or sent him to Sovnguard?
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2021.09.27 11:34 JimboInTheLimbo Short time (2 to 8hs) budget car rent/share?

Hi. Sometimes I need a car for the day, usually less than 12hs. Any tips on quick car rental/share/lease in London? Thanks in advance
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2021.09.27 11:34 help_with_stuff SIB Diablo II Resurrected?

Hi all
I was interested in grabbing diablo 2 on ps5 since I enjoyed diablo 3 when I first played it on my xbox 360 back when reaper of souls came out. I enjoyed it, but felt it was more of a 7/10 game due to various things like boring objectives and areas
I heard that diablo 2 has better combat and is generally more fun, but I am apprehensive since I think it may just be nostalgia talking
can anyone give their opinions on it? Also, I intend to play solo (I will not play online, just to be clear again, WILL NOT play online)
thanks all
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2021.09.27 11:34 supercrepe111 A Guide to Every Single Brutal/Unacceptable Phillies Loss in 2021

I decided to compile a list of every single brutal loss the Phillies had this season, ones we can look back on and say "that game contributed to us missing the playoffs" or at the very least "this game made us have to sweep the Barves in this upcoming series". Of course, every team has a few brutal losses every year, even the elite teams, but the Phillies seem to have more than the average team.
April 6, vs Mets, 8-4. It's 2-1 Mets in the 7th, but the bases are loaded with Vince "Vinny Velo" Velasquez pitching. VV walks Brandon Nimmo. Then 36 year old Brandon Kintzler (who Bryce Harper recruited, love you Bryce, but come on man.) gives up a sac fly to Lindor. Then Brandon Nimmo heads to 2nd, JT tries throwing him out, but the man covering 2nd makes an error and the ball goes into shallow center field. Pillar goes home and another run scores. Then Michael Conforto hits a double and scores Nimmo to make it 6-1. In the 9th, David "Andrew Miller" Hale is pitching and gives up a 2 run homer to Pete Alonso. A competent bullpen could have won this game for us, considering that Mets closer Familia gave up 2 runs to Hoskins and JT. You wouldn't even need a perfect start, even if a good bullpen gave up 1 run in those final 3 innings, we would have still won 4-3.
April 9, @ Barves, 8-1. Zack Wheeler didn't have his best outing, as he was pulled in the 5th after giving up 3 runs. Kintzler and Hale did more damage, though, giving up 5 more runs. If the bullpen held on, maybe mentally our hitters would have adjusted differently.
April 14, @ Mets, 5-1. The Phillies lineup literally scored only 1 run on just 3 hits against some dude named David Peterson, who has a 5.54 ERA in 66.2 IP along with -0.5 WAR in 2021.
April 17, vs Cardinals, 9-4. Good ol' Matt Moore and JoJo Romero both gave up 9 runs in the first 4 innings. This game is a great example of lack of rotation depth. If pitching prospects like Adonis Medina, Franklin Kilome, and Spencer Howard were developed properly, you probably wouldn't have had to go out and take a flier on a guy like Moore.
April 20, vs Giants, 10-7. Phillies led 6-4 in the 7th inning with Connor Brogdon pitching. Now, Brogdon is actually not a terrible pitcher, but he didn't have his best stuff on this night. Girardi decided to let him face 8 batters in this inning, and he gave up another 3 run homer, after giving up a 3 run shot 4 batters before. Perhaps the first loss that could be blamed on Joe.
April 25, @ Rockies, 12-2. Bryce Harper hits 2 home runs early on, and then the pitching takes a massive shit. Chase "John Smoltz" Anderson gives up 3 runs and loads the bases in the 4th. Then Joe "Binder Joe" Girardi brings in Long Reliever David Hale, in an era where analytically speaking, teams are inclined to bring in their best relievers in a situation like this. Hale gives up a grand slam to Trevor Story to make it 7-2. Spencer Howard makes a bullpen appearance and gives up 3 runs. You can make an argument that Girardi lost this game for the team.
May 2, vs Mets, 8-7. Phillies led 4-2 in the 8th inning. Brandon Kintzler, Jose "Aroldis Chapman" Alverado, and David Hale give up 6 runs to give the Mets the lead. The Phillies try to come back in the 9th, with a 3 run home run call that was ruled a Rhys Hoskins double after instant replay. If our bullpen was just average, we probably would have won this 7-4/5.
May 8, @ Barves, 8-7. This was one of the infamous bullpen apocalypses with multiple blown leads, most of us probably remember it. The Phillies led 3-1 in the 9th inning, but Hector Neris gave up 2 runs to make it 3-3 in extras. Nick Maton put PHI up 4-3 in the 11th, but in the bottom of the inning, a grounder to Didi became a throwing error at 1st base which allowed the runner to score from 2nd. In the 12th, errors by the Barves allowed 2 Phillies runners to score, and then JT drove in another to make it 7-4 PHI. But in the bottom of the 12th, Enyel De Los ScrewThePhilliesFrontOffice came in and let the Barves tie the game. Matt Moore then makes a bullpen appearance and lets them walk it off.
May 9 @ Barves, 6-1. Our Number 2 Starter Aaron Nola gives up 5 runs in 4 innings.
May 16 @ Blue Jays, 10-8. Chase Anderson, David Hale and Brandon Kintzler give up 9 runs combined. Another great example of poor pitching drafting and development. If the Phillies had done this right, they probably win this game by about 4 or 5 runs.
May 20, vs Marlins, 6-0. David Hale literally started this game and amazingly only gave up a solo home run in 3 innings. Matt Moore, Archie Bradley, and Kintzler gave up the remaining 5 runs. Sandy Alcántara is a really good pitcher, so it's understandable that they were shut out, but this game should have been closer given the team they were playing.
May 21, vs Red Sox, 11-3. Aaron Nola gave up 5 runs in 5 innings, and the bullpen of course did more damage. One could say Girardi made a mistake leaving Nola in to face Xander Bogaerts, but it probably wouldn't have made a difference anyway.
May 24, @ Marlins, 9-6. Eflin gave up 4 runs in 6 innings, so the Phillies weren't in an ideal situation, but it wasn't insurmountable. Kintzler comes in and makes it insurmountable, giving the Fish a 6 run lead. Chase Anderson gives up another later on. We score 4 more runs, so again, if we had a competent bullpen, this game would have been very winnable.
May 31, @ Reds, 11-1. Vince Velasquez and the bullpen give up 11 runs in a clear repudiation of the Phillies pitching drafting and development regimes over the last decade. Future Hall of Famer Kyle Farmer drove in 5 runs, with a home run, a single and a double. Farmer is 31 years old and has a career .308 OBP, .396 SLG, and .704 OPS.
June 8, vs Barves, 9-5. Another rough start for Nola as he gives up 4 runs in 5 innings, but the Phillies take the lead in the 6th. Bradley and Alverado hold the Barves through the 7th, but Brogdon is on the mound in the 8th, and he gives up a homer, and then 2 runners, so Sam Coonrod can let them all score.
June 20, @ Giants, 11-2. A bad start for Zach Eflin as he gives up 7 runs. Girardi let him keep pitching in the 5th inning after he gave up a home run to make it 6 runs given up, and again kept him in after a leadoff double in the 6th inning, which Eflin let score immediately after. The bullpen made it much worse, giving up 4 more runs. Meanwhile, the Phillies only scored 2 runs on 4 hits, including 6 strikeouts and only 1 walk against 25 year old rookie Sammy Long, who has a 5.53 ERA and -0.4 WAR in 40 innings this year.
June 23, vs Nationals, 13-12. Another memorable bullpen apocalypse this year. Phillies led 5-0 in the 5th inning, but Vinny had a classic collapse as he was midway through the 2nd time through the order. He lets 4 straight hitters get on base while allowing 2 runs, before striking out the next hitter and finally recording an out. Girardi puts in Bradley, and with runners on 1st and 3rd, he gives up a 3 run jack to Kyle Schwarber and the game is tied. In the bottom of the 5th, McCutchen proceeds to hit a grand slam to give the Phillies another big lead. In the 6th, Sam "Classic Baseball Name" Coonrod loads the bases by walking 3 batters. In a classic Binder Joe move, he puts in his trusted middle reliever David Hale, because it's not appropriate to waste your high leverage relievers in close, competitive games like this, right? Hale proceeds to give up a 2 run single to Trea Turner, a walk to Juan Soto to load the bases again, and then a grand slam to Josh Bell to make it 11-9. The Phillies weren't done yet. Luke Williams knocks in a run to make it a 1 run game, and later on in the 8th, Alec Bohm and Ronald Torreyes single in runs to make it 12-11 Phillies. But the next inning, Hector Neris can't hold onto the lead, giving up multiple singles which allowed a runner to score. The Phillies can't come back again in the bottom of the 9th, securing the 2nd game this year where the Phillies pitching and/or defense blows leads 3 separate times, all within a month and a half and before the All-Star break.
June 28, vs Reds, 12-4. Spencer Howard started this game but was taken out in the 3rd inning and replaced by Bailey Falter after giving up 2 runs. Falter held the Reds to just 2 runs through the 7th inning until letting up a single baserunner. This led Girardi to take him out for Neftali Feliz, yes, the Neftali Feliz that was a decent closer for the ALs Rangers back in the early 2010s, and when Joe Girardi faced him often while managing for the ALs Yankees. This was also Feliz's first major league start since 2017. He struck out the first batter, but then gave up a grand slam to Nick Castellanos. Next inning, Girardi lets De Los Suckos face 8 batters that score 6 more runs: a walk, a single, a sacrifice bunt by Kyle "Mike Trout" Famer, which DLS dropped, then overthrew to first base, which allowed 2 runs to score, an RBI single, an RBI double, an DLS wild pitch, and a solo home run by Joey "Kyle Famer" Votto. You'll notice that Enyel let every inherited baserunner score and allowed another run to score after that. I really don't know what Girardi was thinking here, but whatever. This loss could be strongly argued that it was his fault.
June 30, vs Marlins, 11-6. Nola was pretty effective until the 5th inning, where he gave up a single and a balk before letting Starling Marte ground out for the second out of the inning. Instead of taking Nola out and putting in a high leverage reliever, Girardi lets him stay in and proceed to give up 4 consecutive singles, 3 of which were RBIs, to tie the game. Girardi finally takes him out for his bae Neftali Feliz, who gives up 2 more RBI singles to make it 8-5 Marlins. Girardi then puts in Hector Neris in the 6th, who lets 2 more runs score. Another loss that can be argued is Girardi's fault, but I personally think it's more on the pitching drafting and development, and even front office free agent evaluation.
July 9, @ Red Sox, 11-5. Velasquez gives up 5 home runs in the first 2 innings and Girardi leaves him in for the 3rd, where he gives up 2 more runs on 3 hits. Then De Los Shittos comes in and gives up 2 more runs. Kintzler gives up another in the 5th inning. Another loss that could be blamed on Girardi.
July 16, @ Marlins, 7-0. Yet another loss that could be pinned on Girardi. He makes the right decision to take Eflin out in the 4th after inheriting 2 baserunners after giving up 4 runs. The problem is that he puts in EDLS, who immediately gives up a 3 run homer to give the Fish a commanding 7-0 lead.
July 24, vs Barves, 15-3. The worst professional pitching crew on Earth gives up 10 runs in 7 innings, and Ronald Torreyes ends up pitching in the final 2 innings, one of the smarter bullpen decisions Girardi has made this year. Meanwhile, the Fightin' Phils cannot string hits together against Drew Smyly for 4 innings, who has a 4.58 ERA, 5.15 FIP and horrible peripherals.
July 30, vs Pirates, 7-0. A disgraceful game across the board. Vince "Justin Verlander" Velasquez gives up 5 runs, including 2 RBI singles to Gregory Polanco, who has a .208 average and .283 OBP this year, and was released on August 29. Polanco got on base 2 more times in this game via walk. Chase Anderson, signed to be a hopeful 4th or 5th starter for the team this year, makes a bullpen cameo and gives up 2 more runs. Meanwhile, Wil Crowe, who has a career 6.20 ERA, 5.91 FIP, and 1.697 WHIP in 2 seasons in the major leagues, 1 hit the Phils in 6 innings.
August 17, @ Diamondbacks, 3-2. Taylor Widener, who has a 4.48 ERA, 5.68 FIP, and PUTRID peripherals, 2 hits the Phillies in 5 innings and only lets Harper hit a solo shot. Then, the Phillies lineup gets on base only 4 times against the D-backs bullpen, which is 2nd worst in baseball, and the only other run they score is off of a Tyler Clippard wild pitch. Meanwhile, Gibson gives up a 2 run homer to Josh VanMeter, who has a .208 average, 345 SLG and .641 OPS.
August 19, @ Diamondbacks, 6-2. Past-his-prime Madison Bumgarner, who has a 4.58 ERA, 92 ERA+, and mediocre peripherals, looked like his old self against the Phillies lineup, shutting out the Phillies through the 7th inning. Meanwhile, Zack Wheeler was strong until the 7th inning, until he runs into trouble. With 1 out and a runner on 3rd, he lets a grounder go to Torreyes, who overruns the tag and lets the runner go back to 3rd base. This play was crucial, because if Torreyes gets that out, only one additional run will score that inning after Wheeler strikes out Bryan Holaday. Instead, the defensive miscue allows 2 runs to score, and gives Bumgarner the chance to knock in another run via RBI single. De Los Suckos comes in and gives up a 2 run double to make it 6-0. EDLS pitches a scoreless 8th, and the Phillies score 2 runs in the 9th. Again, that defensive misplay prevented the Phillies from tying the game in the 9th.
August 26, vs Diamondbacks, 8-7. Zach Eflin is put on the IL, which means Matt "2.65 ERA in 15 starts for Japan" Moore, signed to not be a disaster and hold up the back end of the rotation, gives up 4 runs to an offense that ranks 27th in WAR. JD Hammer, Jose Alverado, and Bailey Falter give up 4 more runs to the 2nd worst NL offense. Another classic example of how pitching drafting and development cost the Phillies a win in this game.
September 3, @ Marlins, 10-3. The game is tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 6th, when Gibson gives up 2 go-ahead runs to the Fish. JD Hammer comes in and hammers the Phillies chances of coming back, giving up 5 additional runs. Considering that the Phils bullpen pitched well after this, it's likely the hitters would have been mentally capable of coming back if the score was kept at 5-3.
September 5, @ Brewers, 10-0. The bullpen shits themselves yet again, with relative newcomers Ramon Rosso and Cam Bedrosian giving up 5 runs, while bullpen mainstay Enyel De Los Santos gives up 2 runs. A game that should have been a normal shutout loss, with the Brewers scoring only half of what they did here.
September 9, vs Rockies, 4-3. The Phillies have held the Rockies to only 1 run through the 8th inning. Ian Kennedy, acquired at the trade deadline for Spencer Howard, comes in to close in the 9th. With 2 outs and 2 strikes, Ryan McMahon pulls some WWE shit and wrestles a breaking ball into the stands to tie the game. Kennedy then gives up another home run to give COL the lead. Phillies try to come back, but come up short within one run.
September 10, vs Rockies, 11-2. In a bullpen game, the Playoff Caliber Pitching Staff combines to give up 11 runs while the Phillies struggle to score more than 2 runs. No excuse to pitch this badly across the board in such a crucial game.
September 12, vs Rockies, 5-3. Aaron Nola and Hector Neris both give up go ahead home runs to Garrett "Bryce Harper" Hampson, who has a career .387 SLG and .688 OPS along with really bad hitting peripherals.
September 26, vs Pirates, 6-0. No excuse for the Phillies to get shut out by a pitcher like rookie Max Kranick, the 26th best prospect in the Bucs farm system (and doesn't even show up on MLB's prospect page), along with a bad PIT bullpen. Even worse to give up 6 runs against the literal worst offense in baseball.
Damn, I just counted 32 "brutal losses" for 2021. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that is well above average, since I don't have time to look at other teams right now. Which losses do you think contributed the most to the team being in the position they're in right now? I personally think the Barves and Nationals bullpen apocolypses, along with September 9 against COL, August 17 against ARZ, July 30 against PIT, May 2 against NYM, May 24 against MIA, June 30 against MIA, and May 16 against TOR are the most damning. That's 9 extremely brutal losses right there, and if the Phillies just win 4 of them, the Phils are 85-71 and 2.5 games ahead of the Barves heading into this series.
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2021.09.27 11:34 NoBeardsThanks Any other tall people surprised by how tall East Asian people are when seated?

When sitting at a bar in stools, thought to myself “wow, these girls are so tall” as they were taller than me when seated on the stool. When they got up, I was left flabbergasted by the fact they could even get on the stool.
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