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2021.09.27 11:19 phantaso0s Should We Follow The Open-Closed Principle?

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2021.09.27 11:19 Endless_01 How many adventures have you played?

There is often talk of how many sessions a week we play, or since what year we play, but I don't think I've ever seen a discussion of how many total adventures we play, and if anyone keeps track.
So, both DM's and players, how many different adventures have you guys played? I know some people have played for years but only play a handful of full-year-long campaings, and of course, there's people that play a lot of one-shots. That last one being my case since I don't have a permanent party, I do one-shots instead.
So far I've played 5 different adventures (one-shots). All made by me so I still have to actually play WoTC content or even third-party adventures. What about you ?
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2021.09.27 11:19 dryingpan909 Trials matchmaking

So I’m on PC and play with 2 mates who are on Xbox. For the last 2 weeks we have tried to cross play and keep finding ourselves getting matched up against sweats and would play the same teams twice if not three times in a row.
Both weeks we have just given up and then gone on to go flawless on our respective consoles.
Is there something I’m missing about the new matchmaking? It seems we get placed into the flawless pool when we cross play and then when we play on our own consoles we can go flawless.
Anyone able to explain what could be happening? Or is it just a weird coincidence?
Note: none of us had been flawless for that week before we decide to team up
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2021.09.27 11:19 pinkwaterbottle99 The MCC Community's Favourite Mini-Games: An In-Depth Analysis

The MCC Community's Favourite Mini-Games: An In-Depth Analysis Roughly a week ago, I posted a link to a questionnaire on this subreddit (this post, for reference), to find what the most liked and the most exciting MCC mini-games (in season 2) are considered to be. I got 487 responses, which I'm so grateful for - and this post is for the results and the analysis of those responses.
Just a fair warning, this is going to be a long read (like really long). I have heavy depth in my details and comparisons between certain mini-games. I will have a sort of summary/TL;DR section at the end that will just be a quick conclusion of the stats. However, my main focus for this post is to analyse each set of data in-depth, and see what makes a game so compelling by comparing it to other games, rather than just present a bunch of statistics and calling it a day.
That being said, here's the summary link for the final set of data that combines all the responses (there's some sick graphs): Favourite MCC Mini-Games: Summary. I will have pictures of the data I'm talking about, but if you aren't sticking around for the read, I thought you might appreciate to see the stats at least.
Lastly, just to preface: A good portion of this analysis is based on my own experiences and my knowledge that I have gained by being a part of this subreddit and watching past MCCs. Obviously, you may disagree with some of the points I raise, but a lot of these are adapted from the countless posts and comments on this subreddit that I've seen. I will try to be as unopinionated as possible, but I apologise in advance for any bias that may be evident in my analysis. Also, if I accidentally have the wrong information about something, please do correct me in the comments.
Okay, let's get into it :)

Question 1
In the first question, where I asked everyone to rank the MCC mini-games, unsurprisingly, Sands of Time is a clear winner, followed by Grid Runners and Sky Battle. Firstly, I gotta hand it to Noxcrew, or whoever came up with SoT, for making such an exceptional game. It's been played 100% of the time that it can be played, which shows that not only the audience, but the players also love it.
What makes Sands of Time so good? There's a range of reasons, but I think the key ones are that anyone can be good at it and that it is a true test of decision-making and teamwork (mainly, communication). I only discuss a few reasons why SoT is so good, but to me these are the ones most important for this analysis. There is an absolutely outstanding, more encompassing analysis about SoT by u/Anolias (here's the link), that I mention a few points from, but I also have a few of my own points. But I really recommend that you check out their post, I really respect how well it is written :)
SoT is one of the games where you don't necessarily have to be a parkour god, or a cracked PvP player, or have a very specific skill set to do well. A lack of such skills can be fairly detrimental in games such as Sky Battle, Parkour Tag, Survival Games or Battle Box, but not in SoT. Of course, it definitely helps to have those talents, but a player can still do decent without. Look at H-bomb, for example. He has been on the winning team in SoT 7 times (iirc), which is much higher than any other player. However, he is not as cracked at PvP and Parkour as Dream or Fruit or Sapnap, to name a few. But he has a good game sense, and he is exceptional at communication, so he is really good at helping his team do well.
One of the best things about this game is how roles are split up, so each player has something to do, regardless of what they are good at. Being a Sandkeeper is a crucial job, and it allows for players who are really good at comms to shine, whilst still allowing the other three players to excel in their roles. The more difficult part around mid, such as the parkour and fighting some monsters after flicking the levers is something that most average players can do, even if it might take them a while. I usually watch Wilbur's pov, and he is an exceptional Sandkeeper, and he definitely is very comfortable and competent in that role, which contributes a lot to his team's performance in SoT.
The other three players apart from the Sankeepers, who go out and explore, fall more under the test of decision-making. I don't see this discussed as much, but truly, SoT is an incredible test of decision-making. Any consequences that the players face are of their own doing, not something that is a product of luck or any scenarios out of their control. For players that are not as confident or as talented in their parkour or fighting monsters, they have to constantly weigh the costs between the risks vs the benefits. Usually, players are very good at knowing what they are capable of, and don't risk things unnecessarily, which definitely means smoother gameplay. For the cracked movement players, it's definitely interesting to see how far they are willing to test themselves, but ultimately, everything is their own choice.
Lastly, SoT is a team game with individual sections that is not frustrating because it leaves breathing room for individual performance. I will address this more when I talk about Build Mart, but in SoT, despite requiring a lot of communication within a team, there is nowhere near the level of chaos and frustration that Build Mart brings around. I definitely understand that this is partly because of the actual content of the game, as one does prefer movement and PvP players more, but the fact is that both of them are communication heavy games, that require individuals to work on their own too. Both of them usually require decision making as both teams and individuals (well, depending on your strategy). However, in SoT, this is a much smoother process, just because it has a good balance of team communication + team decisions vs individual decisions. For example, a team as a collective might decide to search for the gold vault, but an individual decides what parkour to do on the way, or what coins to take.
All of the points I've made above explain why SoT is such a good game from a player's perspective. These all directly correlate to why such a huge majority (199 out of 487) of the responses (which are mainly audience) consider it their favourite game. Simply put, no matter who you are watching, they are gonna be able to do something in SoT, and they are gonna be able to do it in a somewhat competent manner. Some players really struggle in BuildMart, which frustrates viewers, or some players really struggle in a more Parkour heavy game, which is also frustrating. But in SoT, every player can collect coins in a manner appropriate to their skill set. Naturally. it's always good to watch your streamer not struggle. Secondly, and perhaps the more important reason that's not really discussed as much, any consequences your streamer suffers, is because of their own doing. Whilst that sounds super obvious, the point I'm trying to make is that, the high decision-making requirement in SoT means that there are no external factors that the audience can get frustrated over (such as luck, or other players being more cracked, or other teammates messing up). If a player messes up, it is because they chose to make a high risk for a high reward. In that scenario, the audience probably tends to be more accepting of the loss.
Now onto Grid Runners. In terms of ranking, this game was second best. However, when looking at the first choices (most favourite) from the responses, it falls under Skybattle.
Question 2
Essentially what this means is that, there are more people that put Skybattle as their favourite game, but overall, there are less people that relatively dislike Grid Runners.
Grid Runners is a really interesting game. Since it's only been in MCC twice, it's a pretty small sample size, but I would argue that the player and audience response is enough to say that it's definitely one of the better games. It's a game that targets teamwork just perfectly (in a way that perhaps Build Mart fails to do).
The contrast in teamwork vs individual performance between Grid Runners and Sands of Time is notable because I would consider them both team games that sit on two opposite sides of a spectrum. Where SoT allows for more breathing room in individual performance (which is necessary as ultimately each player goes off on their own), Grid Runners is entirely teamwork - which is appropriate because the structure of the game means that there are no incredibly difficult challenges that favour any particular skill-set more, it's purely just how well a team can communicate. Unlike SoT and Build Mart, Grid Runners does not really have intensive individual sections, which means there is no need for a necessary focus on individual performance. Where Build Mart fails in this team game spectrum is that it doesn't have the correct balance between the game structure (i.e. the fact that there are individual sections) and the divide between team vs individual performance, which I partly mentioned earlier (more on this later).
The audience likes watching Grid Runners because of how straightforward the gameplay is, and again, the factor that every player can do something, and they can do it competently. The communication between players is also naturally a good thing to observe, and it's definitely satisfying watching a team figure out something together. There is nothing about Grid Runners to strongly dislike. There is no element of luck, the set-up of the game is easy to understand, it's relatively new so nobody is bored of it yet. Hence, it's pretty universally liked.
Moving on to Skybattle, which is the last game I'll be addressing in the well-liked category. Ranking third, but the second most chosen as the favourite game, it is definitely a fan favourite.
Skybattle is the first game I'm talking about that actually requires a pretty specific skill-set, as in, players need to be somewhat good with long-range weapons and once at mid, with melee weapons. Players probably also need to be somewhat good with bridging and be very aware of their surroundings.
I want to focus on why Skybattle ranks higher than other similar games, such as Survival Games, and Battle Box. Firstly, I would say Skybattle is very similar to Survival Games, but the main difference is that it lacks a bit of luck that is associated with loot in Survival Games, and it also allows more time for a team to get prepared. Since each team is presented with equal resources on their starter island, it's much easier for players to have a very fixed strategy in the first 5 mins or so, as they know what to expect. In Survival Games, this is less so, because players are pretty dependent on the loot they find, and they could be wiped out pretty quickly if some other team gets lucky with their loot earlier.
When comparing Skybattle to Battle Box, the clear difference is the fact that the former is in a much more open space, and it allows for more freedom in what a team decides to do. Moreover, in Skybattle, teams just have greater chances of getting more coins, because they won't be overpowered by a stronger team as easily. Even if one player dies early on, it doesn't reduce the chances of the team doing well as much as it would in Battle Box. Even one player surviving to the end of Skybattle can bring in a lot of points.
Again, Skybattle is yet another team game in the top 3 games, and as such it outranks other individual performance-based games (e.g. Ace Race). I guess the audience really loves watching team games, which is fair enough, because MCC is a team tournament and it's the most entertaining when the team is actually interacting. Since this is PvP heavy, it does have less focus on the whole cohesive team nature that SoT and Grid Runners have, but communication is still relatively important - especially at the start where they split up the resources available. The reason why Skybattle places lower than SoT and Grid Runners is probably because it desperately needs a map change (which I will discuss later), since it's been extremely constant for quite a few MCCs, and that can get boring. I also think it's because it doesn't always benefit a player's talents (despite the implication that it might), because at the end of Skybattle it's mostly just a huge mess with players falling out of the sky and explosions and lava everywhere, and this can be frustrating for viewers to watch.
I want to now address the lower placing games. With these games, I will be considering the effect of opinions of popular MCC players, because a negative comment goes a long way in a fan base, and does influence a lot of fan opinions. I do not think this affects the higher-placing games as much, because a player saying a game is incredible does not cause as much controversy, discussion, thought and changes in opinion in the community as a player saying a game is bad does. I'm not saying this is necessarily bad, because quite a few times, this brings light to key issues within MCC mini-games, and of course players know better about how a game works than any of us, and they have every right to express their opinion. But naturally, this does result in a ripple effect in the community. This is namely with Dream, Sapnap, George and Build Mart, and Ranboo and Survival Games.
Okay, starting off with Survival Games. It ranks 8th in the first question, and this is also reflected in the least favourite game choice - where it's the 3rd least liked.
Question 3
As I mentioned earlier, Survival Games does have a factor of luck at the start of the game, and also teams can get wiped out much easier, which is pretty devastating for their overall performance. This is especially considering that Survival Games has been played in the latter half of the tournament quite a bit recently. Also, Players who are not strong at PvP are hugely disadvantaged in Survival Games. In fact, players that are good at PvP can also do pretty bad if there is another really strong player that has better resources than them (e.g. stronger weapons/armour), or if their team is already dismantled If a team is wiped out early, or if majority of a team is wiped out early, it can be pretty boring for the audience to watch, and it also means the players aren't feeling the best either, and overall it's just not an enjoyable viewing experience.
Moreover, Sapnap's rampage in SG in MCC17, as incredible as it was, left Cyan Coyotes pretty weak and Dream was not able to recover from the loss of his teammates. Cyan Coyotes had the majority of the viewers last MCC, which partly would have brought to light how devastating losing at the start/middle of Survival Games can be. Also considering Ranboo's dislike of survival games and consistent unlucky performances, and his large viewership, I would not be surprised if a lot of these opinions were derived because of his experience.
Moving onto Hole in the Wall. It is the least liked game in terms of ranking, but the second most chosen as the least favourite game. Personally, I was surprised that it ended up lower in the ranking than Build Mart, but it makes sense. Build Mart has some fans. Hole in the Wall frankly has very little fans.
Being blunt, Hole in the Wall was very buggy in earlier MCCs, with players glitching through walls, which kinda does ruin the fun of the game to an extent. Of course, it's not the players fault at all. Up until MCC17, the scoring was ridiculous in preference for the last standing players getting extremely high rewards. Now, Hole in the Wall has definitely become one of the more boring games in the event, as there are absolutely no changes in the actual structure of the game, and it's just a very constant and frankly, uninteresting game. There is no element of surprise or excitement, everyone always knows exactly what the expect. For the audience, it can also get frustrating watching their streamer mess up on a game that's not evolved at all and then once the player is out, it gets even duller to watch. I realise this is a very harsh outlook on the game, but it is something that I haven't seen discussed much at all (mainly because of the huge focus on Build Mart), and it is evident that the community doesn't like the game.
Okay, the elephant in the room, one I've constantly mentioned throughout this post, Build Mart. Nothing I say about Build Mart is going to be new or groundbreaking, but I do want to analyse it (the dislike of it) in comparison to other games. I personally don't dislike or hate Build Mart, but I definitely understand all the controversy around it and I understand that it needs changes. My analysis of this doesn't take into account all of the different strategies used for build mart, but the two main ones I'm keeping in mind (and I believe these are used by majority of the teams) are:
  1. 3 players on one build each and a floater
  2. 2 players on one build, and one build is neglected
I think whatever I address for these strategies will most likely hold true for any other strategies.
Firstly, as I mentioned in my analysis of SoT and Grid Runners, Build Mart is a team game that does not balance the composition of the game well with it's divide between team and individual performance. Build Mart does have individual sections - 3 builds, that players will have to individually help out with, and often individual players complete individual builds. However, these players are still reliant on other team members for the materials (if there is a floater), and if two(or more) players are working on a build together, they are reliant on the other members to do their part properly. The part where this goes wrong in comparison to SoT is the fact that there are individual sections, but the emphasis on the teamwork and communication suffocates individual performance. The team HAS to have at the very least one player that one or more other players are reliant on, or are constantly communicating with. And in a game with individual sections, it means that more than one conversation is going on at a time, there's more than one focus constantly. Even if the team tries to narrow it down to just one build, so there is one focus (cyan coyotes MCC17 strategy), it's a huge mess because the build is too small for all four players to be on it, and all other builds are neglected resulting in not as many coins being gained-> it's simply not efficient. If a team tries to make it as individual as possible, there is still a fourth person that has to help out the rest of the team. Hence, as a team game, Build Mart is much worse than SoT and Grid Runners.
This is not a pleasant viewing experience for the audience, 90% of the time. The amount of times that I have personally watched a team and I've thought, "hey! they're doing pretty well," but they've ranked pretty low is just too frequent. There seems to be no singular strategy in Build Mart that guarantees a win or a really good game. Often the chat gets frustrated at the viewer for placing blocks wrong, or getting the wrong amount. And quite often players get frustrated at one another. I've seen teams with exceptional synergy, and decent building skills that still do bad, and as an audience member it can be frustrating to watch. It also means that the players are also annoyed after, which ruins the viewing experience more. Naturally, build mart is very disliked.
I can see why it has fans, because it is a necessary game to test something other than PvP and Parkour in a minecraft tournament. (However, for a building game, I find that it lacks in actually testing building skills, and quite a good portion of the game is spent in doing runs for materials). Conceptually, Build Mart is good to test teamwork. But I would argue that Grid Runners tests teamwork much more accurately and efficiently than Build Mart has ever done. At this rate, it is undeniably that Build Mart needs changes (more on that later).
Past this, I asked three questions (similar format, ranking and two choices) about what the most exciting MCC mini-games were. I think it is a good expectation that there will be a lot of similarities between favourite games and most exciting games, because what's more exciting is more enjoyable, and hence more likable. There are still some differences though, that I will address.
Question 6
The top three in terms of ranking were:
  1. Sands of Time
  2. Sky Battle
  3. Grid Runners
It makes sense that Sky Battle is ranked higher than Grid Runners in terms of excitement, as it is naturally a more exciting game with PvP and higher stakes than GR has. In fact, when looking at the most chosen as the most exciting game, Sky Battle ends up being first.
Question 4
It's likely that Sky Battle is more people's first choice for the most exciting game because regardless of whatever player it is, each player will be looking in on the action, and you can often view multiple team's happenings at the same time, especially when all teams are at mid. In comparison Sands of Time may not be the most exciting, but it is a consistent level of exciting, and hence a lot of people ranked it quite high.
The most interesting game in terms of difference between being liked and excitement is Survival Games. It ranks 4th, but it's the third most exciting game in choice, and also somehow the third least exciting game in choice.
Question 5
If I'm being honest, I did not expect this. The best reason I can come up with is that, Survival Games gets exciting once the PvP starts, but the audience in general dislikes the inaction at the start and the other factors that I mentioned earlier. It is safe to say that in terms of excitement, it has the most balanced opinions from the community. If you look at the rankings, all of them are evenly spaced out from 1st place to 10th place. It's definitely a more controversial game.
I then asked two questions about games that should be removed, and games that should be changed. Everyone was able to pick more than one option, as I understand people may have multiple choices for each question. The results were fairly similar across both questions, which is expected. These results also reflected the games that were the least liked/least exciting.
Question 7 and 8
Of course, Build Mart, Hole in the Wall and Survival Games are all the highest. I think Hole in the Wall is a lost cause, because I can't think of ways that it can be improved, and I don't really think it's that necessary as a game. But Build Mart has a lot of untapped potential. I don't want to get into all of the modifications or new games that can be added, but considering my analysis of build mart and the fact that it emphasises teamwork when it has individual sections leads me to suggest that the 3 individual builds should be scrapped, and there should be only one really complex build. It would allow for a singular focus, but still involve communication and teamwork, and it would actually test proper building skills. I've seen similar suggestions throughout this subreddit. With Survival Games, I personally also have no suggestions for it, but feel free to comment any down below.
What's interesting is that Skybattle ranks fourth for a game that should be removed, but third as a game that should be changed. As I mentioned earlier, Skybattle desperately needs a map change, or it runs the risk of falling into the same constancy that Hole in the Wall has (though it will never be as boring). But as of right now, Skybattle has been pretty constant for the last few MCCs, and all teams seem to employ the same strategies over and over.
Lastly, the 9th question I asked for the questionnaire was whether people like Dodgebolt.
Question 9
And thankfully! the huge majority likes it. It is a great ending game, and it's also great that there are no coins involved in - which would explain why it's mostly universally liked. I don't have much else to say about it :)
One thing I want to address before I finish off this post is all the average games. Namely, TGTTOSAWAF, Parkour Tag, Battle Box and Ace Race! None of these were extremely adored, or extremely hated, or stated as needing a lot of changes. I think part of the reason is because 3 out of these 4 (except Battle Box) rely more on individual performance, and most players are average at these. Even if a player isn't as good, them not doing well doesn't necessarily put back the entire team. There is nothing fundamentally wrong about any of these games, and they constantly get map changes, so they don't run the risk of being boring. Overall, very well made games.
Thank you for everyone who stuck by this entire post! I'm honoured you spent time reading through my paragraphs of explanation and analysis. Also thank you for every single person who filled out this survey :) Especially, thank you to the four Scott Smajors, honestly exceptional attendance by this event organiser.
Bonus Question (Question 10)
Here's the data: Favourite MCC Mini-Games: Summary (sick graphs)
My analysis summarised:
  1. SoT is exceptional game because:
    1. Don't need a specific skill set to do well
    2. Roles split up (e.g. sandkeeper)
    3. Tests decision-making well (no factor of luck)
    4. Tests teamwork appropriately (leaves breathing room for individual performance)
  2. Grid Runners is universally liked:
    1. Test teamwork properly - pure communication
    2. Don't need a specific skill set to do well
    3. heavy focus on teamwork is appropriate because it doesn't have intense individual sections
  3. Skybattle is preferred over other PvP games:
    1. Gives more freedom to teams (bigger space, more resources -> compared to Battle Box)
    2. Less difficult for entire teams to be wiped out early (can earn more points)
    3. Equal opportunity at the start, no luck involved (like with loot in survival games)
    4. it does need a new map because that's stayed constant for a while + team strategies have stayed pretty same for the past few MCCs
  4. Team games seemed to be preferred by the MCC community
    1. MCC is a team tournament -> better (more entertaining) when the team players are interacting
  5. Hole in the Wall is too repetitive and has become boring in the recent MCCs because it's just a constant, unchanging game
  6. Build Mart is mainly flawed because it lacks an appropriate requirement of teamwork for its structure (unlike SoT and GR)
    1. There are individual sections, but individual performance is hindered due to heavy reliance on team performance
    2. too many points of focus, and doesn't test building enough for a building game
And I'm finally done. Feel free to tell me if I made any mistakes, or if you disagree with my analysis, please bring that up too :) Thank you for reading!
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2021.09.27 11:19 brxhthxtsfvcked Curious about posting photos

I know it’s relatively easy to get a location from a photo as it’s saved in the metadata or something like that not super knowledgeable with it but I’m not trying to post any pics if it just makes it that much easier for feds to track yk. Tips?
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2021.09.27 11:19 SpitVsSwallow Liberals of Reddit, how woke are you? Do you have a safe space? Dyed hair? genderphobia?

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