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What was your first question that went trending on this subreddit? What was your reaction to it?

2021.09.27 11:26 ThatFunnyGuy543 What was your first question that went trending on this subreddit? What was your reaction to it?

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2021.09.27 11:26 Cbdking1910 Pre market + 1.85 % for now

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2021.09.27 11:26 xXThrowaway_FriendXx Is the British army DANGEROUSLY small?

Learning about our army today. From what I understand: we have a small but highly trained army, with numbers being limited during peacetime. One can only assume that the numbers would go up during a war.
Still, it has me a little concerned: you can be extremely well trained but still get outnumbered. I'm not suggesting a world takeover, but could we fend off invasion?
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2021.09.27 11:26 chopchopped MAHLE Powertrain and Bramble Energy launch Phase 1 PCBFC demonstrator vehicle; range-extended EV. While conventional fuel cell stacks rely on stamped plates to hold the various layers, Bramble Energy’s approach leverages PCB manufacturing tech, which can be produced cheaply, in virtually any shape

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2021.09.27 11:26 Alien_3115 How do you get past a certain chess level ?

I've been stuck at around 1000-1100 on chess.com for the longest time .I started doing chess lessons on chess.com everyday and my openings are quite strong .How do i prevent blunders in the mid game ?What should i work on?
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2021.09.27 11:26 OvenInteresting1991 Can you debunk these anti-anal claims?

There is too much stigma attached to anal sex. Even among some gay men, it is called "the most dangerous hobby". There are http://man2manalliance.org/ and http://g0ys.org/ websites promoting the idea that anal sex is not pleasurable and not worth it because it is the riskiest sexual activity and requires unnecessarily long preparation. G0ys, as they call themselves, are generally anti-anal.
Gynecologist explains anal sex is "dangerous": https://www.health.com/sex/is-anal-sex-dangerous

“Let’s face it, the anus was not made for intercourse. It’s supposed to be a one-way passage,” Dr. Streicher points out. The vagina, on the other hand, “has a thick, elastic, accordion-like lining designed to stretch to accommodate a penis, or a baby.”
Rectal tissue is thinner and doesn’t share the same elasticity, so there’s a greater chance it can tear, says Dr. Streicher, who is the author of Sex Rx. And tearing increases your odds of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.
Rectal gonorrhea, anal chlamydia, and HIV are all real risks. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "anal sex is the highest-risk sexual behavior for HIV infections." But anal sex is perhaps most likely to transmit the human papillomavirus (HPV). “Very few men have HIV, but over half of men have HPV,” says Dr. Streicher. HPV can lead to anal warts and anal cancer.
Then there’s pain, bleeding, and fecal incontinence. “Poop in your pants is not a nice thing to talk about,” says Dr. Streicher. She points to new research from a team at Northwestern University that found that women who considered anal part of their regular bedroom behavior were more likely to say it changed the consistency of their stools, and report both urinary and fecal incontinence.
Is anal sex pleasurable? Where is the evidence that anal sex is physically pleasurable? And are the few minutes of pleasure worth the long preparation and risk of diseases?
There is a risk of incontinence, fissures, loose rectum and anus, STDs, anal and rectum cancer, and other things.
Why would the pleasure be worth it?
I don't know if there are any sources debunking these claims. If you know, please share them with me.
From man2manalliance and g0y: https://imgur.com/7B0kPqm
The anus is not designed to be invaded. It contains feces and heaps of E Coli bacteria. It’s an exit point for toxic waste, not an entry point for Willy Wiener.
Women develop urinary tract infections because their anuses are a very short distance from the opening of their urethras. E Coli does that.
The g0ys are challenging the anal ethic.
Because G0YS, -by our very nature, find the entire notion of Anal Sex in any form to be dirty, dangerous, degrading & damn-un-masculine; -By shunning casual sexual encounters & completely rejecting AnalSex, G0YS avoid the very perils that spread +98% of ALL STI's/STD's among men! Among g0ys, STDs/STIs are virtually nonexistent compared to the STD/STI figures for the GAY-male community (which, according to the Red Cross - is +4000% higher than the general population)! So, while "GAY"-men are plagued with STDs/STIs; - G0YS are NOT!
The erotic pleasure in anal penetration is so minimal, and, when joined with promiscuity, the dangers anal presents to its practitioners and the community so great, that it's difficult to conceive of a practice more ruinous or less enjoyable taking center place in a sexual subculture.
These dangers, of which HIV/AIDS is the best known, but which include hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, the human papilloma virus, herpes, and a host of other pathogens, will persist even after AIDS has been cured or can be prevented through vaccination.
And more anally-transmitted diseases most certainly await discovery.
For anal penetration is an exceptionally efficient mode of disease transmission, and we can be sure that pathogens will continue to find an infective niche in anal.
In addition, no magic or wishful thinking can transform either the anus or the rectum into genital organs, nor can the feelings experienced by someone being penetrated anally be compared to those of genital stimulation.
Further, anal penetration subjugates one of the participants to the other, effectively emasculating him, turning him into a pseudo-woman, a proxy in a heterosexualized form of contact. This is an inherently unequal act, epitomized by its tedious terminology of "tops" and "bottoms," which is unmindful of the basic human need for a shared experience without pain and with dignity.
Whereas Frot, phallus-against-phallus contact, is the acme of sexual activity between Men because it's focused on that which makes Men Masculine, namely their genitals -- their Manhood -- rather than their organs of fecal excretion.
To draw a parallel with man-woman sex: Men and Women connect to one another genitally. They are made that way, like counterweights or puzzle pieces, complementary of one another. In the same way, during phallus-to-phallus sexual activity, Men are related to one another as they should be, in that part of their body that fits together genitally and sensually.
For a Man and a Woman sex is a naturally penetrative act. For two Men the natural experience is that which stimulates both of them phallically -- not anally.
Neither the anus nor the rectum are genitalia, period.
This continuing denigration of healthy, loving, and innately Masculine sexual intimacy is a result of ignorance and prejudice, and the Men of the Alliance are committed to exposing and defeating both.
I sense misogyny when they claim a man who "bottoms" in anal sex becomes less of a man, a "pseudo-woman", and that anal penetration is inherently unequal making the "bottom" less than, and degrading, humiliating and demeaning the "bottom".
And there's a subreddit dedicated to these people who are against anal sex: https://old.reddit.com/g0ys/comments/edkcko/side_is_the_new_g0y/fdga0ad/
You're right that nothing is truly harmless. Even frot and mutual masturbation has theoretical risks.
However, I call them harmless because that risk is low enough to be negligible.
As such, there's no anal activity that comes close to frot, mutual masturbation, and other like acts in being low-risk. Yes, there are certain anal acts that pose relatively less risk compared with other anal acts. Having said that, in the big picture, any kind of anal play is high-risk. They might vary slightly in intensity of their risk, but they are all objectively high risk.
> "Fecal matter is almost omnipresent in human spaces."
That’s true. However, the concentration of that matter is different. The concentration and number of fecal bacteria on a table or door handle will always be lower than the bacteria’s source (the anus).
Doing anal play safely takes lots of preparation and precaution. It takes far more effort than vaginal sex, and certainly much more than frot.
If it takes so much energy to make safe, when does the precaution needed become absurd? When exactly does the preparation needed become too ridiculous to be practical?
Most importantly, if that preparation is too extensive to make sense, is the act worth doing to begin with
WebMD and Healthline are written by health professionals, the Times of India is a respected newspaper, and the M2M Alliance page is extensively sourced.
> "Any sex without proper preparation can be risky, btw."
What sex act requires extensive protection from physical injury like anal sex?
And what I specifically mean by dysfunctional: it causes physical injury every time, carries an extremely high risk for STDs unmatched by other acts, and yet is constantly promoted as valid. Is sex supposed to be so risky? When does the risk become absurd?
Even "gay" doctors (as mentioned in the M2M Alliance article) say that there's no physiological basis for anal orgasm.
From the M2M Alliance link, as it quotes a "gay" doctor: "Most of the nerve endings that sense pleasure are at the outside of your anus or within the first two inches. The rest of your rectum and colon do not have nerves that sense pleasure. While many will disagree with me, there is no physiological basis for most of the pleasure you derive higher up in your colon. There is definitely a psychological pleasure."
Don't hierarchies of risks exist? In that case, how high does anal rank in that hierarchy? Which level should be marked as unacceptable risk
Anal is gross. You always make contact with fecal matter during anal, even if it's trace amounts. Do you dispute that
You can believe whatever you want. You can believe the Earth is flat, the sky is purple, and that you can grow 50 fingers. But is it based on fact?
In this link, feces is considered a biohazard, which means it can be dangerous to your health.
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2021.09.27 11:26 SoftCoreXx Oscar the King

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2021.09.27 11:26 Lycxnn The MOST OP Hidden Spot on SPLITGATE - Forgone Destruction SPLITGATE Tips & Tricks/Best Camping Spot

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2021.09.27 11:26 bluetti_global Minimalist Lifestyle Maximum Adventure 🙌

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2021.09.27 11:26 nemspy The perspective gap between The East and Western Australia re: "Opening up".

Scrolling through various social media this evening, particularly in light of GB's announcements of the pathway out of lockdown for NSW -- a common theme from posters and politicians in the east seems to be that the people of WA are going to suddenly chuck a big sad when they see "life getting back to normal in NSW and Victoria" and us being left behind in the woes of COVID.
Do people really not get it? Is everyone really so oblivious to what life is like on the ground here in WA?
I know that when NSW opens up, and I am forced to watch them living life exactly as we've been living it for the past eighteen months, only with loads of people getting sick and some of them dying, I won't be sitting here, green with envy, as I see them enjoying their newfound freedoms.
Yeah, there are some people here who would like to go to NSW or Victoria, or even overseas (my wife's family lives in Fort Worth, TX) -- but there are also loads of us who don't want to give up our freedoms -- and potentially risk the lives of ourselves and others -- in order to do so, particularly when we're still COVID zero and have the opportunity to get more and more people vaccinated before the inevitable does eventually happen.
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2021.09.27 11:26 Easy-Cicada-2320 The pseudobisexuality or meta-attraction in AGP explained

An AGP is typically considered to be a pseudobisexual , this concept has been described by Blanchard.
In my personal opinion and experience, Pseudobsiexuality is conceptualized as :'' incapacity to feel romantic attraction for a person''... a typical pseudo fantasy is when an AGP imagine to be penetrated by a male persona which has not clear identity ( face is blurried out)... just kind of a male body... The face is the site of all our emotions, identity... it is strictly connected to the romantic attraction. Tha is why the incapacity to focus in specific face features in a pseudo fantasy is typical by the AGP... because it has not connection and romantic connection with men ...agp are strictly Gynephilic they are romantically attracted to women the most.. But once u got over this step... and u start to live as a woman and also u start to know in relation men , then thing may changes.. Once u start to have fantasies where the male persona has a clear face ... this goes above the meta attraction and it enable the capacity to feel or start feeling also romantically attracted to this persona... And if u are romantically attracted then the sexual desire become also pure attraction and interpersonal ... instead when u are stuck into a meta attraction u dont even feel sexual attraction for the male persona in your fantasies, u just need the feeling to be validated as a woman by having sex like one.
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2021.09.27 11:26 Powerful_Tomato_1199 What is one thing cartoons taught you but sadly is not real?

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